Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez on Argentina: “It’s a dream”


Emiliano Martínez has been called to the Argentina national team and he spoke about being with the team and about asking Lionel Messi for a photo.

Martínez has been on an impressive form and is with the Argentina national team for the World Cup qualifiers this week. Speaking in an interview with Ole, here’s what he had to say:

“Everything is positive. It’s my first call up to the Argentina national team for a World Cup qualifier. For that, to be here, it’s a dream. Being here, I am happy.

“The truth is that I will enjoy it and will try to give my best. If I’m selected, good. Otherwise, I’ll cheer on whoever is selected.”

About the competition among the other players:

“The nice thing is that beyond them being great goalkeepers, they are all nice people. And you have to support whoever it is.”

In regards to asking Lionel Messi for a photo:

“I still have to ask him for a photo. For my family and for my son Santi. I want to have it for him for when he grows up, so that he knows who was the best of them all… I’m embarrassed to ask because everyone asks him for one.”


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  2. Glad to see Scaloni now has a good problem with multiple talents competing for every position over the next 2 years. Yes folks like Acuna, Oatamendi and Aguero etc will be phased out before the WC but what we need is more positivity which comes from good performances and good vibes and connections among a consistent group of players. Constant experimentation has been the problem in the past two world cup qualifiers.

  3. @amit, i did not get chance to reply before.
    Almiron is not heavy attacker type coach like crespo etc. But he is not necessarily defensive. He is more of a tight structure coach. He likes good short passing play to build up but when not in possession prefers to put bodies behind the ball then to press and win. He gives importance to solid midfield with chemistry and uses wide wingers.

    At lanus as sergio mention he built the template of the 433 that zubelda is having good success with now. He is ambitious and so moved to Atl. Nacional in Colombia, probably the biggest club in south america outside the big brazil and argentina names, to help them in Libertadores but did not succeed. He came back to San Lorenzo to help in their rebuild. San Lorenzo is run very poorly nowadays and it is no surprise he only lasted few months there after slow start. After spending few months in Middle east he is now having chance in elche.

    He is not hard headed like bielsa and is adaptable. As example I only saw a little bit of game against huesca but seems like he is experimenting with a 343 now. As mentioned he has preference for solid hard working midfield and Marcone signing is typical of that (Marcone was central to his lanus team). There should not be pressure on him to sign youngsters now. It is important for him to establish elche in la liga first so not surprise he is going with experience.

  4. Foyth didnt play since 8 months ! 8 MONTHS ! Why so much people want him titular ? i dont understand. He have talent yes but now he is nothing more than a project who didnt have any spot in Tottenham since months (even on the bench) and will try a new adventure in Villareal. Let him play football and prove he have the level to be titular for the selection

    • Same with otamendi too who isn’t played regular football, but Foyth performance for NT is good so far. Nothing wrong to start with Foyth because otamendi is finished and his mistake could cost Argentina. I would be good if C Romero from Atalanta called up for WCQ.

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  6. Gonzalo Montiel is the only RB available for Argentina. Terrible situation. Just one good RB for a national team like Argentina..!

    Bustos lost somewhere.

    I believe Marcelo Herrera, Molina, Alex Vigo, K.Mac Allister and Weigandt etc will be transformed into good RB.

    I have high hope on Luciano Vera. Really hope he will be developed into a great RB for Argentine NT.

  7. October 6, 2020 At 12:38 pm
    My lineups will be
    Emi Mertinez
    Montiel, LMQ, Otamandi, Tagliofico
    De Paul, Peredes, Ocompos
    Lautro, Dybala

  8. Guys. Do you know some YouTube channels that post videos of Argentina’s training sessions?
    Like I was searching for some a few mins ago and all I came across was TNT sports, Tyc sports, AfA seleccion( which is official) and fox sports Argentina. There were quite a few other channels who posted videos occasionally but not officially like, la Rosa del futbol, as Dario, ruptly and few others.
    Actually I was eager to see some whole videos of the training sessions, which I usually do whenever there is an Argentina’s match but somehow, this time, they have not posted such videos. I hope anyone of you( even native Argentines here) may know something about it.
    Anyways cheers.

  9. It seems that we are so happy talking about the great selection of players that we forget to mention that Nehun Perez is a Granada player. I hope he has a fantastic season in order to give more options and depth to the NT

  10. We could have good cbs such as neheun perez, sensei, quarta, lisandro martinez, c romero.
    We only need to sort our ri8 back options …..hope fyoth and montiel have a bang there

    • Quarta just signed for Fiorentina, if he is to replace Otamendi..him and Pezzella can form a great understanding in Fiorentina…will be great for Argentina

  11. I follow Lo celso regularly. I am a spurs supporter. We absolutely love him. In our spurs forum youll only see good words regarding him. He is spur’s best midfielder and Mourinho loves him as well (Counting bale and son as attackers) Technically always has been good and mourinho is turning him into a fighter now.

  12. Why to hate Lo celso ,in terms of talent he is the best youngester in Argentina.Lo celso and Paredes are best young talent. Medina and Nehuen Parez are best raw young talent and they are going to be matured soon enough or already are I do not know.

    • Neither Celso or Paredes r young talent. One is 24 and other is 26. Lo celso may still be considered,but Paredes is in his prime

  13. Lo Celso is a key player for Argentina. His injury will impact Argentina negatively sure. He is an integral part of Scaloni’s project.
    Happy to see Romance King is banned.

      • All Argentina fans don’t fight against each other respect each other okay respect each other’s opinions. Also, if you don’t like someone don’t comment on that person ignore is the key all the fans please

  14. (4-3-1-2) : Emi Martinez – Montiel Quarta Foyth Tagliafico – Ocumpos Paredes De Paul – Messi – Lautaro Dybala

  15. Emi Martinez is the best Argentina GK without any doubt, He is the top5 best GK in Premier League if not top3.

    • This is what you wrote 2 months ago:

      “Farmer Leno is bench warmer to another bench warmer Finished peter cheez a year ago before his retirement, to show another farmer Emi Martinez worth just hyping Germany 4th choice GK Leno superior.”

      Today you say he is the best Argentina GK.
      You are a troll. You don’t care about this great national team or its players. Fuck off.

      I advise everyone to ignore this fool until Roy implements a moderator or ignore button to clean this website from this kind of bullshit.

      mundo . albiceleste @ Gmail . com

        • Please note I emailed him once and received no response. We need everyone to flood him with emails and also on other sites like twitter. Might work better. If everyone does their part we can get an ignore button or get rid of him again. Even if you like romance king you can’t deny an ignore button would be good.

          • Let the Kid get a second chance. Everyone deserve a second chance. Hope he learned his lesson. I dont love him but neither hate him. As long as he dont disrespect others here and disrespect Argentina Football system and its players anymore I am ok with it. And ofcourse he changes opinion like seasons but thats his weakness but also his opinion. We all know him so just ignore let the kid live.

  16. Erik Lamela should have been called. He is not a starter but he can be a great substitute. His energy level is something else . He might not be technically good as other players but his constant ennergetic movement with the ball forces opposition to make mistakes.

    • 100% agreed. Lamela fitness is the only concern but we have plenty of injuries so not sure that should even matter. For now, hes healthy, passionate, and determined. Great for sub role or even starter if he proves himself to Scaloni.

      Scaloni, call this man up!

    • Emi Martinez has never Give-Up attitude and winning mentality that’s why He must be continued as no1 for Argentina.

  17. One thing I fear now is that Lo celso is becoming next Di Maria in terms of injuries. Lo celso needs to take good care of himself by the way I believe in Jose Mourinho he always takes good care of his players.

  18. @Emi_Martinez has great personality that’s why I like him very much. He is a great player with great personality. Defenders feel better when EMI Martinez is in the post. Hope he will be one of the best goalkeepers in the world and help Albiceleste to win World Cup and Copa America.

  19. I enjoy this forum even when we have some disrupters, as long as someone is not using abusive language, its fine in my opinion, it’s easier to ignore them rather than engage. Every online forum will have such people. Having said that, I really enjoy reading your comments on the current team and players. I am not an Argentine but a big fan of the team since my childhood. South American local leagues don’t get the kind of coverage European leagues get, especially in the U.S. but these days the coverage is increasing.
    Here are my two cents about the current squad. I feel its important to have Messi play with Dybala, they did that against Uruguay last year and it worked. This is the key to winning a championship, Dybala has the creativity which will allow Leo the freedom to roam around up top and they both are excellent scorers. Dybala will have add more than a bit to his defensive duties but given his young age, I don’t see it as an issue.
    For Dybala to play up top, we have to add Acuna as a left back instead of Tagliafico. Acuna has emerged as a key member of the Sevilla squad under Lopetegui, Sevilla is a top team in Spain now and he is a regular, he also has an understanding with Ocompos. Playing Acuna frees up space up top and it also adds physicality in the midfield, Ocompos is much more physical than Lo Celco. There is no doubt that Martinez has to start as the GK. I understand that playing in Argentina and not having too many local players may exert some pressure on the coach but Martinez has been outstanding and I believe he is a big game player who brings luck. He is destined to win and is a must. We may have our opinions about Parades but he plays for a top team with top players and is always willing to put an extra effort for the NT. He may not be the Casemiro yet but he is marginally better than Guido. Guido may be ready soon as he is playing under Pellegrini, another top coach and Betis is also doing well. This would be my ideal XI for the first game.

    Monitel Quarta Otamendi Acuna

    DePaul Parades Ocompos
    Dyballa Lautaro

    After 60-65 mins replace Ocompos with Palacios
    Lautaro or Dyballa with Simone
    And if required Parades goes out for Guido or Acuna goes out for Tagliafico

    • Acuna has just played single match for Sevilla and you are saying he is key member and regular for Sevilla. Acuna needs a major competition in that left back role. Other than Acuna your line up looks good.Yeah Ocampus can also play in midfield.

        • Man you can criticise one player. What are you talking? Acuna better than LoCelso..? Salvio better than LoCeleo. Your hate towards that player make you blind. He’s our best midfielder. Better than Paredes and DePaul. Scaloni knows this from starting.

        • What is your problem with Lo Celso? What has he done to you? He is an amazing midfielder on of the best in the premier league. I would even call him underrated.

          • Look mate, trolls like the above ones will always be present. You can do nothing to stop them, they are meant for spoiling interactions and discussions by spitting something which is a total contradiction and that’s how rages boils up and we fight. It is better if we just ignore them and keep us to ourselves.
            If you see people like them, with cryptic posts which you think is defaming our players? Just don’t reply them. Yes, that’s what I say, donot reply to their posts. Be it the faggot above or be it others, who you think is toxic to this forum. So, don’t reply them, cause the more you engage in their bias the more they will eat you up by posting more shits.

            Just calm down, it’s of no use to have a convo with them. They are not worthy of calling themselves Argentina fan, let alone post opinions.

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