Argentina rumored eleven, Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martinez to start


Lionel Scaloni appears to have a starting eleven in mind for the World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador with one doubt.

With most of the players arriving on Monday from Europe, Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will begin training on Monday for the games against Ecuador and Bolivia this month. Per a report by TyC Sports, Scaloni has 10 players in mind with one spot remaining.

Argentina could line up with the following players with one spot up for grabs between Marcos Acuña and Paulo Dybala:

Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Lucas Ocampos; Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez.

Should it be Marcos Acuña, it would move Lucas Ocampos further up the pitch on the wing. If it’s Paulo Dybala who would get the start, he would play up front with Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez while Ocampos would play in midfield along with De Paul and Paredes.


  1. 1) For all the formation wizards, Scaloni recently said something along the lines of “the idea is to always have 2 attackers in front of Messi”. I’d assume this means a deeper role for Messi.

    2) Im fairly certain Dybala will be used as a 9. Scaloni and Dybala both have recently acknowledged their preferences. If true, then perhaps Dybala and Gomez are not alternatives. The 9 role is reserved for 1 or 2 of Martinez, Dybala, Alario, and Simeone.

    • With the long list selection, Scaloni have many alternative formation and game plan; no doubt on the players talent and playing skill, all are superb and world class; now his leadership and control in the dressing room is an important aspect to win the game..

    • If there’s 2 attackers infront of Messi then its definitely 4-4-2 with Dybala and Martinez occupying the front two spots…De Paul has been doing great work for Udineise even tough the team is weak and ocampos on the left in the absence of Lo celso is a relief… hopefully the results are great

  2. 13.27 BST: The Times reports that Everton want a backup goalkeeper to challenge the error-prone Jordan Pickford.

    Manchester United’s Sergio Romero and Tottenham’s Paulo Gazzaniga are being linked but Everton want a loan move, while their clubs want a permanent deal.

  3. All of a sudden we are about to solve our problems. Many keepers to choose from, the defenders are moving in the right direction. My only problem with that team is Paredes. Unless he improves his game which he can, the coaching staff should look for alternative. I think Fausto Vera is the closest in that role but in football things move very fast let’s hope we can find someone who can play the registra role which fundamental for Scaloni.

    • Paredes is one of the best Defensive midfielder in the world, he surpassed Casemiro in Copa 2019.Paredes is sure starters for years ahead.

  4. Good selection by scolani dybala must be include starting XL dybala instead of farmer salvio we don’t need farmer salvio and Armani or andrada

  5. Vs defending Ecuador a very attacking team: Martinez—Acuna—Otamendi—Pezzella—Montiel—Lo Celso—Paredes—De Paul—Dybala/Papu—Lautaro—Messi…against Bolivia a younger, high workrate, fast team with good stamina, i bet on 3-5-2 like Sabella did in 14 WC campaign here or Scaloni against Germany in second half.
    Martinez—Tagliafico—Medina—Quarta——-Acuna—De Paul—Guido—Salvio——–Ocampos—Lautaro. Against Bolivia in La Paz flashy things or lineups have never worked. Speed, high spirit and workrate the most important.

  6. It’s too early to select the starting XI; gather first and looks at the fitness and readiness of each players; curious and looking forwards to watch Papu Gomez and Palacios get a chance to play alongside Messi

  7. Emiliano Martinez is the best Premier League GK so far this season and if we count 2020 Emi Martinez is 2nd best GK after Neuer. Farmers like Armani Andrada must not considered, Musso and Marchesin should be the 2nd and 3rd GK for Argentina.

  8. (4-4-2) : Emi Martinez – Montiel Otamendi Quarta Tagliafico – Lo Celso Paredes De Paul Ocumpos – Messi Lautaro

  9. At this moment the best team
    Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Medina , Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes,Lo celso, Gomez; Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez.this team can play 442,433,4231

  10. From these players, I’m thinking:

    With Dybala: 4-3-1-2

    —Ocampos–Paredes–De Paul—

    With Acuña: 4-4-2

    —Acuña–De Paul–Paredes-Ocampos—

  11. No players flying to La Paz early? That means we’re in for a very tough second half. A point would be great.
    For the first in what… 10 years Messi was outclassed by another Argentinian. Papu Gomez.

    • Based on Tyc and Ole, Argentina squad is flying 2 days earlier to Bolivia and will spend 2 nights there and also a training session on Monday there.

  12. Neuhen Perez to be loaned out to Granada FC for this season. That’s great as Granada have the league and the Europa League… Good news on the last day of the transfers.

  13. New rumour is that Liverpool might sign Paulo gazzaniga from Tottenham as Adrian is too vulnerable for mistakes(source: Tottenham Hotspur fanbase page)

  14. Tobias Zarate has been loaned to Famalicao from Velez. He is 20 year old striker, son of Rolando Zarate, who is Mauro’s brother. Zarate is way down the pecking order at Velez, so this will be an opportunity.
    I think Nahuel Bustos move to Girona is confirmed.
    Buendia has been dropped by Norwich coach because apparently is not focused. There were no real offers for Buendia, which has left player frustrated. Tough season ahead for him.

  15. Messi looked very poor against Sevilla. What type if position is that? How will Messi perform asa False 9 with Coutinho behind him? Did a mistake by not leaving Barca

    • Messi as a false 9 and Coutinho was playing as a no10 it was difficult.griezmann should play on top and messi on right side and Busquets or de Jong cover in the wings.Still his position is undefined is what can be said as of now,Di Maria should have been called instead of salvio

      • If Depay join Barcelona, he will play as CF. So Messi will play as number 10 or RW role depends upon the availability of Coutinho, Fati and Griezman. Most probably Griezman will be out and Messi will play in RW if all are available.

  16. The team I would like lionel scaloni to play for the upcoming world cup qualifier’s:

    Emiliano martinez/armani

    Montiel martinez quarta Medina tagliafico

    De paul Guido Rodriguez Paredes gomez

    Messi lautaro/Joaquin correa

    In this team all the selected players are playing regularly for their clubs and in good form . The reason why I didn’t select ocampos is because he has played poorly in the three matches he has played so far this season. He is being lazy and doing unnecessary tricks rather than moving the ball forward quickly and his 1v1 take on’s at the barca defence were a joke. Ocampos was also showing frustration when the ball was not passed to him.
    Giovani Lo celso due to his injury it’s best to use him as a substitute when necessary.

    Guido Rodriguez can provide cover in the right side for the defence when Montiel joins the attack and tagliafico can sit back a bit and join the attack occasionally so that if Paredes is caught ball watching tagliafico can clean up the mess . Gomez can have a free role down the left flank so that he can cross the ball or cut inside and play those amazing through balls or chips and also do clinical finishing in the box. Lautaro could do the hold up play and flick the ball onto the path of messi and gomez . Anyways these are my opinions on how the team should be . Hope argentina continue their good run of winning games and hope we get to see quality attacking display and also assured defending.

    Vamos argentina!

    • Guido Rodriguez has been superb in such long time.Mexico and la liga He kind go under the radar .
      To play him with leo parades together won’t work both a bit static… my midfielder will be.

      —— de Paul……….. parades…….. palacios
      This midfielder has everything
      Intensity energy skills version one touch pass movement quickness long shoot distance.
      Cose ecuador will park double decker bus.

      • Yea that could be a high intensity midfield but problem is palacios might not have the match fitness levels to suit that style of quick transition football due to lack of play time and palacios can get injured easily .

        • Parades, de pual and palacios
          Preforme well in the nt regardless
          Thier club form palacios played three
          Games for the nt and was tremendous
          It seems those guys relishes to be in the nt. ability wise maybe lo celso ahead of them but so far they outperform him when comes nt.

          • It’s not just about the performance it’s about the match fitness levels required to play high intensity style football like Liverpool or brazil. Palacios due to lack of game time would get tired easily playing high intensity football and might get injured .

          • Ani destro I totally get your point
            I’m not against your argument
            Probably you re correct but I’m saying
            Those guys impressed me most
            Another player to watch out is MQ
            He is really legit footballer complete
            Package i know he isn’t fast but he read the game so well.

  17. And Otamendi makes a mistake, Well whatever it is he is our main CB. SMH…He and Rojo are ticking time bombs. At least Rojo is not selected that’s a good news.

  18. I Don’t trust otamendi at all
    He made his debut howler which cost a goal.
    For me lmq and medina no brainer
    They won’t do any worse than otamendi
    For sure.

    • Lionel Scaloni needs to play the youngsters and develop them. in attack and midfield the senior players are playing well but in defence we might have to move on from otamendi and play players like Martinez quarta, Facundo Medina, Cristian Romero .,etc. Martinez quarta and Medina would be a great combination against Ecuador and Bolivia.

    • I do also think the same. Medina and quarta Martinez will be the best duo. If more solidity needed then we should integrate Perez and sensi .

  19. I think Papu Gomez at the moment in in good form than Dybala and probably good to use as a playmaker. We may need to change the formation from 4-3-3 to a double pivot defensive midfield of 4-2-1-3. Hope it may work.

  20. I like the options.
    I assume a 442 in the first option with acuna and ocampos split left and right in front of two CM’s, and lautaro and messi leading the line.
    And a 4231 in second option with ocampos-messi-dybala in front of the mids and lautaro up front.
    Or maybe something else?
    I think dybala fitness will be tested by the staff first in training before committing.

  21. Acuna over Dybala. We need some defensive cover. Dybala has not played a single match. Also I do not trust TyC regarding lineups when not one single training session has been held.

    • Yup agreed, a 4-4-2 proved very solid against Brazil during the last friendly and would be preferable since Ecuador usually posses fast wingers, although they didn’t look all that fast when our boys maimed them during the last friendly but still, those WCQ can get rough and Acuna/Ocampos on the wings provide the necessary grit and skill.

      Another option would be a 4-3-3 with Ocampos or Papu on the left side of the front 3 and Acuna on the left side of the mid 3 (like in Copa).

      While I personally prefer Paolo to Lautaro (unpopular opinion I know) but La Joya hasn’t played since CL 2nd round and has just recovered, so he should eased in with substitute appearances otherwise we’d end up with the same scenario as the CL where Sarri didn’t give him the necessary time to recover and rushed him back leading to his injury.

  22. I think Ocampos have many things to improve. His explosive runs behind the defenses are very pleasing to watch. But he was holding the ball for tooo long in Barca game. I did not like it. On the other way Suso and Navas were constantly creating spaces for each other and passing ,creating havoc . Ocampos is a wonderful player. But he needs to link up with other players. What he does is run and dribble past player ,and then attempt to make a flashy skill and fall down even if there are passing options open. I am really hopeful he fixes this.

    And btw good team selection,but too attacking. Wont matter though against Ecuador. Can anyone tell me that whether Lo Celso is fit or not? I hope he plays

  23. I think it is good to start Montiel ahead of Foyth, Montiel will be tested and Montiel is good offensively so I expect lot of goal may be 3 or 4.
    Lo celso should start if he is injury free. Ocampus should play in wings and Lo celso or Gomez in LM in 433 formation.

  24. Looks gud. Hope Emiliano grabs this opportunity with both hands and make the Number 1 jersey his own for a long time and live his dream and enjoy the moment.

    The Argentine media will be harsh on him for sure. Because they love River and Boca players. So any mistake may prove costlier for him. Hope he does well. We need him to be consistent, its been long time we have been juggling with our Goal keeping position.

    • Argentine media is shit… They are culpable for our team’s poor performance because they create too much hype for some poor players and criticise harshly some good players.

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