Manchester United coach Solskjaer confirms Sergio Romero, Marcos Rojo will leave


Manchesters Untied coach Solskjaer has confirmed that both Sergio Romero and Marcos Rojo will be leaving the club.

The contracts of the two Argentine players will not be renewed with both deals ending this summer. Rojo, who spent part of last season on loan has been linked with Boca Juniors as has Sergio Romero. United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has stated that they are open to listen to offers for both players. Here’s what he had to say:

“Both of them have contracts until the summer and they’re not going to be extended.

“So, we’re looking for them to find clubs, Marcos has been given time to go home, so he’s still in Argentina, Sergio has been back home as well to see his family but he’s back in England now.

“They’re professionals, they’re working hard and they’re ready if they are called in for us, they will be ready. Of course, Marcos will have to travel and do the quarantine before.”

Marcos Rojo joined the club back in 2014 after the World Cup while Sergio Romero joined him a year later.


  1. List of the best players in Argentina Those whom the club has not evaluated but they not changing teams….. it’s a very painful as supporter for me…
    I want every Argentine player play regularly in their club….
    3.matias vergus.

    I don’t know why these following players do not change their club…they r seriously very good player ..
    1.Thiago Almada
    2.Exequel Barco
    3.Pedro De La Vega
    4.Alan Valesco
    5.Dario Sarmaiento
    6.Exequel Palacios
    8.Matias Palacios
    9.Agustin Almyda
    10.Nehuan Perez
    12.Lisandro Martinez
    13.Manuel Lanzini
    14.Nicolas Gonzalez
    15.De paul
    16.Leo Parades

    • Hmmmm…well I’ll try and answer some of those for you

      1. Dybala just got back into fitness and is starting to get back to his best but I do agree that he needs to leave Juve and go somewhere where he is appreciated more

      2. Alario, I completely agree, he needs to leave NEVERkusen because no matter what he does or how many goals he scores he is still on the bench! There is a reason why they call the club NEVERkusen, they never really live up to their potential and always the *almost* club.

      3. Vargas was rubbish for Espaneol and I haven’t followed him since their relegation

      As for the rest:

      – Almada, vega are still young and are getting playing time and experience so they shouldn’t change clubs right now.

      – Barco has attitude and fitness issues that have already overshadowed his talent, unless Heinze sets him straight he’ll be just another in a long line of wasted talent.

      – 3. Matias Palacios and Sarmaiento are still rather young (especially the latter) and should stay and get some much needed experience before they even think about moving, although big clubs are hovering around Sarmaiento but I really hope he stays in Argentina for alot longer (I think he’s only 16 or 17).

      – Palacios definitely needs to move because it’s clear that Germany isn’t made for Argentine players. Although Asacacibar, Nico Gonzalez and Klimowizch have or are doing well so maybe Sttutgard is an exception to the rule.

      – Pavon just moved got back to Argentina so we’ll see how things go for him. I think his speed and physicality can be useful for the NT but there are way better players than him.

      – Licha martinez should definitely try to move at the end of the season because he’s clearly underappreciated in Ajax despite some excellent performances in the CL.

      – Paredes has become important for PSG ever since the QF of the CL last season and with Poch being the coach he’ll fancy his chances but I would love it if he swapped with Eriksson and went to Inter.
      De Paul is one of the most wanted players in the Italy but is a tad too expensive for most clubs and he has said himself that he doesn’t want to force a move so he’ll stay till the end of the season but he’ll move sooner or later because his talent has been noticed.

      – Regarding Alan Valesco, Almyda and Roffo….honestly I haven’t followed their progress but
      they are all too young to move just yet, need to get some experience under their belts

      – Lanzini? Honestly who cares! He and Lamela are damaged goods and Argentina has plenty of better players in their position so no great loss there.

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