Agustín Marchesín a doubt for Argentina World Cup qualifiers


Agustín Marchesín is a doubt for Argentina and could miss both World Cup qualifiers later this month.

Marchesín has been called up by Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni to the national team but the goalkeeper has a rib injury which could mean he would miss both matches. Emiliano Martínez of Aston Villa and Juan Musso of Udinese are the other two goalkeepers who have been called with Esteban Andrada of Boca and River Plate goalkeeper Franco Armani expected to complete the goalkeeping spots.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has already lost two defenders with Walter Kannemann of Gremio out after testing positive for COVID-19 and Renzo Saravia of Inter out due to injury.


  1. Many good points mentioned here by @mafioso.

    First my thoughts from the view point of the seleccion- of course Paredes has never been ideal player for our main DM. But because of lack of options Scaloni has constructed the middle with him,Gio, Rodrigo and sometime Acuna to create something that works together as a unit but maybe not individually. We continue to mention Ascacibar, or Vera, or Lisandro. I like them too but in the heart of midfield the coach has shown he is not going to pick any of those guys whose position in that role is not even clear or established in their home club. He is already trying foyth as a converted full back. De Paul as well is a converted midfielder (before scaloni saw his potential in center he was used in his clubs as essentially a wide-mid/winger). He is not going to do a third conversion for DM (lisandro) now and throw away the balance he has worked towards for 25 games until something drastic. It is clear he values consistent minutes in DM and why his second choice is actually guido (a player of different style though). Until any of those three show in their clubs they can take the DM role permanently paredes is here to stay. But he is not a luxury. His role is to be regista and to soak up pressure in the NT. In the past I have posted videos to show how this is being done.

    In PSG in my view, things are more different. He is not always a regista. Before getting into it however I will mention that even PSG going to final was looking difficult until Paredes introduction in atalanta game. But it is one match, and one match is not reflective of a pattern. It is important to identify the pattern.

    The problem is basically that PSG is just not the right team for him as he is a role player in it. In midfield it is veratti who is focus for them. Then tuchel has to accommodate the four superstars. So paredes when he comes in is basically the leftover role player. Sometimes the leftover role is to take red card for neymar like you say (also an important role as every team has a designated ‘fighter’ for the toughest matches), sometimes it is just to be fresh legs at 70th minute, sometimes it is to be cutting edge (atalanta game).

    What about today? In todays game there were many sequences when he would receive, pivot and look up to see the right back, or Icardi dropping wide right with room to pick a pass but he did not. It is not he is incapable in fact it is his specialty. But if you look carefully in those situations instead he laid off the ball 5 meter to veratti to make the pass even though he had time.
    Why? because in this game against a weaker team he was used only in the limited role to set the rhythm – basically making sure the ball is never static at one players feet in the middle of the pitch but continuously moving to the central ball carrier to misbalance the opposition. So today he was a different type of wheel in the machine in PSG. When Veratti gets injured as he usually does you will see Paredes in the regista. It would be good for him to go to a team where he is more of a focus. I had hoped it was Sevilla after banega leaving but they went in different direction.

    • Very good points you make about the situation. I hope he gives it his all every game, but it’s interesting to see that’s its often the system rather than his own ability.

  2. Just watched PSG-Angers SCO match just to observe Paredes. I am disappointed, very much.

    His 90% pass was a return pass to Veratti. Few for centerbacks, and 2/3 for the rightback. In 60 minutes, he played 1 line breaking forward pass, one long ball to left wing. Otherwise they are 5 meter meaningless passes.

    Defensively he won ball in 2/3 occasions using tackling. Other than that, all he did was occupying spaces, did not physically challenge anyone or track opponent player’s run. He has been replaced after 60 min mark.

    He was a much better player in his Empoli days. He used to pass all over the field, run with the ball forward, draw opponent players then beat the the press with close control.

    Xabi Alonso could not defend, but he was a great passer of the ball. Pirlo was an AM turned Regista, nobody remembers him for his defensive contribution. I am okay with Paredes being defensively not very good, but his passing must be top notch. Dominguez can do a lot better than what I have seen today and seeing lately from Paredes. And he can defend.

      • Likewise, I failed to convince myself that Paredes is the player we need for the DM or regista position. He has an attitude problem as well, unnecessarily gets provoked and earn yellow. Too much to sacrifice for a player like him in the squad.

        • Even if we consider him as regista, he plays mostly 5 meters safe passes to cbs and side midfielders. His signature line breaking passes are so few per match that it does not compensate for the defensive and physical imbalance he brings.

          I believe his main problem is attitude. He can play those forward pass, he can move forward with ball in his feet. He used to do this things before. But right now, his role is to get red card on behalf of Neymar.

    • I largely agree with what you’re saying, Paredes can be frustrating sometimes but he has shown in Copa and the CL that he can dial it up to 10 when he needs to. He is a superb passer and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty not to mention that he doesn’t seem to let the pressures of big matches get to him, so he is a useful player to have but I still content that Argentina needs Ascacibar (or maybe Licha) in there sandwitched between Depaul and Celso in a midfield 3 because Paredes lacks that defensive acumen and tends to lack dynamism.
      Leandro would be useful against teams that park the bus, which is often the case with teams that face Argentina but against the likes of Brazil, Germany, France etc….a player like Ascacibar is needed.
      I know that alot of you aren’t keen for Santi but I still maintain that the kid is a beast! He’s physically tireless, reads the game wonderfully and is a good passer (contrary to popular opinion) and once he recovers (he’s training with the main team now so it won’t be too long) he’ll start making some noise in the bundesliga like he did in his first season at Germany.
      ofcourse he’s not without faults, he can lose his head (when he spat on another player and got 6 match ban) and does pick up yellows often (although he improved in that regard) so at 23yrs he’s obviously not the complete article but he is NT material and then some.

      • Defensive steel is required in midfield when you are against big teams. Just watch Brazil’s first goal in Copa, how dani Alves made fool out of our midfielders. Paredes made a tackle which Alves avoided with ease. Then Otamendi went to ground which was avoided by Brazilian wingers for a pass to Gabriel Jesus. It is nothing to do with tactics just sheer personal incompetence at defending.

        In many group stage of copa and against Germany first half, we failed to dominate. Why? Because our midfield could not win ball back from the opponent. Paredes, De Paul and Lo Celso: no physical and ball winner player there. It changed when Acuna was introduced who is physically strong and defensively capable.

        A physical aggressive player is needed in midfield. Otherwis, it will be like Brazil match in a real tournament.

    • The guy was playing Angers….. After 20 mins the game was over. What do you want? He runs the whole 90 mins and gets injured?….. Honestly, I don’t like his perf at PSG but he never disappoint with the NT….

      • Running and Paredes at the same sentence? Requelme used to run with more urgency than Paredes.

        If he can’t shine at club level, he won’t get playing minutes. It will affect nt performance. Club reputation matters.

        Did Neymar, Mbappe, Veratti stopped their urgency after 20 minutes?

        • “If he can’t shine at club level, he won’t get playing minutes. It will affect nt performance. Club reputation matters. ” Paredes plays a lot of matches in a huge club, players like Macallister, Palacios and Dominguez are here with bench warming in mediocre or shitty clubs. Not bad players but nowhere near argentine NT level.

          • Dominguez played big matches for Bologna and is getting game time so I wouldn’t lump him with Alexis (who will start playing EPL matches soon) or Palacios who is a benchwarmer sadly.

    • What a bad move. Another youngster getting lost in MLS. That too left back who was our u23 starter. This year youngsters we lost to MLS is crazily high.

    • Horrible. I don’t see the MLS as a step between Europe as some people call it. I see it as a waste of crucial years of development in a below average league. The reason why MLS teams like to sneak up on our players is because they know they can get decent talent for cheap because of the economic situations in South America. I would rather see these talents go to second division clubs than the MLS.

    • Yes very poor move. Better to stay in Argentina. But because of economic situation clubs like Banfield have so little money they sell to first low bid almost immediately. Sad.

    • He has the perfect physique for the Premier League. I would expect him to start above Man United’s current wingers but I’m not completely sure if he would. If he is Sevilla’s main player (almost unarguably with the departures of Banega and Reguilon), he should stay a little longer.

    • Thats Kane back up. Spurs already closed Carlos vinicus from benfica. Pure back up striker role for carbao & Europa to preserve Kane for big games . Good alario was not considerd. With volland out he may get more time in Leverkusen

      • I agree that he should stay at Leverkusen (Although they did sign Schick), but Kane does not have a great record with injuries and whoever his backup becomes could play a decent amount of games. Just a little good thing inside of the situation.

  3. Tycsports reports nahuel bustos getting picked up by man city holding group & will be sent to girona FC on immediate loan. We are now having lot of our talent in segunda division 2 including Vargas, Jonathan Silva, Lucas robertone & mostly nahuel bustos

    • Leeds deal with midfielder cusisance is off. They anyway can’t afford DePaul. Atleast hope they try for emi buendia who in 2nd Division is one of the weird outcomes of transfer window. Buendia to a PL team ( hopefully Leeds) & Lucas Martinez to fiorentina can be our best case scenarios with transfer window closing on Monday ( assuming foyth is now closed with Villarreal)

      • I would expect Foyth move to be announced within the next 24 hours. It would take something large and unexpected for it not to happen. About Bustos he is too good for a second division club. Quite a shame. At least it would be on loan so he can shine and get used to Europe with less pressure, but regardless he could slot into lower first division clubs. Maybe he could help them secure promotion.

        • Yes. Maybe bustos can settle easier & hope to see him at la Liga by next year. Rosario central gk ledesma on loan to Cadiz had a good game against Bilbao yesterday with clean sheet
          Almiron trying to rope in guido carilllio. While almiron preferences do not have NT impact, atleast Argentine players getting chance in la liga

          • Yes as well as with Elche. Thanks for all the news. Bustos is one of the moves which Girona might be making in order to promote — so good from their point of view. But is Bustos move confirmed completely or is it just a chance?

      • Hope the deal gets confirmed soon without any last minute twists & turns. The kid needs a 2nd chance & Villarreal will be a great option.

        • And good the league he is going to, less physical and more of his style. On top of that it is good he went to Villareal instead of Valencia because I think Villareal will do much better than them and could even fight for a Champions league spot.

  4. Now Argentina’s only problem is Right Back. Other positions are overcroweded with talent or with players who rarely or never gets injured.
    For Right Back Foyth is best option. He is good in defending, good in 1 vs 1 also good in air and still has never put a foot wrong in national team. Montiel should be 2nd choice. He gives attacking flair to team,smooth passer like Nico Dominiguez, decent speed, reads the game well with time he can claim no1 spot.

    • Foyth :
      – 0 games since 8 month /
      -Made a lot of mistake last season /
      -Stopper cant play right or Left back in the football of 2020 ! A team need player for offense AND defense ! Even more with Messi in the right side who always plays in the center. The right side of Argentina will be a dead place with Foyth there. And about defense he is not a fast guy … not good againt guys like Neymar and co !

      Foyth have potentiel but right now he is just a young player without experience and who dont play anymore (he is even not on the bench ). Many other players deserve more than him in selection.

  5. Foyth turned down offers from two Italian club to join Villarreal. He will join Villarreal with buying option at the end of the loan. Hope everything goes well for Foyth.

  6. Few Argentine players are top dribblers the game has ever seen.
    But don’t know why there are none that show skills like Neymar, Ronaldinho, Sancho, etc etc.
    I think if the youngsters have that flair that would be humongous for their careers as there will always be high probability to get recruited into big clubs as it will enhance their playing style entertaining.
    As everyone is not Messi or Maradona to possess godly dribbling skills.

  7. There was a time when we would fret over losing players to injuries before any crucial games. Because there weren’t many who performed as good as the selected player and, so we would sweat all over wondering, how we goona replace that player, this player. But now the situations are so sought out. It’s like each of these young GEN players are performing their heart out, to be in the NT. Well, I’m not being ignorant for saying this is as something that’s happening to Argentina for first time. Looking back, there was always competition but since the hang-up of the 2006-10s class, the previous generation, excluding the FAB 4 and few in the defence side and Romero, hadn’t faced any serious competition from anyone. Not more than the competition of this GEN players, literally in every position.
    Now we have so much quality and talent to explore and exploit from.
    just Like how marchesin’s doubt over WCQ, almost without a second thought, makes us pop up the name of Martinez in our head. Like,we don’t have to worry that much, cause we have Martinez. And he’s performing tremendously well. So it’s like a win- win phase for us.
    We have got talents in every sector pushing for that hot seat in NT and why not, these guys are giving their life to be here.

    This is fantastic, I hope Scaloni keeps gelling in young bloods, as he always does.

  8. Copa libertadores
    River plate,racing and Boca juniors qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament.

    Defensa y justicia need to win their last game against santos if they are to qualify for the knockout stages.

    Tigre have been knocked out of the tournament.

  9. Deal done…. juan brunetta has been signed by hellas verona on a season long loan with a purchase obligation….verona hijacked brunettas move to serie b club monza….. yet another serie a club to lookout for… bruno amione has also been sigmed by verona…. good luck juan

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