Chimy Ávila ruptures ACL, will miss start of La Liga season for Osasuna


Chimy Ávila has once more ruptured his ACL with the start of the season about to begin.

After missing the end last six months of last season due to an ACL injury, Ávila will also miss the start of the new one and probably most of it. Osasuna have confirmed that Avila underwent some tests on Wednesday after suffering an injury during training. The first one was to his left knee with the second to his right knee.


  1. I haven’t seen any progress on the Barco, senesi or De la Vega’s transfers since the rumors.

    I don’t know what’s so wrong with these European teams. They target our players and then they vanish as if the potential interest to buy the player was never there.

    Very bad.

  2. De Paul has reportedly liked a comment on twitter asking if he is joining Leeds. I don’t see why he would like this comment if he wasn’t joining …

    • I still feel he is wanting to join Juventus. If that dosent work out – then maybe PL.
      Aston Villa very close with Emiliano.
      There is a twitter from Steve Hitchen ( he is the Tottenham Recruitment Head ) where he wishes Juan Foyth for his new advanture in Villareal. So that looks very positive.
      In hindsight – Emiliano , Foyth , DePaul in Leeds with Bielsa as a manager would have been epic. Also all these players would have been great fittment to the club. What a miss for we fans.

  3. At least It’s a striker with this injury, because it’s not like we don’t have Martinez, Dybala, aguero, Alario, Simeone, bustos, gaich, etc. It is horrible for his personal career though.

  4. Gago, Mammana , Funes Muri , Rojo & now Chimy. Same with Augusto when he started blooming. Maybe Chimy was introduced back bit earlier . But the report also says that this time ACL is on other leg. I think most unfortunate as he was on the verge of national jersey.

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