Facundo Medina talks about playing for Argentina national team


Facundo Medina recently spoke in an interview about playing for the Argentina national team.

Medina was called up to the Argentina national team for this month’s World Cup qualifiers. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“It all happened very suddenly. Today, my 13 year old brother called ne and asked me “What does it feel like to wear the shirt of the senior Argentina national team, to have to put on the shirt?”. I didn’t know what to tell him.

“I’ve always tried to give my best, both when I was in the youth and at Talleres, which is where I had the most opportunities. One has to remain calm to be able to give their best.”

Regarding the match against Bolivia and at altitude:

“Ten minutes in and my chest hurt. The advice was given to me by Pablo Aimar and Walter Samuel. Clear the ball which comes towrads you.”


  1. The world has become very polarized. Denial of facts is common, a norm these days. If you criticize you are a hater. If you are a fan you have to be a fanatic with no objectivity. I am surprised by the lack of objectivity and respect in this place too. Even from some very well respected bloggers.

    I see two camps. There is a percentage of folks here who are about every Argentine player is world class. Then there is a smaller group who comes here only when they want to criticize, but don’t applause when the same player has a great game. That is not right too. What is even more worse is, if you are not praising you are a hater or Brazil supporter or a troll. Therefore, there is hate for each other. I still believe we are all supporting the same team here.

    There is an interesting debate going on about what is the current state of our talents. The fact is our players are not in top clubs, and I don’t like that. Even in smaller clubs our players are generally struggling to make a mark, and I don’t like that. It does not always have to be top clubs. These days we talk about players in second division and bottom table teams as “world class”. I will tell you one thing, for last 20 years also, we had players in second division and bottom table clubs, but we mostly didn’t talk about them because we had players in top teams also.

    Let me say a few things. Clubs like Boca and River are top clubs, in world market. Their players used to be top players going to many top clubs in Europe. We expect that. Again, its not required to be in a top club always. Our players often had top roles.

    Lucho Gonzalez was a classy leader at Porto
    Riquelme made Villareal a household name
    Gago and Higuain went from River to Real and had great career
    Tevez and Mascherano went to West Ham. But you know what happened after that.

    As you can see mix of big club, small club. But the point is if you are top player, you will be play a major role in the club. Like Papu Gomez.

    Recently, I can think of Lautaro who is performing at the top level. Fairly consistently and is a first team player. And I love the attitude of Emi Martinez.

    Why our top players not going to top clubs? could be economic conditions of the country, could be poor marketing of player etc. etc. But once you are there, its you and your ambitions. Not getting a chance is an excuse. Or giving time is lame. Earn your chance. Go to the training and tell your manager “Boss I want to be best for the team, tell me what to do?”, whatever the club is, small or big. That’s the attitude we want.

    Anyhow, there are so many arguments. I am sure there are many counter arguments to what I am saying and they will be fair too, solid arguments. What I want is our players to do well day in day out. Win trophies for country. And for us funs not be polarized. Have respect and objective thinking.


      • Thanks. Yes I did. And I still think so. Not sure what you mean here. Lucho was a class midfielder and Porto may not be Real Madrid, but a powerful club. I hope you know what the phrase means.

    • You forgot days has changed so is market. You can’t compare them with El Comandante or Tevez. Talent is here but nurturing system has changed. Maybe they are not so called world class but they are better then bellow average

    • Well written dude and I don’t mind criticism at all, infact I think it’s downright essential but if one is going to criticize then he or she should be a little more constructive about it.

      Some people only come out when there is something negative to say and I call that trolling.

      Some people only come out when a particular Brazilian player does well and come here declaring how young argentine talent pales in comparison and I call that trolling.

      Some people are stating their disappointment at how Palacios, Dominguez and Allister aren’t starting for their lowly clubs and that is fair, but I say to those people that non of these players have had a proper full season from beginning to end, all 3 came into their clubs midseason so I think it would be wise to atleast give all 3 a full season before judging them as abject failures.

      Some people are complaining about the fact that Quarta, Foyth and Perez haven’t started for their lowly clubs even though all 3 just got to their clubs and I think we should give them too a whole season to stake their claim.

      This is a message to some of you here who only show up to drown this place with negativity, don’t be like those so called football pundits you see on places like ESPN where they label teams as champs or failures on a game by game basis and try to be fair, so if, for example, Nico Gonzalez comes of the bench don’t say he’s bench warming when you should know that he just came back from injury or don’t say that Celso is benching warming because he is injured and can’t actually play because that’s just silly. Have patience, step back alittle and wait until enough games in the season have been played to formulate something resembling a prediction or a conclusion.

      I personally am not worried about Argentina’s players because the NT is in a good state right now and every member the main team is a starter at their club and thus far is doing well.
      I am also not worried about Argentina’s young talent because Argentina’s U23 qualifying first for the olympics is the ultimate proof that the team is heading in the right direction.

  2. The two goals Mac allister and lanzini score will lead more regular start of thier clubs
    I swear Pablo Fornals is no way near Lanzini.
    You haters keep doubting
    Argentina will always produce talents.
    All they need is fair chance in thier clubs.

    • Great goals! What a screamer by Lanzini.

      @godin11, if I can say something to you. This is my belief…

      I don’t believe there is any hater here. There are people with different viewpoints. There are people with different level of optimism. I doubt anyone is sad here because Lanzini and Macallister scored. Don’t spread the hate please.

      About your last comment, I have a different opinion. Do you think all the teams in the world sign Argentine players, with the objective to not give them a chance? That there is a global conspiracy? You get the same training time as others. You “earn” you chance, no one gives you anything. The world owes nothing. Why does the best player in the world for decades arrives at the training before anyone else? even after practically owning the club and also handing in a transfer request?

      I hope they can build on these performances. Perform more consistently and “grab” their place.

      • That’s the whole point here..
        Here a player is too much exaggerated , if he scores a goal ,made an assist,had a good save., A overall good game, or a lone cameo performance.. doesn’t if he is a regular player..
        Did he have any consistency?is he reliable? Any such things..
        We should keep in mind that , we must appreciate each and every raw talent and support them.. but meantime we must be realistic that they aren’t world beaters yet.. they have a long way to go.. they are nowhere near the elites..
        And I would say..
        Emi Martinez is a world class Argentinian..
        But is he a world class player ?not yet he is somewhat equal to the rest of GKs in the league barring the elites..
        Same is the case with DePaul,paredes ,ocampos ,correas or even celso.. they still have a long way to go.
        But they are one of the bests we have got.. and we must support them

      • Ddr1123 my friend i believe you re one of the old members in here mundo I believe that you re of the genuine guys in here I respect your criticism and I do Understand
        However I’m referring haters those guys Who quickly jump and make conclusion like This new generation has no chance
        Weather they re real fan who frustrated or trolls.
        Mate I’m open honest criticism to any player.

        • I am :), and so are you. Lot of respect for you, mamoun, dfox and many others. some even from worldcupsoccerblog days.

          I agree with you, I hate it, when people don’t come out and scream about the Lanzini goal. Or Macallister. These days we can play a positive role. Social media can make Lanzini viral. Can you imagine the kind of boost the guy can get out it?

          Anyhow, I didn’t want to criticize you. Just keep the positivity going.

  3. Great goals from Mac Allister and Lanzini, especially Lanzini’s one was unworldly. It’s a pity we could not see the best of him for the NT due to his injury problems. Btw it seems that Udinese is getting their 1st win this season at last, Ignacio Pussetto with a late goal.

    • better scaloni must keep out parades. put depaul in parades position.
      put McAlister and lopcelso in CM. place lanzini in LW..

      what a wonderful goal by lanzini.
      note it my words today’s goal has changed his fate.

    • Want to see Lanzini back in the team. Had high hopes on him during our mediocre team building for 2018. That injury was such a tragic blow to him n the team.

  4. Paulo Dybala, who was awarded MVP award in Italy has not tasted first level football in Argentina, yet marched on to become one of the finest young footballers around. Mateo Klimowicz, rookie at Stuttgart was also a second division footballer back in Argentina. Bruno Amione is the latest in the list to move to a foreign league(Top 3 leagues) straight from a second division club. While many top division talents fail to hoard limelight, these level 2 players from Argentina are making a mark anyway. Top division clubs in Argentina seldom give opportunities to youngsters as the nation’s weaker economy discourages the governing body from running a longer season of football. Shorter seasons mean clubs refrain from betting on younger and inexperienced players. Otherwise you have to be counting on the Uruguayan top division, wherein almost all clubs have at least half of their starting line up filled with U21 players. Although Racing and Velez(of late) have been promoting youngsters, unfortunately they are the only two while Brazil has almost every single club promoting and starting at least 3-4 U21 players every game(Tevez and Mascherano played for Corinthians). Better exposure leads to better visibility.

    Argentine clubs should dare promote their young players such that they get the much needed exposure. With game minutes kept ticking for them, calls from European clubs would come frequently and naturally. So the bottomline is that there is absolutely no need to panick thinking of the deteriorated talent levels. Talents will without any doubts keep popping up every now and then, how many of them manage to sustain is something only time could tell..

    • Lo celso is going to play in next match confirmed by Mourinho. Tottenhm going to rock this season because they have very nice players in midfield and in attack,top 3 finish in league.Worried about Lamela he is injured again but it is just a small knock

  5. Some always spread negativity.
    Did you see Simeone scored brace and team winning 3-2..?
    Did you see Pazella scored and team drawing 2-2.?
    Did you see Mac Allister scored to make it 1-1..?
    Waiting for more….

    • Or klimowivc’s and Romero’s assists for stuttgard and Atalanta or Ledesma’s performance against Real, but heck who needs positivity in a COVID ravaged world ruled by Lex Luthor gone retarted aka Trump.

  6. Don’t you guys think that c.romero has put some bulgy muscles since he joined Atalanta?

    I was watching the highlights this morning, although I didn’t notice Romero so much but at the end when he made that run and muscled through the players to make that assist, I just saw his legs full pumped up and his figure was that of a well built MMA fighter.

    Wow….would love to see some muscles in our NT. The last guy apart from otamendi who looked terrifying was funes mori.
    I must say, he really had some beast torso in that Copa America 2016, dude just rolled over everybody and almost killed Neymar in 2018 wc qualifier clash, when we lost 3-0.

  7. Foyth on the bench of Villareal
    Palacios on the bench of Leverkusen
    Gonzalez on the bench of Stuttgart
    Martinez Quarta on the bench of Fiorentina
    Mac Allister on the bench of Brighton
    Balerdi on the bench of Marseille
    Perez on the bench of Grenade
    Dominguez on the bench of Bologna

    A normal Week end of international Argentinian Players in Europe

    • Mate foyth Perez MQ just moved those clubs.
      Why you not wait few more games before You judge them as bench warmers plus N. Gonzalez just come bk injury. It seems to me some guys are enjoying Or maybe frustrated to see those players in the bench.

      • -With Albiol and Pau Torres on the spot Foyth have no chance to be titular in the next weeks.
        -Perez we will see but he dont have any assurance.
        -Gonzalez isnt titular since weeks.

        Im not enjoying to see them on the bench but im just realistic…. Many have no spot.

        • Quote
          -With Albiol and Pau Torres on the spot Foyth have no chance to be titular in the next weeks.
          -Perez we will see but he dont have any assurance.
          -Gonzalez isnt titular since weeks.

          So if you know all of this what’s the point of complaining especially since Quarta, Foyth and Perez *just* arrived at their clubs? Did you expect those clubs to role the red carpet for them? There is no such thing as a free lunch, especially not in professional sports so if any of those players want starting spots they’re gonna have to earn it like everyone else.
          As for Gonzalez, well ofcourse he’s not starting for weeks because he’s been injured for weeks and he just got back so it would be foolish to just start him right off the bat.

          You want to be “realistic”? Then I suggest you save your frustration and wait until the season is atleast half way through. I suggest you watch that after credit scene with Captain America where he talks about patience, it will do you good.

          • “With Albiol and Pau Torres on the spot Foyth have no chance ” just remember those words from calimeroi.

            What is the point foyth moved if he knew Emery won’t give chance to compete with likes Albiol
            It’s so naive to make judgement like this When villareal will play so many games Europe league copa de la rey and the league
            I grantee no coaching in this world will
            Play same team all those game
            Yes foyth will have his chance but
            I hope he grabs with both hands.

          • Bro… take a tea you will feel better.

            I dont make extrapolation. I just check and see weeks after weeks the situation is the same : Some guys are on the bench. Their situation can evolve, i wish they can improve and become titular but its just supposition… For the moment i analyse the ACTUAL situation and YES too much players dont have a spot in their random teams. We even dont talk about Madrid, Liverpool, or Bayern.
            To see all that players in Bologna, Leverkusen or Brighton not titular is not a good thing for the selection. It’s all

          • Not trying to be an A-hole but the proper word is ‘starting’ not titular, titular is a word used in french for ‘starting’. I only say this because your English is pretty good but saying titular sounds odd, even though I understand what you are saying.

            The actual situation is that the season just started, so for example since you just mentioned Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern, imagine if I just said that all 3 of these of big teams are in BIG TROUBLE because Madrid just lost to a newly promoted team Cadiz, Liverpool DESTROYED by Aston Villa (both Cadiz and Villa have Argentine GKs btw) and Bayern thrashed 4-1 less than a month ago.
            Sure all those losses are bad but that doesn’t mean the teams are in big trouble because the season just started. That’s my whole point THE SEASON. JUST. STARTED! So try to make your analysis when enough games have been played.

      • Save your breath Godin, asking some people here to have patience is like asking Trump to put on a mask, lose 20 pounds, tell the truth and be nice to his son Erik i.e. it’s asking TOO MUCH.
        Honestly it’s hard to tell if some people here are frustrated or just trolling, I mean every time Vinicious Jr scores or plays well you see some of the “fans” here come in full on with statements about how talented Brazilian youngsters are compared to those of Argentina but today Jr was average (to be fair Real were very average as a whole) and not a peep.

        You know what else those fans haven’t made a peep about? How about C.Romero starting for Atlanta and even though they lost 4-1 he was the only one doing something useful defensively and made a beautiful assist or how about Ledesma’s excellent performance against Real or maybe klimowicz coming off the bench again with a big contribution (an assist and a goal in 2 sub appearances). But no, we gotta listen to the endless bitching and complaining even though the season just started.

    • And Licha Martinez on Ajax bench.

      To be fair.. Foyth, Quarta, Balerdi and Pérez are new to their teams so it’s not the strangest thing that they are benched this early. For the others.. I hope they keep fighting and proving why they should start for their teams. They are still young with much to prove. Would be a shame to see them lose form and motivation due to lack of playing time…

    • You see, some 17 yrs and 18 yrs boys are getting signed and bursting in to the starting lineup barring the experienced seniors in even a club like Barcelona.
      That’s something I am talking about here.. considerable decrease in quality..
      Hope the situation evolves.

  8. Can we welcome Lisandro Martinez in the benchwarming club? The list is too long. (Lanzini, Ascacibar, Palacios, Nico Dominguez, Macallister Lamela, Paredes?) even Lo Celso due to his injuries.

    • It does seem that he’s fallen out of favor all of a sudden, worrying to say the least.
      Regarding the others, well Lanzini is made of glass and it really matters little whether he’s playing or not because he does feature in Scaloni’s plans and nor should he.
      Ascacibar has NEVER been a bench warmer, he was injured and just when he was about to recover he suffered an additional muscular injury, the poor guy. Hope he doesn’t turn into a Lanzini or a Lamela or a Gago.
      Speaking of Lamela, like Lanzini he cannot be relied upon fitness wise and doesn’t feature into Scaloni’s plans so honestly who cares.
      Paredes is a not a bench warmer, he started and then picked up a knock and was taken off 15 mins into the match. After he performances at the CL, Leandro has become increasingly important for PSG, probably not a undisputed starter but definitely an important squad player.
      Regarding Celso, you just admitted that you’re aware that he’s struggling for fitness so putting him in your infamous ‘benchwarming club’ is alittle harsh don’t you think. Also aren’t you seriously tired of doubting Celso, you’ve been doing it since the PSG days and he proved you wrong every single time, so I advise you to stop doubting the kid, he’s world class.
      I’m with you on Allister, Palacios and Dominguez, it’s really annoying to see them on the bench but they’re only 22yrs old and have the talent and time to prove themselves especially since we’re at the very beginning of the season and their respective teams aren’t doing well, which makes sense since those teams’ coaches are incompetent.

      Remember it’s still way to early to pass judgement on any player, the season just begun so lets just wait and see.

  9. One thing we mundo members should accept is.. the current generation lacks talent though we have the argentinian flare with us.
    By talent means. Technical ability, physical ability, consistency etc..
    That doesn’t means we can’t win anything with them… If we build a system and suitable players.. still we will be able to compete in high level.
    But that doesn’t cover up the fact that ,we lack the stardom world-class players.. who could burst in to any top team in the world.
    Currently,We are way behind the French,germans, Spaniards, Brazilians, portuguese and English talents.
    It is evident that our players can’t easily integrate in to european teams and be the focal point of the team.
    None other than messi is integral part of any other top team
    There is no shame in accepting the reality and still supporting the NT no matter what..
    We had many rumours about the talents.. if they were worth it they would have been easily signed by the respective clubs.

    • Having talents at your disposal and managing to work your way to get the fair share of limelight are two different things. For an instance Franchu Feuillassier of Real Madrid Castilla(currently on loan at Fuenlabrada) is undoubtedly the most talented among the reserves/juniors! So is he at least to the eyes of the layman. But the likes of Vinicius, Renier, Rodrygo and another Rodrigo all are still clinging on to the corridors of power at the club. This is possible only when there are crowncaps of vested interest working for you, making you appear more appealing than you actually are. The exact opposite happens to talents in Argentina! They are brutally undervalued and underappreciated. The market is like a Brazilian talent who is just about half the quality of an Argentine in terms of first level experience, skill or flair gets projected across the scouting networks at least twice as much as the latter. This has been the case since the dawn of the century and it very much boils down to the economic status of both the countries.

      One thing I can vouch for is that Argentina is producing many more talents these days; that too in great variations. Fullbacks like Tomas Cavenagh, Alexander Bernabei, Luciano Vera, Alex Vigo are turning out to be some great attacking wingbacks, which to me looks like a revolution. Also the emergence of B2B midfielders like Cristian Medina, Anibal Moreno, Capaldo, Zaracho, Pereyra and maby others among the trademark types of False 9s, Enganches showcase nothing but an overhaul to have happened acroas the lower divisions of late or there’s one which is still in the process. So let’s be hopeful, my dear friend. We will prosper for sure. We are here to offer more and more to the footballing world…

      • Being a hot prospect means.. bursting in to the first team , be the indespensable main man , icon in a top class or above average team. that kind of players we are lacking..
        I admit we have a wide variety of raw talents.. but we should keep in mind that after the celebrated era of say 2010+ none is making in to such a limelight..

        Let us discuss the most celebrated transfers these days..
        Did any of them shown their worth?
        Did any of those players outclassed the fellow team mates or league mates?
        To be honest none of them is living up to the expectation.. that shows where we are..
        I remembered when ‘Gonzalo ‘ (I hope you guys remember him, don’t know where he is nowadays) talked about many local league players
        He was a adamant supporter of pity Martinez.. who he considered as better than even dimaria.. look where he ended up.
        Apart from the lobbying like you said incase of real Madrid etc.. why doesn’t our players shine in outside of these top clubs… They still will be having decent offers from such ambitious clubs if they are talented .. we don’t see many revelation like that?
        Why is it so?

        • Wait, let me get this straight you want Argentina’s young players who haven’t played an entire season yet in europe to be “icons” and “indispensable at top/above average teams”?
          What about players in lower tier teams in a strong league? e.g. Depaul and Musso at Udinese? They carry their club every week and saved it from relegation but that wouldn’t count because Udinese is not a top tier team?

          And I guess we’re not gonna mention Celso or Lautaro or Dybala or Icardi or J and A. Correa or Ocampos or Paredes or C.Romero or Emi Martinez?

          You know this forum is becoming increasingly annoying with some of you making ill conceived statements around the clock. Here are a few facts you need to keep in mind:

          – Regarding Palacios, Dominguez and Allister, you need to remember that all 3 of ’em came half way through their teams’ seasons and since we’re at the very beginning of the current season it would all mean that they are yet to have a proper full season to show their worth, so let’s give ’em a whole season before passing judgement.

          – Now this point that I am about to make is the one you need to keep in mind: Argentina olympic team topped their group and made it into the olympics and THAT is the ultimate proof that Argentina’s up and coming generation isn’t doing as a badly you claim.

          • Dear mamoun..
            I am a great admirer of your views since long..
            Don’t get me wrong..
            I am not going to bash out at the newly transfered ones.. I just casually pointed out about them..
            I was referring to the gap from the previous generation to current..
            We had many players in top League who ended up nothing.. and now we have got raw talents in most space rather than the established ones..

          • In U/17 and U/20 WC it’s more than a decade we made an actual impact.. let alone a semifinal appearance in U/17 WC 7 yrs ago..

    • Skill plays little part in success… the 2002 team had Batistuta and Crespo, Aimar and Ortega, Ayala in the defence… The 2006 team was overloaded with talent, Aimar and Riquelme in the same team, Crespo and Saviola, Ayala and Zanetti… even the 1998 had Bastituta and Crespo, Veron and Ortega and the list goes on.. The teams lacked other important qualities that had nothing to do with skill… These current players are skilful, make no doubt about it. We also have good goalkeepers to choose from too.. Walter Benitez from Nice is not given a look in. Emiliano Martinez and Juan Musso should be two fighting for the #1 spot. There is also Geronimo Ruilli… Once Scaloni gets it right, this team can go all the way… I still believe Icardi has an important role to play

      • See I already mentioned in my comment.. to be a winning team it doesn’t require many skillful or stardom players..it does require a strict bunch of above average players..a well polished system.. and most importantly those kind of system players in every position even as reserves..
        That might give you a winning team.. but after that when that generation depletes same kind of problem arises..
        That is why countries like Brazil,Germany, Argentina, Italy etc.. stood apart from rest of the group they constantly produced top talents… Even when they are failing .. they gave us hope with the bunch of players representing in each era..
        Currently Portugal , french, Netherlands etc.. are in such a set they are constantly producing talents
        Imagine if we are playing with mediocre average system players only for many years.. will we have same amount of global fan following or stardom in current scenario?

  10. Aguero seems to having a tough personal life coz of continuous loneliness. How he can touch a referee and also being a female like that ? It may end in career breaking suspension. Now Guardiola won’t be showing any interest to extend his contract also. At least he should apologize to prevent the incident escalating further.

    Also why English is not given enough importance in Latin America. In this Globalised era, failing to communicate in English make life tougher in general.

    • Guardiola needs aguaro more than ever now
      English media will murder you mate
      If you aren’t thier darling boy ….
      Aguaro never get a recognition he deserves.

      • It’s not about the talent that everyone knows he’s blessed with but about the discipline. Very easily it can take sexual harassment tone and brings lot of problems for everyone.. the player the club and the referee.. Mourinho always clearly says matches especially derbies are won by the team that can handle the emotions perfectly..we need to remember always how Otamendi reacted in the dying seconds against France.. Aguero made it 4 – 3 and we got 45 second like that..in that moment Otamendi is concerned with attacking a French player instead of the equaliser.. Otamendi action distracted our other players.. the moment you are motivated that coz of third goal one final throw of dice is possible, Otamendi is kicking the player in frustration.. that shows we accepted the defeat before using the final few crucial seconds..Paredes Rojo (still that red card in the final against Chile haunts.. almost one half we may have played with one man advantage but Rojo spoiled that ) Otamendi Kamela are always scary because anytime they may get a red card..we can make few corrections from our side itself that increases the probability of success..

      • It might not be good for us but let’s think about it rationally, if zaracho have a perfect season then he will obviously get more offers from Europe and may be bought quickly by someone. I mean unlike Argentinians, the Brazilians are better at marketing players and sending them to Europe, so it might come as a blessing in disguise. Cause you never know the possibilities, it’s totally unpredictable.
        But all of it comes down to one single thing, that is, zaracho’s overall performance. If he performs then for sure he is going to Europe.

        Just calm down guys. I know it sounds like a wrong move but let’s hope and be optimistic. There are lot of Argentinians who had flourished in Brazil and then had successful careers in Europe.

        Just wait and see what happens.

        • I agree Rohandip to have patience and positivity, but it’s frustrating to see our big potential players being underutilized and going to USA, Brazil, Russia and Europe bench.

          Palacios was destined for Real Madrid but injured, ends up never playing for Leverkusen. Luckily seems to be consistently great in Argentina shirt.
          Zaracho wanted by AC Milan since last summer and said yes to them but going to Brazil now?
          Gaich to Russia.
          Barco to Atlanta.
          Pavon stuck in LA.

          Just hope this trend stops.

  11. Fantastic progress in last 1 year. He looks the ideal package to be our future left CB. Has pace, ballplay & strong on defensive duels. Always liked him in U23 ..but surprised he progressed so fast. After a horror debut at RC Lens where he caused the deciding goal with an overtouch, he has come back v strongly at club & that’s speak a lot on his attitude & mental strength. I think he is just under 6feet. So i want to see how he fares in aerial duels against tall aerially dominant attackers. Just hoping to see scaloni start him in the Paraguay game in November.

    • I know. Very proud of him. When he joined lens I thought “eh. It’s a recently promoted league that could relegate and is in Ligue 1”. And his debut made me even more doubtful of his ability. But now it turns out that Lens is this years Sheffield United/Granada/Hellas Verona for Ligue 1, and he is one of the most important players there. If he keeps on performing as well and growing, I think a bigger side could snatch him up.

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