Argentina national team Lionel Scaloni: “I have the team in my head”


Argentina national team Lionel Scaloni spoke about next month’s World Cup qualifiers.

Lionel Scaloni commented on the lack of training his team will have for their games next month. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“Unfortunately, there won’t be any useful training’s to get out of the team. I already have it in my head and there isn’t much time to try things.

“We lose almost a day and a half just to bring them all. You have to wait for the last one to play, to bring them in, to get the tests done and only then will we be able to train. Our first training would be Tuesday afternoon and we would play on Thursday night. It’s complicated but it’s the same for everyone and it touches the plans.”

Regarding the planning:

“Thanks to the AFA president, the people around him and their dealings, we are going to have everyone on a charter flight. That way we avid any complications and that’s what we proposed to the clubs. We have not received any confirmation from any club that they won’t release a player.

“We have a good base we we probably didn’t have in the past. Before, we used to look for the guys able to wear the Argentina national team and that they could play. Now, there are seven or eight players, off the top of my head that are part of the base and just as many of them are pushing. We have a great competitive spirit, we make things difficult for everyone but we can’t trust ourselves.

“The World Cup qualifiers are difficult and even more with everything going on and that it will be played without the fans.”


  1. Watched Getafe vs Betis. Perfect game plan from Bordelas how to destroy a double pivot.
    Pellegrini in 4231 but his wide mids too far from the central midfield to connect. Getafe 442 with a very intense press from front four constantly outnumbering the Betis midfield holding duo 4 to 2 and cutting all passing lanes. Guido withdrawn at half time and Carvalho shortly after.

  2. Kanneman is positive. He will not be included in the team.
    Medina’s chance is very high now.
    IMO.. Scaloni may try 352 in one of the coming matches.

  3. Tagliafico should go to Man City because there he will become attacking LB under Pep.Tagliafico always gives his 100% i never saw Tagliafico even once being lazy in the pitch.It would be good signing for Man City.Tagliafico will adapt City

  4. Which back 4 is more strong
    Danilo. Marquinose. Thigo Silva. Alex Talleres
    Sarvia. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    Alex Talleres >Tagliafico
    Marquinose > Pezella
    Thiago Silva = Otamendi
    Danilo > Sarvia/ Foyth

  5. As Manchester City lost 5-2…now they are more serious on searching defenders. Tagliafico has been one of their main target now. They are trying to offload some players and then sign Tagliafico.

  6. I think this yeam will play 4 3 3
    Sarvia. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Martinez. Ocampus
    Papu Gomez

  7. —————-Lautaro
    ———Lo Celso—-De Paul

    As Goalkeeper i will choice Martinez because he look really in the momentum of his life. I have hesitation with Musso very clean since 2 years but im staying on Martinez for the moment.

    In defense i know Scaloni will choice Otamendi but Senesi is insane with Feyenord, best center of the Liga. He is young, he is the futur. Sad Koulibaly are staying in Naples because they will not go for him. I choice Pezzella with him. He is a leader, very solid defender with experience. For the left side im for Acuna more than Tagliafico. Acuna is offensive left back and he will have time to work his connection with Ocampos with Sevilla every day ! Their chemistry in club could help Argentina ! For the right side its more complicate… Saravia is in bresil, Foyth IS A STOPPER and dont play at all. So i will go for Montiel but im not so sure because he need to be in Europe to have real test against the best offensive players in the world ! Not Tevez 36y old, Flop Zarate or random south american guys …

    In the Midfield im staying with the 3 regulars : Lo Celso is the creativity, the best partner for Messi, they feel the same football. De Paul is the balance : he is very active on the floor. Great with the ball, very intense in the “fight” and help a lot the defense. Paredes is okey. He is irregular but take more and more importance with the PSG and improve his defensive skills. His confidence and experience in a big europeen club will help the selection.

    And for the “delantero” i will choice of course Messi and with him Lautaro who continue to grown up but need to win regularity. His style connect with Messi. And on the left side : Ocampos. He step up so much and i think he can fit with the “diagonal pass” of Messi. And of course he is a true Warrior, he will help in defense, he will never stop to run. Argentina need a player like that with a real Fighting Spirit and work for 2 without the ball (because Messi dont)

    This team is not the best of the world yet but except Messi they are all less than 30 and could improve well together until 2022 in Qatar to become one of the best contender. Some just need to go in bigger clubs to fight in Champion’s League and manage the pression of the best competition of the world

    • 100% agrees with you mate. Occampose and de paul both contribute in attwck and defence they are solid players if argentina can build a chemistry as a team they can beat any one with available talent

        • As of now, back 4 is clear. This is the first option in NT.
          Defenders should defend first. Then we will think about offensive SB.
          Many devaluing Tagliafico. That’s ridiculous.
          Acuna is a backup for many positions. LB, LM, CM etc.

          • We are not in 1990 anymore ! Alves, Alba, Lahm or Marcelo was the best during 10 years because they was amazing to give support to attack ! Now you have to attack at eleven and defend at eleven ! You cant be just a defender who do nothing more ! Tagliafico is okey (not amazing but okey) but Foyth no ! He is a stopper !

            Dont live in a old football mate.

            And by the way you have better defender than Foyth … a guy who is even not on the Tottenham bench anymore and made a lot of defensive mistake last year.

    • I will put ocampos in place of Lo celso. And papu in the left wing. For right back foyth. I know he is lacking game time. But we dont have better options for Rb. Otherthan that your selection is perfect.

      • Montiel is young, he play regulary. Foyth have 0 minute with Tottenham and is not a right back … he never cross the midfield ! In 2020 teams need left back and right back who defend and attack.

        Ocampos as Midfielder ? He is a pure wing

        • I remind everyone.. Scaloni was a defender and most importantly a Wingback/Side back. He knows who’s more fit to that role. Now it’s clear that Foyth has edge. Montiel should be developed further to take that role permanently.

  8. His base players will remain the same, may be the there is a chance that Emilaino/Musso starts in Goal instead of Armani/Andrada, Other than that its probably gonna be.

    Musso/Emilano – Foyth – Otamendi – Pezzella – Tagliafico – Paredes – De Paul – Lo Celso/Acuna- Ocampos – Lautaro – Messi

    Well its a good base team to have. Again we can post fancy lineup here again knowing that most of them wont be selected to play. No Coach can satisfy a fan base i guess.

    • What made u to select Foyth in the starting 11? Opposition can really threat us from that position,given Messi doesn’t track back often.
      He could have been a good asset for us, but Mou is depleting his calibre.

        • But these guys have the experience which Foyth lacks.
          Imagine facing a superior dribbler like Neymar as he will play on the same side as Foyth, he will eat him alive…better to think of some superior talents rather than having soft corner for Foyth who merely have any experience.

          • We are in 2020, a Right back cant only defend he need to attack too ! The best was Marcelo and Alves, now its Alexander Arnold and co….

            Foyth dont play that position, he dont play in Tottenham at all and im even not sure he is good like people think. He made many mistake before and now he is outside of Tottenham’s rotation.

            Argentina need a modern right back. Foyth is not the solution.

      • It’s not my fancy lineup. Its probably I think from whatever we have seen of Scaloni till now. He has been constantly using Foyth in RB position isn’t it. So as Paredes in the middle. No matter wheather we like it or not.

        And i don’t think there will be much changes from the above either.

  9. Picking up next generation xi

    Alex luna dario sarmento thiago almada

    Matias zaracco Exequel palacios

    Fuasto vera

    F medina B amione N perez L vera

    J musso

    Sub : Ferrira, M palacios, lautaro martinez, Almendra, C romero, roffo, senesi, Lisa martinez,

      • Yes . But it also boils down to FIFA squad rules. My understanding is that FIFA does not allow a large squad for WC qualifiers . The number is normally 23 which means scaloni can’t send a set of 10-12 players to la Paz as he will atleast need 11+ 5-6subs for the Ecuador game which comes first. If there is no squad number restriction , then this strategy is perfect of 15players landing up straight in lapaz & rest 18players being in Argentina for Ecuador game. I wish our top players playing Ecuador game ( Messi, Gomez, lautaro, DePaul, parades, locelso, tagliafico, otamendi, pezzella, saravia,emiliano). For La Paz – for his workrate , Ocampos & acuna in lapaz will be a decent idea . Dybala should lead attack . Rest can be from likes of foyth, montiel, Martinez quarta, Dominguez, palacios, Medina , kannemann,Guido Rodriguez as DM, simeone

        • Based on what I read in TyC Sports, Scaloni will be fielding the team with Otamendi – Pezella and Armani as the archer. And because of restrictions, looks like once the Ecuador game is done, they come back to Ezeiza bubble and on the day of LaPaz game, they fly to Bolivia and play and come back. Not sure if there is any change to this plan of late.

  10. Argentinian Player Sofascore Ratings and comments on them for this weekend –
    1. Papu Gomez – 9.4 – What needs to be said? Two assists and one goal. Happy to see him in the Argentinian national team.
    2. Mateo Klimowicz – 7.5 – came on as a sub and scored.
    3. Joaquin Correa – 6.8
    4. Giovanni Simeone – 6.4
    5. Gonzalo Escalante – 6.6 – made his debut
    6. Lautaro Martinez – 7.6 – Highest rated player in Inter and scored a beautiful golazo and set up an own goal.
    7. Tagliafico – 7.1
    8. Guido Rodriguez – 6.8 – I would like to see him be rotated more with Paredes
    9. Senesi – 8.1 – overhead kick and overall good performance. Would like to see him receive a call up in the near future.
    10. Facundo Medina – 6.8 – Happy for his call up and one to watch for the future.
    11. Lo Celso – 7.5 – As always great performance and played in his preferred role.
    12. Federico Fernandez – 7.4 – He is dead for the national team but thought it was worth mentioning since he has the highest score in Newcastle.
    13. Lamela – 6.6
    14. De Paul – 8.2 – A great score for playing in the losing team. I wish I could have seen his performance.
    15. Angel Correa – 8.9 – As you know goal and two assists.
    16. Luka Romero – 6.5 – Still 15 and playing!
    17. Lucas Ocampos – 6.5
    18. Acuna – 6.8 – Got his debut
    19. Icardi – 8.7 – Two goals
    20. Di Maria – 7.6 – Still wish he could be called up to play as a sub
    21. Paredes – 6.7
    22. Messi – 8.2 – Exceptional as always
    23. Emi Martinez – 7.3 – Kept a clean sheet and keeps instilling why he should be our number 1.
    24. Valenzuela – 7.5 – Scored a goal.
    Sad to see no Romero (suspended) but he should become a starter over the next month. Palacios still not getting deserved game time. No Dybala as to not rush him back. Mac Allister I believe is injured. No Lisandro Martinez, Dominguez, and still no Perez. I don’t know what is happening with Buendia if anyone would like to say. Still no Foyth as expected but he is in talks with Valencia which would mean La Liga football which he should do well with. Nico Gonzalez is injured.

  11. Every team suffer the same thing, lack of playing time and trained together. However, it is good that Scaloni have a plan and a team in his head. Good communication and deep understanding between players and coach is very important at this moment; beside good leadership

    • I am curious to see how differently is he planning the lapaz match. Will he send some players straight to lapaz . Playing more or less same11 in a matter of 4-5 days at lapaz is repeating old mistakes.

      • Also does anyone know what is the FIFA ruling on squad size for this 2 matches. If it’s finally 23 only, anyway team rotation & sending a set of players to lapaz early is not feasible. For Copa liberatodores, they allowed a larger squad due to covid threat.

  12. is he repeating the same thing that Sampaoli said after the Russian’s catastrophe? Sampaoli said he did not have enough time, that’s why he went for the experienced players….. that’s scary….

    • Nope, Sampaoli’s team was a complete utter mess… he never had any plan … botched the WCQs and used every single formation possible in all the 4 games we had in the WC … what Scaloni is saying is that earlier they had to find good enough players to fill in the positions, NOW there are great players who automatically occupy those spots without much thinking (like how Messi is obvious )…yes there isn’t time but all teams face that problem but what works for them is that they have great in form players.
      he knows his team 95% I’d say cause of the copa america the following friendlies and its a great squad…the first match atleast should be this

      Ocampos Lautaro Messi
      Lo Celso Paredes De Paul
      Tagiafico Otamendi Pezella Saravia/Foyth
      and after they recover we’ll also have Aguero and Dybala
      honestly its a good thing that the same squad stays constant and plays together throughout the WCQs

    • Difference between Sampoli and Scaloni is that Sampoli was saying this after the WC qualifiers or at the start of the world cup but Scaloni is saying at the start of WC qualifiers.

    • No, theres a significant difference in context.

      Sampaoli voiced concerns by publicly stating “no time left” but then he continued with endless experimenting, formation and player changes. No player knew his plan, no player got used to this style, no player knew what the fuck was going on whether they were old or new. Total tactical failure.

      Scaloni saying same “no time left” but he also said he has a core already and doesn’t plan on endless fidgeting and experimenting. Just common sense given the covid situation. Wish sampa had an 1 freakin’ ounce of common sense.

    • Hey, hey you forgot C.Romero, Senesi and Buendia! You’re slipping Choripan 😉

      —————– Icardi———————

      Di Maria – Banega – Buendia – A Correa

      ————— Ascacibar——————

      Lisando – Senesi – C.Romero

      ————— Benitez——————-

      I would also like to add J.Silva who is an underrated, legit talent. As for Lamela, honestly he doesn’t deserve to be on any list (jokingly or otherwise) until he gets his never ending fitness issues sorted.

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