Lionel Messi scores for FC Barcelona in 2-1 Champions League win vs. Dynamo Kiyv


Lionel Messi scored for FC Barcelona in their 2-1 win in the Champions League vs. Dynamo Kiyv.

Messi once more scored from the spot, this time giving Barcelona the 1-0 lead. He has now played 150 games in Europe for Barcelona, with 146 of them coming in the Champions League and four of them in the Super Cup.

The Argentine is also closing in on Pele’s record for most goals scored for a single club in football history. The record by Pele is at 643 goals while Messi has 638 goals.


  1. Bustos is ok for his attacking and dribbling ability. His defensive ability also decent but. But his height was the main reason to avoid Bustos. scaloni doesnt like these type of player becoz of height like Angel correa, BuenDia, papu Gomez, Bustos as a right back, Lisandro as a Centarl defence…

    • Height for a fullback does not matter and if you pay attention, most of our current fullbacks are not particularly tall: Tagliafico (172 cm), Acuña (172 cm), Montiel (175 cm), Saravia (178 cm).

  2. His dip in performance was expected to be fair, Cant expect an emotional player like Messi perform to his usual standards keeping in mind the Betrayal Barca board did to him. 20 years he served them and they betrayed him. Its not easy to digest that thought.

    It is what it is, I hope he finds a better playing condition where ever he goes next. lets wait for his next club Journey, Whereas in NT he looks happy nowadays, Which is what matter.

  3. Plastic fans of Barcelona has turned against Messi. I am glad Argentina nt management and players take good care of him. Team spirit and environment is high nowadays like that of Sabella era. Players are united and happy. This is very important in nt level because you have so little time for tactics.

    I am also happy that Messi reached out to Maradona despite cold relation. I think after seeing all of the misery at Barcelona, he feels more and more connected to his own country. Barcelona was never his home, it was a good business. Argentina is his home.

    As an Argentina fan, I will never abandon Messi. Sure, we have not won anything for a long time. Messi could not do it despite coming so close. I do not blame him rather will join him in share of pain of failure.

    Remember Brazilians were winning one Fifa best player award after another? Messi ended that. I believe with him we can end our trophy drought next year. I will never give up believing.

    • Messi even decided to leave Barcelona earlier in 2015 after tax evasion saying it was unhealthy environment and thought to go to Italy or back to argentina then idk what happened

    • Cant see any Barca fans blaming Messi tbh. You are probably confusing them with closeted Madrid fans. Like the editor of “Everything Barca” of Fansided whose instagram bio has revealed that he is a Madrid fan. Thats why he writes shit about Barca

      • This is really toxic. How come someone disguise as Messi fan just to slander him?
        This is sport not war. I think too many people lack any real job and purpose in life.

  4. Ocampos was excellent yesterday. With that kind of a horrible start he did extremely well. If only he develops the finishing he can be amazing for the NT.

  5. Pedro de la vega scored a tremendous banger from outside the penalty area in his team’s 4-3 loss against Sao Paulo in 2nd leg of Copa sudamericana, despite this loss, lanus has qualified to the next round. Thiago almada also scored for velez against peñarol through a penalty, and his team has qualified to round of 16 as well. Hope both of them continue shining for their clubs in next rounds of Copa sudamericana and also in argentine league that has resumed recently.

  6. Right Back position is the main problm right now. Now foyth is injured and saravia also. Some mundos member mentioned Molina as an alternative option. But my choich is Leonel Di Placido from Lanus. I think Placido would be a better option for back up right back. Yet i still blv saravia, Montiel, Molina, Di palcido both are bellow average playrr. But we don’t have any other option right now.

    • Di Placido, Jose Luis Gomez, and Bustos were once our promising right back options, but unfortunately none of them lived up to our expectations though Bustos is younger than the former two and can be considered for the future if he regains form. The three of them got called up by Sampa.

  7. Barca is on transition, sadly the coach and board wants Messi to lead the transition; as it should be the post era of Messi period. Griezmann, Dembele and Brainwaite did not cling well with Messi. Ansu is too young. Coutinho is proned injured. Puig didn’t get a chance. However, Pedri seems good along with Pjanic. Most probable, Barca will finish 3rd in La Liga below rival Madrid and hard to beat Liverpool and Bayern at QF. Not a bright season for Messi to end his career on his ‘home’ club.

    Hopefully the new board have something and interesting project in future. But Messi times is over at Barca. Preparing to freshen up with new adventure and journey

  8. His last goal from open play was in August. Let us hope it is just a loss of form and not something else (age catching up, less speed and sharpness etc).

    • Tbh Koeman is a shit coach he has no idea of football tactics , doesn’t know how to use Messi. Valverde was 100 times better than him. Barcelona will go trophyless this season with Koeman as a manager.

      • Koeman is more than happy that Messi is struggling for goals, exactly what he wants. He wants to undermine Messi’ importance and wants Barca to be Koeman’s team. Barca will realise at the end of the season, that Koeman is just another crap. By then they would have truly and terribly ruined what would be the last of Messi’ golden years. It is sad to think that Messi would be 34 next year, and his current situation of just struggling to score is unbearable to digest, never imagined this.

    • He played well . His dribbles ,first touch are still a level above all. What he is lacking is confidence and the sharpness in finishing. He did not score any open play goal for argentina also in his last 10 matches(al 3 goals are from pen)

      And Koeman’s 4231 system in general doesnt gives much space to messi. When he plays as striker,its the CAM(usually coutinho or pedri) gets bennefited and they occupy a lot of space. When he plays as CAM, griezman has to play as striker,and griezman’s understanding with Messi is not even a fraction of what he had with Suarez. So even though he is creating chances,he isnt being able to score

      • Simply…..he is disinterested with Barca now. No matter whatever the situation or how better the team is becoming from a generational point of view he knows that there are only 2-3 years at max and to build a well oiled unit takes time,so it’s just not happening. Logic and nothing else, we can’t expect him to have a stay and run again cause he ain’t getting any younger. Plus how koeman sets up his team is quite frustrating, he expects him to fill in CAM or CF or sometimes a floating false 9. But dickhead koeman doesn’t know Messi is 33 and not 23.

        Truth to be told, he simply doesn’t want to stay here anymore, his mind has well gone up long before that Bayern humiliation. And now, he is forced to stay and play here which wasnt going to work in anyway. I felt early in the season that he will slumber and see, this is what is happening right now.

        He still has time to leave and I think inter is giving him an incredible offer. Something unexpected, goona be interesting to see how the season ends.

  9. Messi took a very good free kick in the match could have been a goal.Barca players lack energy, for first 10 minutes they looked good but after that they could not keep it up. Barça needs young players and that does not teenage players. Busquet and Alba should be dropped.

  10. Messi’s worst run of form in terms of goals since he made his Barca debut. No goal from open play in 15 matches, since he scored against Napoli. Just to put things in perspective, Lewi has scored 26 goals, Haaland 17, CR 15, Fati 11 during this Messi decline in front of goal.
    Best time to play him midfield.

    • This man was playing every single minute for barcelona…. Koeman didnt even give him rest… He needs rest… He is not a machine….. Give him a break then lets see… P. S The penalties messi scores is won by himself…. He plays well than most of his teammates… Dont judge a player by looking at score sheets…… Just take messi out of barca….. The team is nothing but shit without him…. Zero chances they will create… Just give him rest koeman…. Please

    • I think both Messi and lautaro played lightly because of the qualifiers. But to be honest, I don’t expect anything from Messi now, and no one should. Let this man have his peace, he has served us for too long so if he have one worst season, then I will be happy. Cause I will know that he is a human too and not a fucking machine who works on orders.

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