Alejandro Papu Gomez scores for Atalanta in 4-2 win vs. Torino


Alejandro Papu Gomez scored and had two assists for Atalanta in their 4-2 win vs. Torino.

Papu Gomez continues where he left off from last season as he added a goal and two assists to his name. Gomez opened the scoring for Atalanta, drawing them level with a great strike from outside of the penalty area.

A lovely ball over the top would find Muriel who would make it 2-1 for Atalanta. Gomez would add a second assist as he played a cross into Hateboer and he would give them the 3-1 lead.

Gomez has been selected by Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni for next month’s World Cup qualifiers.


  1. Hopefully Scaloni watched Barca game. Running players without the ball create space for Messi. No longer “give the ball to Messi and see what happens” tactics but movement with and without the ball works.

    • Honestly Barca is the last team that anyone should use as an example, besides after De Paul and Lautaro were introduced at the 3rd game of Copa Argentina started playing as a team for the first time in a long, LONG time. I think Barca is the one who should learn from Argentina.

  2. Luka Romero again coming off as a sub in the second division. He is still 15. I actually don’t mind that they got relegated because he can get more minutes at a level better for him at the moment. And when he is in his late teens they could well be back in the top flight and he will get more minutes and exposure.

      • I personally think that Perez should go on loan for one season to a top five league such as a team like Parma. I believe he will get a few minutes as he is but if Giménez doesn’t leave it would be a lot more helpful to be a starter in another club.

    P.S : Lautaro excluded

    RW: Pedro de la vega

    Centre Midfield: Palacios,Domimguez/Zaracho
    Defensive Mid: Lisandro

    Left Back:Medina
    Right Back:Montiel

    Centre Backs:Senesi,perez

    SUBSTITUTES:nehuel,urzi,christian ferreira,almendra,foyth,romero,ascacibar,vargas,cufre,barco,
    Looks a very tasty team,rather than gk all positioned players are really really talented.

  4. Man city conceded 5 goals may be this is the wake up call for Pep Guardiola that how bad is his defenders selection.Otamendi always deserved the starting spot.Pep does not have good idea about defenders but he is expert in choosing forward and midfield players especially forward players

      • Man city lost all Champion League knock outs without Otamendi and when they won PL Otamendi was their main part of team.With Otamendi they never conceded four or five goals

      • They conceded not for the centre backs,Eric Garcia and Nathan Ake were superb. But their full Backs and DM(rodri ,fernandinho) were awful and couldn’t stand Leicester’s counter attacks. If otamendi was there,they would have conceded 10

        • CB needs to adjust themselves according to fullbacks,Otamendi would have been difference.At least Otamendi never conceded more than three goals in city.There is no excuse for five goals.Pep Guardiola needs to learn about defensive traits too.

          • In my opinion Otamendi needs to be fazed our over the coming year if he doesn’t go to Benfica and perform better and even to a degree if he does. Getting rid of him immediately? No. But Pezzella needs to stay because of his experience and leadership. The only problem is speed which is why whoever takes over Otamendi’s spot needs to have some speed to outweigh the issue with Pezzella.

  5. Either Lo celso or Ocampus going to be sacrificed for Papu Gomez.I can take anyone out for Papu Gomez.With Papu on the pitch it is goi g to be paradise for Messi and Aguero or any striker.

      • Shut up.
        Lo celso is a class act, the way he runs the midfield by his own pace is remarkable and truly underrated.
        Yes, he needs to start racking up some assists or goals now. If he is playing as a no.10 which he is playing these days then he has to make difference in the final third.

        • I believe he has been unlucky with goals and assists. For example he has created own goals and has had (I believe) possible assists rules out last season. Last game against Southampton Son and Kane were the stand out performers but Lo Celso created the opportunities for Kane to assist and worked well in the midfield. Dare I say he is underrated by fans outside of Tottenham. If you don’t watch him play you might think he is not useful for his lack of goals and assists. Even with this he has been voted man of the match multiple times and has been on the top four voting list for man of the match. He has also benched Dele Alli entirely and convinced Joe Mourinho of his ability which is why the squad will be built around him this season. Starting outside of Jose Mourihno’s plans and convincing him that you should be in them is no small feat. He works tirelessly and a midfield with him and De Paul should to an extent outweigh the laziness of Paredes.

  6. Excited to see Gomez + Messi on the pitch together. I’m not sure how its going to work or who needs to be sacrificed to fit them but im looking forward to it nonetheless.

      • To have a player like Papu feeding goals to Messi, Agüero, Martinez, etc is the makings of a world class attack (well our attack is already world class but MORE world class which is quite a bragging right to have). The only problem is that we have to sacrifice an amazing player for him, either Ocampos or Lo Celso. I believe we should use him interchangeably between the two and have Papu or one of the aforementioned players come on as subs based on who needs more rest. This adds great depth to our team. Ocampos could be used when we need to defend more or need more physicality. Lo Celso can also defend to some effect deeper midfield. This gives us a lot of options.

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