Argentina U20 team, squad named for Sudamericana preparation


Argentina U20 national team coach Fernando Batista has selected 32 players to prepare for the Sudamericana.

The players will join the team and begin training on Monday with all of them based in Argentina. The Sudamericana is set to begin any time between February and March of next year. They will also train on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Here are the players:

Rocco Rios Novo
Joaquin Blazquez
Lautaro Lopez
Facundo Sanguinetti
Agustin Lastra
Pablo Aranda
Joaquin Garcia
Tomas Lecanda
Francisco Flores
Imanol Segovia
Damian Fernandez
Gaston Avila
Kevin Lomonaco
Agustin Sandez
Fabian Sanchez
Franco Ibarra
Santiago Hezze
David Ayala
Juan Sforza
Enzo Fernandez
Alexis Sabella
Dario Sarmiento
Santiago Simon
Facundo Farias
Evelio Cardozo
Kevin Zenon
Francisco Gonzalez
Exequiel Zeballos
Favio Cabral
Lucas Beltran
Luis Vazquez
Abiel Osorio


  1. Off topic guys. I never have a chance to see Cristian Romero play but I realized that he plays regularly for Atalanta. Diy you guys think that he can replace Otamendi?

    • I am pretty sure this is not the final squad . Else AFA has screwed it up big time . It looks like the CL/ Sudamericana active players still not added here bcos of club commitments . Maybe this is a list without top players & also those in foreign leagues like Bruno Amione , Barca’s Ramos Mingo , barrenechea (juventus b) & vezonni ( inter milan youth team) .
      Only top name i see is Zeballos – but he is not getting any minutes with Boca currently & that could have helped his club release.
      I am confident on Fernando Batista who has silently improved our youth teams ( both U20 & U23 ) . Hope to see Lanus keeper Lautaro Morales in U23 Olympics side. He is currently not in Batista’s radar.

      • I think more than barrenchea, Matias soule is the one who is pulling the strings for the junior team. I have no doubt that barrenchea has been performing good but soule seems to have made his spot in the starting xi quite easily. Plus he has also given some strong performances with that no 10 shirt on his back. Must have boosted his confidence.

        But I have never heard of vezzoni. Who’s he? where does he play in inter?

        • Zanetti helped find vezzoni. He is a midfielder & in inter U19 squad. Soule definitely. But maybe he is just 17 & come in next edition. Especially considering in attack we seem well stacked at u20 level if u look at de la Vega, almada , zeballos, Palacios , Alcaraz , Orozco

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