Argentina possible eleven, Messi, Dybala, Ocampos, Lautaro


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has stated that he has the starting eleven in mind and per a report, it would be an attacking team.

Lionel Scaloni will likely go with attacking players for their first World Cup qualifying game against Ecuador next month. Per a report by TyC Sports, this would be the starting eleven:

Armani, Montiel, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico, De Paul, Paredes, Dybala, Messi, Ocampos and Lautaro


  1. Hi new die hard fan of arg. I have posted few comments here, I have been following arg NT since from Maldives. Could any one please tell me when is arg playing first WCQ game and please tell me the match time (in GMT time) as I can follow the match from country is five hours ahead of GMT.pls inform me the date and time of arg next game.

  2. Hi all, have been following this group for years but this is my comment here. Have been an argentina fan since the Batistuta days. Can anyone tell me where to watch the live streaming of Argentina’s world cup qualifiers?

  3. Armani? Out of the head I think the only reason would be because of the familiarity between Armani and the defense (There is no time for preparation for Scaloni, the players will be ready for training on Tuesday (Oct 6), but our first match is on Thursday (Oct 8). May be Andrada has a chance too. Armani is much closer to Scaloni as per Scaloni’s previous conversations, so its natural he starts him during these uncertain time. Its again going to be Armani vs Andrada because they both don’t have to travel long distance too, so that’s an added advantage considering travel fatigue. Marchesin/Emilano/Musso have to travel and go through the tests etc etc and travel fatigue. It’s sad because Emiliano and Musso both are literally on fire now. Its logical if we consider the above points.

    Well about the rest of the squad it looks fine, Montiel would be fine in RB, Dybala if starts would be a great addition. Eager to see Dybala – Messi Combo.

  4. 4–2–1–2–1
    Di paul—…………..—ocampos
    Sub:lo celso,paredes,dominguez ,acuna,mac alister,alario,balardi,facundo,montel,pezzela,gonzalez
    I don’t select pezzela in my team..because he is injury maybe, otherwise i will select him

  5. It’s just an idea’s not conform team.Don’t be panic .I blive that scaloni is a masterminder.So i trust on him..I think his 1st choice gk will be mertinez or musso.. Maybe he will not give a chance Armani. I am not saying that Armani have no ability.i want to say mertinez and musso are world class, now they are famous in the football world.

  6. Besides Armani and perhaps CBs, I like the selection.

    ——Ocampos–Paredes–De Paul——

    Very strong in attack. I like Messi as 10 behind Lautaro and Dybala. A solid midfield capable of creating and driving the ball forward and wide. Ocampos and De Paul (LM/RM/Mezzala-role) are both workhorses and good defensively which makes up for having a less defensive but brilliant Regista in Paredes. Balance.

    Lo Celso can be swapped for either Ocampos or De Paul or even Dybala if you move Messi forward and Gio as 10.

    It would be an exciting team to watch!

    I really wouldn’t understand starting Armani or Andrada in these two games. Emi Martínez and Musso have both impressed big in Europe and haven’t been tried in competitive games for NT yet – Armani has. Would be very disappointing if that’s the case.

  7. Why the hell Armani? I thought it was a fight to the death for Musso or Martinez. I hope this information is not set in stone. Even Andrada, Benitez and others are better. He has barely played in half a year!

      • I love watching him play for River as he easily wins games for us. I just don’t understand his national team inclusion. If he plays well I am fine with it but I was hoping to see Martinez or Musso.

        • Armani will be in the team because he is experienced and good goalkeeper. he is the first choice for now because chemistry reasons,
          after so long time without games because corona virus the team don t have the time and number of trainings together for Scaloni be able to make major changes.

          in time you will see them. but for now we will begin from where we was left last year.
          we need the 3 points to begin good way the qualifyers.
          we need one team next week with the bigger possible chemistry to take the points. this is what Scaloni have in mind and personally i agree with him.

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