Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in 3-2 loss vs. Real Madrid in Champions League


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 3-2 loss vs. Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Martinez ended his short goal draught with his first goal in the Champions League this season. This was Lautar’s first gal since October 4 in Inter’s 1-1 draw vs. Lazio. With Madrid leading 2-0, it was a lovely back heel pass by Nicolas Barela which found the Argentine who would score to draw Inter level. He would also have an assist on Inter’s second goal, a header onto Perisic who would score.

Speaking in an interview with Inter TV and Sky Sport after the game, here’s what Lautaro had to say:

“It’s a shame because we did all we could to win. We didn’t get them playing as we want. We could’ve won; we created a lot of chances but couldn’t win. We need to keep our heads up, work and continue to move forward.

“What’s missing? Details make the difference. We need to be more alert for the whole 90 minutes. Critics? I work for Inter, for my teammates; sometimes I do well, sometimes less so. But I’m sure that I always give it my all to be at this level and I’m always calm.

“Now we just need to think about the game against Atalanta – a difficult match. Then we have the break and a lot of important games.”


  1. ————–Lautaro
    ——-Lo Celso—-De Paul

  2. There are rumours that Guido would not be included in the squad, don’t know how much of it is true but if it happens then Scaloni will call up Battaglia. Don’t forget that he was instrumental in our midfield when he was selected and was also good against Barcelona. He was to be included in NT for some time but his injury delayed the process. But I hope that he get the call-up if Guido misses out.

  3. Scolani should go for this lineup against Paraguay,


    EMI Martinez

    Montial , Q. Martinez Ottamandi Tagglifico

    De Paul

    King messi gomez Occampus

    Lutaro Martinez J, Correa

  4. I think Scaloni going to choose small squad this time only 23 players will be selected. I want to see Erik Lamela on the list he is doing great in Tottenhm Hotspur.
    1 Emi Martinez
    2 Musso
    3 Andrada
    4 Otamendi
    5 Pezella
    6 Nehuen Perez
    7 Medina
    8 Tagliafico
    9 Acuna
    10 Montiel
    11 Quarta
    12 Lo celso
    13 De paul
    14 Paredes
    15 Erik Lamela
    16 Gomez
    17 Rodriguez
    18 Nico Dominiguez
    19 Messi
    20 Dybla
    21 J. Correa
    22 Alario
    23 Lautaro Martinez

    • Nice list but where is Palacios? He has been an instrumental player for Argentina. And would like to see Romero/Senesi instead of Perez,he hasnt played much this season

      • For Palacios someone has to be sacrificed. I think our midfielders are good.Sensei can be included in palce of Quarta. Buendia is not selected because Argentina already have good midfielders. C. Romero needs solidity in his play and he is not starter at any club. Perez was starter at Famalicao, Medina is regular for Medina.

          • 😁 . He also didn’t see last season where Romero played almost all games at Genoa & was one of the best young defenders in serie a. It is for some reason that a CL side like Atalanta has picked him. Infact Perez is yet to get into starter slot in Granada. Also now he is a fan of senesi after his hilarious analysis last time.

          • Sensei is average player at best,Perez and Medina are much better as they are playing in better leagues and for Famicao Perez was great. I do not know what you people see in C. Romero he is average defender.

          • What a Reason! Better league lol. So there r 100 teams playing in Europes top 5 league. So there are 100 left backs who are better than Tagliafico? Doesnt makes sense

  5. “Diego, all the strength in the world,” Messi wrote on Instagram. “My family and I want to see you healthy again as soon as possible. A big hug from the heart!”

    • i’ve always loved this photo of Diego. He got shit from local media, of course, for swapping shirts with Freddie Mercury.

      • Not gonna lie,Diego is looking damn cool in Freddie’s Shirt. He him self is looking like a cool musician😉.
        Diego is rockin’ it

  6. Aný news on Christian Ferreira? The last time i saw him he looked damn good! A bit like Riqui Puig imo. Havent heard if him for months? Any news on him and Agustin Almendra?

    • SH75
      LIONEL SCALONI AKTA MOTHERCHOD..OR GAMEA NA ACE KONO PLAN NA ACE KONO SPECIAL TACTICS… ARGNTINA TEAMER KONO CONDOI NAI KHELAI…SCALONI MOTHERCHOD. ARMANI or abba lage, tak DEI GOALKEEPER, mertinez, musso,ledesmak bal felate nea jai SENSI/ROMERO AKHON OTAMENDIR CHE VALO forme tau dake na…salvio or mar sami lage tai squade rakhe..gomezer moto player chance pai na.

  7. Gk: EMI Martinez,musso, ledesma
    Def: monitel, bustos, sensi, Martinez quarta,Christian Romero,Medina,lisandro Martinez, tagliafico, , acuna.
    MF: palacios, lo celso, parades, de Paul, barco, Christian pavon
    Forw: Messi, dybala,lautaro,alario,thiago almada,Dario sarmaiento

  8. Why scaloni is waiting so much for announcing the squad, Does he need to see few matches to decide on players or waiting for someone’s availability?

  9. Where are our self proclaimed experts who were saying that TAA is a very overrated player must be hiding in their cave.

        • He is overrated as nothing else,cant defend . Leaved huge gaps in defence yesterday. Fortunately Liverpool were too intelligent in their movements and covered him up. Got brutally exposed in Aston Villa and Leeds match. Cant defend,just a cross merchant. Overall he is good,but not at all the best right back in the world. Its Jesus Navas or Ricardo Pereira,not TAA

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