Facundo Medina speaks about Argentina team, Lionel Messi and Lens


Facundo Medina spoke about being called to the Argentina national team, playing alongside Lionel Messi and Lens.

Part of the U20 Argentina national team which took part in the World Cup last year in Poland, Medina was also U23 South American champion earlier this year. Still only 21 years old, the left back joined Lens in France from Talleres a few months ago. He has adapted well to life in France and Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has included him in the squad for next month’s World Cup qualifiers. Speaking in an interview with ¿Cómo te va?, here’s what he had to say:

“Everything happened so far. I’m enjoying it for my family and I can’t wait to be training with the Argentina national team. I shared a team with many players from the Pan American Games. Nehuén Pérez, Nico González, El ‘Colifa’ Mac Allister (Alexis). More than just the quality of the group but the most important thing is the human quality.”

Regarding playing alongside Lionel Messi:

“I don’t want to think of when I’ll have Messi next to me. The guys from the squad here at Lens came and congratulated me and they started talking to me about him. I was lucky enough to be part of a sparring team but now to share a group with him is going to be very different. And the same thing with the other players.”

Medina also spoke about his new club Lens:

“I like how the football is played here. It’s very intense, back and forth. The group supported me from the first day. Some of the guys speak Spanish and they helped me a lot with the language too.”


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  2. There are various concerns about fullbacks but Sarvia is good in going forward, he is not good crosser of the ball but he carries the ball forward very well,he is also good in defending.On the other hand Tagliafico is also good in going forward and in defending.Look at Brazil and Uruguay we have better fullbacks than them.

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    • A) He is the owner of this site and can restrict access as he pleases.
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  5. Lisandro Martinez will be great addition in our left Back position. His rating was 9.26(Who scored) last match against RKC Waalwijk in Dutch League. Hope he will continue with this form and will eventually won the Argentina NT spot.

  6. In 2014 world cup…zabalata was best right back in English premiar Ligue but right now we dont have any world class right back.
    Foyth: promising but as a right back..Bellow average.just ok type

    Saravia: Bellow average. Just ok type

    Montiyel: Bellow average but promising to be average one day. Just ok type

    • That is worrying as the left and right back are the only 2 players with space to play in modern football. The center and midfield are completely shutdown. Teams like Liverpool, Bayern and Atletico close all spaces and chase the ball for 90 minutes. Football has become an athletic team sport with very little space for opponents. The backs on the wings are the only ones with room to play. Players like Alphonse Davies, Alexander Arnold and Leonardo Spinazzola are examples of modern wing backs.

      • I don’t know what’s the root cause!!!But Argentina is finding difficult to produce world class talents like Di Maria, Dybala,Agureo, etc etc.
        1.Lautaro is in the making of a world class one, other than that there r no world class players established ATM in the defending cum misfielding section.
        2.I think dePaul is terrifically good but don’t know why he is playing with a soon to be a relegated side like udinese.
        3.Lo Celso: Above average
        4.Paredes: Mediocre
        I think these guys have the talent , but they just need to replicate Cristiano’s work ethic to be a beast.
        5. Emi Martinez: yes, he possess all the traits to be a great GK.

        • Lo celso and Paredes are world class,Lo celso is most important player of Tottenhm he is lifting the team,Paredes is also world class,he is major contributor for PSG in reaching CL final,Emi Martinez is surely world class this season he is going to be in top 5 keepers in the world despite playing for small club like Aston villla but in Aston Villa there are many good players with organised system.

        • Lo Celso is not ‘above average’ the kid’s a world beater, without an argument.
          DePaul is a superb player and he could’ve been playing for Inter right now if Udinese weren’t so greedy where they rejected a 33 million offer last season. Every top Italian club are interested in him but non of them have the kind of money (35-40) to spend on an important but non essential player.
          Paredes is no mediocre, Paredes is excellent, he was voted one of the top 3 midfielders in copa and he kicked ass in the CL, mediocre players don’t do that. With all that being said he’s not world class, not until he improves the defensive side of his game.

          Ocampos is finally living up to his potential and is playing at a world class level (he was in la liga team of the season alongside Lio)

          Angel Correa had his best season with Atletico even if Atletico struggled abit.

          Agree on Lautaro and Emi.

          Don’t forget Musso, Buendia, C.Romero, Licha Martinez and Quarta/Montiel (have to move to europe to get to the next step), those guys are playing at a very high level and all should be competing for starting places with the NT.

          Nico Dominguez, Ascacibar, Nehuen Perez, Madina, Senesi, Alexis and Nico Gonzalez all have massive potential especially if things go right for them. I could also add Dela Vega, Almada, Caupaldo, Fausto Vera to this list if and when they pull off their european move.

          • English clubs could easily fork over additional pocket change of $5m to secure the deal. From their end, I really don’t get it.

            On the selling end, i would have expected clubs like Udinese to be hungry for transfers even if its a bit lower than expected so this doesn’t make sense. Seems like Udinese needs De Paul more than money. Last season they were bottom table so maybe another consideration is avoiding relegation….

          • Sorry from my part, if i have hurt anyone’s feelings.
            please refer back where i posted: Lo celso and De paul has some serious talent and would be a great asset for the NT and also on the verge into a world class making,but they just need to replicate work ethics like CR7 and would be beast.
            But ATM, they aren’t world beaters..
            World class means top 5-10 players worldwide.

            One more thing i’ll add is:
            If Paredes is that talented like that of a world class one, he would have been a hot transfer prospect this summer but wasn’t. He is definitely a good player but dont see any world class talents in him. He at his best will be among top 30-50 rankings.

          • Also martias palsicos, gabrial marconi all going to be worldclass soon if they find a great coach and team to play regularly
            Its in the rb and cb postions we lack future talents

      • Agree with you Richard. Argentina is producing old school full backs. I am not saying they’re bad players but these days u need pacy full backs with great crossing or dribbling abilities.
        I wonder because of lack of pace of our full backs scaloni plays Paredes as a CDM to bring more creativity in the midfield, basically we are playing with 3 ball playing midfielders who are not CDM whatsoever. If we can have proper CDM then may be we can try Acuna as a left back. But again, I love tagliafico’s energy and attitude.

  7. I m really impressed with the CB selection of Scalony. Nehuan Perez and Facundo Medina has impressed in U20 and U23 matches. Specially Perez leadership quality is very good. Scalony should give them a shot in NT. May be we will get very good pair for long time. I have seen some matches of Balerdy but he looks like a average player though the selectors are much superior to us and they must see something special as our defense is looking after by legendary Ayala who is my favorite CB in Argentina shirt. After 2015 our team was a total mass. But now it looks like a solid team with many young stars coming through. Only concern is now a good solid RB and a DM. If it is sorted out them we will be world beaters. Hope scalony will find out the best fit in those two positions.

  8. @Amit, I think it was a few days ago when I read your article on Golazo Argentino, but I didn’t look at the author’s name until I figured out today that it was your work. Your contribution to Mundo family was always great and I hope you will keep rolling out such great articles in the future.

  9. Saw Benjamin Garre’s game against Nacional for Racing. He seems to be a precocious talent and especially with his left foot. I do know he was brought back to Racing from Man City but seriously surprising why there are no takers for him in Europe. He is definitely a NT material. Dont think he played for Argentina U-23 for Pre Olympics of Argentina U-20. Hope he gets in the team for the Olympics at least.

    • He had Coronavirus for a bit. He recovered but Boca does not have him in current Libertadores plans. Estudiantes asked for him on a loan. On the other hand there was supposed to be interest from Parma for him.

  10. Have a gut feeling that Scaloni(of whatever we have seen him till now, he likes his base players like every coach) may start Andrada in Goal, Considering Armani and Andrada also played matches now. Which in my point would be a mistake, There is no Goal keeper right now deserves to start for Argentina more than Emiliano Martinez. To be frank after long time i have a feel that we have a good calm Goal Keeper, May be after Roberto Abbondanzieri days(Taking nothing away from the likes of Musso, Andrada, Gazzaniga, Benitez and Romero, they all r decent Goal Keepers) But Emiliano looks like a worthy Goal Keeper to hold our No 1 jersey for some time.

    • And it’s crazy to think of the unbelievable resurgence Martinez has had. I don’t think four months ago any of us would have predicted that our. of the blue we would suddenly have an amazing keeper getting minutes in the premier league. It’s almost like a dream. I wish something like this would happen with a right back but I’m very content with this regardless.

  11. If it’s true that Romance King is banned then the admins have really breathed new life into this forum. Big applause 👏 to you, guys! I think the first time I saw him on this forum was right at the end of 2018 WC and since then his garbage comments made the forum’s quality hit rock bottom. Hope he’s banned for good!

  12. Lanus have rejected an offer from Parma for Valenti.
    Parma are also interested in Nahuen Perez on a loan move.
    Looks like Bielsa has asked to monitor a few Argentine players and probably make a move in January. Benjamin Garre is one of them, as his English experience would make it easier to integrate.
    Senesi and Quarta Martinez are candidates to replace Kounde if he moves away from Sevilla. Feyernood though want to hold onto Senesi for another season. Ghallardo has also insisted that Martinez is a big part of River’s Libertadores quest.
    Claudio Spinelli is back with Genoa after a rather poor loan spell back in Argentina.
    Julian Alvarez will be closely monitored by Juve, as they look to build a forward line up for the future. They have just welcomed back Kulasesvki after a hugely successful loan at Parma.

    • Sad about Valenti because Lanús also rejected a move to Cagliari I believe it was. I don’t think they will let him go this summer. De Paul rumors died down but Udinese and Leeds have been doing this business slowly without rush. But excited about the Garre news. Hopefully he surprises us at Racing this season.

    • Valenti & Senesi’s time will surely come with good moves.
      On Bielsa – i have lost all hopes in terms of Argentine players benefitting. Its only media fizz. Looks they will not complete DePaul move by haggling for a few million pounds. Foyth & Buendia also were perfect fits that would have helped Argentine football. Last heard they seem to closing Right CB Diego Llorente when Foyth would have been perfect . Victor Orta as the footballing director of Leeds is surely doing his bit for spanish players

        • No this is today./yesterday news. He is the Cb for Real Sociedad & plays as right CB. Deal seems beyond rumour stage & credible sites are already reporting that its almost finalized.

      • Bro is there any news about Almada ? He was the hot cake of Argentina in the last transfer market , as both Manchester based teams wanted to buy him . But after he got affected by corona virus , no satisfactory news was coming. Hope he settles down in a good team and gets more chances to play for the Argentina national team .

      • Maybe I am too optimistic about De Paul, I have wanted him to join Leeds. Realistically he has a 50/50 percent chance of joining but in the coming days if he doesn’t join it could decrease to a 80/20. The reason being in the past three days Leeds have not gotten the lower offer they want. An article I just read claims

        “ According to the reliable Phil Hay, the transfer is unlikely to happen unless something changes significantly”

        Despite Bielsa giving up on most of our players, De Paul is one he almost desperately wants for what he will provide to the team. It will take Udinese to accept a lower price for him.

  13. mientras tanto…River goes to Binacional and wins 6-0. Opponent is weak but Gallardo’s machine running at very high level. Alvarez, montiel, Martinez quarta had a very good game (armani with not much to do whole game). 21 year old new graduate, striker Girotti had one or two nice moments for 15 minutes too. Next week will be the big one when they host Sao Paolo who took a beating in Quito today.

    • Brazilian teams are not in their mettle rite now, so I’d love to see River go out with all guns blazing against Sao Paulo. It’s nice to see Girotti getting a chance.
      On the other hand River holding onto too many aged players. Ghallardo had a chance to bring back David Martinez and make a move on Tomas Cardona, but he didn’t. Girotti, Alvarez, Ferreira, Enzo Fernandez, and Beltran should be integrated and played regularly. I believe Enzo Fernandez and Franco Parades are on loan at Defensa.

      • Enzo and Hector are at DyJ. Franco is still in River reserves. i am quite sure enzo is on loan and he might get consistent time there so its good. not sure about hector. But yes, he needs to move out guys like pinola and angilieri. But I think it is a bit status quo till he sells one of the main XI’s and then we will see the others get promoted.

      • Good game for River. And Ferreira should be getting more minutes this season given that Quintero has left. I understand that Martinez Quarta is integral to River but I hope Gallardo doesn’t hold onto him for much longer. As a river fan I would naturally be sad to see him and Montiel leave but at the same time Argentina is more important.

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