Juan Foyth injured, expected to miss Argentina World Cup qualifiers


Juan Foyth has suffered an injury and is expected to miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers in November.

Foyth was substituted off for Villarreal in their Euorpa League match against Qarabag FQ as the club have confirmed his injury. Per a statement by Villarreal, Foyth has suffered muscular damage to his biceps femoris on his right leg.

Argentina have two World Cup qualifiers in November and while the 22 year old was going to make the team, this would mean he would miss out on the two games as he will be out for 2-3 weeks.


  1. Aston Villa lost 3-4 vs Southampton, and before certain members who didn’t watch the game raid this comment section saying Emi Martínez is overhyped and overrated after losing 2 games in a row, I will share my opinion. Southampton had only 4 shots on target and they all hit the net. All of these shots were incredible and practically unsavable… By any goalkeeper.

    Three of them from set pieces, one of them being a perfect header, and the other two were phenomenal freekicks just at the edge of the box, caused by very poor defending. The last one was also a perfect shot from outside the box.
    Only after being 4 goals down did Villa wake up. Poor and static midfield and defending.

    2 goals were ruled off by VAR where Emi could have done better.
    85% passing accuracy (22/26)
    11/15 accurate long balls

    Really Emi is not to blame for the loss, even though it looks bad conceding 4 goals. Looking forward to next Sunday when he will face Arsenal. Surely he will want to prove a point against his old club.

    How was Musso’s performance?

    I will link the goals below so you can see for yourselves that I’m not overexaggerating

  2. i don t like to attack to people and because i respect everybody i will avoid it one more time.
    i will say only this and who is to understand he will understand.
    for the rest i am sorry that i will look like speak crazy.

    ARGENTINA is one country that is in South america.
    i will shock someone but yes it is true.
    Argentina is not in Europe. not in Asia. not in Africa.

    the Argentinian football players are humans that come from the country Argentina which is in South america. not from Europe. not from Asia or Africa.
    so this people go to school in Argentina have the culture of Argentina learn the football in Argentina and start playing from their childhood football in the clubs of their country. yes that country is ARGENTINA and the clubs of this country is Argentinian and the leagues that this clubs exists is Argentinian leagues.

    at this point i should remind you that ARGENTINA is in South America. not in Europe.

    so every football player from Argentina move to Europe crossing Atlantic ocean.
    every football player move to Europe because some clubs pay them money to go there.
    so i guess those clubs offer bigger or smaller number of money to them because they WORTH and they are GOOD players.

    i remind you that all this players learn and start play football in Argentina in Argentine leagues. Argentina is one poor country. Europeans have the money.
    if Argentina didn t have this bad economic status the majority of those players will remain in the country and the Argentine league would be at least equal to European leagues.
    sure between the best leagues in world.
    as it was before this big globalization of football in begin of 21 century.

    imagine that even now in this shitty status we are the Argentine league is globaly among the most viewed most atractive and popular. all this players you and all view and admire in Europe start play in Argentine league.

    i will not teach people respect. i am so small to be able do something like that.
    the only i can do is try make people use their brain with logic.
    thank God the majority here do that.

    • Cox . sometimes you just talk nonsense. If somebody doesn’t like Argentine league or French league you can’t force them it’s their perspective just like you talk shits about Barcelona and other clubs.
      Mate no disrespect , you look a good human being to me i always find more emotions in your comments than logic.

      • Point is Mrinal not liking Argentina league. Point is making comments without recognize the actual value and principles. There was a time when Boca and River used to compete with like of R. Madrid and Barca. Not many ago Barcelona team dominated whole Europe and kicked everyone ass and same Barca team barely beaten Sabella’s team. Although the financial difference between them was huge. Like Cox said now Argentine economy is shit so teams barely surviving and selling players in young age to MLS or Qatar. @Kevin it is too harsh to say Argentina league can’t compete with England Championship. Do you really recon few years ago any Championship team would beat River? Even Premier league team would have play hard to beat River. There is talent but the system has changed. Not saying they will be world beater in one or two games with NT but given time they can do for sure. When Argentina was world champion back then most of the players was from league of Argentina.

        • mmhoo7 what is the point of selecting Armani ahead of Emi Martinez, Misso and even Andrada is better than him. If Argentina continue to play domestic player ahead of deserving players they are going to win nothing. I have nothing against Quarta,Andrada,Montiel but player should be choose on his form and skills.Regionlism can hurt a team badly.

          • @kevin
            There is alot going on in selection my friend. So many politics and twist and turn. All I could say maybe they didn’t wanna throw martinez in pressure vs Ecuador also in Height vs Bolivia. Sometimes it is frustrating but I am sure it will be fine. Scaloni and co working pretty hard and we shall see results hopefully. I am not supporting him blindly but if he can’t give results then he should be out because there are lot quality people available to lead the NT(do not count on pocho or Simi). But before that there is a process and every process take time and luck too

        • Ok, but u guys likes to live with the past. When did Argentina won the last WC (that’s 34 years back). Stop overhyping the Argentine league, they would get thrashed for a UCL winning team.
          Both Argentine and Brazilian league teams are no match for modern day European top tier clubs.

          • you should understand that the point is not that somebody try to say that Argentine league is better than Europeans but the point is to not be rude and insult it because it is like you are insult Argentina and Argentinians.

      • we can t agree all the people together. it is something normal so i don t have something to say to you about that.
        But please be fair with me because i never intended to convince nobody to like Argentine league or French etc.
        you don t like it ok no problem. everybody is free. the problem is when somebody (NOT YOU) insult and be rude.
        this is other thing.
        am i police here? NO OF COURSE. that is why i don t attack to anybody.
        but i have every right to say may opinion here.

        and something last which is even more important for me.
        you say that i talked shits about other clubs.
        NO IT IS LIE.

        from 2018 that i am here i make some negetive posts only about Boca juniors in the period of time we played against them in Copa Libertadores and only when was exist articles in Mundo about those games.

        ONLY 1 time in past (which is i regret and i never repeat it )
        i post saying something bad about Barcelona. i called it Uefalona.
        i don t remember why because passed long time but sure the reason was because some Barcelona fan here probably accuse River or Messi about something.
        Personally i ignore Barcelona as same one fan of Barcelona ignore River plate.
        i don t talk shit about no club here. even if i like one club or i don t like one club.

        • Cox4, there are people here, riding the bandwagon of Argentina football fan, without understanding the culture, country, and the genuine compassion towards Argentinian players or the people. They want to see results or success, as that is the standard for them to like/love a team. We are torn because of not winning something for a very long time. Some people who’s love for Argentina is shallow, can’t cope up with this mental distress. They are the one who talk badly about a player not performing in one or two games. They lack the patience and true love for the team to continue supporting the team in their bad times. They are the girlfriends who want to leave you when you are in misery or at least fight with you every night when you return to home broken. They seem not to understand that passion is not for sale. I am not an Argentinian and I can’t claim that I understand the culture and people of this country. But, all I know is that I fall in love with this country because of the football when I was 8 years old living in a remote village of a south Asian country. Since then, I am rooting for this country to win the World Cup, rather going through the torment since 1990. Some of my friends, out of frustration, sometimes say that they don’t want to support a team that they know will only bring pain at the end. But, for me, it is my first love. I can’t sell it for success. My passion is not for sale, no matter how long the drought last.

          We have become more and more impatient and shallow.

          • you understand the Argentine culture well enough as i see.
            you use the key word. PASSION. this is all about.
            Argentina means passion and emotions.
            as about our team unfortunately i should say to you that you should get use to the fact that the sadness will be always much more than the happyness. Argentina is like that. it is painful i know but…. this is how it is.

            and since i see how much deep love you have for the team i should warn you that in time you will realize that as much the sadness increase inside you the same deeper will your love will becaming. as i see you are one of us. your friends not yet 🙂

  3. I have a dream…..


    ———(di maria)—–(palacios)



  4. Shame to see Foyth added to the injury list along with Agüero and Pezzella. If Medina is excluded due to COVID-19 within Lens, it’s a good opportunity to finally try out Senesi or Licha.
    As of RB back-up to Montiel, like others have said, I hope Molina pulls off a call-up worthy performance against AC Milan today. Other options are Herrera, Bustos and De La Fuente.

    It’s 12 days until the Paraguay game. Scaloni released his squad list 3 weeks prior to October games. Should be any day now.

    • I just saw that Molina will not start this game unfortunately… So hoping for a second half wonder. But Musso is back!

      Musso, De Paul, Pereyra and Pussetto starting.

  5. 50% of peoples here are useless…take licha,take sensi,take….bala bala.if they are that much brilliant scoloni will be call them.so stop favoritism. A group of players if they are not good but playing together for long time they will made very good team.

    • Salvio is brilliant player so Scaloni is calling him,right? Buendia is not good so he is not being called up,right? If we Keep starting Otamendi for the sake of experience, we should be prepared to concede 5 goals a game against top european teams,and subsequently we should give up hope of any trophies

      • Local Media pressure for Salvio? Otamendi has done nothing wrong yet so why to bash him. He was our best CB for years.But you people always call for trash players let them play better first in their club then in National team. Buendia never showed anything for Norwich they were at rock bottom in PL last season worst performing team.

        • “Otamendi has done nothing wrong yet so why to bash him. He was our best CB for years.”
          Ota is finished,just see the mistakes he did against bolivia,he is past his prime,he is not good enough for liga nos also

          “But you people always call for trash players let them play better first in their club then in National team. Buendia never showed anything for Norwich they were at rock bottom in PL last season worst performing team.”

          Only thing to say is,LOL . U r high on crack i thing? Somebody tell kavi bout buendia’s stats.

          • @nilaksha,
            “Ota is finished,just see the mistakes he did against bolivia,he is past his prime,he is not good enough for liga nos also”

            Can you please mention the exact mistakes Otamendi did against Bolivia?

          • Just tell point of time when Otamendi made mistake.You talk about Boundia stats which never materialized. What to do with stats with no result. If thee had been quality performance Norwich would not have hit rock bottom. Norwich played 38 games won 5 games lost 27 games and 6 draw. what stats you are talking about. No quality was there.

        • With Otamendi we will win nothing. @kavi what do you see from Otamendi. If he is that good he shouldnt be demoted from city to benefica. We shouldnt select players based on their past. We need to look current performances.

          • Otamendi’s current form is good. If we go by your logic Dani Alves should not have been in Brazil squad of Copa because he demoted to Brazil league,but he was best right back in Copa 19.Even Eden Hazard got promoted to Real Madrid but his performance got worse. Transfers does not define player

        • @Kevin, the stats Nilaksha is referring to can be seen in this Reddit post where he is compared to others in EPL:

          Some points:
          – Key Passes p90: 95.4% (U25: 4th, All: 10th)
          – Completed Passes Into Final 3rd p90: 97.1% (U25: 5th, All: 8th)
          – Completed Progressive Passes p90: 98.8% (U25: 1st, All: 5th)
          – Passes While Pressured: 99.3% (U25: 2nd, All: 3rd)
          – Buendia has elite Chance Creation ability, primarily by completing passes into the danger areas at a much higher rate than his peers.
          – A very direct dribbler; tries and succeeds at taking on defenders at a high rate, but because he has the ball so much, he also gets tackled and dispossessed a lot overall. However, his rate of dispossession relative to how much he is on the ball is actually not bad.
          – While he has stats that resemble that of a highly creative attacker, he has the possession and ball carrying ability of a Box to Box midfielder. Would come deep into Norwich’s defensive territory to claim the ball and was relied on to progress it up field and create shooting chances.

  6. God dammit the injury time started again, Something good was happening with Foyth after long time and now that too halted.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

    Would like to see Foyth playing as CB for us soon. Foyth – Quarta duo? or Romero-Foyth? We can slowly build a young set of defenders. Once the Copa is done. Would like to see Lisandro Martinez more too playing for the NT. Scaloni will hopefully start playing a younger defense vs smaller teams. Cant expect Otamendi-Pezzellla duo to serve us at the 2022 WC.

    • I like more Pezzella – Quarta

      Pezzella have experience, is a leader, Quarta have the speed, the skills and the talent. And big good thing : They will play together all the season and create chemistry.

      After i wish to see Romero, Foyth and Lisandro Martinez and Senesi have a chance but Romero need to continue to improve with Atalanta, Foyth to play with Villareal, Senesi to move in a biggest league and Martinez to be back as a titular with Ajax…

  7. I dont see any RB options rather than Molina or bustos for foyth replacement. Molina is looking good,i will also like to see bustos. He is quite good attacking wise

  8. Best forward duo Messi Aguero
    Best midfield duo Paredes Lo celso
    Best Defencive duo Otamendi Pezellla
    Best goalkeeper duo Emi Martinez Andrada

    Argentina Domestic league players are worse than Championship player in England. Players in River plate,Boca or other clubs can not compete with Championship players.Player like Armani would not be a first choice in any team of Premiere league but in Argentina he is starter. Armani does not have distribution, weak in free kick,slow reflexes, not agile, does not command his box, average handling, does not read the game well, no long passes accuracy. Worst goalkeeper of Argentina of last 30 years or more.

    • Very sweeping & unjustified verdict. I am sure u have not seen players like Almada , urzi, de la Vega or tacticans like gallardo . Defence maybe weak compared to Europe leagues. But attacking player talent is great. The now supposedly good ledesma was playing in Rosario central till few months back. It’s not that he landed in Spain & overnight became good😀

      • Players you describes are better than Oliver Watkins, Pukki, Bamford, Luke Ayling they all came from Championship.

  9. A player can not be called useless if he doesn’t score in some matches of club football. I believe lautaro is the best striker we have right now. Some time we praise him and some time we criticize him . I think we do it because we have high hopes for him. And I personally believe he has done great so far for our beloved argentina team. Because of his perseverance we could score the 1st goal against Bolivia. But we should be worried about Juan Foyth. Foyth is a great player. This time he has played 2matches and then got injured. Now scaloni will have an uphill task . Sarabia and Foyth are injured. Medina may not take part. Pezzela is also injured. Now it remains to be seen how scaloni deal with this situation. Let’s hope for the best. Vamos Argentina.

  10. a lot of times injury is a blessing for Argentina, it means a space to improve and bring new players and mostly did well unexpectedly. With the perfect 6 point in hands Scaloni have a time to use and try new playing plan. Start with in form and best player; although club level achievement sometimes not 100% equable to N/T performance as the role will be different. The ball movement and the players movement without the ball; shaky GK, defenders, good coordination between the mid and attackers; a double pivot DM are the area needed to be improved soon before it was too late.

    Papu, Correa, Palacios, Guido, Martinez, Dybala, Pezzela and Simeone ought to be given a chance as Lautoro, Ocampos; and Lo Celso are not at their best form at this moment.
    And, el capitano, Messi is irreplaceable

  11. My 23 for Nov matches based on form & some of Scaloni preferences
    1) Attack –
    Ocampos – Lautaro – Messi
    Subs – Simeone, Alario , JCorrea, Papu
    2) Midfield
    Locelso – Parades – DePaul
    Subs – Palacios , Dominguez, Guido R
    3) Defense
    Tagliafico- Otamendi- LMQ – Montiel
    Subs – Acuna, N Perez ,Molina
    Emi Martinez
    Subs – Ledesma , Armani ( i dont think Scaloni will drop him… loyalty factor )

    RC Lens in Covid breakout & no matches in last 2 weeks . Hence assuming Medina cant make it from travel & readiness pov. Pezzella is out on injury & same with Romero who anyway is not Scaloni preference.
    Between Otamendi/Pezella – Scaloni will keep 1 experienced guy as Starting CB. He wont go bold with 2 youngsters as CB pairing. Personally i would love to see Medina or Senesi starting as LCB & paired with LMQ.
    RB back up – with foyth/Saravia out – its maybe only Molina available . Especially if he again connects well with DePaul in Milan game later today
    Dybala misses – maybe he gets back to form with Juventus & comes in later.
    Dimaria / Nico G – will have to wait as its too crowded at top & cant drop JCorrea after LaPaz goal for now.
    Just cant ignore Simeone – 5goals in 6 Serie A games. Same with Alario. In case Lautaro is off color , we need options.

        • Yes . I am also a fan of licha. But I am basing this on how I think scaloni will decide. Licha, buendia, Romero, benitez are unfortunately not seeming to be in scaloni’s plan. Otamendi- I doubt scaloni will go with 2 young CBs seeing how he has selected . Since pezzella out, I am sure otamendi will get selected. I would love to see Medina – lmq starting.

  12. For the next argentina games

    —Gomez——Messi—–De Paul
    ———-Paredes—Lo Celso

    Honestly actualy Lautaro is TRASH with Inter and Simeone is very good with Cagliari.

    Of course Lautaro is the most talented but it’s a fact he is really in a bad moment and have no regularity.

    Same for Ocampos very bad since the begin of the year.

    Messi is bad too actualy but … Argentina need him.

  13. Damn. Foyth is one of the players i am really looking forward to seeing. Guess reinforces the concept that we need all able bodies. Copa and WC long road, injuries will happen.

  14. At least he’s not out for too long. But I fear that he and Lo Celso could have careers ruined by injuries. Foyth is very skinny and is gonna have to work very hard with his fitness to stay at the top level consistently.

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