Angel Correa scores for Atletico Madrid in 2-0 win vs. Sevilla


Angel Correa scored for Atletico Marid in their 2-0 win vs. Sevilla.

Correa scored his second goal of the season as Atletico remain top of the league. The Argentine would receive the ball inside the penalty area as he would turn and his shot would roll into the bottom of the net.

Diego Simeone’s men lead La Liga and are four points ahead of Real Madrid with two games in hand.


  1. After the river game I feel an empty and horrible feeling. It is hard to believe that we DIDNT win that game. The first goal, I had a glimmer of hope, the second goal I thought it was definitely possible, the third goal I screamed so loud that my throat hurt for hours — I thought we were going to win it. Suddenly, as always, the var has to remind us of its existence. After that the team lost a little bit of confidence but still fought on, then the clear penalty happened and right as Montiel was ready to kick it they decided to check it again. The referee was clearly one sided when he gave Rojas the red. The turnaround from the first game to the second was impressive. River didn’t concede goals and were defensively solid and Armani made a crucial save and didn’t make mistakes. The team played with reason and played hard, I can tell they worked very hard to get to this point. These facts make the situation even sadder as it feels as if their work served for nothing, but personally I am endlessly proud of them for what they did. It is also frustrating how this happens in front of our eyes and nothing is done about it. If during the Liverpool Barcelona game the referee had done all he could to prevent Liverpool from winning it would have been news everywhere. That’s what it’s like to be South American or support a South American team, the hierarchies are often flawed or corrupt, in the government and in football. Another question I had is why is the referee Uruguayan?? You’d think that Conmebol, the governing body of South American football would be well aware of the fact that several South American countries and teams have deep rivalries and even hatred. Uruguayans have rivalries with both Brazil and Argentina, and are probably well opinionated on certain teams. The best is to completely avoid that and chose a referee from a more neutral nation, I would even recommend a European one because they are often better and are detached from these biases. Again, I might want to mention that while I may seem biased towards River, I do think that something shady was going on. In another social media platform I saw several Boca fans admitting that while they are from Boca they believe River got robbed, not a very common thing to see. I hope Boca wins the final so that the Brazilians know that even with Var and Conmebol on their side they still aren’t good enough. This situation also painfully reminds me of the first leg, every goal they scored was avoidable. If Armani saved the first one or it wasn’t deflected, if we had a better defender, if Carrascall didn’t get sent off. I heard that Gallardo told carrascall that he will not tolerate childish sending offs anymore. There are still problems with River, and I hope that they try to fix them so even with Var it is impossible for us to lose.

      • Not in the slightest, there was clear contact causing him to fall. I would challenge you to go to YouTube and put it on 0.25 speed. The contact was also on his leg without the ball, clearly an attempt to stop him or a horribly failed attempt to stop the ball

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