Cristian Romero scores for Atalanta in 1-1 draw vs. Midjylland in Champions League


Cristian Romero scored for Atalanta in their 1-1 draw vs. Midjylland in the Champions League.

Romero scored his first goal for the club, a header from inside the penalty area to draw Atalanta level. That goal gave Atalanta the point has them just ahead of Ajax in their Champions League group, in second place behind Liverpool.

The 22 year old Argentine is on loan from Juventus but has not been capped by the senior Argentina team.


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  2. Quite surprised nobody is talking bout Marchesin’s GODly performance agaisnt City. He turned into prime DeGea . What a performance

  3. It’s looking like a real possibility that both De Paul and Paredes could end up joining Lautaro at Inter Milan this January transfer window.

    Conte has been longing to coach Paredes since he was coaching Chelsea. A deal was almost made this past summer window and Paredes had agreed.
    In my opinion, Conte would be a great coach for him. We could expect improved discipline and defensive prowess from this, which is what he gets critizised for here.

    As for De Paul.. He has been on their radar for a long time now, but he’s a top target this window according to Italian media.
    Inter have good relations with Udinese and a deal should be relatively easy. Besides, Inter have plenty of options to afford both of them; offloading Eriksen, Brozovic, Nainggolan, Skriniar etc… Players who were on the verge of leaving last window.

    Having 2 of our 3 main midfielders in the same club for years to come would be fantastic for us. Zanetti do your thing!

    • I don’t really believe any of it, yes Inter has always been very keen on De Paul (not sure about Paredes) but striking a deal with Udinese will not be easy since Inter offered Udinese 30 mill plus bonuses for De Paul and the answer was a clear NO! And all of this was before COVID.

      As for Paredes, well he doesn’t come cheap (40 mill atleast) and even if Inter want to swap Eriksson for Paredes, PSG is unlikely to accept since Paredes has become very important for them ever since last season’s CL.

      With all that being said I personally would like to see Leandro and Rodrigo playing together along side Lautaro, it would be very good for Argentina and I think they’d both do well under Conte’s tenure

  4. Argentine left back Claudio Bravo signed for Portland Timbers for 1 million. He is 23 years old. Player from Banfield. Needless to say, I never heard of him. But seems like MLS has opened up a pipeline for Argentine players.

  5. # We need a proper fast defensive midfielder! Paraedes is way too slow. Yesterday i watched the psg match, where he was too static and isolated. Veratti sprayed the pass every where.! Even he is not upto the mark in his defensive duty. Off the ball movement was very poor. I can remember, where in a counter attack situation, he moved back very slowly and casually which reminded me of Biglia (2018 WC). Due to Parades’s slow movement , De paul has to do extra defensive duty (Thats the reason in National team Depaul is less effective than his club)
    We need to replace Parades ASAP with a fast defensive midfielder like mashcherano/casemiro! Otherwise, he will cost us in big time!

    • Paredes is in the TOP5 best passer DM’s worldwide, and a good defender from a regista, these are the most important things for Scaloni, our other options are much weaker passers. De paul has to do extra defensive duty cause to protect the space behind Messi. De Paul is a system player for us, he could be a star only in a small team, but not that talented to build an argentine caliber team around him, but he can do a little but everything to make the team balanced. Wait and see how he wont be a playmaker, chanche creator anymore in a bigger european team. He will be a sytem player there too.

    • Btw Paredes played as ZM yesterday, Danilo was the DM, Leandro is much better in that half regista/half DM pos where he plays in NT. For a ZM he is too static, just like Busquest or Rodri etc.

    • Santiago Ascabar is one of the potential, but seems he missed the chance. Parades need to be back up with another defensive player, playing with the double pivot and De Paul can be runs up front

    • The only solution to paredes problem is to play him in double pivot alongside a pure DM like Guido Rodriguez or maybe even Quarta martinez who can also play as a DM .

      • Well, that might be the case of dybala because he contacted the disease last season while in action, so that can be an excuse for his poor start plus there’s also his fitness and recent psychological and bodily problems. But, about Nehuen Perez, I just don’t know what it is. He doesn’t seem injured or have anything else but still, the coach doesn’t start him.

        Both the cases are curious but also peculiarly inexplicable to come to a conclusion to.

  6. Watch out for this guy Franco Orozco, a skillful winger from Lanus…still only 18 and he is already scoring for the lanus senior team. He is our ex Argentina U17 player btw.

    • Lanus is simply brilliant in terms of youngster contribution to argentine football. Orozco, de la Vega, Bernabei, vera , Aude, belmonte ,even the goalkeeper Morales is just 21-22. Full credit to zubeldia for nurturing a young side.
      Today’s boca starting 11 had 4 colombians, five 30+ argentines & calpado/Andrada. River also in same zone..maybe slightly better.

  7. Will he return to Juve? I think he should stay in Atalanta. They are a brilliant team with a brilliant coach. He has solidified his position in the XI and has his coachs start. Atalanta are pushing for Serie A.

  8. I do hope that Walter Samuel watched Romero and recommended him to be call to N/T; he will make a new version of “The Wall” for N/T. It will be a great loss to neglect such high potential player.

    Romero, Emi Martinez, M Senesi, Fyoth, Quarta all need to be given an equal chance and play for N/T. well deserved !

  9. I watched the game closely. I watched Romero very closely. Observation for me

    1. The guy is great in the air, both defense and offense. Period. Atalanta needed a goal. He is a defender but he constantly stayed up for the goal. He had more than one crack at the goal. Point here is there are few defenders who are asked by their coach to stay up, when your team is down. Gerard Pique for one, Ramos for another. Our own Walter Samuel under Mourinho did it regularly. Its not that they score lot of goals, but the coach sees everyday and is aware of the potential and they deliver. He is rare for us. We don’t have a defender like that.

    2. It seems he has a control over his discipline. He is more measured on his game and tackles. In other words he is maturing fast. He is at a ripe age. He should get his time now. Senior team, not Olympics. Its not that we have plethora of talents in that department.

    Finally, shouldn’t in any profession, rewards be based on merit? Why not our NT? There are few who are kicking ass in professional football, only to see much lesser candidates donning the prized NT shirt. Not fair.

  10. its time for scaloni to quit being stupid and start selecting romero for each and every game so that he develops a connection with the team…its good to do that before copa america and World cup

  11. Cristian Romero has all it takes to be one of the best defenders in the world and currently he is one of the best young defenders in the world. Although i have faith and respect for Scaloni and his stuff, i do agree with everyone in here that his inclusion for the upcoming games is not a brainer indeed.

    Meanwhile, congratulations to River Plate which has beaten Brazilian Atletico Paranaense for Copa Libertadores 1-0! Santos has lost at home 1-0 as well.

      • Don’t even mention it amigo, it was a pleasure for me as well seeing River kicking out the Brazilian team! I wish River wins the tournament!

        Well, it seems that the “poor Argentinian league” dominates in south America right? 😉

        • well it is true. in the same time i am used to it anymore. here in Mundo the majority interest about Europe football. i respect it. i only interfere when somebody is rude.otherwise i don t care. to say the truth every day i have my attention to my beloved River plate and with my friends speak and interested about that dayly so i don t need or i don t come in Mundo for that. in Mundo i am coming for national team. thank you again my friend for your wish. i hope we win Libertadores again this season. if that happened the word “happy” will be not enough to express my feelings 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. If Cristian Romero is not on the next convocation list but continue to play at that level when Perez, Bernardi and Quarta continue to be on the bench of their team, we will have to think very strong about the integrity of Scaloni.

    There are no reason in this world Romero is not in the selection. He played as titular in a Champion’s League team. He is one of the best defender of the moment, he is argentinan.

    Time to stop some jokes !

      • Lisandro Martinez : Sub with Ajax
        Lucas M.Quarta : Sub with Fiorentina
        Nehum Perez : Sub with Grenade
        Juan Foyth : Sub with Villareal.
        Leonardo Bardeli : sub with Marseille

        THis guys have potential but the reality of the field now is they dont play in top class teams and they are not titular with them…

        Otamendi have his prime far away behind him so today the only serious Center Back options for the selection are Romero who is the best defender of a Champion’s League team, Senesi who is the best defender of Eredivisie and Pezella who is the captain of Fiorentina.

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