Gonzalo Higuain announced as new Inter Miami player


Gonzalo Higuain’s move to Inter Miami has been made official with the club announcing it on their social media pages.

As we reported a few days ago, Higuain has left Juventus and reports had come out that he was joining Inter Miami. The rumors have since become a reality with David Beckham’s team announcing the Argentine.



  1. I’m disappointed with the selection of Agustin marchesin over Walter Benitez . Otamendi and Juan foyth are selected despite not playing regular football for their clubs and WHY IS WALTER KANNEMANN IN THE LIST OVER CRISTIAN ROMERO . I’m surprised with the selection of papu gomez and Cristian pavon but disappointed with the selection of marchesin and kannemann over WALTER BENITEZ AND CRISTIAN ROMERO.

  2. Hope he has a great finishing spell here. Always wanted him to get that redemption at national stage which never happened . He was just psyched with the misses & couldnt come out of that. In one podcast they were saying – Higuain actually wil be entering a club game thinking of scoring a goal & when enters a NT game he must be praying not to be the meme next day in papers.
    Higuain’s weak moments & Aguero / Dimaria’s injuries finally robbed messi of atleast 1 NT level success.

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