Juventus reportedly target Rodrigo de Paul of Udinese


Rodrigo de Paul is reportedly being targeted by Juventus and could be signing for them next month.

De Paul has been linked with several clubs the past few months with the latest being the reigning Serie A champions. Per a report by Corriere dello Sport, Juventus have turned their attention to the Argentine after initially looking at a few other players.

Per the report, Udinese would ask for a fee of around €40 million for de Paul. With the price potentially being slightly too much for Juventus, they may offer players in exchange. Should he join Juventus, he would be playing alongside fellow Argentine Paulo Dybala, which could benefit the Argentina national team.

One of the other teams interested in signing the 26 year old is Inter but the price once more could be an issue. He’s scored three goals this season with three assists in 15 matches.


  1. ——————–LAUTARO

    ———-LO CELSO———MESSI




  2. It gets me thinking how hyped French , Brazilian , English and some German players are .

    Take a look at havertz and werner with Chelsea , they are the definition of flops as of now , and for the price being paid , it’s ridiculous

  3. Very disappointed by Foyth’s performance. He was so awful that I have the feeling that he did not want to be there. No movements off the ball, no man-marking, no passing, no interceptions….. very disappointed

    • Me too.
      I think it will be a miracle if Foyth turns out to be a world beater. He did not make it under Poch or Mourinho. He got enough chances. He has been around for sometime, got chances at various positions to see where he fits better, but nothing is coming out. He is now 22, so not really a kid anymore.

      Personally, I feel he has tremendous qualities and skill, but so did Javier Pastore or Mario Balotelli. There are other attributes also needed to succeed. Very sorry to see another one not cutting it. Would have loved if he succeeded as a defensive midfielder. We need one.

    • Gotta say that he was very disappointing today but it’s a little too early to judge him as a failure, I really think he has something to offer and I for one will wait until the end of the season to pass judgement.

  4. How Marcos Acuna is performing?
    Acuna is either going to play in Left Midfield or in Left Back role in Argentina. If Lo celso is injured then Acuna is automatic starter for Scaloni.

    • Acuna is a different beast with Sevilla now , you’ll be surprised , I rate him higher than tagliafico , not by a lot but he’s in better form now easily

        • Actually it is LEFT midfield where he is at his best but when he plays Central midfield as part of a 3 man midfield where he is out of his comfort zone.
          Acuna is a really good player, skillful, physical and versatile, basically an important utility player if not a starter.

  5. Foyth is defender not midfielder but some peope here also think he is going to be good DM. Center Back is best position for Forth second best is Right Back.
    Sarvia is like a forever injured in Montiel I do not believe a bit so Foyth is best option there

    • He started as a central defender, yes. He is not been played out of position, he is failing in every position, starting with his natural position of central back, therefore people are trying to find a position where he can succeed. He is lucky coaches are giving him these chances. Today’s penalty, for example, was just lame. Need more concentration and focus.

  6. Juv cannot buy De Paul, they simply don’t have the cash and Udinese aren’t in the mood to bargain.
    Inter *may* be able to buy De Paul if they sell Eriksson for 20 mill and be willing to add 2 players as makeshift weight but I really doubt it.
    The only clubs that are capable of buying De Paul are maybe 2 or 3 English clubs and PSG and even those clubs will struggle to find about 40 mill just lying around, Covid has really taken it’s tole on football (along with everything else).

    • Chelsea Havertz 80, Werner 53, Chilwell 50, Ziyech 40 only in the summer. If big clubs want a player they buy it even in this situation. Maybe 40 millions is too much for De Paul.

      • I sincerely think our players agents are total crap. I don’t know how Emi Martinez, De Paul, Nico Gonazalez, Musso are not playing in big clubs. Just look an Angel Di Maria’s career. Having Jorge Mendez made sure he played at top clubs.

        • No, Di Maria minimum with a level or rather two above these players. The best assist maker of the world with 190 minutes per goal in europeen career, others way over 200 mins, 230+. Messi, Neymar Özil, KDB, then Thomas Müller…Di Maria is in a league of his own of creating chances.

    • Lamela has more talent with bigger potential but failed to live up expectations putting injury issue aside, on other hand De Paul invented himself after Valencia and now one of the best midfielder in Sera A, without any doubt present scenario De Paul 100times better than lamela.

  7. If De Paul join Juve; Dybala will be moving out from Juve. Agree De Paul is underrated player in Serie A; potential and should play at CL level, not in Serie A club of 13th of 20.

    Messi interview is more on Barca problem; didin’t talk about N/T ! A good sign that he is quite satisfy with Scaloni and the atmosphere of national team at this moment.

  8. Rather than juventus both Musso and De paul could move to Inter who are well equipeed to challenge for trophies compared to juventus who are currently under a novice coach but brilliant player in Pirlo but it would take juventus nearly more 2 seasons to win serie a let along champions league under Pirlo unless something drastic happens at juventus so instead of joining Juventus hoepfully De paul joins Inter alongside Musso.

  9. De Paul is criminally underrated in Sere A, hope he moves to Juventus, don’t think Dybala has future for Juve unless Cristiano leaves.

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