Juan Foyth joins Villarreal on loan from Tottenham, option to buy


Juan Foyth has joined Villarreal from Tottenham on a loan deal with an option to buy.

Per a report by Fabrizio Romano, the Argentine defender has joined the Spanish club. An announcement is expected with the buy option reportedly at €15 million. Still only 22 years of age, Foyth has not played many minutes since the arrival of Jose Mourinho at the club.

Foyth has been selected by Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni for this month’s World Cup qualifiers.


  1. The “ole” good days have returned to Man United😂. I think we can expect the announcement of Poch anytime soon. This spurs squad is looking brilliant. This season Celso will be on fire,Ndombele and Hojberg are really doing good and the trio will do good i guess.

    I am really optimistic that poch will come at man u.With poch at man u,i think we can expect the transfer of Tagliafico to replace Shaw. Maguire Lindelof and Baily are huge disappointment, i wont be surprised if poch goes for an Argentine CB

    • Back from a major injury, a fractured foot and as a doctor I can tell you that a fractured foot is no joke because all the weight of one’s body ends up on the foot and as such a foot injury has to be handled carefully.
      The fact that he’s back in the squad is excellent news and I am certain that he will regain his starting position within the space of half a dozen games or so.

  2. As per whoscored, otamendi starting today for benfica. Nice to see the general back. Some playing minutes before qualifiers will help.

  3. All
    I would request that we keep the forum open and respectful. We are all fans and we understand the game also. Sometimes it seems, the only option here is to “praise”. If you don’t praise, then you are not a true fan. If you criticize anyone, then you are not an Argentina hater. This is a very wrong attitude. You would be surprised to know how critical and demanding fans are of top clubs or teams. Above all, there are facts, that we have to accept, even if we don’t like it. I will give one example.

    Ezequiel Palacios: I was super excited when he seemed to be all set to join Real Madrid. That is a top club, with top training. Gago joined them. Now this guy went to Leverkusen. That’s ok. But if you say its better to join Bayer over Real, it only shows that we don’t have high confidence on the player’s ability to go and kill it in a top club. Now, just on Palacios, I really don’t understand what he does so special that some us call him a “world class”. Trust me I have 30+ years of football behind me, much before social media and data analytics. I have to admit, I have only seen about 2-3 games of Palacios and I don’t see anything special. He is a like a poor man’s Lucho Gonzalez. Help me understand and I will be happy to admit.

    • C’mon palacios’ passing is incredible and not to mention his movements.
      I have huge faith in him and I’m sure he will prove himself very soon.

    • Palacios has amazing passing. Just watch the mexico game. He can split open defenses with his through balls and long passes. He dictates the tempo of the game very well,picking out players and making forward passes. His dribbling is good. He doenst neglect his defensive duties either,the definition of a “b2b” player. Long story short,he is an amazing talent,just needs game time and a better role(bosz used him as a dm )

      • You make him sound like a combination of Riquelme and Mascherano. He should be the hottest property in the face of the world. Hope you are right my friend. Hope he does well.

        • He is Good, but not good enough at the moment to play for top club like Madrid. He sometimes cannot make final 11 in Bayer. Though, I wish him all the best.

  4. Argentina best 11 for Cops 2021
    Emi Martinez
    Sarvia. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Aguero. Ocampus
    Subs-Gomez, Dybla Rodriguez,Lautaro,Alario,Dominiguez,Foyth,Acuna

    Brazil best 11 for Copa 2021
    Danilo. Marquinose. F. Agusto A. Talleres
    B.Guimaraes. Casemiro. Countinho
    G. Jesus. Fermino. Neymar
    Subs-Fabinho, Richarlison, Arthur, Vinicus Junior,Willian,Lucas Paquita
    Which team is stronger Argentina or Brazil?

    • Apart from RB – I guess pretty matched. Just boils down to who plays better on the day & coach not screwing up. But need to admit their bench strength is better & team more youthful. That new arsenal CB Gabriel can’t even break in to squad.

      • Hi Amit, but how on Earth u can compare Paredes to casemiro and Ocampos to Neymar? Even being a Argentine fan, I can never compare, it’s dumb to compare them.
        Agureo>>>>firmino, Messi>>>>>Jesus.
        These two positions can never be outshdowed by any Brazilian players.
        Else, DePaul and Tagliafico are superior to the Brazilian counterparts.
        Sorry to say, but other positions are filled by better Brazilian players, plus they have a very good squad depth.

        • I think Telles is as effective as Tagliafico. Both among top 5 LBs in world at the moment. Taglia is better defensively and Telles has a wizard left foot

          And why cant he compare Paredes with Casemiro? Both plays as DM for their respective NT….m

  5. @Csabalala it is ok to criticize players, but i think mate u r taking it too far. I dont rate mac allister,but Palacios and Dominguez are legit talents,especially the former. Its very unfortunate that Palacios is not liked by Bosz. He is one of the best young midfielders in the world. Every coach has their own favourite players. For eg.,Scaloni likes Otamendi (who is a meme in England) while he doesnt rates Senesi (succeeded De Ligt as Eredivisie’s best CB). He favours Balerdi,but doesnt rates Romero. Guido is a bang average player but gets called up,but Licha isnt in the team. Setien was a fan of Puig and did not like Alena,while Koeman is an Alena fan and asked Puig to leave the club. But that doesnt means that the out of favour player is bad.

      • We r talking about defensive midfielder, and Licha is better than average Guido. Licha has better passing,dribbling,ball playing abilities, technique. Licha is faster too(that doesnt matter,though). Defensively both are almost equal

    • Do not disrespect Guido Rodriguez,he is a very good player. There is no one who can shot as thundrous as Guido in Argentina,Guido is much better than Lisandro Martinez. He has speed, agility, good interception and tackling and long range shots. Balerdi is much better than C. Romero.

      • Omg… balerdi is not better than Romero at this point. Balerdi is expected to peak into a good player with time & Europe experience. Scaloni is basically investing in future as far as balerdi & Perez are concerned bcos they look balanced in all aspects & can grow. But in current levels , balerdi is much behind Romero . Similarly Guido is no where associated with speed. Maybe slower than parades also. On pace & forward play licha any day better. But Guido is a decent back up option if montiel & tagliafico attack & u need someone behind to break a counterattack.

    • What a long ball! Lamela so well rounded. Stopped the ball outside the box and immediately saw Son sprinting close to United goal and passed it perfectly. Shame Son butchered because that would have been an amazing assist.

      Now Lamela got Martial red carded lol.

  6. Mammanna has got an assist today. Will want to see this full season without injury & then he will be an interesting topic to discuss . Still only 24.

  7. Best line up for Qualifiers
    E. Martinez
    Foyth. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De Paul. Paredes. Papu Gomez
    Messi. Lautaro. Ocampus
    Foyth. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Papu Gomez
    Messi. Lautaro

        • Not mate thier managers are stubborn
          To give them chance
          How many games palacios and Alexis mac allister started since thier move
          I ensure you is got nothing to do with thier talant and ability but sometimes you need luck to have a manager who trust you that is what they re missing now
          In fact palacios first game he played
          For Leverkusen was nearly man of the match. But every manager has thier own
          Favourite players that happen to be
          Leverkusen coach he is in love aranguiz

          • We are talking about small clubs…Bologna, Brighton or max. Leverkusen calibers, btw David Luiz is starter in Arsenal, Danilo starter in Juventus, Andreas Pereira not a regular NT player, Arthur a new one and def will be a starter, Pedrinho new player of Benfica, so stop lying!

          • No i hate brazilians but be realistic, btw now i dont see the laughing about overrated Vinicius Junior, the guy is a different maker in such young age in a huge club. Sancho, Fati, Vinicius etc all shine from the first minutes, 17-18-19 years old players, who sit on the bench with 22-23 years are not talented.

    • Relax balala the season has just begun, let’s atleast give them half a season before we declare them dead on arrival.
      Remember how last year you said that Lautaro was a ‘perspective benchwarmer’, how A.Correa was a benchwarmer and how Celso couldn’t hack it in England? And remember how I told you to be patient because these guys have serious talent and will come right.
      You also said that Dybala and Paredes had weak mentalities and weren’t gonna hack it in those ‘big clubs’ that you love so much, although I have to admit that I thought the same thing about both of ’em and luckily they proved us both wrong.

      I said it before and will keep saying it, Dominguez is a legit talent and I won’t give up on him because he only started 1 of 3 games thus far. Alexis is also a legit talent and will find his footing in jolly ol’ England. Palacios on the other hand I’m not so sure about because I always thought he was overrated (albeit talented).

    • You told this one about Lautaro. See where is Lautaro now. Every club wants him. You told about Adolf Gaich recently..we will see where is Gaich in two years.
      Dominguez will be wanted by most of the clubs. That’s how different player he is. He will grow into a special player.
      Your Vinicious playing in Real Madrid for the last 3 years. 7 goals in 50 games. Became a big player to you. But our talents are very small talents to you. He’s already 20.
      Ansu Fati with Barcelona for the past 8 years. That’s the reason he can show his talents in 17-18 age. But I am still not convinced about him. We will see.
      We have replied bro you many times. But you always comes up with. Because you can’t control this habit. You always see negativity about Argentine youngsters. You have right to be lik that. But don’t repeat those comments many times. Please…

  8. Papu Gomez getting better and better with age; he runs the show over in Serie A. Sublime plays and infinite class

    Bring in Papu Gomez and Messi will have more space to penetrate in front and room to explore. Agree Scaloni should find a way to collaborate him with Messi and Lautoro up in attackers; need a humble approach to let go the ego and gel as one unit team in harmony; it will be a great waste not to maximize his ‘on fire’ form.

  9. Lautaro-Messi with Gomez as playmaker role would be the best attack in international footbal. Gomez at left wing is a waste. I always prefer Messi near 18 yards mark, he is devastating when he is happy. He is happy when he scores goals.

    Ocampos can be tried in LM role, the role he played against Germany match.

    But then again, Scaloni would not go for drastic change and he will go for what has worked for him in last 7 matches. And he sees Ocampos as forward. May be a 4-4-2 with Messi and Lautaro upfront with Ocampos at right wing and Lo Celso at left.

    • I like the fact that Papu Gomez can be used a s playmaker. We should make use of his form. Messi may do good with Papu as a playmaker, like when Xavi as a playmaker in Barcelona.

  10. 33 yr old Facundo Roncaglia with one goal + one assist today as a right back from Osassuna. Can you remember guys, he was the respectable member of Argentina 2014 World cup Team(zabalata’s back up)

    • Palomino is not a ball playing Centarl Defender, his Ball distribution is poor, passing ability is poor. And most important think is that.. He is an “Error proneness” Central defender.

      Only physical ability, clearances ability is not enough to performed a National team like Argentina as an Central Defender. It is Argentina, not paraguye Or peru

      • So you think only ball playing defenders we can use..?
        He’s a great in tackling, good in every other aspects like interception, clearance, arial ability, passing etc.
        If we plan 3 man backline..he’s one good option.

      • U don’t need all CBs to be ball playing defenders.. if that was the criteria , pezzella also not needed. Palamino definitely is a good option as long as his paired CB can move the ball.

      • Maybe there is something to the rumor that PSG are interested in buying him at the 25th hour.
        I do think he had a knock last week hence why he wasn’t even on the bench but now he recovered and was brought in as sub.

    • the more i see Papu this season , i am dreaming of a Lautaro – Messi upfront with Gomez just behind them. Messi should just be able to enjoy upfront rather than burdening him every move.

    • Cristian Romero is the most underrated Argentine young defender. Everyone has a view on his card discipline & scaloni not even giving him a look in. But if you objectively look at it , at current point – he has progressed the most among our CB youngsters in Europe. Perez , balerdi though look more talented & balanced are still below Romero in performance.

  11. Those who are fearing Foyth might not get much chance at Villareal should be patient. Emery gave 20 years old Lo Celso starting position at PSG. He is the reason Banega had a decent European career despite his lack of discipline in personal life.

    If I would think of a foreign manager for Arg nt, Emery would be one of them. He has done more favor to Argentinian talents than Simeone ever did.

    • I realy like unai Emery as for that reason I want him To win Europe league with villareal and finish
      Top 4 in the league position.
      To add that I have no doubt foyth will
      Be Successful in there and Mourinho will acknowledge Foyth much better football than overrated Dier and tanganga.

        • My friend I’m not sure about levy .
          Sure Mourinho will find out soon
          He made mistake not giving foyth fair chance. As levy he make foyth to extend his contract till 2023 at the same time sent loan to villareal
          That tells you how good spurs rate this kid.I always say if poch were still in spurs foyth would have been thier first choice Cb by now.

          • Pochettino had to endure 2 transfer windows without any money to spend. Here levy pumping pounds with mourinho. Waiting to see poch back soon in big stage. Man U is a good candidate.

    • Yes more or less. Romero in Atalanta, Perez now fighting out in atleti, valenti in Parma, Medina starting solid at lens, even amione getting Hellas Verona.
      Overall montiel, Martinez quarta missed out. But River plate & Copa liberatodres knockout is a decent substitute till next window.
      Buendia only really missed out from our younger talent. Palacios & gaich hopefully will prove their coaches wrong shortly.

      • The senior players are anyways doing well in midfield and attack so not necessary for now for the youngsters to step up right away but the defence on the other hand argentina definitely needed the youngsters to step up since senior players like otamendi were not getting much playing time at their clubs and need to improve their performances at the highest level.

    • That’s right and I remember very well P$G tried hard to sign him those days, but eventually Foyth chose Spurs project over the French side’s. I think the language factor played a big role in his move to Spurs coz communicating with the coach wasn’t difficult for him.

  12. It’s a good move for Foyth although he’s gonna have to work his butt off to earn a starting spot because Villareal are -as of right now- well sorted at the back but Emery will give him a chance to prove himself in the form of short, yet frequent substitutions like he did with Celso at PSG and it’s up to Juan to make the best of those chances.
    I said it before and will keep saying it, Foyth is a midfielder plain and simple! He has a decent reading of the game and is defensively minded (obviously!) but he loves handling the ball and carrying it forward and that’s what has gotten him into trouble in the past; by playing midfield however Foyth won’t have that problem because he can handle the ball as much as he wants, especially when receiving the ball from the back and driving it forward like Gago used to do with the NT. Foyth can track centrally and support the CBs or drift to the right and cover the RB when said RB marauds forward and leaves space behind him (essentially Foyth becomes a temporary make shift RB).
    Mark my words some coach will wake up to the fact that Foyth is a born midfielder and will use him as such and Juan will become one of the best in his position, heck if Foyth was at ManCity Pep would’ve realized it very early and would’ve made him the heir apparent to Fernandino.

    • I too think he’s a midfielder. He’s more suitable for the DM role than any other position. He will be under less pressure there and his ability to pass the ball, read the game, interception, tackle all suits there.
      Also, I think Villarreal cannot go all season with the same pair at the back. They need one more player to be rotated. Foyth will get his chance. But I still prefer him on the DM role. I wonder why coaches don’t see that? Is it a reluctance from Foyth himself?
      Most probably he will get some chances in both positions this season.

      • Emery prefers a build from back & possession based system. So foyth will get his chances as his ball playing skills are top notch. Veteran Raul albiol’s spot is where he will target & with Europa, laliga, Copa del Rey – chances will come. Also it means no pressure to jump in & start from day1. He transforming to a DM is more long term once he establishes his value as a CB. Emery also has the DM pivot which currently seems iborra . While iborra is physically & aerially way better than foyth now , passings is just average. Thats an area he can grow into once he establishes himself in Emery’s starting list which shld be as a CB. I just hope he doesn’t waste time as a RB bcos that’s just a backup spot for foyth.

  13. A good move by Foyth, split from Mou is the best decision and the most important thing he will get more playing time to explore his potential. Unfortunately Arg players ( South America ) are not so hot and sellable in the transfer at this season; beside the pandemic effect not all the players shine as expected.

    Out of box thinking, Scaloni take a risk with Fyoth selection, without a long playing time at the club, still can be selected and join N/T crucial game, maybe Scaloni understand and trust Fyoth better than Mou

    • I think he can easily pen down a starting spot at Man u,they dont have a proper RW. But after all,its Man U,they are linked to atleast 500 players every window

  14. There is also midfielder Nahuel Estevez at newly promoted Spezia if you are interested in keeping an eye on.
    It has been a tough start to the season for Argentines, with players missing the start through injury, being benched and most alarmingly goals drying up. Hopefully, the fortunes will change after the international break.

  15. I would love to see him like a Defensive Midflield

    He is very good with his feet and have a good IQ football but he have a lack of speed and his physical condition is not the one of a top defender. So to “protect” the defense and use his good feet with nice pass could be interesting.

    And Argentina could be happy to have a player with that profil… It’s better than GUido Rodriguez …

  16. Ignacio Pusseto has joined Udunese on loan. So, it will be 5 Argentines @ Udinese. Pussetto couldn’t make a difference at Watford but will fit in well at Udinese. A tough season ahead after 3 straight losses.
    Looks like Quarta would only be allowed to leave in Jan 2021. Ghallardo blocking his move, which is unfair considering the uncertainty of league action in Argentina.

    • what Udinese need is a good striker. Else they are going to be in a relegation risk. Last season also its only in last 2 games they managed to raise the game & end safely. Hope De Paul makes his move in Dec window.

  17. I’m happy foyth was loaned.
    Also happy that depaul stopped bleaching his hair. We have bad luck with players bleaching hair since 1994.
    De paul was easily the best player from Udinese at the Roma match
    He is looking to be a future leader for the nt at this rate.
    Near future.

    • 🙂 I’m actually liking the blond look as it’s easier to spot them. I remember loving Messi bleached hair and a bunch of players currently have or had blond hair. Agüero, Paredes, Lamela, Icardi, Banega, Dominguez, De Paul (recent), etc.

  18. More good news for our young defenders!

    How do you guys think Ocampos would perform as a right wing-back In a 3-4-2-1 or 3-5-2 system for NT? He is good defensively but I don’t think he has been tried in that position.

    • Wingback? No. He can play at LM and RM, infact he played the former at his last season at Marsaille and did very well but playing wingback requires a player to have serious defensive acumen and while Ocampos is defensively disciplined he’s not a defender. Players like Licha Martinez, Tagalifico and Acuna are capable of playing wingbacks.

    • This is not PlayStation. Using Ocampos at wingback..!
      He’s an attacking player with a good fighting spirit. Can defend but he’s not a defender. Mid to attack he’s okay.

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