Giovanni Simeone scores header for Cagliari in 1-1 draw vs. Sassuolo


Giovanni Simeone scored his first goal of the season for Cagliari in their 1-1 draw vs. Sassuolo.

Simeone, who has been included by coach Lionel Scaloni in the Argentina squad for next month’s World Cup qualifying games has justified his inclusion. With the score at 0-0, a cross was sent in to the Argentine and a header gave Cagliari the lead.

Still only 25 years old, Simeone spent last season on loan at Cagliari where he finished with 12 goals.


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  2. Great debut by Martínez. He was never tested much because of how poor Sheffield United were but apart from the penalty save he passed the ball well and distributed very well with his hand.

  3. Hope from these season onwards Argentina fans can enjoy Emi Martinez vs Musso competition just like brazil fans Alison vs Ederson. We lacked a decent GK after 2015, forget world class level now We have 2. Hope Scaloni don’t call up farmers like Andrada Armani to make 5 GK long squad.

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        • No he didnt. Sampa cost us the world cup. Armani was thrown into an awful situation so it’s unfair to blame him or make some stupid accusations about league.

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  5. Top 5 GK in FIFA 21 is similar to mine
    1 Oblak
    2 Alison
    3 Tar Stegen
    4 Courtois
    5 Neuer
    But when comes to big matches Neuer >>>>>

      • FIFA 21 rating Musso is the best rated Argentine GK. Though the comment is irrelevant but it is the Answer to someone in Mundo who villa caliber GK ahead of World Class GK. Only Musso has ability to enter in top 5 though he isn’t in top 10 at moment despite my favorite after Neuer.

        • Why does “top five” matter if he’s not in it yet? If there is no room for a relevant discussion about something related to Argentina then keep it out. This goalkeeper bs is one of your top 3 favorite sayings which you repeat endlessly. We get it.

        • So what if someone shows favoritism towards one of our goalkeepers?? How can favoritism bother YOU out of all people???? You keep saying Icardi is the best or second best striker in the world but by your stupid FIFA21-metric, they rate him as #18 best striker/centre forward (and #96 overall).

          • Aguero and Icardi are top 2 Argentina striker at moment, then Lautaro came. FIFA rating interms of striker weren’t proper like Ronaldo and Mbappe are mentioned as striker, Benjema and Immobile rated higher because of last season performance. All of striker above Icardi are 30+, you can’t denie the fact Icardi is world class and should be called up ahead of farmers like Alario or Simeone

  6. I think Argentina should go for 4 3 3 instead of 4 3 1 2.Ocampus Aguero Messi should be front three.Sergio Aguero should always play central.In 4 3 1 2 he has to function like winger.
    Sarvia. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Aguero. Ocampus

    • It is a good idea but one thing you have to keep in mind is that Saravia is not a very defense minded full back. He is someone always keen on going forward and even keen on taking on 1v1’s and taking risks. It is fine to have a aggressive profile like that but coach has to be aware of the risk of that.
      In Racing or Internacional he always gets help from the winger or mid for such occasions to watch his back so to say. Of course we cannot expect messi to do that. And if you have a slower pair like pezzella/otamendi there is more risk of defense getting stretched. So a slightly more defensive full back might be more useful like Montiel. It is bit of splitting hair about who is more defensive but montiel is little more than saravia.
      If we are looking at advanced full back play it is better to balance the risk and do it through the left side than the right and shut down the right side.

      • 8Mostly i agree with your point except Montiel.I think in that case we should use Foyth.But Sarvia also provides wideness in our attack with his runs down the right flank.Foyth Sarvia Montiel all are good player and can be trusted.Montiel has great crossing accuracy,he has acceleration but his speed is less than Sarvia and Foyth in long run like from own half to opposotion’s half.
        Sarvia is good in defence he was very good against Neymar if you have seen

        • Sure. I agree on 1v1 saravia can handle defensively, but the big if is provided he is able to get back in position for that 1v1. Again, it is just a question of how much risk you want to take on right side as I think most opponents plan to attack down our right anyway as many goals conceded in Copa show since there is one less winger tracking back there. In a game that messi is rested, I would 100% put saravia there.
          Foyth of course has the potential everyone sees. I just want him to play more. Really hope they sell him if not play him.

          • maybe we should try 3-5-2 which is more likely 3-4-1-2 type with two super hard-working wingbacks. we can use Bundia on our right side if Scolani gives him a chance at upcoming friendlies or WC qualifiers if not Ocompas can be used…for the left side Acuna is there or Tagla is not a bad option with more offensive freedom…with 3 CB it will be more defensive but more stable of course in the paper considering we r not gd at back … So 3cb with 2 wingbacks providing width …. 1 defensive mid with 1 box to box mid… if Paredes plays it can cover his lackings and de paul or celso can be both box to box mid… messi in the middle and 2 strikers can be shuffled among kun, martinez, dybala…why 2 striker ? we should play using our strength which has always been forwards… maybe too good to be realsitic…

          • @JackSparrow, re: 3-5-2 / 3-4-1-2

            I see your point about three in the back. However, it has never really worked out for us. I think in the beginning even scaloni was interested in it like in the venezuela friendly (first messi game back) or mexico friendly (2018).
            It is such a specific system personally I feel players have a hard time adjusting to it because they are just not used to it day to day in their clubs. If you look on the global scale it is very hard nowadays to find examples of national teams which utilize it successfully. maybe you can point to England 2018 but that team had a lot of schedule luck. So I am not sure how well it can be learnt quickly and comfortably.
            Personally I think for us it should be no more than plan B – to use when down in a game or in must win situation.

          • In this case I think we can use pavon on the right flank. He is a speed star as well as he can deliver some sort of defensive attributes on the pitch. If we get to set saravia on the pitch , we must set speedy winger like pavon, Gonzalez. In this case Messi can be used as a pure no 10 who will get role as play maker.

      • I agree with what you say about having a defensive full back. Especially because our only defensive midfield starter is paredes and he is not that good at defending. If he gets caught out then we need numbers out back that can do the dirty work.

    • No pezella plz. This guy is neither strong nor quick. I seriously don’t know what he brings to our NT.
      May be he is a good team player, can coordinate well with other players.
      It’s time for Martinez quarta to step up in his place.

      • Pezella brings many things ,he is a leader,he pairs well with Otamendi and creates off side trap,his passing is smooth,never takes pressure,he is quite strong, good in air,he understands the game well.We need intelligent players in CB position.Otamendi and Pezella are best there.

      • against the weaker teams, he is alright … he is the leader at the back organizes the team, aerially good , a good reader of the game and moreover intelligent and no risk taker… so he is very balanced against most of the team and tactically more useful with any other pair and can give freedom to other defenders to operate more freely… problem is with superior team with a good speedy or physical strikers can beat him… quatra is good with same qualities and decent speed ..but he is not regular against some very good strikers, so should be included slowly…because we don’t know how he will react against those who are better than him as lacking of experience… we hv to go slowly and gradually as we have 8-10 matches before Copa and 20+ before wc…I think he is already established as a sub for nt…

        • Remember that things like being a leader one can’t see in the television but are real and can define games. With this Pezzella helps. An organized back line can be great even if the players in it are not great. But I strongly agree about the issue of speed. At least one fast CB is important. Either Foyth or Martinez Quarta should be slowly incorporated.

        • I think Brazil and Urugual have quite speedy wingers and striker against them Pezella did really good.Scaloni is doing right thing.In our 4 man backline we always had 3 same man playing in the back.Defence needs to get extra time so that they can organnise well.Pezella has decent speed,all rounded player good in various things.

  7. For right now Medina and Nehuen Perez are better than Lisandro Martinez and Quarta Martinez so Medina and Perez deserve starting ahead of them but they provide good competition to Medina and Nehuen Perez.

    • Nah Quarta is still better than both,playing in a European team means nothing. Lisandro is wayyy better than those two, too

      • Of course they are better with lot of improvement ability otherwise Quarta won’t be in the farmer league at 25

      • Play against Top class striker make you more stronger than to play againt Tevez 36y old or Zarate .
        Argentinan League is a Weak league ! Why do you think Kranevitter, Zarate, Saravia, Benedetto, Funes Mori etc etc etc … was crack in Argentina but didnt succes in Europe ? Why do you think only weak europeen team want Martinez Qarta, Gaich or Montiel ? Why do you think nobody wanted Meza, Barco, Acosta, Pavon or Gonzalo Martinez who was top player in Argentina ? Why your think De Rossi 36y old decide to come in Boca ?

        Be realistic ! Compare Europe top league and Argentinan football League is like to compare Argentinan Basket ball league and NBA !

        • League system in football is quite different than in basketball. Here does not exist such a super league over everything. But something like this should be realistic in qualites: NBA=Champions League—Euroleague in basketball=Europa League, Eurocup in basketball (second strongest european cup)=Libertadores Cup. But more talents come from deeper cups. (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay etc.). Football is much more balanced sport than basketball, where athletism is everything, so overall a poorly fabricated ball game, football or soccer is much more democratic, here you can win in so many ways not just with black athleric monsters.

        • Clubs linked with Gaich:Man U,Atletico Madrid

          Clubs linked with Quarta:Real Madrid,Man City,Sevilla,Napoli,Atalanta

          Clubs linked with Montiel:West Ham

          They are small clubs lol. Yeah West Ham isnt a strong team,but they have an extensive scout system. When u r the number one transfer target of West Ham and u r only 22 that means u have a crazy future

          • Hi Nilaksha, I dont think Gaich rumours are to be trusted, we r just overhyping him here.
            I’ve seen his videos and he is nothing crazy and the guy is even a bench warmer at CSKA Moscow (which is indeed a tier 3 league).
            I dont appreciate the idea of playing a CSKA moscow bench warmer to play for a NT who had 2 WCs.
            Sorry, but i dont think he is worthy.

          • Gaich:Man U,Atletico Madrid ->>> Sign Zenith

            Clubs linked with Quarta:Real Madrid,Man City,Sevilla,Napoli,Atalanta ->>> Sign Celta (?)

            Clubs linked with Montiel:West Ham ->>> stay at River

            Sorry bro but rumor are just… rumor. The reality is no club made offert for theses guys who finish in small clubs ! Same fo Palacios ! “He will sign in Real Madrid” and now he is not titular at Leverkusen.

            So much fake rumors like always.

          • My point earlier about Gaich is that he might have suitors if he performs well this year. But it is brainless to include him ahead a for Agüero to “plan for the future” if the present is better than the future? Worst case scenario we downgrade from a strike partnership to a more midfield heavy team like a 4-2-3-1 within the next ten years to accommodate our young midfield talent. No need to worry about Gaich. He is stupid enough to go to Russia anyway. It does not matter who our players are linked with, it matters how good they are. With that algorithm in mind we should not use Gaich but use Martinez. Players like Martinez Quarta are good enough to use now regardless of their links.

  8. Lisandro Martinez deserve the national team call up. Scaloni didn’t select him becoz of his height as a central defender. But he is very versatile player. Can play Both Midfield and Left back. Also he is a ball playing central midfielde. Hope scaloni select him in the near future.

  9. Bielsa will be looking at Gaich throughout his season at Moscow. He is a fan of Gaich. I remember seeing here before that many people would love him to leave after one season. This should help him do that because if he performs well it won’t be CSKA + Gaich versus the world, Bielsa would try to pull him out.

  10. So far Scaloni works is quite good, on the track, he looks worldwide to select the players which is suitable with his system; although in our eyes / opinion he still missed a good players. Still have a lot of home work to do; first choice GK, CB and DM are the priority and have to be sort out. Appreciate for his courage to bring a young guns and given them a chance to compete and for the smart decision to call on fire players a second chance such as Papu Gomez, Alario, Ocampos, Pavon, Acuna and lastly to drop the unfit and slow players.

    The backbone of his team are Messi, Lautoro, Dybala, Lo Celso, Parades, De Paul; Ocampos, Alario, Tag, Perez and Saravia

    Hope everything runs well and works according to his plan. Vamos

  11. Can’t blame Scaloni for everything – he is building a team and he has very limited games to prove..Covid made it worse…

    1. Nothing wrong in trying Pavon. Yes, he is in different league..but there is no one on Argentine team who is as fast as Pavon. There are teams, who are relying on the speed of winger.
    2. For the rest – i think Scaloni is trying to say – i did not forget you and giving some confidence and hope.
    3. I wish he does similar to others as well – Benitez, Gazzaniga, Pastore, Lamela, Pity Gonzalez…sometimes it motivates them to play carefully and feel at home.

    • Pavon is fast ? Cool ! He can contest for Argentina during the 2021 Olympic games for the 100m Golden Medal ! But about football is he good enough to be in selection playing in the Weak MLS where Giovinco was the MVP 3y ago ? I jus ask ….

    • I’d welcome back Pavon in a heart beat.

      Benitez deserves a call up. No clue why Scalonis turns a blind eye.

      Lamela…im a fan. Tireless, fearless, ‘give all’ type B2B soldier in the midfield. Not as a starter but he can be very useful to control the game or if we needed added muscle. He can be nightmare against tired legs.

      Gazza barely plays. he’d have to really step up to be given a shot over Musso, Andrada, Martinez, Benitez, and Armani.

      Pastore rapid decline.. hasn’t performed well in years.

      Pity off to Saudi Arabia so expect quality to tank.

  12. Scaloni is a clueless manger just like the previous one. How can you select the useless players like Leo balerdi, parades, Pavon,Mac Allister, Gonzales, Kannemann, ……? You simply can’t win anything with these kind of players. Scaloni needs to leave as soon as possible.

    • Relax. Bro Relax . Team selection doesnt sounds as easy as 1 think.One have to jeep many tbings in mind while selecting.
      As many pointed out,Balerdi may be called due to giving hin some confidence. Pavon is our fastest player,Kanneman is experienced. And how is Paredes and Gonzalez useless????? Both are full of talent.

      Scaloni’s team selection has improved time to time. At first it was shit,next time it was decent,next time it was okayish. It is ever improving. Its actually better than the previous coaches. Scaloni has a definite plan, a project for the future. We must trust him!!!

      • I agree. Scaloni is getting better and one of the main problems with Argentina in the last decade is getting rid of managers too soon. If Scaloni improves and so does Argentina, there is no need to sack him for a slip up.

    • @Undisputed12 For your kind information paredes was the best DM of copa last year how can you call him useless…..he is very calm .. confident & well passer I thik he is the best passer of the NT team after messi…I like him very much I know many people of this website don’t like him bcz of this defence duty of course he lack defence quility but he is not useless

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