On this day in 1999, Gabriel Batistuta scores thunderous goal for Fiorentina vs. Arsenal


Gabriel Batistuta was known for his rocket like shots and on October 27, 1999, the Argentine lit up the old Wembley.

Batistuta was among the best number 9s to ever grace a football pitch. For Argentina, he was by far and large the best of his generation and no one has matched him since. Spending much of his career with Fiorentina, Batistuta scored many memorable goals. One of which happened on this day 21 years ago.

It was a Champions League match involving Fiorentina and Arsenal, a group B match with Fiorentina winning 1-0 and knocking Arsenal out. With the score at 0-0, Batistuta would receive the ball right on the edge of the penalty area. A drag forward with his left foot, acceleration from the Argentine and goal with his right foot. A thunderous shot would give Fiorentina the 1-0 lead and the winner.


  1. For me, the best 9 i have ever seen. Not the best with the ball on his feet though, but when talking about shooting technique, shooting accuracy, shot power and shooting abilities as a whole, he was second to none.

    He was a class where it comes for headers, monstrous physique and power, fast and he was also a leader and had a character which deserved everyone’s respect.

    So many memorable plays! Refering to champions league, i still remember his thunderous strike from far outside the penalty area against Manchester united in Old Traford, his insane hattrick against Udinese in 1997, his insane free kicks, his bicycle kicks, his thunderous strike ugainst my country Greece, the second goal, in 1994 wc, his amazing strike against Fiorentina when he was playing for Roma after which he burst into tears and many others!

    This player was unique, i have never seen a 9 being at least close to him since then!

    Off topic: Regarding my comment in the previous thread about some specific members who are bashing our players after a bad match and at the same time hyping Brazilian players, who are talented though but not so good as they are being hyped: Subham, i was not refering to you. If i was misunderstood, i apologise. There was nothing wrong about your comment.

  2. Legend. What a monstrous player.

    The aftermath is sad to read about. He destroyed his ankles and had to have routine injections and major surgeries. i remember him saying that the pain was so bad he wanted to be amputated.

  3. Batigol is a legend and one of the Best #9 not just for Fiorentina but for football lover fans.

    Right, he made so many memorable goals, one i do keep is against Barcelona

  4. Bati was so elegant on the ball. It’s when players style matched their lifestyle outside the pitch.
    Speaking of the players being called up… As long as they don’t call Icardis punk ass then I’m ok.

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