Javier Mascherano joins player and team development of Argentina national teams


Javier Mascherano is back with the Argentina national team but in a different role.

Mascherano, who played over 100 matches with the Argentina national team, will now be helping off the pitch. It was announced on Tuesday that he is now in charge of the methodology and development department. The idea will be presented in the upcoming weeks.

Per reports, his role will be that of having to adopt a common style of play and physical approach between the senior team and the youth teams. In addition, he would also be in charge of finding talent.

Having just recently retired, Mascherano joins former Argentina team mates Lionel Scaloni, Roberto Ayala and Walter Samuel to name a few, who have made the transition from player to a management role within the Argentine federation.


  1. Great, Scalonis coaching team is getting better and better. Hope they lead us to a title win. Mascherano is anyday a great addition.

  2. Foyth with an assist again in spanish cup as central back. Great long ball from deep, the guy is not a midfielder. Robertone with two goals, in championship he is only a sub, just like Nahuel Bustos in Girona nowadays and ofc Matias Vargas in Espanyol. (some of the best players in Primera Division, european football is a different level).

    • Sadly Jonathan Silva lost his starting spot in Leganes too, but we are OK in that position with Tagliafico, Acuna and Cufre. Boye with a winner goal in cup.

  3. Looks like river plate will not have any player by the end of transfer window,Enzo Perez is joining trabzonspor(Turkish club) and plyer too has agreed

  4. As I’ve said and some of us have predicted, Palmeiras quick counter attacking style was beyond dangerous for our poor defense. Even as a River fan I’ve never wanted Armani over Martinez, and I hope this game shows. The only local player I believe should play for the NT is Montiel, which I believe is almost indisputable. Disappointed and shocked at the lost but I’m still hopeful for the future and the second leg, hopefully River do something in the transfer market this season.

    • Maybe a blessing in disguise because it will save them from losing with five goals or more against Bayern Munich in the WC for clubs next month.

      • Bayern could win big against River “naive”, possession based football, but not against Boca deep mid-block 4-4-2, so i want Boca to win Libertadores. Liverpool struggled last year against a Fluminense with the same strategy.

    • agree with Olive_majestic. Montiel deserves to be in NT. At this point we don’t have a better RB option & Montiel should be able to improve his current NT performance levels. BY bringing a Foyth , Saravia or any of new kids – i doubt there will be big improvement in RB spot performance. With time , Montiel shld be able to perform better in NT jersey.
      On Armani – enough said & dont want to further elaborate.. just hoping Scaloni gives up his blindness on Emi omission.
      Hoping to see Alvarez & Santiago Sosa to get more playing time in 2nd leg. I really doubt Gallardo can pull a miracle in 2nd leg. Maybe more to be played for pride.
      Carrascal red card was so foolish & killed any chance of a fightback or atleast lowering the 2 goal deficit then.

    • my friend as i told you in past our problem is one and only.yesterday we pay that AGAIN.
      our problem is called CB. we have 3 and all of them is not for play in one club like River plate.
      maybe Pinola only was good in past but anymore he is old. we didn t lost because Armani.
      we van t blame him. watch again the second goal. this is the clear picture of our huge problem as team.
      as about the second game we need miracle, only if Palmeiras player take red card in first half we can have a chance. other way not possible.

      as about national team and Armani i really get bored this subject. enough my friend.
      just remember my words. one day will come and Martinez will start to suck goals and all those that now saying all this huge words about him will be those will be destroying him. just like Armani or Romero or Roa or Carrizo or Goyco etc etc
      the same old story. i have see this film many times and anymore i don t give a damn what people saying. i give attention only to my friends opinion and all those have earn my respect. in mundo or not. just like you my friend.

      • You second part of the comment lacks objectivity. Your logic of someday Emi will also concede goals, so keep playing Armani, is flawed. Someday, everyone will have a bad day. Someday, everyone will have to retire. But at this moment, Armani does not even qualify. He is probably the worst I have ever seen in an Argentina goal. Everyone had some quality or other. Armani has none. If we did not have anyone, I understand. But not when we have at least 3 better goal keepers than him.

        This is what happens when the club is bigger in your mind than the nation. We have seen this film many times too. Very disappointing. I am a Riven fan too, but the nation is bigger and I don’t like politics in selection.

  5. With all due respect to boca and rivers history and the great players that they produced in the past , but this current generation has doesn’t have a single player that’s national team material and I’m 100% right .

    Even quarta who we thought might be something is not living up to have his hype and he’s 24 pushing 25 .

  6. N/T need a good leadership, with the coming of new generations along with the new players and new back room staff, hopefully Arg N/T will be more objective and persevered to find the new rhythm and harmony. It’s their moment and time is just perfect

  7. Bad positioning & 1st clearance by armani for the goal. Shows why he shld not be GK1 when we have someone like emi martinez.
    Our final third needs to be more clinical. We had chances. Liked the way we controlled possession & midfield. What is worrying is how will pinola respond against swift counter attack when river chases goals in 2nd half. Carrascal, nacho doing well. Montiel also moving well. NT should continue with montiel for now.

  8. Montiel is head and shoulders above rest of the river players.
    Armani is not the same armani anymore.
    Borre missed a sitter and I m not surprised.

    • Even nacho missed a good montiel cross that shld have been picked. Unlucky with freekick which hit post. I think our chance will come in 2nd half. But the away goal is worrying & palmerias will attack on counter.

  9. Nico gonzalez…….lautaro………Messi……..

    Buendia…….peredes……..lo celso…….

    Tagliafico…..otamendi…….cuti romero…..montiel

    ………emi martinez……..

    This team can give anyone even france , germany chase for there money !!

    • I’d love to see Buendia but not ahead of De Paul but rather ahead of Celso who really needs to sort his fitness issues out because the Nt doesn’t need another Lamela or Lanzini i.e. talented glass sculptures. I’d also get rid of Otamendi and put Pezzella in there instead and if not Pezzella then Licha Martinez.

    • Yes, we all saw in the first division of England how good he was. Lo celso scored 16 goals for Betis in a single season. We don’t how buendia is going to be until he plays for a decent club.
      England 2nd division is low in quality.
      For the time being he is nowhere close to the level of lo celso or de Paul.

    • Emi is a hell of a footballer but he’s very different from Rodrigo, Gio and Leandro, who are all CM by trade (although Celso and De Paul can also be counted as attacking midfielders) so I don’t think that comparing them directly is a fair thing to do, atleast not until we Buendia play CM.

  10. Our starting 11 against Palmeiras.
    Armani; Montiel, Rojas, Pinola,Casco; Enzo Pérez, Fernández,De La Cruz,Carrascal; Matías Suárez and Borré.


  11. This is great news, Mascherano is the kind of person that we want to have in the framework of the national team and with this kind of role, I think he will do a great job. The idea of a consistent method of developing players is great and the kind of thing we need.

  12. Great news!! Very happy to see that El jefecito keeps his involvement with the national team.
    All former team mates in the NT and now a team within management. This project is in good hands and certainly looks positive long-term post Messi era. Exciting times ahead. Now we need to win!

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