Marcos Senesi scores overhead kick goal for Feyenoord in 4-2 win vs. Den Haag


Marcos Senesi scored an overhead kick goal for Feyenoord in their 4-2 win vs. Den Haag.

It was a goal even the best striker would be proud of having in his highlight reel. With the score at 1-1, Feyenoord were awarded a corner kick. The ball was cleared to the Argentine defender who’s first time effort beat the goalkeeper to give Feyenoord the 2-1 lead.

Senesi, still only 23 years old, joined the club from San Lorenzo last season. He is yet to be capped by the Argentina national team.


  1. Many Argentine players did not ply this week for their club palacios McAllister even licha Martinez there may be a reason in lichas case.but I think the rest are not good enough

    • Palacios not good enough hahahahahah ur stupid man was bought for 25 million the club clearly wanted him just the shit ass coach never plays him he is better than all their available midfielders, Dutch coaches just don’t like the Argentine style of play.

  2. How do guys assess Guido’s performance. I started to loose hope but under the engineer it seems to get better. Let me know what you think…

  3. Scaloni like more “Star Wars 9” than “Star Wars 5”
    Scaloni like more Cardi B than Michael Jackson
    Scaloni like more Damas than Paris
    Scaloni like more Kanneman than Senesi

  4. Side comment…

    The term “world class” has turned into a joke, it has lost all meaning on Mundo. From bench or young players with “potential” to players in good form for a measly 2 games are hailed as “WORLD CLASS”.

    The term has various interpretations but i think players need to meet several min criteria to be considered world class:
    1) Consistency. Players need 2 or 3+ seasons at a min.
    2) Player has enough quality to start for most teams, including giants.
    3) Top 5-10 in their position.

    The only current world class players are: Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, and Dybala.

    The players that are close but not there yet: Lo Celso, Lautaro, and Ocampos

    The players that were WC: Banega, Otamendi

    • U forgot taglia,he is among top 5 in his position.

      Players who r raw,but will be world class and among top 5 in their position: Almada,Palacios

      Will be among top 10:Zaracho,Dominguez,Licha(as a DM),de la vega

    • Nilaksha, being optimistic is very fair but being believing in unfeasible things is futile.
      We all have soft corners for the argentine players, but come on: No one knew Papu as a world beater, he is very very good but never was or is a WC talent.
      Same theory goes with Tagliafico, he openly admitted in the public domain being enthusiast for playing in a big club.
      Even in his prime, no big clubs offered him, even not Leicester fc.
      Then how can he be a top 5 in his position?It’s questionable.

      • its not only my opinion,90% football fans say that. The only LB who r better than nico atm are Davies nd Robertson nd Alex Telles. And I meaned that,right now he is Among top 5 ,no Arguments.
        Which left backs,other than those I mentioned,are better than nico? Alba:too old,Ferland mendy:raw and Attaking wise average,BEnja Mendy:Shit defensively,Chilwell:overrated,marcelo:past his prime, dAvid Alaba:he is a centre back now,Alex Sandro : taglia is more well rounded,lucas digne:he may be as good as taglia and completes the top 5

        I undetstand that u have watched only his argentina games. Well for NT,he has been bang average ,I admit,like most of the players. But club form wise he is very much in the worlds top 5.
        And if there is anyone who is better than tagliafico other than the ones I mentioned,please tell the name,if you can!

        • Yeah, Tagliafico deserves consideration to say the least. Not sure if he makes it but its worth bringing up.

          Consistent and well rounded. Performs well in league and CL and id say hes done well for NT. The only issue is lack interest from better clubs.

    • I hope we rather use “Star” for our players that are success with their clubs or have big potential that is expected to be unlocked soon than using “World-class”. Being a world-class needs hard work and excellent discipline and that doesn’t arrive easily.

    • What about Icardi and Papu?
      J. Musso and W.Benitez are IMO already world class based on what I’ve seen from them last season or seasons (in Benitez’s case).

      Tagliafico, De Paul and A.Correa are also ‘close but not there yet’. The former 2 need to move to bigger clubs while the latter needs to move to a different club.

      Licha, C.Romero, Nehuen Perez, Buendia, Ascacibar and Emi Martinez all have WC potential.

      • 🙂 doh completely forgot icardi and Papu is up there.

        Agree with De Paul, Tag, and Correa being “close” .

        Keepers debatable. If Benitez and Musso are not WC today, they certainly fit the “close” category

  5. Sevilla replaced Ever Banega with Rakitic,that is a step downward,Rakitic was one of the worst player of Barca for last 2 or 3 years.Sevilla needs new man in midfield to replace player of Banega calibre.

    • Correction: Rakitic wasnt Barca’s worst player in last 2-3 years,he was average last season. But prior to that he was simply world class

  6. Angel Correa 1 goal, 2 assists.

    It was initially decided that Nehuen Perez would go on loan. Because Atletico already had 3 non EU players : Felipe, Lodi and Arias. But Atletico was impressed by Perez’s improvement in Physicality and Tactical knowledge. This is why loan was cancelled even though no room for non EU players. They seek to sell players to adjust Perez into the squad.

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