Leandro Paredes talks about Argentina national team, his his position, more


Leandro Paredes spoke about the Argentina national team, coach Lionel Scaloni and more.

An integral part of the Argentina national team, Leandro Paredes has been part of the rebuild from the start. Since coach Lionel Scaloni took charge of the team, Paredes has found himself part of the team. Speaking in an interview with 90 Minutos de Fútbol, here’s what the Argentine had to say about Scaloni:

“Us, who are part of the generational change, we’re hand in hand with him. He is very lose to us and very open, if you want to ask him something, he has no problems.”

Paredes also spoke about his place in the team:

“I’m confident in my position and the coach too. That’s what is important. The rest can think what they want.”

Regarding the team:

“There’s a very nice group being put together with very good people and incredible players. It’s important for any national team to be that united.”


  1. No bashing but this pedri kid is a fantastic player and he showed exactly why. Even the commentators were in awe of him and was into discussion of who would pick the MOTM award, him or pjanic.

    This is what you get when you play in a system day in day out with other great players and hone your skills and talents.
    By the way I was quite annoyed by Dybala’s display tonight, never saw the drive in him to charge the ball and make dribblings. This is just lousy and nothing else. These are the kind of matches where you actually announce yourself and show your best against the best but my man, he was just walking and having a beach walk on the side and was watching his teammates run their asses off.
    Well, if he wants it he must get it and to get it he need to burn his ass which he didn’t do tonight, and forget not that Scaloni is going to keep an eye out on him on these top level games. Cause no players get the starting spot for free, no matter how big of a player you are.

    I exactly don’t know why he is so drainy and lazy, probably it’s because of his physicality or something to do with fitness or mentality, but he has to change it or he will become be no less than icardi. Overlooked and unneeded.

    • Yup that Pedri kid is the real deal,its scary that he is only 17

      Btw Dybala was played as a LW by Pirlo ,he is not a winger -_-

    • Cannot agree more. The kid is 17. This is what you call as “world class”. Skills, decision making, personality. Whether he will be consistent and actually delivery year after year, in every match, like Messi, we will see. wish he was ours.

  2. Barcelona – Juventus
    Both teams 4-2-3-1
    Messi and Dybala both playing in the same position behind the striker. Wish them both a good game.

  3. There has been a debate over the performance of Paredes in his role in the club and National team. When there is a debate, there are two groups: one group are not much satisfied with his performance so far, while the other group is satisfied. Paredes seems to be aware if this fact, as he mentioned in this interview that “

    This means that the debate over Paredes is not just confined to this forum, but it is in a wider forum. Which, in my opinion, is deserved.

    Some members here are defending Paredes (which I understand), but doing so they are labeling the other group who tend to criticize Paredes as silly headed or moronic, which is not only disrespectful but moronic in itself. As much as you can eulogize your favorite player, others have the right to criticize other players for valid reasons. In either case, the discourse has to be in a respectful manner. If not, it doesn’t prove your point, rather proves that you are immature to engage in a respectful public discourse. We shouldn’t forget that there is a fan base of RomanceKing aka Raj in this very forum, which doesn’t legitimize the immature and abusing character of RomanceKing, who has been banned twice.

    I am no fan of Paredes, although there was a time I was a fan of him. Paredes is mediocre at best in my standard of the Argentina national team. He is not like LeCelso who is immensely talented but can have one or two off games. But, as it appears, he is the better one among other options we have now. That doesn’t mean that others got their due share of opportunities to prove their worth in this position, say for Ascaciber, Lisandro or even Foyth. But time will tell if Paredes can keep his position in the team or someone replaces him. I hope we see the second scenario- because in that case, we will have a player in the caliber of Paredes as the backup.

    • You are new here 🤔
      But yes you heard it right. Constructive criticism is fine not senseless, baseless comment calling for discarding a player. Now English is not my language as much as I could make you understand I hope you get it. It’s fine to say Paredes game is weak in this point he has to improve this or that but calling him to chopped off is moronic. And also He plays for Argentina so he can’t be bellow average Rahman also plays for big money club in France. I really don’t want to disrespect anyone here,would love to have a drink with all of you but some comments are hard to swallow

      • I can get where your comment comes from, as there has been a deluge of disrespectful comments towards our platters from some specific people lately. Hence, I take your word choice applicable to that specific context, but often times, the context gets lost in nonverbal interactions.

        I am new to this forum if you consider people who migrated here from the “Argentina World Cup Blog” almost 8 years ago are new comers. As less as I comment here, I got a general sense of the quality of comments to expect from the bloggers in this forum. And, I can tell you that we have a spike in the number of immature and disrespectful bloggers in this forum that we ever had. You are not that kind!

        • Rahman,
          Firstly, I don’t see you as new. I remember you well from worldcupblog many years ago.

          I totally agree with you on your observations. May be that’s the nature of blogs these days. I have only started commenting again, recently. Too much of polarized and fanatic comments. Everyone is worldclass, if you criticize then you are a Brazil fan etc. etc. And similarly, some come here only when our players have a bad game, otherwise they are absent.

          Anyhow, I feel we don’t have players like Messi, Aguero, Di maria, Mascherano in our new generation. Not yet. No matter what we say. I believe the coaching staff or Scaloni, Aimar, Ayala, Samuel knows that very well. They are trying to form a good team with decent players.

        • Rahman,
          My bad then. I actually didn’t see your name here before. I was in world Cup blod too. I had time of from here for long time. So I got back again. Alot of changed. Used to be nice before. There were few excellent bloggers. Used to look forward to read Seba. He is gone now 🙁

    • I don’t think that is the question though. I think it’s moronic to call for his head because I don’t think i have seen anyone saying that Paredes is the answer. However , given the options he is a fairly decent option with potential. I say that because there are players who bloom late. Plenty of examples in the world. While he is not THE answer we want he IMO is a decent enough player to get a starting role in the squad. Add to that the factor that we are not aware of what the exact instructions from the coach is out there for him when playing. Several coaches(defence minded) prefer to not want to take the risk of a long range vertical pass brilliance in view of the associated risk. All of us would be more than glad to see him become more free and creative and or someone replace him who is better and can challenge his spot. There is time still and instead of us giving knee jerk reactions to every players choice depending his form of the week its more intelligent to trust coaches who know better.

      • Exactly friend. Very beautiful way you put it. He is still young. As for Midfielder they bloom late. Nobody recognised Xavi,Pirolo,Ineasta in their mid 20s. I do believe finally we do have bunch of good CM who can be great. Finger crossed

  4. We have to accept Paredes is no Cassemiro , Fabinho or Kante. He is an average player and we don’t have much option at the moment. We need to think if we want to reach quarter final of World Cup Be happy or actually win it.

    • Paredes was better than Casemiro in Copa 2019.Paredes is modern no. 5.He is very creative player. But some silly headed members are criticizing him. There is no player at DM better than Paredes in Argentina.

    • @Argentina@mylove
      Casemiro is playing better at the moment, that’s agreeable. It does not mean Paredes can’t be better for us at the NT level albeit his club performance. Kante doesn’t play at the no. 5 position in his club regularly. So the comparison is not quite fitting. Fabinho is a system player for which the credit goes to Klopp. I won’t say he is better than Paredes on an individual level. Now to answer your question, I obviously want to win the World Cup. Everybody does the same here. So, what do you propose if we want to get past the Quarter Finals in regard to Paredes’s situation?

      • My suggestion if we don’t have quality players in the pivot role it’s difficult to win against big teams. Paredes is a good passer but slow and defensive contribution is not good. He always needs a cover. If you analyse the World Cup winning teams you will get your answer why I am saying – are we aspiring to win a World Cup or just reach quarters ?

  5. To the people who are criticizing Paredes, please consider the following points:
    1. First of all, I’m not a big fan of Paredes. The reasons are more or less similar as they are for everyone.
    2. But he hasn’t been that bad for the NT to receive the kind of criticism he’s getting atm, especially at this early phase of the rebuilding project.
    3. If you are being critical of his club performance, well in that case I want to say, he has been performing relatively better for the NT compared to his club. Example: Copa America 2019 and beyond. There are many examples like him. Romero can be an example from the recent past. Palacios is another one, although it is early to put him in this category.
    4. He is not a true number 5. Neither he has the attributes of a true no. 5 nor there is the necessity of a true no. 5 to be in every team in modern football. There are a lot of successful teams in modern football without a true number 5.
    5. If Paredes needs to be replaced, can you propose any better and PROVEN alternative at the moment? There are some options like Ascaciber, Battaglia, Escalante, Foyth, L. Martinez, etc. Neither is viable or proven at the moment.

    Obviously, he should be replaced if he underperforms or makes serious mistakes for the NT continuously or if there is a better alternative than him, neither of these is the case right now. So why all these complaints? Why not wait and see?

    Sometimes it feels like some of you would have done a tremendous job as a yellow journalist or as an opposition leader. It seems like for you guys, unnecessary criticism of a new player on a daily basis is a must to make your regular bowel movements right. I mean is it a big ask to expect from you guys some sensible, constructive and patient attitude?

  6. These people are PlayStation coach. Last two tough qualifying we conceded 1 goal evn though team hasn’t played for long time together. He was best midfielder in his first Copa america while against odd circumstances. But here again all they talk about he isn’t true 5 or he can’t defend but they forgetting time changed. Now you don’t need true 5 anymore(neither do we have one anymore). Also Scaloni maybe has plan that doesn’t require true 5 and even he needs he will come up with something. Someone was saying Paredes “wanna be tough guy” DUDE get your senses right he ain’t no “wanne be tough guy” he is TOUGH GUY. He has the toughness inside him to be destructive and he has the elegance too. Not saying he is perfect because ofcourse he will have to improve but only given time. El Principe wasn’t true five. But I’m not saying Paredes is El Principe(not even near yet) but he could be next El Principe. Paredes has the potential and talent in him. Remember El Principe had Del Bosque like coach to nurture him while Paredes got Touchél. He is young and our team is only building from big generational change Be patient and supportive. Please come with constructive criticisms not baseless moronic comment by calling head. It hurts to see you guys bashing our players unnecessarily.

    • I couldn’t agree more man. I am happy that Scaloni is not as fickle minded and stupid as these fans. Passionate fans are awesome but rarely constructive. We cannot take these conversations seriously. Suddenly Lautaro is not world class this week! Look at his age ! Bloody stupid stupid arguments full in these threads. Every football team has a Golden generation and they are called a golden generation because it is not permanent. Sure we had one in 2014. But that team was different in almost every way , amazing as well as bad in some aspects.
      All it takes to build a good football team is fire in the belly and ambition. As long as I don’t see idle players I am happy. If we have a framework built around ambitious and proud players we can become overnight a genius team if just one or two guys suddenly mature. Its always happening. It will continue to happen.

  7. We have been spoilt by Javier Mascherano, the “el jefecito”.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a great #5 now. We don’t have a Masche successor. Quite interestingly, I don’t think there are lot of Mascherano level #5s in the world. The role is changing. May be Kante is the last one. Casemiro (one of my most hated player) is the different kinds. They don’t sit so deep anymore. We are not seeing much in our squad. Therefore, we need a midfield “team”, not individuals with specific duties and roles. Well rounded players to fill up the total midfield responsibilities. I feel Scaloni is in right path with mix of Paredes, Lo Celso, De Paul, Guido etc.

  8. I like Paredes and Lo Celso the most in our current generation of Players. I for one generally tend to like Midfielders (Players with playmaking ability) and Goal Keepers the most.

    • Paredes, Lo celso, Lamela will be the best trio in midfield for Argentina then Argentina only needs clinical forwards. Lo celso and Lamela are good in tracking back and in short passes and Paredes is good in creative long passes.

  9. Although a lot of you guys don’t like Paredes I have to say in the Qualifiers so far he has been in both matches one of the best.

    I think we really need him. Against Bolivia I’d say alongside Lautaro he was ine of the best…
    I have to admit he is not really a DM. He really has to prove himself against big teams.

    We will see about that. I’m happy he’s on our beloved Argentina NT

  10. Paredes is a decent DM against some teams but while facing some attack minded teams like france, brazil or germany he is hopefully played in double pivot alongside Guido rodriguez or maybe even Gonzalo escalante or even foyth if he plays as DM in villareal.

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