Former Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella in poor health, in hospital


Former Argentina national team coach Alejandro Sabella is presently in the hospital in poor health.

Alejandro Sabella has been in the hospital since last week and new reports emerging out of Argentina state that his condition has worsened. The former coach has had health problems since the 2014 World Cup and appeared to have been doing better last year.

Much strength and prayers to Sabella on a recovery.


    • He has that in Emery, who apparently asked for Foyth specifically. Juan is gonna get (hopefully) a good amount of Europa league games to get his confidence up and in time he’ll get to start in important games just like Celso when he played for Emery at PSG. Although Foyth needs to stay fit, which is something he’s been having great difficulty doing.

  1. C. Romero is currently best Argentine centre back. I always say its Romero and Foyth. But foyth need some game with his club. Hopefully near future it will happen.Now its Romero time with Quarta/Ota/Pezzela

  2. Lmq will come good it’s ok to struggle little
    When moved new club and country but all people experience Otamendi who played portuguese league before is really struggling in benfica.I can’t figure out why he still considered number 1
    C Romero case no one can explain why likes
    Balerdi, Perez even medina still ahead of him.I can only say is Argentina managers classic this is becoming something traditional for every arg manager to make wrong choices when it comes to selecting players however i can say scaloni choice of players are good except few head scratches like ignoring C Romero, E.Buendia M.senesi and juan musso not starting as first choice golie.

  3. LMQ has been in the bench for Fiorentina for last 3 straight games, after his horror show against Roma.

    Balerdi too raw. Perez has a bad manager. In last game, perez played good but still was subbed off after 66 minutes. Atletico fans are not happy with the situation.

    Scaloni is making a mistake. He is ignoring more mature youngsters like Romero, Martinez and Senesi for raw youngsters like Balerdi and Perez.

    According to wiki, Balerdi has played total 30 and Perez has played total 28 professional matches in club level. We have defenders that are old and we have defenders who are not proper professional yet. Change is needed.

    • While I agree otamendi should be replaced, I think Romero is part of Olympic squad thats why he is not called. How cool it would be to have Romero-Senesi combination in defence in Olympics.
      As for balerdi and perez, they are not really part of senior team right now, Scaloni will give them only 5-10 min play and when the 23 squad will be announced they will be discarded.

  4. First Maradona and now Sabella?…..Ok whether Diego or Lio is the GOAT is debatable but one thing that is not debatable is that 2020 is THE WORST year of this century by far….F**k you two20!
    Anyhow, I haven’t watched the Atalanta match but apparently C.Romero out did himself again and honestly I am now starting to get worried but if this kid peaks at 22-23yrs of age, where does he go next? Would it be downhill like what we’re seeing with Varane right now? Hope not.

  5. Hopefully Cristian romero and marcos senesi alongside pezella,Quarta martinez, Foyth, tagliafico and lisandro martinez are selected for march WC Qualifiers instead of players like otamendi and kannermann (no disrespect to them but they are not in form and better options are available) and especially Cristian romero needs to be called up in order to make him cup tied so that Itlay NT cant poach him away from Argentina NT.

  6. Cristian Romero in beast mode again, goal, 15 aerials won (others in Atalanta 21 combined), 11 interceptions (others 10 combined), 2 tackles, 4 clearances 9,7 on whoscored. Wake up Scaloni easily the best argentine defender. 8,41 in UCL, third highest rating after Messi and Kimmich…from a defender its crazy.

  7. I remember when I was just 9 years old in 2009; I was sitting in front of this old Sansui TV with my father, watching the match between barca and estudiantes and my father told me, just minutes before the start of the match, that barca goona have to struggle a lot if they want to win today. And I was puzzled, it’s not that I didn’t know anything about football then, but being a 9 year old I pretty much knew which Argentine players were in which club. At least I can claim I was that educated and much of its credits goes to my father, who started out in 70s and kept on watching generations of stars. Much after the match has begun, I saw estudiantes dominating each and every aspects of the game. Although barca were clinical in retaining the possession and playing their way, I must say, estudiantes really gave them the night of a proper cup final. But since I was too young to grasp things, my realisation came to fruition when it was in 2014, when my father said again before the crunch against Germany, that he was the man who almost stopped barca that night. Being a 16 year old then I understood the man, but even though I was more knowledgeable about football and argentina at that period of WC. And also not to forget about my antics, my mad expressions and temperament whenever the match was tensed, I cannot describe how I was but still I feel pretty sad about how my mom had to bear all those almost naive eccentricity just because her son was a mad Argentinian at heart.
    Argentina were not the impressive side in that wc, they did not play an entertaining style of football but Sabella saw what he wanted from his side. He made the unit do what he wanted from them. Rigid and calculated in defence and quick and snake fang like attack on counter. And that saw his plans being executed and ultimately resulting a place in final. A first major final since 1990.
    I wont actually disscus the outcomes or shortcomings of that day because a final, at the end of the day, is just a final. Many things depend upon it, small, big and many changes create impact on the whole team’s performance. So wallowing with results and “what ifs” are just useless. But Sabella did his job and most importantly he parted away with the National team leaving behind his trailing legacy of masterful tactics and a philosophy which is, more or less, overlooked.

  8. I watched Estudiantes vs San Lorenzo to see Sarmiento. I am impressed. He was playing as a right winger/midfielder in a 4-2-3-1. He had a great effect on the first half but the second half San Lorenzo played better and he barely saw the ball until he was subbed off for knee discomfort. His key aspects are dribbling and passes. He is great at dribbling and uses this skill to cut inside, which seems to work well for him with a right back covering the flank. When he cuts inside (which is almost always) he usually looks to pass instead of trying to dribble towards goal in vain. His passes are progressive and he looks like he would fit well in an attacking European team. He has a good touch. He is decently pacy as well. I do slightly worry for the Man City move because it is difficult to get in the first team as we’ve seen with another slightly known right winger 😉 if Sancho can’t get in the squad I see it difficult for Sarmiento. Although experience even at U23 will be good for him and maybe he can look to get a move for minutes in the future should they not come in the first team.

    • I think it can be a good move for Sarmiento. Mahrez is 29,Sterling and Bernardo(who is out of favour of Pep atm) are 26. Within 2 or 3 years,he can play in 1st team with Mahrez potentially moving out. And when he turns 22-23,both Sterling and Silva will leave the team and he can nail down a starting spot !

  9. Manchester City are close to signing teenager Dario Ariel Sarmiento from Estudiantes, according to the ever-reliable transfer guru Fabrizio Romano.

    • Yes, they will probably put him in the u23s and of not send him to a team in the holding group. But he will probably stay in Argentina until next summer.

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