Emiliano Martinez leads clean sheets in Premier League with Aston Villa


Emiliano Martinez leads the Premier League with the most clean sheets as he got another one for Aston Villa in their 3-0 win vs. Crystal Paace.

Martinez has established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League this season. After having left Arsenal and joined Aston Villa, the Argentine not only has more clean sheets than his former club who have three but he has more than any goalkeeper.

It’s seven wins and one draw which make up Emiliano’s clean sheets this season. He won his first four matches with Aston Villa, three of which were without letting in a goal while the fourth was vs. Liverpool in a 7-2 win. In the 14 matches he has played, he has let in 13 goals. Here are his matches this season:

Aston Villa 1-0 win vs. Sheffield United
Aston Villa 3-0 win vs. Fulham
Aston Villa 7-2 win vs. Liverpool
Aston Villa 1-0 win vs. Leicester
Aston Villa 3-0 loss vs. Leeds
Aston Villa 4-3 loss vs. Southampton
Aston Villa 3-0 win vs. Arsenal
Aston Villa 2-1 loss vs. Brighton
Aston Villa 2-1 loss vs. West Ham
Aston Villa 1-0 win vs. Wolves
Aston Villa 0-0 draw vs. Burnley
Aston Villa 3-0 win vs. West Brom
Aston Villa 3-0 win vs. Crystal Palace

He has made a case for being Argentina’s number one goalkeeper.


  1. Scaloni will prefer his bed partner Armani, LMQ, and Montiel I like him but he needs to give chance to the players who deserves it he will choose farmers players it’s in his DNA

  2. Argentina N/T always late to optimized the ‘on fire’ players; another outstanding GK is available but still select the fragile one… is it due to technical or more on non-technical reason; only Scaloni have the answer

    But let’s not worry; for sure Emi will definitely get his chance, only we have to more patience and for time being enjoyed his performance at club level

  3. Everyone have been Emi supporter but Scaloni thinks otherwise. Emi Martinez deserves to be Argentina’s no.1 goalkeeper more than anyone.
    Emi Martinez going to be best goalkeeper of Argentina ever. Argentina coach should give him chance as soon as possible. No one can beat Emi Martinez for that spot on basis of merit and form. Premiere league best goalkeeper should get a chance
    Last season Emi Martinez won 13 games out of 16 for Arsenal and helped them win FA cup and Cabarado cup still he was shipped out Argentina should not make that mistake

  4. I’ve always made it clear that Musso is my favorite of the current crop of (capable) GKs that Argentina has but Emi has been fantastic and based on performance alone he deserves a shot. Unfortunately Scaloni hasn’t given him any time to acclimatize (and he could’ve had he started against Ecuador like most predicted), so starting him against Uruguay and Brazil would be a trial by fire to say the least.
    It should be remembered that Argentina’s next game is in 3 months, which is a long time in footballing terms so lets see if Emi can keep this up but if he can then the cries for his inclusion will be deafening.

  5. Emi has 8 clean sheets in 13 games (#1 in league)

    Comparing to other top5 leagues:

    La Liga
    Only Oblak has a better record with 9 CS in 13 games. (Ledesma has 4 CS in 12 games)

    Serie A
    Montipo of Benevento leads with 5 CS in 14 games. (Musso has 3 CS in 11 games)

    Gulacsi of Leipzig leads with 6 CS in 13 games. (Neuer has 2 CS in 13 games)

    Ligue 1
    Only Navas beats Emi with 8 CS in 12 games (Costil and Maignan have 9 and 8 CS but from 17 games, Benitez has 5 CS in 16)

    So only Oblak and Navas have better clean sheet records at the moment from all goalkeepers in Europe’s top5 leagues. That is telling.

    He should be tested at least against Uruguay in March, and in June against Chile and Colombia before Copa.

    It would be an actual travesty if we go into Copa without even trying out a goalkeeper who is in red hot form and a top performer in Europe, but I am sure the coaching squad sees this too and he will be tried.

  6. It is simple. If it is by merit, Emi Martinez is the undisputed starter for our national team. If it is a political selection, then it is Armani or whoever the political preference is. Argentina has been guilty of not making selection based on merit and form. We have paid for it. Please note, there is a difference when you have equal caliber options and choose the favorite of the two. But in case of GK, LB or RB or even CD, it just baffles. We should integrate Emi, Romero immediately.

    Brazil and Uruguay games are perfect for this. There is nothing to lose. Its not that if we play Armani or Otamendi or LMQ we are guaranteed to win against Brazil or Uruguay.

  7. Martinez not only knocking the door for NT gk position,he is actually breaking it. Don’t know what it is keeping him away but if we go for future gk he suits too. Scaloni has problem now and its getting big for him. Good competition πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘

  8. Only in Argentina possible, Emi Martinez one of the top3 GK in premier leauge isn’t no1 for NT and Icardi, best striker in the world after Lewandowski isn’t in the squad.

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