Diego Maradona passes away at 60 years of age


Diego Maradona has sadly passed away at 60 years of age.

There are no words. The sporting world, the world, Argentina, has lost an icon. Maradona meant so much to so many people. He brought joy to millions despite publicly fighting his own personal demons.

Maradona wore the shirt of six different clubs, leaving a mark at every single one of them and obviously that of the Argentina national team. Arguably, his two biggest accomplishments were leading Napoli as champions of Italy and reaching the pinnacle of football when he lifted the World Cup.

However, his legacy is far more than that. Throughout the coming days, you’ll hear many stories about the great man. His problems off the pitch were no secrets. But his greatest accomplishment, in my eyes, is how someone so flawed off the pitch was able and continues to be able to bring joy to people through old footage on social media or memories of watching him.

If it’s your first time watching a Diego Maradona clip, you’re in for a treat. And if it’s not, you know the time you’re spending watching that clip is time well spent.

My apologies, this article is extremely difficult to write. Maradona had a mystical figure about him. A larger than life feel. A day in Maradona’s shoes must have felt like a century.

Thank you for everything Maradona and hopefully now that you’re in the Hand of God, you’re able to find some peace.


  1. Here is the Meaning of the song in my last post:

    -After one to nine is crossed, then comes ten
    -everyone plays football, but only one is the boss
    -With the touch,touch,touch of your feet, you gave the ball two wings (repeat)
    -maradona,maradona,ole,ole,ole (repeat)
    -viva argentina

    -I don’t know how far far away your country is
    -However far far away it may be
    -From very childhood I thought you were from my neighbourhood
    -maradona maradona ole ole(repeat)
    -viva argentina

    (note- the ‘you’ in this third stanza is linguistically different from the other stanzas, and probably refers to a street boy from kolkata while in other stanzas it refers to Maradona)
    -With hunger in stomach, strong nerves;hey boy, you fight
    -At the end of your road is football God
    -However much you get beaten down
    -you stand up and come back
    -From Cuba to Ghana “a book of fairy tales” in spanish guitar(is) Maradona

    -Maradona Maradona Maradona
    -ole ole ole viva argentina
    -You stood up after being continuously kicked and beaten
    -With you stood up the developing world’s pride
    -At the brink of extinction, you started Revolution with your left foot

    -After one to nine is crossed, then comes ten
    -In ten horizons,in ten directions,our desires spread their wings
    -In the dream colours of (Argentina’s) blue and white
    -Kolkata sings “Maradona,Maradona”
    -Maradona Maradona ole ole ole viva argentina (repeat)
    -viva argentina


    Maradona very appreciated Kolkata. He said that outside of Argentina and Napoli, this is probably the most love he has received.

  2. I am trying to post something from yesterday. But it always gets up for moderation. I am guessing it’s either too large or it is because of the links. I will break it up.->

    I am still proud to say that the first city in India that the football god visited was our city Kolkata in the state of West

    I had the desire to see him, but couldn’t get a ticket on any of the 2 occasions that he visited our city.
    So I saw him on tv instead and visited the places later.


    Here is a video song from that time of first visit.
    I am listening to this nowadays.
    Apparently, Maradona was told the meaning of this song and he was very happy.


  3. Reading the comments here from :
    Dfox1942, mmh007, cox4, shOvwar, mamoun elpipita, canadienroyal, Leandro, waveride, JSaroya, amit, rosubha, Dadir10, Rattlehead, Mik, 3rdWCisloading, Rhaelyn, chejose, Ghostdeini, Seba, Roshbin, ame, Prasu, mac131331, Bimal, Sajid Ahmed, Shakibkhan01 , Shakibkhan01, ian1wason, Insider, mohammed10, sujat, Abhishek, MDT, Undisputed12, Cleanball, Zoroaster, Godin11, Madara, EnganChe, HaititoArg, olive_majestic
    -and others, if I missed any-
    these comments gave me some consolation.

    I don’t think I will be able to watch any football for the next couple of months, but these comments gave me some consolation. I am hoping for Sabella’s recovery now.

    A local newspaper ran a small interview with an Argentine daughter in law by the name of Roxana Acosta Sosa in the city(Kolkata, West Bengal, India).
    She said she has a love-hate relationship with Maradona. While the man had flaws which she hates, but there is no way she can also not love other aspects. Her very identity is associated with that man. When she met her Bengali Indian husband online, the first thing she was asked was “Oh, so you are from Maradona’s country?!”. And she has visited other countries like Indonesia and Thailand. And everywhere she is described as a girl from Maradona’s country.

    Another football loving state of India – Kerala – declared 2 days of mourning for Maradona.

    And lots of people from the Indian subcontinent(including footballers and other sports people) – India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives – have poured their love and respect for Maradona.

    Many footballers from the subcontinent has expressed something like “Maradona is my football god” or “Maradona is the greatest footballer of all time”. Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly actually wanted to be a footballer and descried him as “my hero”.

  4. Alan Velasco seems a good talent from Independiente, goal plus 2 assists vs Felix in Sudamericano and now goal plus assist again in Primera. A good dribbler. There will be a lot of attacking talents who can play in next U20 tournaments. Thiago Almada/Alan Velasco/Zeballos—–Matias Palacios/Dario Sarmiento (2003), Miljevic—De la Vega/Alcaraz/Luka Romero (2004). The problem all of them are very short. Alcaraz (winner goal yesterday) 176 cm and De la Vega 175 cm are the tallest, Zeballos 174, the others near or even under 170cm, so at least one higher guy needs to play with 2 shorter. CF position is not that bright. Good list from possible players in this 2001+ category: es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selecci%C3%B3n_de_f%C3%BAtbol_sub-20_de_Argentina

  5. I am still struggling to get over his death.
    So many big names from my own country and so many celebrated people that I admire died in 2020. Many of them hurt, but none as much as Maradona.

    My earliest memories of Maradona was Maradona loosing in 1990s final due to that stupid referee.
    He was playing with injuries. But if it wasn’t for that stupid referee Argentina might have still won.
    I was very little then, and certainly didn’t understand much football.
    But that image of Maradona crying still hurts. Only when Argentina wins another world cup will it calm down.

    I really wished that Maradona could see his beloved Argentina win again in his lifetime.
    I desperately wanted 2010 world cup to be won by Argentina because Maradona was coaching.
    But it wasn’t to be. And again it was so close in 2014. But it wasn’t to be.
    He died far too young.

    I have watched most of the world cup matches of all the football greats on the internet starting from 1950s.
    I have no doubt that Maradona is the greatest of all footballers.
    Messi is a close second. But there is something that only Maradona had.

    I learned that his final resting place was next to his parents.
    Rest in peace, DIOS.

  6. I ‘ve been trying to type something on this site for the past 2 days and every time I do, I end up erasing it, starring at the screen for a min or so and then closing it.

    Life goes on and the world doesn’t stop spinning for anybody but experiencing a loss STAYS with you forever and its always in the back of your mind………i know first hand about that after my only brother/closest person to me and my best friend passed away suddenly 5 years ago, I learned to cope but him not being here never heals.

  7. Ok so I just got to catch up on some CL games, due in part to Diego’s sudden passing, which kind of upset me to the point of temporary depression, to the point that I didn’t feel like watching any football at all for the last 3 days.

    Anyhow, here are my thoughts:

    C.Romero gets the highlight here, I’ve been singing this kid’s praises since his second season with Genoa and he’s just getting better and better, he’s still not the finished article because he did have a momentary lapse that almost cost Atalanta a goal but damn! If he keeps going like this he’ll end up on par with Garay who I consider to be football’s most underrate defender and Argentina’s best defender of the 2010s.

    Ocampos, honestly I love this kid, such a physical warrior. I’ve seen him play as forward (left and right), winger (left and right), midfielder (left and right) and even goal keeper (actually made a vital save last season if you all remember). Now he’s playing RB, and for the *second* time this season and he was pretty good! A true renaissance man/footballer.
    Nico Gonzalez is challenging him head on for the LF position, which is a good thing but Ocampos should be part of the NT setup even if he’s not starting.

    The 2 Correas did well, J.Correa is performing with more consistency for Lazio (his inconsistency has always been a source of criticism for him) but I still feel that he should be in his natural position (enganché), a position that Maradona (RIP) occupied in the 3-5-2 system.
    Angel was very good as well and he too is gaining importance for Atletico, he always played regularly but wasn’t a starter but now he seems to be be one of the first on the call sheet and it’s good see. Ofcourse it helps that he is playing as a forward in a less defensive/stiff Atletico system.

    Lastly Ajax, man Haag’s treatment of Licha is confusing as hell, he started him in the toughest CL games but in this game he didn’t. I just don’t know what he’s trying to do, you’d think that after having played the most number of minutes of anyone in Ajax last season and his superb showing against Liverpool, Licha would be the first one on the defensive call sheet.
    With all that being said Licha did really well when he came in and even had a good shot on goal so hopefully Hagg gets his head out of his orange butt and starts using Licha like he did before.

    I didn’t bother with Barca, Inter and Marseille’s games since the former had no Lio and the latter 2 apparently weren’t worth it.
    Did any of you see these games? Did Lautaro and Balerdi do ok?

  8. During the few months with no football games due to covid, I watched some Argentina 80s vintage games(friendlies, copa and wc), it changed quite a lot my views on Maradona. He was not just magical as playmaker, I also saw a real fighter on the pitch, always running and helping others to defend like a horse, dropped deep and played as 6 very often in order to win back the ball. The other great thing was his professionalism and team spirit, he never yelled on his teammates and always encouraged others. His behaviour on the pitch is a true example for all football players.

    • this was the difference between Diego and other legends of football. his way of leader was to run for the others too. not just let the others run for him. when his teammayes was watching him to be the first that enter into the “fight” they just didn t have other choice than to run beside and try follow him. this was his way to inspire as leader inside the pitch.

  9. Yesterday watching Diego s funeral and what was happening in roads during his last trip from Casa rosada (Presidental palace) to the cemetery of Bella vista make me realize so many things. i realize that i am not young anymore. Diego was my childhood heroe. now that he is gone it means that i am not as young as i thought. i realize that he was not just a football legend for Argentina. he was something beyond that. he pass that border. as long as i live i haven t see something like that. i haven t feel something like that. There is no other living person that can make bigger impact to the lifes of Argentines anymore. Not in sports not in politics not in science not in culture. NOWHERE. to say it simple there is no other Argentine that his loss can cost so mach pain and sadness in Argentine people.
    i feel so empty anymore. i am dry from tears anymore. i feel that my desire for football is not same anymore. something inside me is not same anymore.

    i believe after Messi retire from national team the number 10 of Argentina national team should retire permenetely. i feel it will be shame for all of us Argentines to allow after Messi somebody else wear the number 10. it will be like sacrilege.

    • No it won’t be a shame if someone else wear no.10 shirt of argentina in the future.
      I m sure we will have another world beater very soon to wear that no.10.
      So, in my views it would be an inspiration thing for next generations to wear that no. 10 shirt which was once wore by Maradona.

  10. Listening to Klinsmann’s interview about Maradona he said “Watching him warm up in the pitch while the songs are on you already lost half of the battle”.

    You see how the biggest opponents were scared of him? Enormous talent and huge leadership in one person.

    • All his direct rivals and even lots of Brazillian legends praised Diego, so its really funny when some of these haters/journalist focusing only on Diego’s bad side even though everyone including them has a flawed life aswell. They rarely mention how George Best was an alcoholic and died from his addiction while Diego didnt even die from addiction.

      • Those idiots tried hard to take everything away from him, but they failed badly to plant their toxic propaganda in people’s hearts and minds. Whether they like it or not Diego was and will always be the real definition of football.

  11. Guys, just a strange thought appeared to me. What if Diego’s body can be preserved by freezing? I saw a documentary a few days back where many rich people in USA are opting for cryogenic preservation of their bodies after death with hopes for revival in future. I don’t know how realistic it is to hope for revival, but is it worth a try? What are your opinions?

    Surely Diego fans can raise enough money to freeze his body. And may be he really can be revived someday.

    • The urge to preserve a beloved or respected figure is nothing new.
      The ancient Egyptians used to preserve important people with hopes of revival.
      I guess I am a modern day version of ancient Egyptian.

      Preserving the body is probably the most realistic way of hoping for a revival. I mean, we are certainly no where close to the technology of a time machine or a past information collector, and many physicist believe that time travel may be impossible.

      Neither cremation, nor burial preserves the body. During cremation the body gets turned to ashes, and during burial, the body gets decomposed by microbes and maggots.

      About a year ago when our beloved cat died, I wanted to preserve his body too. But I simply don’t have the money or means to do so. Lately I have been watching a lot of videos about cryogenic preservation.

      I believe it is possible that in the future, cryogenic preservation of dead bodies will be the norm. May be can start the trend with Maradona. But we have to do start quick if we are serious about it. Otherwise the body will decay too much.

  12. I am not Argentine, but from the Indian city of Kolkata .
    To me football means Argentina and that is only because of Maradona.
    I can’t express how deeply saddened I am. I have been depressed the whole day, but still don’t feel much better. Even though I have never met him in person.

    I have lost my football hero and football has lost the Greatest Ever.
    RIP Diego.
    And if possible, come back someday.

  13. What can i say about Diego Maradona! I have mentioned in the previous thread what he means to me but it is impossible to describe with words what he really means to me and i am sure that the same goes with everyone else in here. This is just because words are falling short in front of him, especially when they are coming out from someone like me who is not good with words.

    I think that the legendary painter Salvador Dhali has said one day: “You should not worry about perfection, simply because noone is capable of reaching it.”. Well, for once again, Maradona proved him wrong as well. In terms of football, no player has ever reached perfection, noone, except Maradona. He was the only one who did it and no other player can ever be compared to him. In terms of football, there is no doubt that he was the greatest and most spectacular that ever played the game. But everyone knows that, i am not saying anything new right now.. But it is more than football..It is much more..

    Apart from his unique talent in football, he had an unique character as well..Apart from his flaws, he had something that very few people have. I am saying this because as an individual, i have many flaws and one of the main reasons that Diego has earned my eternal respect is simply because he was “real”! Simply as that! Believe me, it is very difficult to be your true self and defend your beliefs at any costs and Diego had the character, the attitude, the balls, the heart to defend his own beliefs, he was always his true self, he never pretended and he didn’t hesitated just once to go against any authorities, hypocrites who unfortunately had and they still have the power and money to control football and the majority of things in our lives! Maradona never hesitated to fight the corrupted system in order to defend his pure beliefs and he did it until the end. He chose to do that, while he had the opportunity to use his name and fame to be a part of the corrupted system and gain power from that but no, he chose to fight it despite the consequences. He chose to start a war that he knew from the beginning that he was going to lose it, but he is a winner for us, because he was just one of us!

    I can dare to say, that Diego Maradona helped me to be a better man, being a living example of trying to be real and not a fucking hypocrite and to defend your pure beliefs and ideas at any cost. It is not a coincidence that he had the opportunity to go at every team he wanted to but still he chose the poor team from Italian south, Napoli, nor that before the start of 1990 wc semifinal between Italy and Argentina, the majority of the crowd in San Paolo was cheering his name! It is not a coincidence that Sao Paolo will take his name!

    We can all write down as many words we want but as i said words are not enough to describe Diego and our eternal love and respect towards him! He was the greatest player ever, a true fighter, a true rebel!

    After all, as Eric Cantona has said: “Music has lost Mozart and football has lost Maradona!”.

    You will always be beloved and respected our dear brother!

    May God hug and rest your soul.

  14. The one that made me a fan of Argentina is no longer with us. What incredible sad news. The icon and best player that ever was and will be. Thanks for providing so much joy and excitement. The legend will live on forever. Farewell hero. May you find peace in the hands of God.

    • Actually sabella has been having health issues for many years now. Not just recently, after World Cup as well.

      He has become very thin as well. Sad to see.

  15. Deeply saddened by his untimely demise..I was jus a 3 yr old kid in 1986..my dad brought a black and white TV that time in Kathmandu Nepal..all were chanting maradona maradona maradona.. Argentina Argentina Argentina..then I was a die hard fan of Argentina..I love blue and white shirt coz of diego..
    I saw his crying in 1990..saw his gem of a goal vs Greece 1994..FIFA cheated on him and Argentina team he was out of world cup.. again he was back as a coach try Everything hard for the team.. attack attack attack was his theme..
    He was truly a genius.

  16. One
    & Only Diego Armando Maradona..The legend never dies thy still shining in everyone’s heart ..Love ……you… Diego love u love u..

  17. There is nothing to say about the loss. We love him. We r not Argentine but we love Argentina becoz it was Maradona. Our love start because of the charisma of Maradona. We love him and his country. If there is no covid then people of Bangladesh will come to street to gave their condolences for the greatest. Love u Maradona.

  18. All hail Diego Armando Maradona.. My love for albiceleste began with Diego’s charisma, his geniusness and his passion for the game.. I was 6 years old when I saw Maradona crying in the TV as Argentina lost against Germany in 1990..immediately my little heart was melted by the man’s tears and I fell in love love with the Argentina.. Thanks Diego for making me love this game and Argentina.. You always will be remembered by football fans as long as this game exist..

  19. The team for which there is so much passion, so much love, so much sorcery in football and the legendary Argentine player who has been supporting Argentina since 2010 to win the title # Diego_Maradona is no more: 🥺🥺
    I was, am and will be a supporter of Argentina.🇦🇷
    I am not an Argentine 🇦🇷.
    I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩.
    we will miss u legend 😭😭
    Good bye forever ❤️💙💔

  20. Indeed is it sad moment today is my birthday even I can’t believe we lost an icon and legend for world football I never had the privileged to watch such a legend like him I was not born in his ERA I heard he was above everyone else he was incomparable. We ❤️ 🐐

  21. Today is a sad moment for football fans specially we lost a player that inspired many people for generations around the world . We will miss u a genius, an artist , and a footballing GOD. There is only one Diego Maradona they will never be another like u. May u live in our memory forever. I pray u find peace where u LEGEND RIP. You will go down in history as the greatest footballer player ever in the history of football. We ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. there was a banner in Argentina few years back saying; ‘It doesn’t matter what you have done with your life, it matters what you have done with our lives’…

    A tribute to the the man who conqured the world with football on his feet

  23. Such an inspiration to me… He’s the god of football who made me adore Argentina as a national team, I am so honoured to be one of those who watched his magic when I was young and he taught me how to be a leader & a fighter for his country… Rest In Peace Diego! this day won’t be forgotten because a true legend has left this earth to a better place… Football after Maradona won’t be the same…

  24. Argentina Fa Board Must Do Some Thing And Encourage All Staff and Players To Win Next Upcoming Worldcup For Diego🙏 Its A Request🙏 We Have The Talent!! See You Forever Diego😭

  25. RIP Legend…. There will never be the likes of you. A true legend and the OG “crack”. He brought joy to millions of people and will be remembered until the end of time.

  26. Argentina team, Messi and all other players, you have no choice now. YOU HAVE TO WIN IT ALL FOR DIEGO. Kobe Bryant, who was in Italy when Diego was single handily powering Napoli to unthinkable heights, idolized Maradona. He said Maradona was his idol. Kobe died tragically in January and The Lakers, to a man, vowed to win it for him. They played possessed. They played like not winning it would have been disrespectful to Kobe Bryant memory. And they won it, they won the chip. Argentina players, Argentina federation must do the same thing. Do it for Diego, do it for his memory. Play possessed from now on until you lift it, for Diego.

  27. Right before the 86 world cup my dad bought the first tv of my family .he did not hear much about argentine football before that . And then maradona happened . My father was so fascinated by those magical goal . Even now he tells me sometimes about those magic dribbling , that celebration , the crying in 90 world . Maradona became the synonym of football in my family .

    You will be missed maradona and no one would fill the gap that you left. Rest in peace.

  28. 💔💔😭😭RIP Diego. Rest In Peace Champion. You inspired millions around the world. You were magical on a football field, any football field. Eyes, cameras lenses, will literally be fixated on you. Every game, any game, so as not to miss a magical touch, a spectacular pass, an ankle breaking destruction of an opponent, a dribble, a shot. We all were fixated, mesmerized. Rest easy Diego, thank you, thank you and thank you for the memories. Thank you for the joy you put on so many faces. I called myself Diego Armando Maradona. People still call me Diego, or Maradona, to this day. 💔💔💔😭😭😭. RIP Diego.

  29. Ortega,Aimar, Riquelme…….so many to name….why I love this color. But Maradona made me a fan of Argentine forever. Batistuta and Messi made me love this color further deeper…..!

  30. No matter what he did off the pitch on the pitch he was a genius. He brought me joy and when i watched Maradona i could forget all my problems. Diego on the pitch was magic there is no other word to describe the present of Maradona in a team.
    Rest in peace Diego and thanks for everything.

  31. This is the first time I’m posting here. I grew up in Tanzania (we love soccer there) now I live in Canada. Maradona was the reason I love football and starting playing and watching it and ever since I have been an Argentina fan. Even though I’m not an Argentine but every time I watch Argentina play it’s like my country that’s playing and that’s all started because of this amazing soccer player. RIP

  32. Most of the new upcoming talents who wore No 10 jersey were always been nick named as the “New Maradona”, Ortega, Riquelme, Aimar, Messi, Tevez etc etc. He was, is and will be the bench mark for all Argentine football players.

    Even though in 1978 was our first WC trophy, The 1986 WC win under Maradona is what really made Argentina NT iconic and made fans all around the world. Due to Maradona…

    He will be in the Memories of all the football fans forever. No matter what year.

  33. GOAT. I am a soccer player cause of Diego, he made me a Argentina Fan in 1986 and I have been #1 Fan since then, i even got calls from people i havent even talked to in years to mourn Diego’s passing Away. He will Be always missed. RIP King, the GOAT by miles something the young and new generation doesnt know. (Sad)

  34. The man who made us fall in love with Argentina’s football, a real magician and an idol of young kids to follow his step and brilliant in football arena.

    The Hand Of God is resting in the Hands of God now. Gracias! we all missed you and you always remains in our heart forever.

  35. His performance at WC86 will stay forever in people’s mind. I haven’t seen any similar individual performance so far in a competition. Maradona is non comparable with his charism, his leadership and his incredible skill and creativity. The best #10 ever. Like many fans here, he made me love football and made me love this selection. We will miss him.

  36. The only thing to do now is celebrate Diego’s legacy. Never again never before will you see a magician win the biggest sporting stage with 5 goals & 5 assists including the cherry on the top that was then rightfully called the goal of the century.
    To think today of a Newcastle , Brighton level team winning premier league is the insanity Maradona achieved with Napoli in 87.
    Unparalleled in living life with no pretensions , Maradona was the most passionate love affair a fan could dream for. Will live in our heart forever ❤️

    • Nice to hear that the local league tournament will be called Copa Diego Maradona this year. Also Napoli mayor wants to name San Paolo stadium as Diego Maradona. A perfect tribute

  37. Honestly, we human beings are funny creatures, I just heard about his passing and I am tearing up (luckily you guys can’t see me). Honestly it makes no sense I didn’t know the man from Adam, never met him, I am not Argentine, never been to the country and have no connection to it, yet……..
    Diego made me love football and will forever remain a bridge between all that is human (flawed) and otherworldly (genius).

  38. He is revered as a God in the part of the world where I come from, Kolkata. Diego visited here twice , last in 2008 . I tried to buy a ticket to watch him live, but wasn’t able to get it. One of my senior friend got it, when he came back told me …”I’ve witnessed God in front of me”

    I am away from my home now, but can sense the sense of grief back home, specially among my seniors who were lucky to see him in ’86 WC.

    • safe to say – any person living in asia & blindly supporting Argentine National football team is only because of the love & gratitude for Maradona

  39. sorry from the friends here if i will look like over react but this is what i feel right now and i want to express it as it is truly and honestly.
    today i lost one beloved member of my family. this is Diego for me and a large number of people like me that we grow up and learn football from him. in my age especially and even for more young Argentines.
    it is not sadness what i feel. it is PAIN. pure PAIN.
    there is not enough space to write about him. i don t have power to write more either now.

    i only want to say that Diego was not perfect. he was human with a lot of flaws and a lot of mistakes but we loved him because exactly he was human. with his good and with his bad Diego was always the mirror of Argentine society. if you see Diego you see one classic Argentine. He was one of us. This is one of the reasons that he is loved and will be loved forever from Argentines.
    i am proud that i lived his era and when my time will come to leave this world when i will look back in time my past sure one of the things that i will think that i was blessed to live was the fact that i lived in the era of Maradona.

    one day we will meet again.
    just till then…. ADIOS

    • the successor of Otamendi, physical, dominant in the air not bad with the ball, good tackler, agressive, yes and he is not slow at all, maybe our fastest CB with Foyth.

      • Young and playing at the highest level . And Atalanta plays with 3 cbs and he’s the middle one . His position is no joke and not everyone can excel at the 3 back line

  40. Nothing against Balerdi (or Nehuen Perez) but today matches show clearly how far Cristian Romero is ahead of him (them) atm. And even over Quarta and Kannemann. Wake up Scaloni. Plus Senesi and Emi Martinez.

      • I have watched the entire game, he was the MOTM. Right now he is our brightest defender. As a young defender, playing in Serie A regularly transformed him into a monster and he settled there very well. I think Perez isn’t far behind Romero in terms of talent, but Balerdi looks very raw. Quarta is a new comer to European football, so let’s not judge him quickly.

        • In terms in performance and the level
          He is playing i can confident say
          He is the best Argentina defender now
          If scaloni don’t call him in next qualifier matches.
          It will be criminal against football
          C Romero said his main goal is to play arg nt certainly he deserves more than any other defender not only get call up but he should be starting.

  41. Maradona was my childhood idol. He made me proud to be of Argentine heritage. He gave me so much joy and pride throughout my life. Despite his problems his football brought happiness to millions and gave my beloved team their second star that means he can never die, Only belong to the ages.

  42. I was very choked up and in tears when I saw this. My wife could not understand as I grew up idolizing him as every pibe(kid) does in Argentina. While he is only 10 years older than me, at 14 or 15 I witnessed his glory and how unstoppable he was. While there are many comparisons, he never was shy to take on any fight, and didn’t apologize for his desire to dominate. For all his problems off the field, his dominance on the pitch molded many of us, to take on any fight. Rest In Peace. Lo Mas Grande.

  43. I am reposting this since this article came out when I commented on the previous one— What shocking and saddening news. Diego Maradona gave so much to our country. He died too young, but it is a result of his multiple health problems over the years. It’s a shame to see someone so heroic and talented still have other issues — proof that even the most legendary people are not perfect. The football world will miss him, and Argentina itself is devastated. Rest in peace, king.

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