Lucas Martínez Quarta signs with Fiorentina


Lucas Martínez Quarta has signed with Fiorentina from River Plate as both clubs made it official on their Twitter page.

The Argentine defender has been linked with the Italian club for a few weeks and the signing was made official on Monday. It’s being reported that he has signed for €15 million with his old club Kimberlery in Mar del Plata receiving part of the cut as they own 15% of the player.

He has been selected by Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni for this month’s World Cup qualifiers.


  1. Big news coming out that..Musso and LoCelso are injured. Jeremias Ledesma will be called up to replace Musso. Ledesma started last two matches of new side Cadiz FC…and he was in good form.

    • Hopefully the injuries dosent cause long term injury problems for Musso and Lo celso since these two guys are the most important players for Argentina National Team. But hopefully Scaloni also thinks about calling up Benitez or cambiesse as GK instead of someone like Armani or Andrada ( Both are decent GK but dont play in europe) .

  2. A little off topic. The games are PPV in USA this year. At a ridiculous $30 per match. Or you can get 2 games for $50. This is robbery. I don’t know I would like to spend so much per match. We will need to share links!

  3. The current squad called up by Scaloni for WCQ is impressive and hopefully Argentina NT wins their matches against Ecuador and Bolivia but in the next WCQs hopefully scaloni calls up Emi buendia, Marcos Senesi, Cristian Romero and even Neal Maupay( he recently expressed desire to play for Argentina NT) based on their form and it is not necessary that they are in starting 11 they can also be called up as substitutes and being called up in WCQ by Argentina NT will make these players cup tied and make sure that these above mentioned players cant be called up by other National teams and maybe these four players could be very much usefull for NT in the future in case other players of NT are not in form.

    • We actually dont need Maupay. Maupay has often created tantrums for his on field activities,he should stay away from the NT for the betterment

      • Buendia & Benitez deserve a chance. For buendia it will also help a possible winter move. He is clearly dejected after transfer season

  4. Finally Argentina is playing again.
    Watching current football is not exciting, and the only team that excites me is Argentina.
    I think we are heading in the right direction.
    We are not the best team right now but we can be challengers in 2022 if we don’t panic and divert our road to 2022.
    We will surely have setbacks so I hope we don’t panic and scrap the work that has been done up to now.

    • Bolivia team seems in an association – club fight & lot of key players may miss game. This is good as 3 points at la Paz will help cushion ourselves & scaloni can afford to experiment & fix issues like RB or CB pair. Just hate the last WC struggle where we were just 90mins from not qualifying & every game was such a heartache.

      • Also as per tycsports , scaloni is going to use a tactic of arriving for lapaz game just a day before. It seems Boca did that in a Peru high altitude game & the initial 1-2 day has a better chance of being able to breathe compared to being in lapaz for 3-4 days. For proper acclimatization it seems players need like 15 days which anyway is not possible. Will be interesting to see how this works out. I think some of our good workrate guys like Ocampos, acuna should be preserved for this game.

        • I don’t know if any of you guys have experienced very high altitude (3000+ meters above sea level) or altitude sickness. I have been to La Paz (3600 meters) and I tell you, even walking on the streets can be tiring or even exhausting if you’re not used to it, and I’m in good health although not athletic. I can’t even imagine how tough it would be to play 90 minutes of football just a day after arriving. Messi shouldn’t play, perhaps only as a late substitute if needed. Like you said amit, we will need fighters with high workrate in these conditions. A plus if they have experience with high altitude.

          • Not me. Only heard these stories. So does this get any better in 3-4 days or it’s same breathlessness or does the struggle kind of increase? What I cld understand is that u are relatively better off in first 1-2 days. I mean going early ( & realistically it can’t be more than a week bcos of club commitments) Vs going just in time , what is a lesser evil for a player

          • @amit it really depends from person to person. I had people in my hostel sick in bed for days while others barely felt it. It’s difficult to predict who will affected. Perhaps it doesn’t affect my non-athletic friend meanwhile Lo Celso suffers heavily. The best indicator is previous experience to altitude. This is why it’s good that Scaloni has called up some players with experience of high altitude football and are proven to perform well in these environments, such as Salvio and Mac Allister.

            It doesn’t only affect breathing due to less oxygen. Since the air is thinner, the ball has to go through less particles in the air, meaning that the ball can be more “sensitive” to kicks and can travel further than what our players are used to. We are definitely at disadvantage playing in La Paz.

            Symptoms of acute altitude sickness typically begin 6-48 hours after the exposure to high altitude. In my opinion it would be better to go a few days before. If the players arrive the day before, Scaloni will have to analyze who are deemed best fit to play on matchday.

  5. Forwards
    Argentina-Messi, Aguero, Ocampus
    Brazil- Neymar, Firmino, Gabriel
    Argentina-Lo celso, Pareses, De paul
    Brazil-Casemiro, Countinho, Fabinho/Bruno Guimaraes
    Argentina-Tagliafico, Pezella, Otamendi, Sarvia
    Argentina forwards > Brazil forwards
    Argentina midfield > Brazil midfield
    Argentina defence < Brazil defence

    • Why do u consider Argentina’s midfield is superior to Brazil’s?
      Paredes is bang average to be honest, Lo celso and De Paul are good but are left behind by some distance to enter into the world class category.
      Casemiro is a real Madrid star, even though coutinho was shit for Barca…but he is improving and was once a world class player.

      • Lo celso is carrying Tottenhm since last season, De Paul is best player of Udinese.
        Paredes is not average player he is best passer in Europe, in Copa he was excellent, Paredes was one of the reason PSG got into CL final before that PSG was average.
        Yeah countinho is improving but Lo celso is still better,Casemiro is Madrid star but Paredes was best DM in Copa 2019 and one of the best in PSG.

    • Brazil won’t be the hurdle for Argentina in the path of lifting 2022 world cup so it hardly matter if Argentina superior to Brazil. Argentina is the only south American team rached final last four edition of world cup and difficult task to break European dominance in upcoming world cup therefore Brazil should not be even consideration though defensively Brazil better than Argentina.

      • You are comparing the players individually,which hardly matters. And btw we dont care if Brazil have big names like Coutinho ,Caseimiro……….. Individual abilities hardly matters for NT,what matters is a crystal clear gameplan and a good chemistry. Barring the likes of Modric,Perisic,and a finished Rakitic and Manduzkic,Croatia hardly had world class players. But their chemistry was unimaginable,and each and evey player had a definite ROLE TO DO. Everyone did their bit. This is very important. Even though individually i rate those Brazilian mids higher than our mids,the reason why we will give a good fight to them is our chemistry.

        • Yes Nilaksha, that’s what I agree…It is stupid of Kavi he rates every Argentine player as the best even when they aren’t the talismanic figures for their respective clubs.
          Kavi, with due respect and admiration for the NT:
          1st of all it should he noted that PSG are European heavyweights thanks to Neymar, Mbappe and Di maria…Paredes is nothing exciting and moreover PSG was tried to swap him with Brozovic who is also even not that spectacular.
          2ndly, it’s extremely sad for DePaul for not getting hired by a big club, the guy is phenomenal and gives consistent performances.Hope to see him soon in a tier 1 club.
          3rdly, yes Lo celso is a baller but it’s baffling that Ndombele is getting more recognition than Lo celso, even spurs fans showed discontent to bench Ndombele for Lo celso.

          • In last Argentina vs Brazil match in Saudi Arbia in second half Argentina had midfield of Paredes, Acuna and De paul while Brazil had Casemiro, Countinho and Fabinho in midfield,you can see how Argentina were superior in second half.They were superior to Brazil especially in second half.

          • I am active on some other football forums,and i see that Spurs fans go gala over Celso. He is really a fan favourite and the fans like him wayyy more than Ndombele.

  6. Apart from long crosses and physicality Acuna has nothing to offer. He has very bad first touch and control , He looses 9 out of 10 times in 1v1 situations. He most of times mess up in short passes.
    Acuna ruins fluidity in attack.

  7. Yes, some of the Argentines still stuck in their club. But winter transfer is not far. Hope the likes of Tagliafico, Montiel, Buendia, etc will be transferred to better clubs.

  8. Now Sergio Romero’s wife saying leaving him out of the NT is unfair, Well no comments lets leave it like that. One thing Scaloni did right was to kick out most of the bench warmers in their respective clubs, who was not intending to work hard to earn their spot in the NT. Palacios, Alario cant be put in this category by the way.

  9. Everything is good with Argentina but I do not understand the inclusion of Acuna.Acuna can not possesses the ball,not a good dribbler, weak in air, average speed, got beaten by 36 year old Dani Alves in Copa, not a good passer, awkard with shootting boot,bad in defending, he is only good in providing crosses.
    Rather Scaloni should depend on F. Medina, he can also play as Left Back. Why to waste one position for Acuna we could have given that position to another good player

    • “I do not understand the inclusion of Acuna.”

      Are you kidding me? If you need good answer to this question I recommend you to rewatch our friendly against Germany with wide open eyes.

      • If you want to see what Acuna brings to the team I recommend you to watch Copsa semi final he was the reason Argentina lost that match.A single cross to Alario in like 15+ matches can not be counted as reliable player.

      • Energy which is not channeled is like nothing. He can not posses the ball and his right foot is dead.I do not see anything like energy in Acuna.

        • One cross? Is that all you saw?

          Look, Acuna gives the team a good balance. He shields Tagliagico from opponents’ attacks and brings flexibility, hard work and delivering good crosses to the table. He also helps Paredes when he is vulnarable to a counter-attack. Technically, he has his limitation and don’t expect him to turn into a Messi, but what he offers is very, very important to the team. Hope you watch his game closely in the upcoming matches and put aside the preconceptions that already got developed in your mind.

      • Yup, and he is a tactically smart player, he can cover anywhere from left back to left wing and do so consistently. He is very underrated. He is a wonderful sub.

  10. you are supporting these shits as you are in same category. I am in this blog for long time
    . I may not have good football knowledge, but i atleast know what is right way to talk.You are basically anti- argentina people. Brazil supporter. Shut your mouth off, you troll.

    • Everyone has its own way of seeing football.
      If anyone is supporting brazil then they won’t come here in the first place.
      It’s life we can not shut the mouth of people if our opinions don’t match. Sometimes I agree with csabalala or even romance king. Yes romance king needs to behave little bit better though.
      The only thing I don’t like is that farmer stuff… can some people comment on the players they didn’t even watch playing???
      If you don’t follow south American football, you have no right to criticize local players.

  11. Some people criticised Scaloni when he calls young players. They say they are not ready. But these call up ensure something. First it gives much needed confidence to theses youngsters. Second it gives them attention world wide and some clubs are trying to sign them. I believe Scaloni is doing a great job there.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more.
      People were saying he called bench warmers Yet he is building solid young team can match so call superpower nations in terms everything.
      Some our friends in here wants to stuck Likes otamendi forever because he is experience.
      Honestly I knew when he call likes foyth, N. Perez that they will move clubs to play regularly
      Which is happen to be truth
      Soon will see N. Perez , foyth and medina gradually replacing otamendi
      And partner with MQ.

  12. So basically, Barcelona were planning on buying Garcia based one whether or not they sent Todibo on loan. They end up sending out Todibo but STILL not buying Garcia. Which is perfect for us because Santiago Mingo has room to get minutes.

  13. It would be wrong to say Simione does not buy Argentine players if you observe you can see that Atletico Madrid rarely buys in transfer market, they rarely buy any players. Simione is always on a very tight budget,he is not much financially supported by Atletico despite that he had taken Atletico Madrid to new heights.He was a flop in South America but in Europe turned out to be a very good coach

    • He buys smart( except this Felix buy which was atrociously high). If u see he has an Uruguayan player affinity. It goes back to the warrior player mentalilty which is core to atleti. Also symbolises cholo as a player. For his stature in atleti – he has not done much for our players. But he tried a few including correa , neuhen Perez ( getting him here & playing on loan is still a good thing) , gaitan, Augusto Fernandez , ansaldi, insua, krantviter, vietto.. but guess only correa survived & Augusto was great before his ACL.

  14. @mascherano Get a life man. If anybody deserves to be kicked its you. You always talk more about ban Romance King, Csablala , this guy … that guy than about Football.
    I am still waiting for your first constructive comment.

    • you are supporting these shits as you are in same category. I am in this blog long time
      . I may not have good football knowledge, but i atleast know what is right way to talk.You are basically anti- argentina people. Brazil supporter. Shut your moutj off, you troll.

      • @Mascherano, no Brazil supporter would waste their time in an Argentine blog. In world football Brazil gained superiority more than us, and that’s evident. Statistics show Brazil achieved more than us. I never seen Argentina winning a competitive match against Brazil, except the 2008 olympic semi. So many Brazillian sports director, in different clubs helping their players to blossom. We don’t have anyone except Zanetti. We need to achieve that. Cussing won’t help. Don’t label anyone as Brazil supporter, its painful. Regards

        PS. Truth sometimes is bitter.

    • @Mrinal125:To be in the forum, everyone need not to be discussed about football. Many come here for news and see good discussion.If you post shit, whether you are the best analyst or not you should be kicked. I am am following this blog for long time. I followed arg world cup blog. You are supporting romance king/csablabla, that means you are also shit inspite of your footballing knowledge. If you think you are football paundit, go to espn, don’t come here to spoil this environment. You and your frds, romance king and others are Brazil supporter.that’s should be kicked.

      • You should be kicked retard….why the hell u act like a cry baby Everytime???
        No Brazil supporter will waste their time and energy analysing what Argentina NT fans think of their team.
        Brazil NT has always been a superior nation to Argentina, thats clear and u can never deny that and looking to the trends, they seem to have a good future too.
        No one after Messi, Argentina is able to produce a ballondor winning player.
        So better analyse the situation and stop acting like a retard.

      • “Brazil NT has always been a superior nation to Argentina” ? You should just fuck off this forum. This is not a general football blog. This is Mundo Albiceleste ! You think some other NT is superior you can see yourself out and get to some other forum that better suites your taste. Please.

        • U just Fuck off!!!!
          I am a true Albiceleste fan and want Arg NT to succeed in every international competitions.
          But that fucktard Mascheranho is spitting rubbish like we in this forum are brazil fans…Why anyone would waste their time and energy?
          But even as an Argentine fan u cann’t deny the fact of Brazil having 5WCs and a internationally more proven team. But u shitholes dont want to hear as truth is always bitter.
          But I’m 100% confident within next 1-3 years argentina will be able to enhance their legacy.

  15. La Viola always remains as a second home for Argentina players; indeed the emotional bond and legacy of Batigol still fresh in the hearts of la viola fans; and as a fans of Batigol so do we love La Viola. Still the captain is Argentina. wish all the success for Quarta; a right choice and club to pursuit your success..

  16. Reports linking Man United with Poch are getting stronger and it seems now United officials are ready to show Ole the exit door. I really like to see Poch managin Man U and bringing Argentine talents there as they are one of the least European elite clubs that hired Argentine players in their history (6 players only). Hope these reports won’t turn into an endless boring drama like Nicolas Gaitan’s drama.

    • Instead of Man Utd were the main problem is their sporting director ed woodward until he leaves hopefully pochetino does not join man utd till then and instead wait for Juve to fire pirlo since with him as a coach maybe juventus might not be able to win against top level opponents like it was seen in the match against As Roma or maybe pochetino can join man city where there is chance that this season might be the last of guardiola for man city.

    • Not a good time for Pochetino, if we think it will help him bring in Argentines. They can’t buy anymore. They have brought in a load of players finishing off by bringing in an 18 year old Ivorian player for 40 mil!!
      Man U deliberately blocked Romero’s move to Everton at the last moment. Ancelotti wanted either Romero or Gazzinaga, Tottenham said no to Gazzinaga, but Romero is only 3rd choice at Man U, seems unfair to Romero.
      Atalanta will be monitoring Pedro De La Vega this season.

      • @Sergio, Man U is in a chaotic situation and they’ve been struggling for quite some time. Poch is one of the few respectable managers who are out there and available now and on top of that their Legendary coach SAF recommended them previously to give him the job. Maybe the club’s managament is hard to work with but I’m pretty sure they won’t find a coach who can build a long-term project like Poch does which is what they need the most right now.

        • But Pochettino going to Man Utd wouldnt be usefull for Argentina NT since there are no argentine players at the club who can be usefull to NT at the moment. Hopefully he waits and there is a chance that pirlo or guardiola could leave their clubs Juve and Man city by the end of this season most likely and if Pochettino is their at Man city he will have good budget to purchase players and if he ends up at juve then he can work with dybala,mathias soule(juventus youth team), and enzo barachea(juve youth team) and maybe pochetino could promote soule and enzo to senior team if he joins juventus in case if Pirlo performance is not good as juve coach

  17. What the hell is going on around here??!!

    Scrolling down and reading some of these posts………cox4, my friend, don’t quit because I’m sure Roy will make it right once and for all this time around.

    I’ve been asking for the IGNORE button for what seems like months, or at least to put it for a vote, none of this horseshit that has plagued this site would occur with that simple feature!

  18. Can any of the Argentine league experts tell us what kind of coach is almiron ? Is he an attacking high press coach like Heinze /crespo Or is he more defensive like bilardo model? The guy just killed deadline day. Picked up Rigoni ( winger) marcone (DM) & Russo Rodriguez ( GK) on last day . Already had taken strikers boye , carilllio & defender Sanchez Mino. So thats 6 argentines in a1 club in a top league !!!! Another pattern is that he has not gone for any u23 rising talent & preferred the experienced players who are nowhere near NT radar.

    • The only bad part about it, what you mentioned, is that he picked up no rising talent or national tram contenders. If Elche do well this season maybe the prospect of playing in the team even on loan would be better to youngsters. For example I would like to see Mingo get a loan move somewhere next year to get minutes and shine. It all depends on how Elche do this season. Still so happy to see all the moves Argentines have had there.

    • His best days were with Lanus. Since then he’s struggled a bit. I think we have to give it to him for Signing only Argentines even though all of them are outside NT radar. The club is owned by an Argentine, I believe. Let’s wish them well, though. I’ll follow them for sure.

      • Sergio again you are right. ElChe owner is argentine Christian Bragarnik. Friend of angelici, grondona, macri. Many of the important people of Argentine football. He also has reach in Chilean football and mexican football. He is super agent in argentina and has many players and coaches like benedetto, lisandro, coudet etc in his agency.

        For us it is good thing. Hopefully over time if elche are consistent maybe more players can start to enter there.

        On a separate topic, many times fans without information here will say “if he is good enough why he not go to europe”. Sometimes world is not so simple. Politics, connections everything matters. Like you can see in this ElChe if you connect the dots. Maybe such fans can also one day investigate the relations between brazilian agents and some board members in big spanish clubs and can understand why sometimes even mediocre talents can get big moves. And why sometimes good ones may not.

        • That’s good info. Actually now when u look at it , if so much of these big shots can influence elche management , we are not being able to exploit this situation well. If these top guys can think beyond club priorities & start injecting some of our potential future talents in elche it will be a great landing zone. For ex – they could have got Vera instead of marcone. Atleast we won’t lose talented youngsters in MLS. Atleast 5-6 future potential players moved to MLS in last 12 months. Anyway what club can make selling to MLS Vs selling to Elche will be more or less same.

          • Also elmongol what’s almiron’s manager tactics ? I am aware he was Lanus coach when they played CL final. But never seen a full game

  19. Two manger do not sign Argentina player are Diego simeone and Biesla these two maybe one player they signed each also these two mangers does not give chance to our Argentina players

    • Really disappointed with Bielsa; he should bring 1-2 Arg players or even South American players. But sadly he didn’t take a chance to promote his homeland based players. Maybe he is upset and did not want to repeat the same mistake with it.

  20. I’m having trouble swallowing the fact that Bielsa signed Brazilian winger Raphinha for €20m when he easily could have gotten Buendia for that money. Same age too.

    • Yes vikin. That hurts. Some jinx for bielsa with Argentine players. In fairness to him he wanted DePaul & foyth which existing clubs complicated & deals fell apart. But why he didn’t go for buendia or Nico Gonzalez will always hurt as these players wld have suited his style & were available.

      • Buendia hurts the most — forget Leeds no club have signed him. He is too good for the championship and even worse he is getting few minutes despite his talent. Someone yesterday said his coach does not want to play him because he’s not concentrated. Has this issue come out of him not getting a move? Can anyone elaborate what these concentration issues are? I understand Bielsa doesn’t want to show bias and only buy argentinians. Clubs don’t like players to be bought because of nationality instead of ability, but the thing is Buendia has a lot of ability.

        • Buendia desperately wanted a move, but sadly nothing came up, which has left him a little upset and he is not really sure about this Norwich project.

  21. In our last friendly against Uruguay, Paradese performed badly. He is too lazy to be an CDM. we need hard, fast CDM with good tackling ability. Paradese is not hardworking enough.

  22. After seeing somany GKs emerging suddenly, and almost all young CBs transferred to Europe, I have high hope on LB position as well. A big relax.

    Tagliafico & Acuna is enough for now.
    Lisandro Martinez and Facundo Medina can play there.
    Cufre and Jonathen Silva at Liga2. Hope they will be soon playing in top devision.

    I don’t care Bravo moving to MLS.
    I am sure Facundo Mura and Francisco Ortega will develop into better LB.

    I have high hope on Julian Aude. The lad has somuch potential. I beleive he will be transformed into one of the best LB for the country.

  23. This place became officially toxic again.
    i don t intend to be part to this anymore.
    i used to be here and enjoy my time from April of 2018.

    i don t enjoy anymore. just oposite i became often ungry with what i see here.
    As Argentinian i can t be in one place that exist people that saying that they support my country but in reality they offend my country ,my country league and entire football of my country.
    that is why there is not reason to do that to myself.
    there is no reason to waste my time to try convince people to be respectful.

    Just because i don t want to disappear like Gonzalo suddenly without say goodbye to my friends here i am write this.

    Special thanks and my regards to my old friends here Ebo, Choripan, Godin, Waveride, San Isidro,D fox.
    you was the people that from my first day here you earn my biggest respect and i stick with you imidietely. take care guys. Gracias por todo.

    Vikin,Engan che, Ani destro, Mafoso and Insider i enjoy your presence here too. my respect.
    if i forget somebody i will mention him in future.

    Adios a todos.

    • My dear friend Cox4

      The importance of this forum is directly equivalent to the presence of people like you who have earned my respect. What makes this site even better is, barring the common we all have in here, our beloved Argentina football national team, the fact that you may create friends in here, despite that you never met them. You are one of them for me my friend and for me and other people in here who also respect you and looking forward to read your comments as well as sharing our thoughts with you, it would be a massive blow for us if you suddenly disappear.

      This site used to have lots of respectful people who disappeared and sadly it seems that it didn’t stop. I guess others may follow as well, including myself.

      I hope we will share our thoughts again amigo, may God always light your way!

    • I don’t know any of you remember me or not but i have been lurking for years now. I had laugh,joy,hate and anger reading comments too. I agree alot people don’t write here anything productive anymore like before but still this is a place for all Albiceleste fan. COX4, YOU one of the people I love to read without ignoring while I am lurking. Please do not leave. People say thing because it is free and easy to say. Just ignore and enjoy the good moments. I am sure alot old timer like me still lurking and reading all of you guys. Stay safe all

    • Che, si tenes Facebook, dejame buscarte, tenemos un chat privado de amigos (muchos de ellos argentinos en la diaspora) que charlan de fútbol sin pendejos como Romance.

    • If it April 2018 then i am senior from you to use Mundoalbiceleste.but its true i flow your comment like ganzalo.when so many people gather a place its natural to create some problem. But its not the right solution to leave our beloved place.we should solve the problem with discussion,with a little scarification .
      So i hope you don’t leave like Ganzalo..

    • Damn amigo it would be sad to see you go… You are a long-term member and a good contributor to this community. Also, you are one of the few Argentines here. I understand what you mean though… Trolls and disrespectful behaviors ruin pages like these. It’s important that this forum implements either an “Ignore Button” or a moderator. Otherwise good contributors like cox4 will keep leaving, and the forum will fill itself with toxicity and trolls.

      I really hope it’s not the last time we see you on here cox4. Please check back periodically and see how the state of the forum is, and if it’s better, you can return 🙂 Take care bro!

      Guys let’s communicate this to Roy. Surely he must not want important members of the community leaving because of toxicity and trolls. Let him know that it’s necessary for the state of the forum to implement a moderator or an “Ignore Button”!

      Contact Roy on:

      mundo . albiceleste @ Gmail . com

      Or Twitter:


    • my friend ..

      Even when I don’t comment much like before, I always enjoy reading your comments.
      I know it is hard to read stupid comments about Argentina from the likes of kids like romance, This guy is dumb all members should just ignore him completely, Roy should ban him always . poor kid just looking for attention. I learned just to bypass his comments and pretend to be blind.
      Respect to you amigo

      • Hey @cox4 you may have sparingly read my comments here. I am an optimist and so I dont post much in the recent negative threads. Been a reader for more than a decade here and i agree off late its become kind of a shithole. Too many opinions , too little respect and too much ego. That sums up troll behaviour. I would request you to stay on simply because I know trolls don’t survive time, TRUE FANS LIKE YOU DO !
        Stay on with those of us in offline mode and wait with hope in heart.
        Love and Thanks.

      • ebo
        Of course you always come in with well intentioned and rational perspectives. :). Good to see you still reading.

        Look at all this support!

        The trolls are just a few people. i know it hard to ignore these dumb trolls but they will be banned soon. Take a break amigo but try come back soon.

      • Emi Martinez has highest clean sheet in Premier League so far, against Liverpool Emi Martinez saved 6 shoots and rated 9 by Whoscored. Easily Emi Martinez top5 best GK in Premier league if not top3.

  24. Disaster window for Man City, no chance for wining any title this season to PEP. Last minute signing of Lautaro and Tagliafico is too much to ask.

  25. Welcome back Raj missed you bro I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about WCQ for upcoming matches for NT

      • Wa Alaikumussalam Wa Rahmatullah I will support you brother, i see you have changed as a person than before great to hear that

  26. Looks like Leeds are signing the Brazilian winger Rafinha from Rennes. Disappointing from Bielsa but expected. Really hope Poch finds a spot soon somewhere.

  27. I have a huge doubt on otamendi because he walks into scaloni playing 11 directly, only hope it won’t spoil Emi Martinez party who proved himself one of the best GK in premier league. Expecting Mandinha Martinez present on the stands. Scaloni have to take bold decision and starts CB pairing with Quarta Foyth, no doubt Foyth will become huge under Emery at moment both otamendi and Foyth not played football but otamendi is worse version of Demichelis now.

  28. Now only Montiel left for Europe move, hope Ajax go for him. Tagliafico should be disappointed this transfer window.

  29. Todibo is signed for Benifica seems like Otamendi won’t be starter for there also. Argentina badly need to get rid of him, I hope Otamendi playing his last 2 NT games for this International break. If Quarta performs good this season no doubt Inter go for him next summer. Now Argentina need another solid CB along with Quarta. C Romero from Atalanta should try to be paired with him.

  30. Great. Now our u23 CBs are in below clubs. A lot of different options for NT.

    1.Lisandro Martinez- Ajax
    2. Cristian Romero- Atlanta (Juventus)
    3. Marcos Senesi- Feyenoord
    4.Juan Foyth- Villarreal(Tottenham)
    5.Nehuen Perez- Parma(Atletico Madrid)
    6.Leanardo Balerdi- Marseille(Borussia)
    7.Facundo Medina- Lens
    8.Lautaro Valenti- Parma(Lanus)
    9.Bruno Amione – Verona
    10.Alan Franco- Still waiting?

    • Alan Franco is older with one year, 95-96 generation’s best centre backs Martinez Quarta, Mammana, Alan Franco, Barboza…and the youngest Amione, Santiago Ramos Mingo, Avila from Boca or Francisco Flores from San Lorenzo.

      • Barboza almost made a Elche move before it collapsed. In summary our CBs had good movements ( even otamendi moving to benfica is good for NT considering no game in Man City ) . But our fullbacks didnt have the desired luck. Montiel was a sureshot Europe movement with West Ham & Schalke showing early interest. Saravia getting a bad injury. Bravo doing a wasted MLS move. Tagliafico not getting the big move inspite of being in many top club radar. Jonthan Silva also gets downgraded from La Liga. Acuna & Molina being the only positives . I will count Foyth movement as a CB movement at Villarreal.

  31. It has been a good two weeks, but now the troll Romance King is back on his alt account Raj, he just admitted. There is a reason he was banned, he shouldn’t be here. I don’t think Roy reads the comments on here so please, in order to keep this forum healthy, non-toxic and free of trolls, contact Roy on:

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    • 200% agree. Its like saying shit is back. We just need to ignore Troll’s comments & keep reaching out to Roy to get such pseudo ids removed. I have said this before also – troll’s objective is attention seeking. Makes pathetic comments ( both football & other bs ) & then waits for people to comment. The first step is we should stop commenting on any of troll’s comments. Secondly someone pls talk to Roy.

      • Supporters? More like your own multiple accounts claiming to “support” you which would be beyond pathetic. If you just talked about football and nothing else then no one would have cared.

        • I don’t have any other account, I got genuine support in Mundo in my absence. I am really overwhelmed and the way people appreciating my come back, it’s precious to me.

    • Whats your problem man? Why so negative?
      yeh romance king had some problem but he is good football brainier than u..yes i repeat he have much football knowledge then you..
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      • @JEWEL I have superior knowledge reason few people don’t like me, if they complain against me then bro support me in counter to Admin. Thanks a lot for everyone who missed me and like to read my comments.

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  33. 1) Marca reports that Nuehen Perez has been signed on loan with Granada. That will be a good move & they finished 7th in La Liga last season. They also will compete in Europa this season.
    So all young defenders except Montiel makes positive moves. I am wondering what is Ajax thinking for Dest replacement.
    2) Almiron continues his argentine preference with Carillio pulled out from Southampton. Wish he stays there & starts looking at our young talent.
    3) Getafe trying for Jonathan Silva. But deal unlikely with no time left. He mostly will end up with Leganes in Segunda Div2 .

    • I would love to see Perez in Granada because it is better than being loaned out to the Portuguese league and he won’t get many minutes at Atlético.

    • Almiron on a roll. Its now 5 Argentine players in Elche. Ivan Marcone & a GK ( Rodriguez- colon ) also signed now . While none of them have a NT potential , great to see the spirit.

  34. $!5m feels a bit low. $15-$25m seems like the right range but Covid threw everything to hell so perhaps River doesn’t have much leverage to push back.

  35. I think Quarta Martinez and Medina will be deadly duo . They both are good in long balls as well as good passing abilities. Now it is the test of Quarta Martinez in Europe. if he plays well, definitely he is gonna enter into a new club.
    I am very much optimistic about Medina. No one is rating him highly, as he is playing in league 1 . But he is the one who can provide long term service to Argentina national team.

  36. I’m very happy LMQ signed for La Viola and play alongside Pezzella although the latter’s future isn’t clear yet. LMQ is now part of a team that was a home for the greatest Argentina defender “Passarella” and the greatest striker we ever had “Batigol”. Down the years Fiorentina had many Argentines and I hope that bond between La Viola and Albiceleste will be stronger and better in the future. After Inter Milan and Lazio, the club with the most Argentines is Fiorentina.

  37. I think Pezella is out of Fiorentina … Quarta would be his replacement …. Very good move in calcio where he can improve a lot in the school of defence …. We started to have promising and young CBs….from N Perez to Quarta M to Medina to C Romero to Licha to Senesi to Balerdi to Foyth ……..Cool

    • Pezzella seems to be staying. Too late for Milan move. So we will see some Argentine bonding at Fiorentina defense. Just that for NT – both play same side – Right CB.

  38. Nehuen Perez and F. Medina are better than Quarta Martinez. Nehuen Perez is tested against Portugal league and F. Medina against Ligue 1.Quarta Martinez is very good player but I think other two should start above him. If Otamendi gets slow,as he looked in Benfica then Quarta can take place in squad. Pezella and F. Medina should be starting pair.

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