Lautaro Martinez, Cristian Ansaldi score in Inter 4-2 win vs. Torino


Lautaro Martinez and Cristian Ansaldi both scored for their clubs but it was Inter with the 4-2 win.

Cristian Ansaldi would score against his old club. It was Torino leading 1-0 as they were awarded a penalty. The 34 year old stepped up and would score the penalty to double Torino’s lead.

Martinez would score the final goal of the game, the fourth one for Inter. A low pass into the Argentine who would score his fifth goal of the season.


  1. What shocking and saddening news. Diego Maradona gave so much to our country. He died too young, but it is a result of his multiple health problems over the years. It’s a shame to see someone so heroic and talented still have other issues β€” proof that even the most legendary people are not perfect. The football world will miss him, and Argentina itself is devastated. Rest in peace, king.

  2. que en paz descanse.
    Terrible news. Nothing to say today. Leave the same message that messi left as that is the best way to say.

    “Nos deja pero no se va, porque el Diego es eterno”
    (He left us but he does not go, because Diego is eternal)

    For us who watched him growing up he will always be the greatest ever. True david vs goliath.

  3. sorry from the friends here if i will look like over react but this is what i feel right now and i want to express it as it is truly and honestly.
    today i lost one beloved member of my family. this is Diego for me and a large number of people like me that we grow up and learn football from him. in my age especially and even for more young Argentines.
    it is not sadness what i feel. it is PAIN. pure PAIN.
    there is not enough space to write about him. i don t have power to write more either now.

    i only want to say that Diego was not perfect. he was human with a lot of flaws and a lot of mistakes but we loved him because exactly he was human. with his good and with his bad Diego was always the mirror of Argentine society. if you see Diego you see one classic Argentine. He was one of us. This is one of the reasons that he is loved and will be loved forever from Argentines.
    i am proud that i lived his era and when my time will come to leave this world when i will look back in time my past sure one of the things that i will think that i was blessed to live was the fact that i lived in the era of Maradona.

    one day we will meet again.
    just till then…. ADIOS

  4. I was just talking to somebody 2 days ago about Maradona. Telling him how bad I wanted that ICONIC 1986 ARGENTINA shirt made by Le coq Sportif growing up, that I would have killed somebody for one back then…………..I bought one about 8 years ago as soon as i saw it on my screen for the 1st time and I must have worn it half a billion times since then.
    I will wear that shirt tomorrow over my dress shirt to work and I don’t care who doesn’t like it.

  5. Diego Maradona.
    He is the reason i started watching and knowing football.
    He is the main reason i started knowing my beloved team, Argentina.
    He is relevant to many happy moments and memories of mine since my childhood.
    He is the greatest i have ever seen and a true rebel.
    He is my favourite player ever and he will always be in my heart, he will always be beloved.

    May God hug and rest his soul!

  6. “If you want to stop Argentina, stop Maradona. If Maradona stops, Argentina will stop.”
    A common phrase in his time. The legend is not dead …
    You will live forever from 1960 Thank you for everything. Farewell Legend πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ’”

  7. I don’t usually comment in this blog anymore. However, this is shocking, RIP Maradona. I always believed you were divine when it comes to football, the greatest ever to play on Earth.

  8. The best football player of all time undoubtedly. RIP Diego Maradona. We will miss you. No words to describe him, Saddest day in football history, 2020 really is a black cursed year by all means.

    Unfortunately nothing or no one lasts for ever. Other than memories of that person. Some names will last forever in people’s heart, all over the world, no matter years passes by, Diego Maradona is one of those names, like Che Guevara , Michael Jackson etc…

  9. The one that made me a fan of Argentina is no longer with us. What incredible sad news. The icon and best player that ever was and will be. Thanks for providing so much joy and excitement. Farewell hero. May you find peace in the hands of God.

  10. Roy Nemer! Do you know why Thiago Almada still not in ARGENTINA’S senior Squad? Also Luka Romero, Erik Lamela & Angel Correa! I don’t know why ARGENTINE football association is so stupid! So they can’t win any Major Trophy! They doesn’t use their young talents! See France, Germany, Netherlands they always use their new generation and Argentina?
    Even doesn’t have a good coach! How many best coaches are there in Argentina! Crespo, Batistuta, Heinze , Pochettino but still Scaloni is so inexperienced! I don’t know how Messi will win a Major Trophy with them !
    Post a article about it if possible

    • Scaloni is a good coach. He didn’t get a settled team like European heavyweight have but he managed to create a good team even result is also good. By the time 2022 wc comes he will make Argentina stronger and if Almeida, Romero etc performs he will include them in the team his main problem is that he is not brave enough and often local media pressure control his selection like armani still playing

          • It’s fascinating that he was tried as a RB. I always thought that at least in theory he could be tried as a RB. Let’s see if he gets more games in that position. Wouldn’t be the first winger to be converted to a fullback.

        • Jewel
          Hey idiot..
          Morons like you who are judging a player when having a bad game and especially players who have proved from previous games for what they are capable of, like Ocampos, are the main reason that many intelligent members who used to make constructive conversation in here are disappeared now or barely comment nowadays.

          So you better take your brainless comments and opinions and hide into your cave.


          • What a fucking brainless stupid you are!
            My comment was just about last game stupid. Anyway a bad day di maria is far better than ocompas. Just like a little baby don’t tell me about other members, i am here before you birth

  11. I had a chance to check out Nico Dominguez’s and De Paul’s performances and they were both superb. Nico played for about 20 mins and played in an advanced position, which is far more suited to him and he did really well, created several scoring chances and tracked back and defended diligently. When mihjalovic plays him as a box to box (in 4-3-3 formation against Inter last season or in a 4-1-4-1 in this game) he does really well because he’s an excellent passer, likes to go forward and has an eye for goal but at the same time he did start out as a no.5 so he knows how to defend. I really hope Mihjalovic learns something from all this and starts using Nico better because the kid is really good.

    As for De Paul, well as usual he was fantastic throughout the game, scoring, creating chances and tracking back. I read recently that he might be changing agents and might go with Mino Riola who happens to be the biggest footballing agent in Italy. If this comes to pass then you can rest assured that he won’t stay in Udinese by the end of the season.

    • I hope Nico Dominguez continues to play on a regular basis and develop further. We need depth in midfield in case Lo Celso, De Paul and Palacios are not available for whatever reason.

    • Well if De Paul joins Raiola then i am sure he will go to a big club with a fat salary. Raiola is prolly the best agent itw

  12. Looks like Gabriel Heinze might be moving to Atlanta, USA. Coudet also moved to Celta Vigo at a very bad time last week or so. Hard to see him avoid relegation and early firing.

    Not good decisions by two of the most promising upcoming current coaches in Argentina currently.

    • They have to move and cannot reject the offer, more luxury and more freedom, more promise in dream land to explore their talents as a coach, wish them a great success

      • Yes, can never be against anyones prosperity. Actually if Heinze successfully moves to US not bad for his career or wallet. Even a bad stint for him won’t effect him much for Europe later. But probably won’t be good for talents he will end up poaching locally.
        Coudet in more tricky position.

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