Cristian Pavon could miss Argentina World Cup qualifiers


Cristian Pavon could miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifying matches later this month.

Players from the Argentina national team are expected to start landing on Monday for the two World Cup qualifying matches against Ecuador and Bolivia next week. However, Pavon might miss the games.

Several reasons could lead to the Argentine missing the games. Per a report by TyC Sports, Pavon would have to take a flight over to Madrid to take a charter flight where most of the players will be using. Some other players will be using a flight chartered by Lionel Messi.

Should Pabon take part in the matches, upon his arrival back to Los Angeles, he would have to be self isolated for 10 days and would miss matches for his club. It also looks like Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni wants Pavon in the team but would not necessarily be a starter.


  1. Molina with first minutes for Udinese, coming on after 62 minutes. Had a good shot on goal and created a big chance, but the strikers lack finishing. Best rated Udinese player along with De Paul on Sofascore (both 7.4). Looks like he will cement a starting spot soon if he keeps this up.

  2. Foyth dun dilly in few hours.

    Tottenham with complete Juan Foyth > Villarreal and Ryan Sessegnon > Hoffenheim [favourite over Hertha] deals on next hours. Talks ongoing to complete both loans [Foyth also with €15m buy option].

    • Yeah, thats the problem with playing in shittier clubs. Stats suffer due to quality of team. Put De Paul in City, Barca, Real, or Juve and his assists/goals would be more reflective of his quality.

      • Choripan if you put a weaker player in a big club a lot of times he wont take the pressure and his stats will be worse. In udinese he kicks every penalty and free kicks, he takes every corners, and set pieces. Fo example in City its De Bruyne tasks, and every other big club have a specialist, only from open plays de Paul not that dangerous, not bad but not God-level. On the other hand the pressure is much bigger, in an Udinese caliber club 30% off 30% average 40% good matches is OK, in a big club this is not enough, always has to play good, and win every cup otherwise they will critizise you and good luck on the bench. Argentina is a much better team than Udinese, but De Paul still has no goal, and maybe one assist, per transfermarkt 0 assist too. In a small club if you are a king, in a big one you would be even a villain with the exact same performances.

    • That’s a difficult angle to score I think, but Lasagna has missed the best chances. BTW, Udinese is the better team so far and our midfield maestro “De Paul” is orchestrating the midfield. Three Argentines in the lineup and the fourth on the bench. Wish Molina will soon cement his place in the team.

  3. Looks like Martinez quarta transfer is not going to happen due to medical checkup delay or something he might be joining in winter transfer window

    • Upon first reading this I was pretty disappointed, but now I realize there is little to complain about. We’ve had so many defenders get good transfers. And Marcelo Gallardos main reason for trying to keep his players is winning the Libertadores, he should play most of if not all of it if he leaves in the winter window. It’s also not like within that time we will have a World Cup or Copa, just some qualifiers. I am fine with him leaving in a few months. About Montiel I haven’t heard anything in a long time and he will not leave this window Either. All that’s left is both of them.

  4. Bielsa entertaining EPL admirers and giving free football lessons to all EPL coaches. Personally I don’t follow English football that much (La Liga and Serie A are my preferred leagues) , but Bielsa forces me to watch all Leeds games this season since they play games full of end-to-end stuff. Like every Argentina fan what makes me angry is that we don’t have a single player in that entertaining team’s squad.

    • I was about to say the exact same thing! Leeds is the only team without Argentinians that I keep up with. I love the way they play and the results they produce. If they so much as had De Paul or Martinez alone I would go nuts. The truth is Bielsa was nearly desperate to sign De Paul but stupid Leeds would not pay the appropriate price. Still great team to watch. Today against Man City they played well, and I keep on noticing that Benjamin Mendy is not that good. They could do very well with Tagliafico.

      • I second what you guys said. Man City still have 2 days to sign Tagliafico. Would be a great signing and I hope it happens. Also would love to see Leeds sign some Argentines in 3 months. They play entertaining football.

      • Yeah, Mendy hasn’t done well to justify him over someone like Tagliafico. I doubt his transfer will happen with too many dependencies and little time remaining.

        “Nicolas Tagliafico will cost Manchester City in the region of £23million should they firm up interest in the Ajax defender. Pep Guardiola is hoping to add a left back to his ranks before Monday’s transfer deadline, a move dependent on whether Aleks Zinchenko leaves the Etihad Stadium.”

  5. Medina’s strong start continues. He cemented his place in starting x1. Somany big clubs will be waiting for him for the next season. Nehuen Perez, Bruno Amione, Facundo Medina..our coaching staff at under 23 levels are on right track.
    Yes Scaloni had a hand there too.

    • Otamendi has not played since two months. Same for Pezzella and still fitness doubtful. In my mind we should start with Medina x Martinez Quarta. Both are in good flow and match fit. Also its Ecuador and Bolivia. Best time for it.

    • He scored even a goal disallowed by the VAR, the only bright light next to Lautaro from the Olympics (97+) generation in top5 league, maybe Nico Gonzalez will be a third, the others are huge disappointments.

  6. Foyth will have to struggle to start in Villareal at CB position Albiol and Pau Torres is a great looking CB pairing unless Emery has some other positions in his mind for Foyth.

    • But he is not going to play for Arg NT.
      US NT looks to have more promising future than Argentina NT.
      Its a shame on the face of Argentina’s NT management and players that a newly born so called soccer team looks to have a bright future (with the likes of Gio, Dest, Pulisic, Konrad) than a country with huge footballing history.

      • “Its a shame on the face of Argentina’s NT management”

        No such thing. We have discussed this before. Do you know who is mother and father is? His father was captain of US team in world cup. Considered one of US greatest footballers. His mother also part of US world cup team. The boy has never even lived in argentina, let alone play. His relationship with argentina is only through his grandfather long before even his father was born. There is no chance or even reason for him to choose Argentina. This is example of creating unnecessary drama.

      • Please explain How you have come to the conclusion that USA NT has a brighter future than Argentina NT. Because of the 4 hyped youngsters you mentioned?

        • Yes, but please can you name some few of our future youngsters except Lautaro who is being chased by some huge clubs for their respective potential.
          But there are few, but gets latent for the dismissal management.
          No one genuinely cares nor scouts for the young prodigal Argentina sons.I feel sorry for them, because there are some like Thiago almada.
          I might sound harsh, but to win the world cup, we as a supporter have to accept it and work on the loopholes and within two years we will be a serious contender for the WC.

          • For the sake of Argentina’s glorious future, we have to be very self critical and analyse the present scenario in an unbiased manner:
            1. First of all let’s have a glance at Brazil, they have wonderids like Vinicious, Rodrygo,Arthur with Neymar on his prime (is top 3 player ATM) and two world class goalies. Literally, they have the world’s best overall squad.
            2. Germany: They are not talented to the likes of Brazilian and Argentinian talent, but their elite mentality and contibutuon of Bayern Munich (as max Germans
            develops the chemistry while playing
            with each others, which ultimately enhances their NT performances) shows why they are irreplaceable in the footballing world.
            3. Portugal: Portugal is having the edge like Germany as wolves accommodating maximum Portuguese players in their playing 11, that develops the team chemistry and that will certainly enhance the team chemisty.
            Also they have the edge of having one of the greatest footballer Cristiano in the same lineup with talismanic figures like Felix, Fernandes,etc.

            Do we really think we are at the level of these nation’s till now, of course we are really not. We only have the privilege of having the best attacking lineup and a WC goalie in the making.
            Other than that, all positions are being filled with mediocrity to good players (not exceptional).
            So for having silverware, the players must follow Cr7 on his work ethics and surely we are gonna get past all these nations, just the players have to be humble and surely hardwork can overhaul these exciting Brazilian wonderkids too.

          • Did this man really just say USA has a better future than Argentina hahahaha bruh do u know anything about soccer these American are way too overhyped by the American media and bought mainly for the economic bump that they bring marketing is huge in soccer and what better way for big teams to get publicity from the biggest country in the world than to buy players from there for financially beneficial reasons. pulisic is the best one and only good one, Reyna is still unknown but u can find a GUI Reyna in every club in Argentina mckenni is horrible cant pass or defend cant even dribble man was literally just bought for energy dest was Ajax bench RB for the whole of last year barely played 10% of the game he is just another overhyped semedo wat else does US have Konrad de la fuente haha really r u effing kidding me that guy is not gonna make it at barca he will end up in some shit German team in the future like all Americans. Lautaro has a better future than all of them put together and I can name 20 players from Argentina that will be better than all those American and list reasons. When will you people understand that playing in a big club does not mean shit there’s countless World Cup winning teams that have had players playing in the starting 11 from smaller clubs

          • Ok I will name a few.

            1. Lautaro Martínez (23) – Inter – wanted by everyone
            2. Nehuen Pérez (20) – Atlético Madrid
            3. Cristian Romero (22) – Juventus – loaned to Atalanta
            4. Santiago Ramos Mingo (18) – recently bought by Barcelona B, currently on first team bench just like Konrad. Coaching staff recognizing his potential
            5. Thiago Almada (19) – was wanted by Man United and several big clubs
            6. Matias Zaracho (22) – was linked with AC Milan
            7. Nahuel Bustos (22) – was linked with AC Milan
            8. Agustín Urzi (20) – was linked with Inter and Atlético Madrid

            I will stop with those, but that’s twice as many as those “US wonderkids”. Obviously we have talented youngsters and quite a few are wanted by big clubs, but not many transfers happened this window due to covid and not playing for 6 months. Of course clubs take that into account. Some players will have completely lost their form so they look elsewhere. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. If this were a normal transfer market, it would have looked entirely different. The talent is still there with the players and they will get their chance for Europe at some other point.

            It’s oversimplified to say that Baseball Nation USA have a brighter football future than Argentina because they have 4 hyped youngsters in Chelsea, Barca and Dortmund. We are talking about young adults here, under 23, and some make it to big clubs later in their careers than others. Look at talent and potential instead of BIG FANCY CLUBS.

  7. Guys how is the 22 year old full back alex vigo of colon santa fe performing….. can he be a backup for tagliafico cuz i saw some of his videos and he is not afraid to go up front in attack and also track back at defense at the same time.. fiorentina boca and river are interested in his services…. he has pace dribbling skills and defensive attributes

  8. When scoloni thinking about E martinez at starting while armani agent told scoloni should respect armani at starting spot,he did nothing to leave.
    Yes this is fucking Argentine media who always create pressure to select domestic players.

    • It’s the Coach’s decision. Which should be respected. Armanis agent should have kept quiet. He should know that Armani have only played 2 matches for the last 6 months or so.Leave it to the coach.

      Even player like Di Maria with such vast experience shouldn’t have had questioned Scaloni. It’s his team, he will select player who he thinks fit his formations.

      I don’t think now Armani will start. May be Andrada will play I guess. Such unnecessary talks creates an awkwardness within the team and the coach.

  9. it looks like German Pezella is leaving Fiorentina,he is not included even in substitute list inspite being the captain of Fiorentina.

    • He didn’t play last game also. Had a minor injury. But can’t say. If fiorentina buying Martinez quarta , for sure they are selling 1 CB. But milenkovic has most rumors. Cecchrini also in multiple radar. Pezzella has only AC Milan rumour bcos of pioli connect . But Milan also looking at multiple options including a Bologna Japanese defender, nacho from real .. my guess is that milenkovic will make the move & that will be best for us to have a mq- pezzella partnership. Not sure how this works for NT bcos both prefer right CB. But in club it shld be fine as fiorentina may plan 3 man defense where mq can be right defender & pezzella as center defender.

  10. From

    “La MLS anunció que no dejaría libre a ningún jugador para esta fecha FIFA y el resultado es incierto.”

    Basicamente saying the MLS has announced that it will not release players for the date.

    Young players who sign to play in USA must think twice of going to this useless league or maybe lose chance for playing with NT if this continues.

    • Best league for higuain, pastore, insua, piatti, gaitan kind of players who want to retire in peace. Even folks like Garay, rojo, perroti , mussachio, biglia, fazio , roncaglia shld consider MLS. Closer to home & better paychecks compared to Argentine league. But It’s a crime by local clubs & agents sending talented youngsters there to kill long term careers

    • The MLS doesn’t have the authority to stop players from playing for their NT, no league has that authority. Now an MLS team can threaten a player that if they go for international duty they would lose their place and then leave it up to the player to decide but ultimately if a player decides to go for international duty that the club has to put up and shut up,

    • Amione case – I read he is just waiting for the passport documentation for last 10days & announcement should happen before window closes

  11. River plate have accepted fiorentina’s improved offer for Lucas Martinez quarta .

    German pezzella is targeted by many clubs especially by napoli and Valencia.

  12. Deal done…. juan foyth has signed for villareal for a season long loan with a purchase option… yet another club to follow in laliga….. can form great partnership with spain intnl pau torres…. good luck juan…

    • This is still not officially done & announced. The discussions have been on for a long time. Hope it concludes today without any complications

  13. so far 4 players have been injured, Kanneman, Saravia, Pavon and Marchasin, most probably Scaloni will replace them with domestic players based. Who knows Rojo will get another second chance

    • I doubt scaloni will call replacements. The prelim squad was 34. Anyway he has to trim it down. But calling senesi & buendia will if not anything give them good mileage for future transfer season.

    • I would approve that move. Since he is only 19 and now has been handed the no.10 shirt by Velez( which shows tha amount of trust Velez had upon him), this will be a perfect move to cap off the happenings right now. Sure,the kid will get a confidence boost from this.

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