Argentina draw 1-1 vs. Paraguay as Lionel Messi goal is disallowed


Argentina were able to get a draw as Nicolas Gonzalez scored while Lionel Messi had a goal disallowed.

Lionel Scaloni’s team did not have the best first half as Paraguay were controlling the ball. A penalty meant it was 1-0 for Paraguay. Exequiel Palacios had to be substituted off in the first half following double knees to the back. His substitute Gio Lo Celso came on and instantly had a good impact.

It was an Argentina corner kick as Gio Lo Celso took it. His cross found Nicolas Gonzalez who would head the ball to draw Argentina level. The first half would end in a draw.

The second half saw Argentina much more in control. Lo Celso looked to have had his second assist of the match as he played a cut back to Lionel Messi who scored. The team would celebrate but the referee would go to VAR and disallow it as there appeared to have been a found 12 passes prior to the goal.

Lionel Messi would come close to giving Argentina the lead through a free kick which hit the post. Scaloni would make three more substitutions as Angel Di Maria would come on for Lucas Ocampos, Rodrigo de Paul off for Lucas Alario and Nicolas Dominguez on for Lautaro Martinez.

Following the 1-1 draw, Argentina are now on seven points after three matches with the next one against Peru in a few days.


  1. if lo celso needs rest scaloni should bring in emi buendia….he should stop using palacios and paredes…im not against using palacios but he lack the creativity of buendia or lo celso…the team was just static before lo celso’s introduction
    I really like montiel…had a solid game

  2. RB or RWB is the main worrying things for Argentina as they don’t have too many options like CB. There are only few players who are capable of playing in that positions and most of them they don’t have European Football experience. I hope Renzo will return back to Porto soon. I am not too sure about F.Bustos or G.Montiel in that Position.
    There is one player I hope or may be fulfill that gap is Tiago Casasola…i am following him since 2014 when he was sign by Fulham as a promising teenager. He is playing very well for Salernitana at Serie B. I hope he will be in the Argentina Squad in the up-coming days.

  3. Argentina were very unlucky today…they should have won the game. I feel 4-3-3 should have been better N.Gonzalez- LS, L.Martinez- CS, L.Messi-RS.
    Players should be allowed to play according to their respective Clubs positions. It will help them to play their natural game and can adjust to the management very fast. Di Maria should not play as a Winger he should play as a RS..he loves to attack&score goals. Ocampos should not play as a LW….he’ll struggle there. Lautaro Martinez and Aguero is the same player..they should be allowed to play with 4-4-2 not 3-4-3-1,4-2-3-1,4-3-2-1.they can’t do anything alone..they are not Gabriel Batistuta.
    I am wondering why nowadays Managers are forcing players to adjust according to their ideas or tactics. They should be allowed to play where they plays the best football.

    • mostly I agree with you. Except the fact that Lautaro can do a lot by himself just remember the goal against Bolivia. Lautaro is strong but still young. I hope he still learns a lot from Lukaku… Sometimes I think Lautaro would be better as a super sub I believe he can change a game

    • Happy dipawali to all mundoalbiceleste members from Nepal.. Argentina don’t have any scarcity of talents..pls include Thiago almada barco, Adolf gaich ,Matias palacious.. give more chance to EMI martinez not Armani..when scaloni realize it..
      I don’t know why all of our Argentine coaches have a lame ideas to throw up fantastic players and select garbages..
      1998 daniel pasarella …. ignore fernando Redondo
      2002 bielsa … ignore saviola and put 35 yr old cannigia instead of him who never take part..and ignoring riquelme too
      2006 pekarman… ignore world class zanetti and including scaloni
      2010 maradona… ignore zanetti .. riquelme..
      2014 sabella… ignore tevez vanega
      2018 sampaoli …I dun need to talk about him.. every one knows
      So IDK 🤔 all Argentina Coach have a idea to leave great players and talents..
      But let’s hope scaloni realize it and select the best team

  4. Let’s accept the truth that Scaloni is not an experience coach. Argentina has alot of youth players who can win any competition. But our coach will cost us alot. We need an experience coach the earliest the better 4 Argentina

  5. I think Argentina is failing to establish good links from midfield to forward. Couldn’t cause enough threat in opposition’s dbox. Our attack needs to be much more fierce considering the quality in attack we have. I wish to see Papu gomez and Alario starting in the next match.

  6. Oh, so the ref was Brazilian. Hahahaha……..lolololol. what can I say more?

    Really nothing, if VAR is varzil and ref is also Brazil the what!
    Sorry guys I think Scaloni is finding it quite hard to put up the team. Since the start of qualifiers he has not timed the subs well and his selection of players has also been questionable.

    Need Romero, sensei and licha more.

  7. Generally I have been avoiding coming here due to the huge amounts of toxic people. But at least its game day today…

    Scaloni came out with experimental back line after Tagliafico injury. At first glance seemed like a back 3 formation but looking closer it was similar to the lop sided back 4 that scaloni has sometimes shown – in particular in a 6-1 friendly win against ecuador in 2019 where he showed a similar 3 and a half type backline. Here nico gonzalez played half back role with freedom to overlap and even drift into the box quite ahead of play, while montiel played a more traditional role with only having to stretch the channel like a more classic full back.

    On the other side Berizzo came out with a two step plan – double marking any argentine in the middle to push the play wide and making the most of his best weapon – miguel almiron. The winger kept Montiel pinned extremely wide on the touchline and help to open up the defensive right side half space hugely between Center back Martinez Quarta and full back behind zones 4 and 5. With a lack of press from argentina the defense and midfield of the guarani were free to find direct balls into this particular space for Almiron to chase. His pace trouble the argentine midfield so much that instead when he chose to pick the ball and dribble no one was willing to step to tackle, leading to a foul in the box.

    Offensively argentina looked toothless. Lautaro had a tough time deciding when to drop for mid field support and when to challenge space behind center backs. This combined with Ocampos not finding his role and spending too much time on the touchline resulted in not too much connection beween the back line and the forwards.

    After a cruel foul on palacios that went unpunished, lo celso came in and started to add more balance in the midfield. He was able to find the right moments to advance from his 8 position covering gonzalez and completely dominate the exact position that acuna never mastered when he played in midfield in the past games and that palacios was too hesitant to attack today. However with no direct threats in the half, and alario being missed, the paraguayans were able to compact the middle and nullify the attacks. The only albiceleste goal of the match coming from a corner after a long diagonal switch from martinez quarta in an effort to generate space.

    After half time, scaloni looked to balance out his forwards a bit more and also to add an extra overload to keep almiron engaged in deeper defensive phase by immediately switching Ocampos to the right at the open. This had benefit of Gonzalez now having more room to run direct on the opposite side and cause trouble. With Messi playing chief creator in middle and lo celso in support behind, a beautiful creative goal was scored between the three of them and then over turned by CONMEBOL incompetence (or corruption).

    Soon DiMaria’s was introduced on the right. While he did have an average game and did create some danger in one off moments, maybe keeping ocampos right foot on the right side to help alario’s introduction might have been a better tactical option than can be analyzed a lot in post game.

    In the end despite a shaky start, quite possibly due to the unsure nature of the backline, Argentina ended up with a very dominant possession game and showed one of their highest lines in the Scaloni era. Questions remain in using nico otamendi in such a possession set up that could expose both him, a slower footed 5, and a goalkeeper like armani who prefers to sit deeper in the future.

    Quick shout for my favorite players in this game to wrap up- Gonzalez, Lo Celso and Paredes.

  8. Scaloni must have learned after this match…. I am sure he would rectify it and we will comeback strong against peru…. I think messi should have been rested and dimaria should have occupied his place so that he would be fully fit against peru…. We need to win… On a high margin so that var could not come and spoil the party again… Its just one game and we will come back strong 💪🔥 vamos

  9. Commenting again after a while. I think we are missing the proper technique and tactics in the team. After lo celsos arrival, suddenly midfield became more fluent, de paul become more agile, if de paul and lo celso are two cm, than wr should definitely go for more physical dm likr guido or batta. Di maria suddenly bring the better version of montiel. Celso, maria and montiel linked well, same for nico and de paul. Coach has to find the best tactics. Why not try some new pair in defence against team like paraguey, if not now, when will he try. Messi was not at his best form, loose the ball frequently, why not give him a break and give gomez few minutes. Coach has to be brave to take some bold decision. We have quality palyers, but need a good tactacian to make it gel.

    • Yes. This is a match we shld have finished. We are not leveraging the 5man sub advantage which we have bcos of our bench strength. Sub cld have happened earlier & an off color messi being replaced by papu should have been attempted. Good part is that we have now regularly come back from a goal down & that shows mental strength. Germany, Uruguay, Bolivia , Paraguay. 4 comebacks in last 12 matches. Great show by locelso & nico g which Shld give coach more conviction to make changes & not stick to same player.

    • Let’s accept the truth that Scaloni is not an experience coach. Argentina has alot of youth players who can win any competition. But our coach will cost us alot. We need an experience coach the earliest the better 4 Argentina

  10. We need Proper DM. Paredes was responsible to shield the defence, Almiron run was solely on him. Messi also struggling a bit need another creative outlet like locelso.
    Locelso was the difference today.

  11. This is going to be hard guys. VAR has opened a new way of cheating and favoritism. I see this week in week out for teams like Brazil and Real Madrid. If certain team scores it just never goes to VAR. however, Argentina will have a hard time with VAR. we need to win by big margins. We need to have buffer of 1-2 goals. Which is not possible. So it’s just going to be super hard. Very sad.

    Good night amigos

  12. Europe is Europe
    SA is SA
    If this game was played in Europe the VAR would have not dissallowed the goal. Stop comparing with Europe. Europe gets easier qualifiers than SA. Any team in SA can beat Anyteam on their day. If Argentina played a strong European team today their tactics would have not been the same. That would be a whole different game.

  13. Scaloni is not perfect for arg team…he has no game plan..poor team selection.. Today’s 1st half was too much boaring… 2nd half was romancing

  14. Player of the match was easily the Brazilian ref Mr. Raphael Claus. VARZIL strikes again fucking frauds just put European refs here and South American refs there. Refs in South America are easily paid off 24/7

  15. Shame on that Brazilian referee for the way he disallowed that goal and didnt gave romero the red card for foul on palacios ( hopefully his injury is not much severe) such referees dont deserve to be referee of any match. But in the first half NT performance was not that great that needs to improved upon in future matches.Hopefully in next matches 4 man defence is used instead of 3 man defence since it gives better stability to Argentina NT Defence.

  16. Shit defense. Paredes can not snatch the ball.
    This Paraguay team is shit compared to European teams. I dont know what will happen if we play against big teams. Scaloni should change this defense immediately

  17. If they disallowed this goal for fouling someone 2 or 3 minutes back then why didn’t they disallowed Varsil goal against us. Clearly Otamendi and Aguero was fouled. Don’t know what to say! It’s gonna be tough for us to survive with this kinda corruption. However performance wise 1st half was bad and second half intensity of passing was good. But we need to be more creative in final third for sure.

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