Gio Simeone scores for Cagliari, reaches 5 goals in 6 games in 3-2 loss vs. Bologna


Gio Simeone scored for Cagliari in their 3-2 loss vs. Bologna.

Simeone made it five goals in 6 games as he scored for the third match in a row. With the score at 1-1, Simeone would give Cagliari the 2-1 lead. The ball would be pulled back into the penalty area and would find the Argentine who would score for Cagliari.

Simeone was selected for the Argentina national team squad for the World Cup qualifiers in October and is expected to be called once more for the November games.


  1. Can’t put the blame to Martinez as he concede 4 goals; Aston Villa plays badly in the first half. After the international break, AV lose the momentum

  2. Guido Rodriguez is become very strong with Betis. Supporters love him and he is insane to protect the defense. Could be a good alternative for Paredes.

    Quarta was shit today sadly … Off course we will wait few months because he is a new one in Serie A but actualy nothing explain his amazing hype. He was good in South America ? okey but its a farmer liga.


      • The problem is with every position you need backups. With a double pivot we have two dms (Paredes would be more free as guido would free him as he does in Betis), but then we need two more backups instead of one. We don’t have a lot of backups. Maybe Lisandro but that doesn’t cut it.

        • Paredes works best as single DM where he has more freedom to move and distribute. Double pivot does not work with Paredes. Example : Colombia match last Copa America.

          It is good to have another strong DM. Guido is doing well.

      • Double Pivot is not the best Idea if they dont break lines…

        Guido – Lo Celso is a better Idea because Lo Celso can give more creativity than Paredes who play 3/4 of the time for his defenders …

        ——Guido—Lo Celso

        could be interesting. Guido for the defense and the interception. Lo Celso for the first touch and the creativity.

        • I feel like to play to our best ability, we should always use a system with two strikers. It’s not to ignore our defense, but we have many world class options at striker and many back ups. I feel like it is a waste to use a double pivot. This is my preferred lineup
          -Lo Celso-Paredes-De Paul

          So a 4-3-1-2
          You can move the strikers around accordingly. For instance we don’t have Agüero now. Since the right striker position and playmaker behind strikers are both Dybala and Messi’s common roles, we can play them at the same time. We also have Alario, Simeone, and maybe even Icardi if he’s needed in the future.

  3. I don’t care about Argentina culture I became fan because of Messi after Messi retires no more watching football this is my opinion I hope people don’t troll me or disrespect me because I am fan because of Messi

    • you are welcome anyway. you are free and you are respected.
      the only reason personally to not respect someone is ONLY if he is rude or insulting.

      • Well, cox, you’re too nice and let me be the rude one.
        You’re Not an ARG fan or EVEN a football fan But you’re just a Messi alone fan! OKAAY, I am sure there are plenty of Barcelona forums out there, so why don’t you go there instead of cluttering this one with nonsense?
        Said it once said it a 100 times so far, IGNORE BUTTON PLEASE.

        • Couldn’t agree more @dfox1942. Sure I became a fan of Argentina NT because of Maradona but I came to love Argentina because of him and never let that go. I cant take stupid fans treating it as Argentina FC . Bullshit. You gotta love the country the people the local league everything. That freaking league has produced unmatched talent and continues to do so despite the economic stresses in the country. When I want a successful NT i want a successful country , a giant. I have never been there are probably never will but that is the love that El Diego created in my father’s heart, my heart.

      • Thank you brother for being nice but this idiot DFOX1942 I will not apologize to this dumbass all the Argentine fans let me make something clear I’m not calling you guys idiot okay I’m calling only that person name DFOX1942 forgive guys okay I’m not calling you guys those who mess with me I’m going to write they name in the comment section Okay friends I can’t wait to see Messi play for ARGENTINA

    • At least you are honest about it. But I’m sure there are forums about only Messi or Barcelona instead of the national team, are there not? Regardless, as long as you are not disrespectful and contribute in a meaningful way it is okay.

  4. For some people, logic is more important than emotion. Which is desirable at times, but I tend to fall for emotion than logic, as some of you might do. Which is not prudent, but life is too short to be perfect and ignore emotions.

    I am reposting a comment I made in the earlier thread in response to a comment made by Cox4, as I want my message to reach him. I feel the emotion in his comment when he talked about Argentina, it’s culture and off course, the football team.

    “Cox4, there are people here, riding the bandwagon of Argentina football fan, without understanding the culture, country, and the genuine compassion towards Argentinian players or the people. They want to see results or success, as that is the standard for them to like/love a team. We are torn because of not winning something for a very long time. Some people who’s love for Argentina is shallow, can’t cope up with this mental distress. They are the one who talk badly about a player not performing in one or two games. They lack the patience and true love for the team to continue supporting the team in their bad times. They are the girlfriends who want to leave you when you are in misery or at least fight with you every night when you return to home- broken. They seem not to understand that passion is not for sale.

    I am not an Argentinian and I can’t claim that I understand the culture and people of this country. But, all I know is that I have fallen in love with this country because of football when I was 8 years old, living in a remote village in a south Asian country. Since then, I am rooting for this country to win the World Cup; rather, like many of you, I’m going through the same torment since 1990. Some of my friends, out of frustration, sometimes say that they don’t want to support a team that they know will only bring pain at the end. But, for me, it is my first love. I can’t sell it for success. My passion is not for sale, no matter how long the drought last.

    We have become more and more impatient and shallow.”

    • The thing I don’t like to see is people being fans of the team (probably only because Messi is here) and knowing NOTHING about the country itself. Half the people here don’t know what an asado or mate is. Kind of odd. For me you have to go full in with a country, it’s sports, it’s people, and culture. Remember there are clubs in different leagues that are there just for the football to support.

      • my friend yes you are correct. i agree with you. but in the same time i am thinking that everybody don t have to like our country or our culture or have to want learn our history etc.

        a lot of friends support us because they like Messi or for diferent other reasons.this is not bad. i don t mind. everybody is welcome.
        just when i see some people in Mundo that they have this desire to learn about Argentina something more then i post to them to make them understand or learn.

      • I respectfully disagree. Millions of people across the world love Argentina or Brazil football knowing nothing about its culture, people. People in other countries even die committing suicide when Argentina loss or fighting with Brazil supporters during the World Cup season. It’s passion.

    • my friend i see your post and because you didn t see my answer in that post i am post it and here.

      “you understand the Argentine culture well enough as i see.
      you use the key word. PASSION. this is all about.
      Argentina means passion and emotions.
      as about our team unfortunately i should say to you that you should get use to the fact that the sadness will be always much more than the happyness. Argentina is like that. it is painful i know but…. this is how it is.

      and since i see how much deep love you have for the team i should warn you that in time you will realize that as much the sadness increase inside you the same deeper will your love will becaming. as i see you are one of us. your friends not yet 🙂 “

      • The point you make about passion is very important. I would rather watch the Libertadores final than the champions league final. Argentina (along with Uruguay and maybe after Brazil) is the most passionate country for the sport. That stems in its own league and teams. If someone disrespects the Argentinian league, you can not be a fan of the national team. Leave. The passion in Argentina for the sport is so central to the country. If you don’t understand the concept of passion and you claim to like the team, you need to re evaluate yourself. You can not be a fan of Argentina and not understand how important passion is and not have it yourself when discussing the local league. It isn’t oil and vinegar. Your love for the national team, the league, the libertadores, and the exterior players in Europe have to go hand in hand. Or else, at least in my eyes, you are not a true fan. At the very least, don’t be disrespectful here. Nobody is arguing that the quality of football in Argentina is as good as in the Premier league. It’s not about the quality. It’s about everything that is related to Argentina. By disrespecting the league and calling it “farmers” you disrespect the country and the team. It also does not align with the concept of farmers league, since a traditional farmers league is a league players go to to have better stats and easier football. Nobody in the Argentinian league chooses to be there for that reason, it is their own country of birth.

      • “as i see you are one of us”.

        I had an Argentine supervisor at work in the USA, and he honored me with an honorary citizenship of Argentina (off course not real).

    • Better watch your language or else the outcome will be as before. Anything about wives, anyone excelling in Scaloni’s bed or farmer league or player will not be tolerated anymore.

  5. I read an article in espn a year ago, about lautaro and Higuain’s advice for him playing and representing as no.9 for argentina and inter. In that article Higuain talked about how cruel the football fans can be and how much of pressure they can dump down on one when he’s going through a tough patch or say it’s draught. He said that in Argentina if you’re the number 9 and if you’re not delivering then you are nothing short of a disgust who’s blocking others. I mean other potential strikers. And also he gave a brilliant yet painful advice to lautaro to always keep his head down and continue the work. He told that, he has to bear a lot and will be thrown into all kind of hell one can imagine, if he doesn’t score but still, he have to keep faith and work more.
    This article was written just a day or two after Higuain announced his retirement from the National Team and to be honest, I don’t think he could have shedded any more truth than this. He knew what he faced when he was here, he knew what mistakes he had done, he also knew he that he was a meme and curse to any team in the world if they were playing any cup finals yet he was the one who had been paired with Messi by almost every coach that took charge of the throne.
    So I was basically seeing all the comments here and also on the previous threads, and to not hide it, I saw so many who were annoyed with lautaro’s performances. Many of them were muderously harsh , like they wanted him to be out. And few suggested that Simeone and Alario should take his place and after few moments, those were the same people who abondoned them. A few people who are actually original here and had been in this site for years held their patience and wanted to see him more. Some others who had been really boisterous about coach, tactics and every talents could not even decide where to side with and lastly, almost a fraction of people wanted to throw out Scaloni. I say, everything was here and I saw it. Some time it amused me and at other times it boiled my blood down to my butthole.

    It’s so easy to for us, fans to pick on anybody but I would like to inform other members, new or old or primitive or even from other galaxy, to just hold patience and wait. If lautaro is not doing well, then be happy that Simeone and Alario are doing well. It’s a matter of form and there could be as many reasons as possible for the drop.
    Let just hope and keep watching.

  6. Many of our goal scorers struggle, not only Lautaro. Dybala and even Messi too From the last 41 free kick attempts in 45 matches Messi scored only 1. Before he scored almost one in three.

    • We know how La liga teams defends against Messi’s free kick.They spreads players everywhere in the box like a hell.

  7. Alario was always good but he did not get chances in Leverkusen. He is very solid in front of goal. Aguero Alario upfront can be rocking but we need continuous supply to them.

  8. With Lautato struggling for goals, Alario and Gio are blessing. Alario is better than Gio talentwise and Alario has monster header.

    I do not blame Lautaro for his struggle entirely. I blame Conte. Inter plays dreadful football. It is a waste of time to watch an inter match.

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