Rodrigo de Paul scores for Udinese in 1-0 win vs. Genoa


Rodrigo de Paul scored for Udinese in their 1-0 win vs. Genoa.

After helping Argentina to a 2-0 win vs. Peru in the World Cup qualifiers, de Paul scored the winner for Udinese on Sunday. The Argentine would receive the ball on the edge of the penalty area and his shot would beat the goalkeeper.

De Paul has two goals for Udinese in eight matches.


  1. Comparison is not showing disrespectfulness; its more on the role objectiveness and shown respect to the one who compares, that the ‘new’ one will able to follow or becoming better than the ‘senior’. Indeed we missed the earlier version of ‘old’ player.. Looks when Aimar, Riquelme or even Messi early rise, fans are calling them as ‘New’ or ‘Next Maradona’; it doesn’t mean we disrespect Maradona but showing our love and affection that his style will be continue by the other young players. I used to bring the names of senior player as we have experience and used to watch their greatness at N/T. and with that experience we should be improved and correct the mistake and take the glory back again with new face but with same spirit as 1978 or 1986. We need New Burruchaga or New Valdano…;-)

    Just my two cents.. Forgive me if it brings to misunderstanding, Blessed Tuesday

  2. Veron was never a great player. He was athletic, fast, he covered the field very well but he was not that high to point that an attempt of comparison with DePaul would be so disrespectful.

  3. Against brazil.. The squad should be
    …. Martinez ……
    Saravia-foyth- romero-teglefico
    De paul-parades- lo celso
    Messi-lautaro- gonzalez

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