Gonzalo Montiel set to join AS Roma from River Plate


Gonzalo Montiel is set to join AS Roma from River Plate following the conclusion of the Copa Libertadores.

Montiel has been linked with several clubs in the past transfer markets and it now looks like he will finally leave River Plate. Per a report by TNT Sports, Montiel will be travelling to Italy and join AS Roma after the end of the Copa Libertadores. Per the report, the offer is of €7 million with his contract expiring at the end of June.

Having just turned 24 years of age, the right back has played six times for the Argentina national team. He was key in River’s 2018 Copa Libertadores victory and is regarded as one of the, if not the best in his position in South America.


  1. Some are acting like Montiel going to be starter at Roma. Karsdrop looks like way better than Montiel for Right wing back role. The sane thing which is happening with LMQ going to happen with Montiel too. It will be hard for him to play there regularly.

    • ??? 5 wins 2 draws 3 losses in PD with Coudet with 16 goals scored 13 conceeded, only 1 win 3 draws 4 losses with 6 goals scored and 15 conceeded without him….Iago Aspas and Nolito are injured nowadays…their squad maximum mid-level, rather even worse. Lose against Real Madrid and Villarreal are not a tragedia.

  2. Good thing is roma plays karsdorp as a Right wing back…and he is not a world class wingback…so montiel should get plenty of playtime at roma…atleast in the cup matches

  3. Both sad and happy about this move, for obvious reasons. I think at 24 it is time for this anyway, hopefully he will get game time and do well

  4. Good news. I always like it. I see this is a professional progression. There are advantages of growth and playing against better opponents. When you are used to playing against likes of Ronaldo, Dybala, Mbape, Neymar, Messi etc. in local league or CL, it gives you certain level of confidence, which is good for NT.

    Go there Montiel, work hard, focus, stay healthy and you will do great service to the NT.

    • Would make it easy to lure Messi to PSG with Agüero, Di Maria and Neymar. In this case it’s arguably a better transfer than City. I would worry about Messi catching injuries in Premier League. Icardi would surely be sold and likely Paredes too, which I wouldn’t mind. PSG would have a very strong team under Poch.

      Regarding De Paul to Liverpool… He would be a perfect fit imo, their midfield needs someone like him. Playing in one of the best teams under one of the best coaches in PL would be great for him and his development. Although I was hoping to see him play alongside Paredes for Inter this year…

      Both Rojo and Sergio Romero are linked with moves to Boca. Romero is reportedly training in Buenos Aires at the moment. This could mean a move to Europe for Andrada. Also happy to see Montiel going to AS Roma!

  5. Liverpool ‘enter the race for £40m Udinese star Rodrigo De Paul’… but Jurgen Klopp’s men face battle with Leeds, who ‘have been tracking the midfielder since last summer’

      • Still Foyth and Sarvia ahead but Montiel is improving so there is chance for him. Besides our current RB are made of glass.

        • Foyth and Saravia ahead? I don’t think many would agree with that, including me. Not that Montiel is a world beater but Foyth is an error prone CB or DM at best, he does not move or provide width like a fullback. Modern fullbacks are essentially converted wingers (overs-implication for the purpose of illustration). Even Simeone has recognized this by switching to using a back three and employing wing-backs to stretch the play.

          Saravia is a bit of a disappointment though, not impressed.

          • Foyth made just one error and that too in Premiere league.Foyth is doing very good at Villarreal he has made some assists in La Liga and all were class. Foyth is good reader of game plus he is very good in air too. Otamendi, Pezella and Foyth all good in air, that gives Argentina defense huge advantage.

          • No Kavi, you did not address my objection though, Foyth may be a decent CB in the future but he’s not a fullback.

            A good way of looking at it would be to imagine if we had to play with back 3, would you use Foyth as a wingback? If the answer is no, then he should not be a starting RB for Argentina.

        • How can you say that he is improving when you have recently admitted that you don’t watch any South American football…….. Ridiculous that you smear the league and its players while not watching them and still have the audacity to pretend to have knowledge about said league and players. Surely you must see the lack of logic in that yourself. Sometimes it’s better to be quiet.

          • Montiel is improving little bit he is defensively average but for link up play and in offesive area he is good not world class but above average

          • Bustos is doing great recently almost assisting in every game he and montiel should be our right backs. Currently the back line should be montiel bustos Romero the two Martinez pezzela tagliafico and acuna

          • Haha Montiel is better than Saravia and Foyth by a lot. Foyth isn’t even a right back and honestly it’s an embarrassing sign of weakness when our national team has to convert Foyth into a right back

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