Marcos Rojo agrees to leave Manchester United for Boca Juniors


Marcos Rojo is set to leave Manchester United for Boca Juniors.

Rojo has been rumored to leave Manchester United and it looks like it will be a club back in Argentina. After having spent part of last season on loan at Estudiantes de la Plata, Martin Arevalo is reporting that everything is set and agreed for the Argentine to join the club.

Per the report, Rojo would join on a three year deal. Still only 30 years of age, Rojo joined Manchester United shortly after the 2014 World Cup where he played several matches for the club and was a starter at one point. Since the 2017-2018 season, Rojo has only taken part in 27 matches for Manchester United.


  1. Rojo was at prime under Sabella; that’s why Van Gaal brings him to Man.Utd and finished his career there with injury… Back home is the right and only choice he get so far

    • his prime was during 1 month : the world Cup because Sabella played only the defense without offensive projection : “Dont think so much, just take the ball far away from the goalkeeper”. So yes Guys like Rojo or Demichelis was perfect for that type of football, Messi less (that why his Competition was more complicate after Di Maria’s Injury). But it’s all. Rojo was a limited player in Sporting and was a limited player in United

    • This has to be looked more objectively. In last decade, how many argentine defenders have got into top clubs in europe. Otamendi, zabaleta, demichellis & rojo. If we stretch list we can maybe add garay at valencia & fazio at roma or musachio at acmilan. All said, rojo was fantastic in his first 2 years at united.. He was a fan favorite & had a great attitude. Unfortunately the ligament injury in 2017 stalled him. More than club, i think his discipline post that injury robbed him off playing at the top most level. He can still be a handful for boca & hope to see him have a late flurry in argentine league.

  2. I miss prime Rojo, he was beast. Eric Baily and Rojo could have been best CB pair at United if it was not for injury. After his Injury in Man United he was never the same player.

    • Was a beast in which world ? This guy is dumb like hell ! not good defensive skills, always terrible tackles, always at the limit, Terrible with the balls in his feets, no offensive movement as left back, not good position as center. Not a secret if every United fans laugh about him since 5y.

      Thanks again for the Dumb Red card in 2016 against Chile by the way

      • How in World Cup against Netherland Rojo kept quite Van Persie.That was prime Rojo.The foul was yellow card not red VAR should have been at that time. You should watch matches more closely.

      • That was a dumb decision by referee. No way it was a red card. Referee was under pressure after chilean red card & ended up squaring up by such a poor decision. Rojo is not to be blamed for a normal foul. Maybe you never saw rojo between 2014-17. He was in the World Cup14 all nations best 11 squad as LB. How many Argentines ( except Messi) have had that honor in last 20 years?

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