Joaquin Correa scores for Lazio in 1-1 Champions League draw vs. Club Brugge


Joaquin Correa scored for Lazio in their 1-1 draw vs. Club Brugge in the Champions League.

Correa was on the score sheet and gave Lazio the 1-0 lead against Club Brugge. The Argentine would receive the ball and dribble inside as his left footed shot from the edge of the penalty area would go in.

Still only 26 years of age, Lazio scored the match winner for Argentina vs. Bolivia to give them the three points in the World Cup qualifiers.


  1. I think it’s like this, Those who watched 1986 WC will be a fan of Diego for ever because it was a super human effort by him. I don’t think any other WC is associated with performance by 1 player,its never gonna happen again too. Maradona embodied 1986 WC.

    Where as my generation, I mean those after Maradona and before the Messi era would obviously fall for Gabriel Batistuta. The guy looked like Jesus with Golden hair. Was phenom. Ortega, Riquelme, Aimar, Crespo, Zanetti etc also were a wonder in these times.

    The newer generation would obviously choose Messi.

    We are blessed to have the 2 greatest football players of all time.

  2. Franco Armani the worst goalkeeper of squad is our starter I do not know where this team is going. Sacloni under pressure is clueless man.

  3. Argentina’s starting lineup against Paraguay and Peru


    G.Montial , Q,Martinez , Ottamandi , Tagglifico

    De paul Ascacibar

    Leo Messi papu gomez Occampus

    Lutaro Martinez

  4. Top 5 Argentina’s worst talent

    1) Areal Ortega , he was a peace of shit
    2) Martin Palermo
    3) Erik Lamela
    4) Lo celso
    5) Gabriel Henze

    • Finally done away with ‘farmer’ it seems, ‘peace of shit’ seems to be the latest punch line.. 😃

      • First of all .. u can’t put Ortega with the rest of this lineup. He was amazing.
        Second, heinze choked alot, but wase is a part of our national team for a decade. And I used to get so mad at him yet he is not a Martin Palermo lol, which I agree with u on. What the hell are lo celsi and lamela doing on this old timer list.

  5. Preliminary squad is being shown. Roberto pereyra, Walter kanneman, Armani, Andrade, Augustine marchesin , salvio, kun , di Maria all of them are there to spoil the international careers of our youngsters. I don’t know what scaloni is trying to do with these shitty players. He should be thinking of world cup too. Because all these players will become useless during Qatar world cup. In the long run They won’t do anything commendable for our beloved Argentinafootball team.

    • I agree. Some might says that qualifiers are a long and gruelling process so we need all hands on the deck. Possibly, don’t know. I don’t know what Pereyra can bring, or why we need Di Maria again but Kanneman is not a bad player.

      • Enganche my dear friend, just think of Qatar world cup. Team cohesion is also important. Di Maria, kun, Augustine marchesin, Armani,Andrade, salvio, kanneman they are not youngsters. I know at first to be able to qualify is important. But those players I named won’t be fit and fine till Qatar world cup for sure. And our youngsters may not be able to show their worth with in limited time. As a result due to lack of playing time for the national team their confidence level will be low. And we will see the repetation of the Russia world cup.

    • There is no need to chop and change too much. We have seen that happen way too much in the past. Moreover, this time around the first 4 games are super crucial. Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru. We should just focus on bagging as much point as possible, without experimenting too much.

      Game 5,6 are Uruguay home and Brazil away. Followed by Chile and Colombia in round 7 and 8, finally wrapping up first set with Venezuela. Like it or not some of these results (5,6,7,8) are not going to go our way. So, don’t do drama, just try to win the first 4. Points more important that experimenting with young stars.

      An example, one of our most successful manager in recent years, Alejandro Sabella used to have Jose Sosa as a permanent member for the qualifiers. We all killed him for that. He was not there in the WC 2014 squad.

    • > Kun and Di Maria
      > I don’t know what scaloni is trying to do with these shitty players.

      The only “shitty” aspect is your shitty comment. Anyone calling Kun shit is clueless.

      • Sorry choripan, I didn’t want to call kun and di Maria shitty players. I respect them a lot. But I wanted to say now a days kun is becoming more vulnerable to injuries. And he is not playing well either. Di Maria was furious about scaloni when he wasn’t picked up last time. Being a senior player I think he should not have made that comment. But on the other hand I appreciate his eagerness to play for his country. But I am doubtful about what he will be bringing to our team. I believe here we all want Argentina to be the world cup champion. And nobody can be ahead of our beloved argentina team. Every body is entitled to an opinion. There is nothing wrong in it. It is a platform for every argentina fan to put his thoughts. Here we are all friends.sometimes our opinion may differ. But I never try to hurt the opinions of my other mundo friends. I repeat I did not want to call kun and di Maria shitty players. I have huge respect for what they have done so far for our beloved argentina team. But I am not bothered about their success in club football. As a true argentina fan I only want Argentina to become the champion of Qatar world cup. It does not matter whether we become champion with or without kun and di Maria. But this time that 🏆 drought should be gone. Thanks to all my mundo friends.

    • the only shitty is your insult to the players you mention.
      i advice you to watch our U 20 team if you have so much desire to watch one bunch of young players.

  6. Guys,
    it doesn’t matter if we want Martinez in DM, what matter our coaching staff does. YES Martinez maybe has all the attributes to be DM. You guys see that so don’t you think Scaloni & Co saw that too. I mean we come here and write for 5 minutes but I am sure all the coach analysing must be for month or so for the squad to achieve something towards their plan. Maybe Martinez not in their plan for DM. I am sure they have back up plan too if Paredes doesn’t work but so it worked in last Copa but yes needed to be more precise which could come in time. We do it for 10 minutes in this blog but they do it for years to accomplish the plan. I believe in AimarAyala and Samuel. They love NT very much i can tell you that

    • @ kevin what’s your problem dude. How can you say that Lisandro martinez is bad. He is better than overrated paredes.

      • What? He has archieved nothing so far, dont has the skills to be a DM, atm not a starter against Schuurs and old Blind as CB. (dont has the height.) Ten Haag wanted him as Tagliafico back up and successor, but Tagliafico remained. Forget Lisandro and Foyth as DMs.

  7. Off the topic. Who is ur favorite Argentine Football player of all time? 1 player. I know It’s tough to choose 1. Most here will go for all time best players Messi or Maradona.

    If u ask me I am in tough state to choose between Ortega, Riquelme, Aimar, Batistuta, Zanetti. Ofcourse Maradona and Messi. Goshhh.

    Ariel Ortega “The little donkey” it is for me. (Aimar and Riquelme had to be sadly sacrificed) It’s a strange choice but I used to like this player a lot.

    It’s strange I who likes GK the most in football never had a favorite Argentine GK. No one. I likes the one and only Oliver Kahn. What a GK he was. I wish we find someone like him.There is a Chance Emiliano Martinez may be one of my favorite Argentine GK. He looks like a commanding GK. Unfortunately he is not gonna start soon.

    • How have you got to know vishesh? I am clueless about it. I like both of them. Thiago almada, fausto vera, Christian Ferreira are also great players. If you have any clue then please reply me . I would love to reas that article also.

    • It will good for back up, but the room is small for all the great players to join; Scaloni already have Lautoro, Ocampos, Alario, Kun Aguero and Messi plus Dybala up in front

  8. Mostly our players need to handle the pressure calmly, be ready and shine in the needed time. This is Scolani’s team home work, always restore the spirit and keep them to play the role vigorously. Correa, Ocampos, Emi Martinez are exceptional, as a subs and starting XI, we need more

  9. Paredes’ passing is really fantastic. But the problem with him is i think is his concentration and defending. He is a bit like Pjanic,good passing but occasionally loses concentration. Thats why he loses the ball so much . Also his defensive abilities are questionable. Remember , in the UCL matches when Paredes was dominating the match,he played as a CM with Marquinhos as DM covering him. So none of his world class UCL performances was as a DM.
    His aggression is also a think i dont like. Agression is good,but over aggressive players can be harmful. He loses temper so much.

    Paredes isnt press resistant. Against high pressing teams it can affect us badly. He cant handle pressure well.

    Paredes as a midfielder is very good. But his abilities as a DM is questionable. So do we have better options? MAYBE. Who? I cant think of any better options than Ajax prodigy Lisandro Martinez. Yes,his passing is not as good as Paredes, but still its good. He is solid technically,defensively he is quite good(after all he started playing as a CB). He is press resistant. So i prefer Licha

    • Do not call Lisandro Martinez prodigy. Since the start of season L. Martinez has started in only two matches because their main starter were absent in the team and he plays as defender in Ajax not midfielder inspite there is not much competition for him in Ajax.

      • Why won’t I call him prodigy? He plays as a DM in Ajax,he started against Liverpool in CL(and had a very good performance). And do u even know how much talent is there in Ajax? It’s an insult to not them to tell that there ain’t any competition. Super talents like Gravenberch,Kudus Mazraoui ,Edson Alavarez and Experienced lads like Blind are there who can play as DM

        • First Lisando Martinez played as CB vs Liverpoll because Blind was not in team. I did not see any special in him vs Liverpool. Prodigies are Holland, Mbappe, Ansu Fati,Bamford etc. Your bars are very low.
          De ligit , Van de beek, De jong were talent but now they are gone.

          • Clearly you didn’t watch the game between Ajax and Liverpool because Blind was playing, infact he was starting in the midfield.
            I won’t call Licha a prodigy but the kid is a legit talent and is worthy of a call up. I truly don’t understand why Hagg is benching him in one game and then starting him in the most important game of the season thus far against Liverpool (he was brilliant IMO), it’s totally weird but that doesn’t take away from Licha’s ability.

    • I prefer battaglia over Lisandro. I am following him for last couple of games for alaves, and he is doing great . Already called up for national team , hopefully he can be a effective dm for nt ,his stats about interception and dibbling past to him are just wow.

    • I like this idea Nilaksha. Its worth trying Licha as a DM as he has all the attributes & defensively better. We may be able to live the fantastic passer vs good passer sacrifice with the positives that Licha brings in. The only doubt i have is that in Ajax he gets the DM slot generally in the 4-2-3-1 formation. Whenever Erik Hag plays 4-3-3 , Licha gets the Left CB . So is coach confident of him as DM in a 4-3-3 formation which anyway is Scalonis’ favored formation. But its definitely worth a try. While Parades seems to be the best current DM bet & also happy that Scaloni fully backing him , trying Licha is a good option & we may discover a better option.

    • What about bernabei? Did he play well? Any feedback. Especially wanted to undstd how is he in defending & is he ready for NT or u23 squad?

        • Thansk for the update kumar. Batista has regularly been selecting Claudio Bravo for U23 as LB. I saw a few matches of Bravo ( Colombia, Brazil U23 etc ) & did not find anything exciting in him. Not sure why Batista has not picked Bernabei till now.

      • I watched Velez instead. Almada is out injured and Velez have lost several of their best players (Romero, Cufre, Robertone). From a club perspective that is not good but for the national team it’s great to see the talent Velez produce. Luca Orellano I am a fan of. He is 20. Also nostalgic to see Gago play and kind of sad given his career thus far.

  10. Nicolas Belloni(age :19 and height: 1.87 m) is a decent striker for Pescara Fc he could be utilised for Argentina U20 team. There are many Europe based Argentine players and Batista(Coach of U20 team) can hopefully look into them these Europe based Argentine youngsters could maybe help Argentina clinch U 20 WC in future.

  11. Acuna is looking good game by game. He is transforming himself he is better in LB role than Left Midfield role. La liga brings technacality in player that is good for players like Acuna and Foyth.

      • True that Shubham.
        @Kevin – are you the same Kavi ‘rebranded’ ? If yes happy to see that you have started seeing positives of Acuna. Hope your perspective on Senesi also changes😊

      • In Argentina his passing was bad but in Sevilla he is looking like a complete different player. Even his aerial abilities are looking good. I think in midfield hevsuffers his best role is Left Back where Scaloni rarely uses him

  12. Anyone could watch coppa Italia ? How did Molina, valenti, amione play. See that all of these 3 got some playing minutes as subs & lmq was starter.

    • I could not find how to watch it, and given the defensive talent that have played yesterday I would have loved to. What I do know is Venezia scored 3 goals I believe after Amione came on. Not sure if it’s his fault though.

  13. Lol….I don’t know how crazy the Lanus coach is but he has put Alexander bernabei as winger in front three. This is ridiculous but hey let’s see what happens, we know how the reverse had happened and succeeded a lot in the last decade but I’m just interested to watch how bernabei swoosh through opposition’s defense.

    De la Vega on the other side and it’s more interesting cause Sao Paulo has got fantastic team so it’s goona be pulpy to see how he does.
    After all he’s has been put into Leeds and Manchester city’s transfer list again. And that means he has to perform and perform well.

    Crunch encounter …..

    • Bernabei,as i know,is a bit of Acuna type player. I mean he can play as a LW,LM and LB. He is actually a very very fast winger who can defend. I think he can be superb as a wingback. His pace as a fullback is a blessing to Argentina, who doesnt have many pacy attacking fullbacks

      So its understandable why he was used as LW

  14. Fantastic performances from Messi, Acuna, Correa and Ocampos. While our young defensive talents were on exhibition in coppa Italia yesterday. I haven’t seen the matches but I would love to know from fellow mundoers about their performances.


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