Champions League Argentine preview: Alejandro Papu Gomez receives Liverpool


Atalanta host Liverpool in the main match as Alejandro Papu Gomez will try to steal the show while Lautaro Martinez will try to give Inter the three points against Madrid and keep them ahead in the standings.

Despite not scoring in the last match, Alejandro Gomez has been in great form for Atalanta. Gomez will try to make it five goals in six matches this season on Tuesday. Lautaro Martinez and Inter find themselves in third place ahead of last place Real Madrid who have yet to win a group stage match.

Lionel Messi will try to make it three wins out of three as Barcelona host Dynamo Kyiv on Wednesday.

Here are the matches for this week:


Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Borussia Monchengladbach

Lokomotiv Moscow vs. Atletico Madrid (Ángel Correa)

RB Salzburg vs. Bayern Munich

Real Madrid vs. Inter Milan (Lautaro Martínez)

Manchester City (Sergio Agüero) vs. Olympiacos (Maximiliano Lovera)

FC Porto (Agustín Marchesín) vs. Olympique de Marseille (Leonardo Balerdi, Darío Benedetto)

Atalanta (José Luis Palomino, Alejandro Gómez, Cristian Romero) vs. Liverpool

FC Midtjylland vs. Ajax (Lisandro Martínez, Nicolás Tagliafico)


Istanbul Başakşehir F.K. vs/ Manchester United (Marcos Rojo, Sergio Romero)

Zenit Saint Petersburg (Sebastián Driussi) vs. Lazio (Joaquín Correa, Gonzalo Escalante)

FC Barcelona (Lionel Messi) vs. Dynamo Kyiv

Ferencváros vs. Juventus (Paulo Dybala)

Club Brugge vs. Borussia Dortmund

Sevilla (Lucas Ocampos, Marcos Acuña, Franco Vázquez) vs. FC Krasnodar

Chelsea (Willy Caballero) vs. Stade Rennais

RB Leipzig vs. PSG (Leandro Paredes, Mauro Icardi, Ángel Di María)


  1. Lukaku’s presence could have nullified the foreward movements of real’s fullbacks. He could have muscled and scored those chances.
    But, lautaro couldn’t do it all alone and obviously he won’t be able to, cause he is not used to play as a lone striker.

          • ” He could have muscled and scored those chances.” Cause you say that? Lukaku was never ever a big game player, and would have scored zero today too, Lautaro scored against Barcelona, Dortmund home and away, Real Madrid…Lukaku? Invisible man, Lautaro upfront with a second striker like Alexis or even Perisic would play much better than with Lukaku. Cause Lautaro is not a second striker and never will.

    • Btw logical error, “Lukaku’s presence could have nullified the foreward movements of real’s fullbacks. He could have muscled and scored those chances.” If that would have happened no room had before Lautaro cause Lukaku nullifies the fullbacks forward movements in your opinion, so every defender are behind and defending, much harder to score.

      • Agreeed with Csabalala. I have said it many times before, Lukaku takes away many finishing movement from Lautaro. Lautaro often drops for build up, Lukaku reaps the harvest. And the team is built around Lukaku, not Martinez.

        If Martinez was playing for any team with forward passing midfielders he would score 30 goals each season. Inter midfield is dreadful and their wing play is useless just like Conte’s fake hair.

  2. An old man’s stroll in the pitch for most of the time and a shot for goal, there he goes rodrygo. Taking up the headlines next morning and maybe a bit more followers in instagram!!
    What a life of luxuries these Brazilian kids live, isn’t it?

    Hype, hype…..and more…… hype.

    • Born in 2001, no argentine footballer with such a young age to play in european top5 leagues, not to mention performing in a huge club, only Thiago Almada is comparable to them, but he is still in a small club, where even spanish second division flop Matias Vargas was a star player.

      • Have ever heard of Ezequiel zaballos ? If not then go and watch. And yes if you entertain yourself through the statuses of one’s profession, I bet you must be no less than an English Tommy, frying rotten sausage on footpaths, and shouting out at others for their incapability.
        Won’t go rude but you, shouting out the word “flop” everytime you mention our talents is as hilarious as your infant posts. Nothing amuses me more than you calling our players flop.

        Hahahaha……..flopppyyyy…..isn’t it?

      • In which european club do play Zeballos? Btw he is not even a regular player there. Rodrigo was Santos star 1,5 years ago, i say only Thiago Almada is comparable with Vinicius and Rodrygo.

        • Like I said, your posts are childish and without a thought. And it seems to me that you don’t read enough, cause if you had then you definitely wouldn’t post BS again.

          Read my post properly before shouting European or barbarian clubs or league. Do that first.

          • Out of context? Yes again…read more…” no argentine footballer with such a young age to play in european top5 leagues,”
            “Have ever heard of Ezequiel zaballos ?” So please read more LOL before talk out of context bullshits.

    • For those that don’t know..

      “Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona will undergo surgery for a subdural haematoma within hours, his personal physician told reporters on Tuesday.

      A subdural haematoma is a serious condition where a blood clot develops between the skull and the surface of the brain. It is usually caused by a head injury.”

      • Yeah Subdural hametoma, unlike it’s more common counterpart the epidural one, occurs most commonly in older patients and it’s obviously very dangerous since the bleeding bridging veins cause a growing mass of blood that can press on the brain tissue and can eventually lead to disaster if unaddressed.
        All the best to Diego.

    • He’s been playing really well because Simeone is using him as a forward i.e. the way he should be used! I have to admit that it’s a testiment to Angel that he managed to become such an important member of the squad throughout the years playing as a RM when he is infact a 2nd striker by trade. Good on you Angel!
      He should definitely be in the squad, a skillful, hard working 25yr who can switch from a defensive position in a 4-4-2 to a forward position in a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 in a heart beat.

    • It’s quite clear by now that he wants to represent Argentina. Not Spain. Not Mexico.
      He turns 16 on the 18th of November. After that he can sign a professional contract, either with Mallorca or another club.

  3. Argentina coach and staff need to select best players as they have to make sure Argentina win Copa 2021 and WC 2022.They should not take pressure from local media or local clubs. Coach and staff’s first duty is to make a strong team, it is their job, there are many good teams in Europe and in South America you need best player in the pitch in every position unless it is too late, Covid 19 has already hampered the progress. Look at Brazil, France, Netherlands, Uruguay, Portugal,Germany, Italy etc they all have good players in their team. World cup going to be very tough even from group stage.

    • He should release it any day now… Only 10 days until Paraguay game. From what I remember, he has never announced the squad this late. Guessing the delay is due to injuries.
      Agüero, Pezzella, Foyth, Saravia all seem to be out. This could hopefully open up a spot for Romero and Senesi/Licha as CB.
      It also means we will need a backup RB for Montiel. One of Molina, Herrera, and Bustos are probably the likeliest candidates.

      • Yes, its too which is very much frustrating, anyways cristian Romero and emi Martinez should get integrated in the team ASAP, senesi deserves call and regarding rb I think Bustos is most likely to get called even though mercelo Herrera is good option too
        Last but not the least I hope scaloni won’t call someone like buffaroni because of media pressure

  4. Out of all our young defenders C.Romero is in fact the most tested he has secured a good move Atlanta is playing in CL and is competing at highest level in the Serie A. Tagliafico and L.martinez also is in a good club which will demand them to always be on their tows to perform at the CL. Whether we like it or not due to richness of UEFA, The CL football is were highest quality of club football is played. The more our players play in those highest standards the better for us. Its sad that none of our NT regular Goal Keepers are not even near the CL football.

    Since Andrada is injured i think its a free pass for Armani to start in the November Qualifiers. Only GK who have a slight chance to replace Armani is Andrada (For whatever media pressure etc. But Andrada is good Goal keeper too. He has well rounded game too) Rest all are in back of the picking order.

  5. Excited to see how Papu Gomez tears up that talented yet massively overrated rightback Trent Alexander Arnold

      • I think Romero is a fitness doubt, so I’d be surprised if he actually starts, I think Palomino will replace him.
        As for Papu tearing up Arnold, well if Klopp plays that ridicules high line defense he used at the beginning of the year, which caused him to eat 7 from Aston Villa then yeah I can see Arnold having another nightmare game but I think Klopp is way too smart to play a highline defense against a killer attacking team like Atalanta.
        Liverpool and Atalanta are both free attacking teams but for this game they need to play it safe and be abit conservative.

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