Giovani Lo Celo, Juan Musso out of Argentina team with injuries


Giovani Lo Celso and Juan Musso are both ruled out of Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers this week due to injury.

Lo Celso has suffered a muscular problem and will miss both games for Argentina. Per a report by TyC Sports, with Lo Celso out, Exequiel Palacios looks to have gained some momentum to start in Lo Celso’s place.

Juan Musso picked up an injury during training, with the Udinese goalkeeper suffering a meniscus injury. In his place will be Jeremías Ledesma of Cadiz who will arrive on Friday.


  1. So still no chance for Benitez or Paulo Gazzaniga; definitely Martinez will be the first choice this time. Lo Celso is an important part of Scaloni playing scheme, will be missed.

  2. And please give some respect for raj yeh duniya 4 din ki hai so pls guys ek dosre ka respect karna chaiye kab or kaise khoi duniye sey jaye yeh kisi ko maloom nahi hai I have lost my beloved unale 1 week ago he lived in south africa Johannesburg

  3. Lo celso is a lazy player barco and almada better then him . These two guys will bring world cup for argentina remember my comment

    • ????…………..Not sure if you’re serious or not man. Celso lazy? Almada and Barco ahead of him????? Honestly I’m not trying to be rude but you really need to start watching actual football and not just base your opinions on hype.
      Celso is a world class midfielder and that’s a FACT! Barco on the other hand – although talented – can’t even hack it in the MLS while Almada was *just* starting to get regular playing time in Velez before COVID. Most importantly neither play in the same position as Gio.

  4. Jeremías Ledesma to be fair hearing his name for the first time..

    Its obvious most of our players r getting injured becoz it’s NT game time. It’s like a curse I guess. Every time we r about to play either this or that key player would get injured.

    Anyway speedy recovery to both. Lo Celso was suppose to be a key player for us in the middle. Musso meanwhile for some reason was always behind the other 3 GKs. He was not gonna start.

  5. Lo celso is not kind of player we trust him . Thiago almada . And barco far far better then him he is not a main player for argentina

    • Yikes, man. I dont see a scouting job in your future. Lo Celso was Tottenham’s best player last season per Jose Mo and the fans. His constant injury is a concern, but if he’s healthy he has to be on the NT and play.

      Almada is great hype but still an unknown. Barco should be in Europe but he’s still been underwhelming in the MLS.

  6. You guys please respect romance king or raj he is a true writer on this forum he’s know football and he’s speech always truth aspect for icardi, I am personally don’t like icardi but you have to respect him he is like my brother

  7. What the hell is happening here . Its gonne be a very touhg match for Argentina against Ecuador. If musso is injured then scolani should call barco rather then a Gk

  8. Benitez must have done something egregious. Insane to call up anyone but Benitez to replace Musso. Benitez is 1 player where Scaloni is making a significant mistake

  9. I think nobody discussed about Jeremias Ledesma here before. Seems like a good GK. He earned his place in the last two matches of Cadiz…he has been rated man of the match in the first and very good in the second by whiscored. I hope this call make him permanent number in his club.

    • I was aware of him but honestly I haven’t watched him play at all,
      apparently he’s done really well in his last 2 games, infact against Bilbao he made over a half dozen vital saves. Still poor Walter Benitez, not even getting a look in when he’s been so good at Nice.

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