Lionel Messi scores for Barcelona, Diego Maradona tribute


Lionel Messi scored for Barcelona in their 4-0 win vs. Osasuna and had a tribute celebration to honor Diego Maradona.

The world football has had all sorts of tributes for Diego Maradona but perhaps the best one coming from Messi himself. In what was Messi’s best match in months, he would score a great goal, the last one of game. But it was Messi’s celebration which stole the show.

Messi would celebrate wearing a Newell’a Old Boys shirt with the number 10 on it, the same one worn by Maradona himself while at the club.


  1. Rumors on the possibility of swap between Mauro Icardi (PSG) with Dybala ( Juventus ); not an ideal bargain as both need to leave the club and start the new atmosphere

  2. Anyone know if that Newell old boys shirt that was worn by Messi, was given by Diego to Messi?

    Because the shirt looked old, it will be so much more meaningful if that Newell old boys shirt was actually worn by Diego, and was given to Messi as a gift.

  3. Magic touch of masterclass! The best player of the 20th Century and 21st Century scoring the exact same goal. It was written in the stars. zit will go down as one of Messi’s most iconic celebrations. This is football and ultimate tribute

  4. Beautifully done by Messi. The goal was a copy of the first goal Maradona scored for Newell’s. Young Messi was watching that day. Today the stars aligned.

  5. Well, Luka Romero scored his first professional goal at the age of 16 and things couldn’t get any better. He celebrated it in the same manner and passion as messi did when he scored back one some 15 years ago. As for now, things are going pretty well for Romero. The club didn’t hurry with him and gave him time to develop. And as things stands right now, he looks like another gem who’s following in the footsteps of Lionel Messi. I do not expect him to reach such staggering heights quickly like messi, but for now, he certainly looks like the best 16 year old wonderkid coming out for us, Argentinians.

    Hope he develops well.

  6. Luka Romero scores in second division of Spain, and Barcelona now have lost Lenglet on top of Pique, Araujo, Umtiti, Roberto, and Busquets. Mingo could get a chance. A second note on Maradona, it is great but expected to see Messi pay homage to him. It is truly heartbreaking to experience this when we didn’t hardly expect it. This is one of those situations where you can’t just send prayers to “his family”. You need to pray for the entire millions of Argentinians and the football world, plus Maradonas compatriots. All of these people are almost just as devastated as his family. How many people he touched with his unparalleled talent and success is astonishing.

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