Emiliano Martinez saves penalty for Aston Villa in 1-0 win vs. Sheffield United


Emiliano Martinez saved a penalty for Aston Vilal in their 1-0 win vs. Sheffield United.

It was a great debut for the Argentine goalkeeper. With the score 0-0, Aston Villa were awarded a penalty. Martinez became an instant hero as he guessed the right way and jumped to his right to save the kick.

Martinez has been included in the Argentina squad by coach Lionel Scaloni for next month’s World Cup qualifiers.


  1. To save a penalty is a confidence booster. Would you please tell me how good he is in other goal keeping attributes. Because I have seen him only one match that played yesterday. Is he really good. Because I m exited as we do not have good goalie almost for ten years now. It is to mention Romero played well in Argentina shirt but he is not too class.

    • He’s strong in pretty much every aspect of goal keeping, shot stopping, distribution, leadership, confidence and control of his penalty area, one on one…..everything. He has the making of a world class GK but he has to prove it consistently over atleast an entire EPL season, best of luck to him because I have high hopes.

  2. Emiliano is a bit different in physique from the usual lean and tall GKs we have like Andrada, Gazzaniga, Musso, Armani… Emiliano is more of an intimidating giant in front of the goal. If he keeps his current form then, I think one of our major headache, which is the Goalkeeping position will be solved for next 5 years, with Musso and Andrada as backup.

  3. Martinez needs to start in atleast 1 of the 2 if not both upcoming matches . I’ve had a good feeling about him ever he got his chance at arsenal .

  4. It will be a crime not to give him a starting spot in Ecuador match. He oozes confidence & commitment. Compared to Romero , gazza , he showed real attitude to leave a top club & join a relegation battling club just for sale of playing minutes.

    • Yes, and he did so to play for Argentina. He is clearly trying to find his way into the national team and he has done everything right. Props to him.

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