Cristian Pavón comments on Argentina call-up, Lionel Messi, LA Galaxy


Cristian Pavón spoke about his return to the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi and playing with the LA Galaxy.

The Argentine forward has not played for the Argentina team since September 2018 and has been included in the squad for next month’s World Cup qualifiers. Speaking in an interview with La Fiesta del Fútbol at Radio Suquía Plus, here’s what he had to say:

“If I’m there, it’s because I am doing things well and for that I am very happy. Thank God I’m back in the Argentina national team.”

Pavón also spoke about Lionel Messi:

“Messi for me is everything, he is my idol.”

On the conflicts during the last World Cup:

“It’s not true that we were fighting at the World Cup, no one chose the team for the coach.”

Regarding playing for the LA Galaxy:

“When I got here, I knew that it was a competitive league, where there are good teams and good players. I knew it wasn’t just going to pass, I came here to play the same way I was playing at Boca, that I did with other clubs too. With that, I’m calm. Luckily, I adapted really well to the city, the team and my team mates. I’m very happy and I feel very good.”


  1. EMI did pretty well considering his debut…looked pretty confident and gelling up with new teammates pretty well..could have been in the EPL team of the week ahead of Allison bt Sheffield Utd did not get a chance to take a proper shot…unlucky… however whenever I see him in front of goal, automatically I feel relaxed… only Romero gives me the same confidence after his performance in 2014 WC… it is such an important feeling when u watch any match especially considering Argentina defense…Every match I almost get a couple of heart attacks when the opposition is attacking…

    Atl Madrid CB Geminez is COVID positive…. which is good for us as n Perez will be 3rd choice CB in most of the match and will be in the lineup for a couple of matches… More minutes mean more chance to impress Simione…I hope he will grab the chance with both hands…..

  2. Manchester City have made a €70m bid for Sevilla defender Koundé, which could open up the possibility of Sevilla replacing him with Senesi, who they have previously shown interest in.
    Sevilla already have Acuña and Ocampos and it would be a great addition to have Senesi play alongside them.

  3. I don’t know why we are fighting each other for Pavon inclusion of National Team. He is a young Lad and will get more chances if he impress coaching staff in up coming matches if get chance. If he is not able to show his class then he will not get chances. He has speed which we lack. Adding to that it should be the criteria to chose a player who is playing better football and will match with system irrespective of the league or team a player playing. Constructive criticism is required.

  4. Sorry to say I am totally not agree with you brother. The names you have taken such an overhyped names , many of them are not flawless. Taking about Jesus I don’t know why city is still expending money on this type of striker , Vini Is having good dribling skill but he is not a good finisher , Paulinho Is a work horse and box to box midi , although he has not supported his country that much , Rodreygo has just started so don’t want to judge him right now , bro pls go and watch David Neres current form and as well as Brazilian from he is no where to Pavon . Lastly Cunha I watched some of his goal scoring capability but it doesn’t excite me much.
    Now talking about Pavon has a shear speed and great ability to cross the ball what we have already noticed . He is a raw talent and have good ability to accustomed with Scaloni’s tactics . I think he will be very much effective in last 20-25 mins of the game. So pls let’s not surmise with ourselves and hope for the best .

  5. Haha if you compared crishtian pavon with Rodeygo, vinicious junio, jesus reiner, david neres, paulinho, cunha or etc then pavon has no ability to wear national team jersey 😂

  6. While I would have Buendia and A.Correa well ahead of him as RF/RW I still think C.Pavon has alot to give to the NT especially with his blistering almost Cannigia like pace. Coming in in the last 25mins or so against tired defenses he could run havoc.
    If Pavon performs well for the NT he could do what Paulinho did for Brazil and move from a lower league (china) to a big club (Barcelona).

  7. Lucas boye joins Jorge Almiron’s Elche. He follows Sanchez Mino who joined from independiente. Barboza was also supposed to join on loan- but that deal seems blocked. While these movements have no impact for NT, this goes back to our earlier discussion on how Argentine coaches in Europe is our best bet. Almiron after joining has immediately gone after 3 Argentines & already confirmed 2.
    Hoping all the talented coaches in local league, Liga MX & MLS start breaking into Europe top5 leagues or even Portuguese league. We have an amazing list of coaches in the prime of their career ..gallardo ( move only to a top5club), Heinze, beruzzi , beccacae, almeyda( wasting time in San Jose), pellagrino, coudet ( doing well in Brazil), Antonio Mohamed ( Monterrey) , Santiago solari( who did real well in youth team development at real Madrid), schelloto( LAgalaxy), zubeldia ..There is a bielsa momentum that these young coaches can exploit. Even old war horses like sampoali, martino , cuper ,holan can move to Europe. I don’t know why Argentine coaches prefer NT coach roles ( pekermann, martino, cuper ( wasted a decade coaching low ranking countries & unknown clubs), garcea & now alfaro) . Foreign NT coach role should be a retirement job. With the way ManU struggling – pochettino has a good chance by mid of this year.

      • Boye is a forward. Initially was considered as an upcoming young talent. But somewhere lost way & he has been playing in lower leagues like Greece , english 2 etc. Sanchez Mino is a fullback. Barboza again was a well talked CB prospect in this forum also a couple of years back. He seems to have not progressed for his talent.

        • Interesting. It’s nice to see them both have support from an Argentinian manager. At least they are playing in a good league. Speaking of our managers hopefully Pochettino gets a position at a top and well managed club so that we can see more argentinians getting good moves, as we did with spurs. I would’ve liked him at Juventus but we will see.

          • Yes Pochettino is our most Argentine player friendly manager. Sad that the Juventus & Barcelona deal did not work for him & he was a serious contender. If ManU struggles first half – he has a chance . Also Inter Milan – Conte is always a livewire. He can end up fighting with board & leaving. I just wish he waits & only joins a big club.

    • What do you mean? While I don’t agree with putting him on the national team he has gotten better since leaving Boca after the drama following the World Cup. The kid has improved.

      • Absolutely. He is blazing in MLS & clearly brings pace which is a rarity in our players. Also considering la Paz game. Nico Gonzalez & pavon can be alternated for these 2 games as impact subs.

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