Lucas Alario scores twice for Bayer Leverkusen in 4-2 win vs. Freiburg


Lucas Alario scored twice for Bayer Leverkusen in theit 4-2 win vs. Freiburg.

Alario continues his great form for his club. With Freiburg leading 1-0, the 28 year old was onto the loose ball and scored to draw Leverkusen level. The Argentine would double his tally, a ball played into the penalty area found Alario who would score to give Leverkusen the 2-1 lead.

Now on 5 goals in his last 3 games in the league, he now has six goals in his last five matches.


  1. Off the topic.
    At 39 years old, Zlatan Ibrahimobic has scored a brace vs Bologana, a brace vs Inter , a brace vs Roma and yesterday a goal + assist vs Udinese .
    Top scorer of Serie A with leading the Serie A with Ac Milan.
    This guy deserves respect 👏👏

        • I saw a video of him interviewing a guy for a job at his company……..asking him questions and one of them was. Do you believe in GOD to which the guy said NO….and then he asked him. Do you believe in Zlatan? and the guy said ,YES….he seemed to be pleased by that answer.

          Is he talented? Yes and then some, does he step up when he needs to? Yes he does Is he a talent to remember? YES he is but all he has done and will do could be taken away in a blink of an eye.
          When Christina scores, he jumps up and down like an idiot and points to himself. Like yes me me. I did that.
          When Messi scores, he points to the sky to thank GOD for allowing him to do what he does…plain and simple.
          You can draw your own conclusion but what is obvious is just that.

      • It’s banter mate 🙂 the “self-aware egomaniac” Zlatan is part of his act/persona he has put on his whole career. Comes off as extremely arrogant if you fall for it but really he is just very confident and having fun with this long running joke.

        In big contrast to Cristina Ronaldo who tries to pull of these Zlatan-esque comments in interviews, but not as a joke but with a dead serious look on his face. That’s actual arrogance and why he is widely hated while Zlatan is not. I find more insecurity in his persona than confidence.

        Then we have Messi… Cool as ice.

        • Read biographies of all guys

          1. Zlatan: He is really the arrogant one. He thinks he is god.
          2. Ronaldo: He says things to motivate himself. He puts pressure on himself so that he can perform. If he says, he is going to score in camp nou and win before the game, he has to do it, otherwise he looks like a fool. He is serious. That’s his way of motivating himself.
          3. Messi: The real talent, chilled and just performs. Self motivated to win. No need to talk, others talk for him.

          • ddr1123, I’ll admit I haven’t read their biographies (on my list!) but regarding Zlatan, I will insist that the cockiness is for entertainment and public image. He has been caught breaking character on a few occasions. On a personal and private level he is down to earth and humble. I’m assuming he is in character in the book though haha

            Source: I am Swedish

          • Vikin, I agree. I’m sure he’s confident and arrogant in some ways, as are many top level athletes, but its mostly an act. Zlatan feeds the meme at this point.

  2. I’m fed up with our players performing for club and not Argentina. But lately I see a different mentality when they put on that blue and white jersey..

  3. Some mundo members told that martinez has bad day vs southampton, i don’t know that they even saw the game,all 4 goals of southamoton are not stoppable with the perfect extreme corner placement finished.. Son don’t blame emi martinez unnecessarily

    • He did have a bad day, if you are a goal keeper and 4 goals were put past you you’d feel like crap regardless whether you were at fault or not.
      In saying that he’s been excellent overall thus far, so hopefully that won’t dent his confidence, but Villa really need to sort out that defense of theirs, because even the best GKs need their defenses playing well to continue to have the confidence to perform.

  4. Ok I got a chance to catch up on some football and here are my thoughts on our boys:

    In the attack :-
    Simeone and Alario are looking real good while Dybala and Lautaro aren’t, but that’s ok because as I said before it’s too early to start worrying or passing final judgment on anyone.
    I do have to say that I’m glad to see Alario doing well because he never got his dues at NEVERkusen but he is now and the kid is a legit talent who can make a difference.
    In Spain we’ve got Angel Correa doing great and really should get a call up. Ocampos had a good first half but went into Dimaria mode (headless chicken) in the 2nd half, which is abit frustrating. I really hope he finds the form that made him one of the best players in La liga last season.
    J.Correa has been up (at the CL) and down (at serie A). There is talent there but more consistency is needed.

    In the midfield and defense :-

    Celso came in for 20 mins and looked very solid (almost set Coco up within 5 mins). Jose is still testing his fitness and is being careful with him but make no mistake, Gio will be needed if Spurs are to make it this season.

    Palacios got 2 chances to show his stuff and failed to do so sadly, part of that is due to the coach robbing him of confidence but the biggest fault lies with him because you only get so many chances and you have to take ’em and he didn’t.
    Despite his abject form in Germany, his form for the NT has always been excellent and if he turns into a Romero type player i.e. CK for club but Superman for the NT, then I for am ok with it.
    Speaking of Germany Nico Gonzalez and Klimowich looked good the other day even if the latter was playing out of position.
    Nico Dominguez is another worrying case, the kid is so talented but is getting no minutes and it’s annoying to say the least. Mihajlović is an awful coach who wouldn’t know talent if came and bit him in the a** that’s why Bologna is languishing at the bottom half of the table. I really hope Bologna continues to struggle and Mihajlovic gets the sack.

    De Paul continues to kick a**, which is heartening to see and Pussetto is finally playing in his natural position and looked very solid. For some inexplicable reason Molina didn’t get any minutes despite playing an excellent game last week.
    Speaking of inexplicable, Licha Martinez subbed for Nico and got a full game for Ajax but Hagg has been benching him alot, yet he started him against Liverpool (the most important game of the season thus far for Ajax) even though the team had no injuries.
    Honestly I am sooner to understand women than I am to understand some of those coaches.
    Senesi seems to continue his solid form (don’t watch the dutch league much to be honest) while Martinez Quarta still seems to be finding his footing in a new league playing a system (3 at the back) he’s not familiar with.
    Madina hasn’t had a game in a while no thanks to Covid while Perez is still waiting for his debut start with Granada but overall those 2 give me hope for the future.
    J.Foyth is injured yet again sadly and he really needs to sort out this problem (happens every season) if he is to become a legit player because Emery really seems to like him and believe in him.
    Lastly the piéce d’resistance, C.Romero, looking very good with Atalanta but sadly went off injured and has no chance to get a call up, still he and Licha are 2 of Argentina’s brightest defensive talent and one of ’em needs to take Otamendi’s place in the NT within the coming year.

    Finally Goalkeepers:-

    Emi hasn’t had the best of time lately but overall he’s been excellent and I hope this latest game won’t dent his confidence.
    Musso is back and looked solid while Ledesma is starting to stake his claim but still needs more games under his belt to prove himself and really needs to improve his distribution if he is fight for the no.1 position.

    • What do you mean by Palacios is always great for national team he has played just one match for Argentina and he is performing badly for his club where he can get regular time. Quarts is above average player but not excellent.

      Emi Martinez is not good in set piecs especially free kick because he never got regular play,but he can improve on that area even in his last Arsenal days he looked too conscious about free kicks.Alll 7 goals which he has conceded in those two matches were unsavable.

      I think our best young defendesrs are
      N. Perez=Medina > Foyth > Quarta > Montiel

      • Palacios played against Colombia, Mexico and Bolivia (in altitude) and he was brilliant in all of ’em. He also played the entire second half in a friendly against Chile and was quite good there also, all that may not earn him a starting spot on the team but it certainly earns him a spot on the bench were he can sub for any one of Paredes, De Paul or Celso.

        Based on what I’ve seen throughout last season and the few games played this season Argentina’s best defenders are C.Romero and Licha Martinez. Quarta is excellent but needs time to prove himself in Europe. The rest remain as ‘potential’ candidates until proven otherwise.

    • Very well summarised Mamoun. I was very worried seeing quarta play like that. Hope he is better than Roma game. Peru game & Brazil /Uruguay in march will be his actual test

      • Yup it’s always worrying when you see anyone play like that, but I have faith in Quarta, he’s a quality player who needs time to adjust especially in a team like Fiorentina, which is built on ,shall we say, shaky ground!

        • Good sumMary of everything. I agree Lo Celso played very well. And about Dominguez I keep on wondering why this “Svanberg” kid seems to be getting more minutes than him. Is this kid really that good or is the coach just stupid? Because in my opinion Dominguez is far better.

          • The coach is stupid. Look Svanberg is good player but if you remember Bologna’s best match last season was their win against Inter post Covid and in that match Mihajlovic played a 4-3-3, which brought out the best in Nico and Svanberg. Hence afterwards you’d think that Mihajlovic would try that system again right? Nope, didn’t use again, EVER! And despite the fact that his team is seriously crapping the bed he continues not to use said system and THAT is the mark of an idiot.

    • Actually palacios is playing more than good for bayer Leverkusen, sadly he is not coach’s favourite. Peter boss wants different type of players who can impact in the final third consistently. However, demirbay or amiri is not good at moving the ball fast in the midfield, palacios moves the ball faster than them.

  5. Feeling sorry for emi martinez…seems like he needs to work out things in set pieces. Poor display yesterday against southampton. Hope he will bounce back soon.
    Any news regarding buendia transfer guys?!

  6. Happy for Alario, He looks more of a team player and Scaloni prefers him too, that’s a good sign. I for one is not so convinced with Gio Simeone,(even though he is now scoring more goals). But Alario looks better suited to Sub Lautaro.

  7. This 31st october was Sir Emiliano Sala’s 30th birthday. R.I.P legend,i know you are smiling from the sky 🙂 and celebrating your bday with God :’)

  8. He’s in crazy form. His goals are also good, not tap ins. Hope that Bosz for once isn’t stupid and keeps him as a starter when Schick returns. I can’t see schick scoring this many goals in so few matches. He is a striker deserving of a better team as well, is Carlos Vinicius on a loan with an obligation to buy or a choice at Spurs? Because one of their issues has been a back up to Kane (who is guaranteed to get decent game time with Kane’s injuries), and if Benfica recall him maybe Lucas Alario could go to spurs. Just my opinion though.

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