Adolfo Gaich linked with a move to Genoa or Union Berlin from CSKA Moscow


Adolfo Gaich could be on his way out of CSKA Moscow as he is being linked with a move to Genoa or Union Berlin.

Gaich is reportedly not in CSKA Moscow’s plans and is expected to leave the club. Per a report by Marca, the Argentine is being linked with both Genoa and Union Berlin but the Italian club appear to be the favorites. Genoa reportedly would want to sign Gaich on an 18 month loan while CSKA Moscow prefer selling him to recover some of their transfer money.

Still only 21 years of age, Gaich joined CSKA Moscow from San Lorenzo and has managed only one goal in 25 matches.


  1. When ever Lisandro plays he is not 7/10 he is 9/10 did u see him yesterday excellent. Argentina Has center backs now .Romero senesi Martinez are world class talents.

    • I managed to watch the match late, Foyth was actually pretty good defensively but didn’t do much attacking, which was expected.
      I have to say I was very disappointed with Juan’s few midfield appearances, I expected him to take to it like a duck to water but alas.
      The RB position is a problem but right now there is no one else but Montiel; Molina is looking good and deserves to start but Larsen is preferred due to seniority and until Molina imposes himself and starts more, he’s just potential right now.
      Speaking of the RB position, Klimowich was playing in the position yesterday for Stuttgard and although they lost the game I watched the first half of the game and the kid looked pretty good as a right sided wingback so he’s worth watching.

  2. De Paul is likely going to team up with Mino Raiola which is good because many of us have been saying that players like him need better agents

    • Absolutely! You need strong influential agents, both for good clubs with guaranteed playing time etc. Not to mention the economic aspects. I feel our players are falling short on this.

      Will be glad if this is true. He deserves better.

      • Scaloni may not have picked them yet but I’m certain he will in March and June. They have both been too good to be left out, besides they are starters for their teams while Quarta, Balerdi, Medina, Perez, Foyth and Kannemann have been struggling for minutes this season.

        The important thing is that they are tested along with Emi in some of the 4 matches before Copa starts… These 3 positions are the last pieces of the XI puzzle and these 3 players are coincidently the best performers in their position from Argentina… I can see it happening.

        • Marca is a big mouth piece for Marca. Strong newspaper, know it from my Madrid days. Very interestingly, they have mentioned about Senesi as a regular Argentina NT member in future. This means there is some rumors of him making the NT in Madrid.

          Real and especially Florentino Perez is a big fan of Argentine players. Barcelona is more of a Brazil camp (Messi is really an anomaly). I would love to see some of these players making some big team movements.

          • It is an absolute must that Scaloni incorporates Emi Martinez, Romero, and Senesi before the Copa America. The chemistry between Armani Otamendi and Quarta does not outweigh the benefits of incorporating these new players.

    • Maybe he could be a potential Ramos replacement. Both Milan clubs are also interested in him and scouts from these three teams will be watching his next games, so it’s time to perform. Also Manchester United are interested in Facundo Medina (by interested I don’t mean they are raving to get him, but he’s most likely on a list of targets).

  3. Foyth should be fourth CB after Otamendi, Pezella, C. Romero. Renzo Sarvia and Montiel can fight for Right Back.
    Best youngster-Nico Gonzalez
    Most creative -Messi
    Most dependable -Emi Martinez
    Most lethal-Aguero

    • Kavinder, I see that you are slowly abandoning the idea of Foyth as a RB.

      Instead of Saravia, I would take a closer look at Nahuel Molina of Udinese. Probably a better option than Saravia at this point.

      • Yes Saravia probability would seem low for Copa America. ACL injury happened in September and usually needs minimum 6 months to even start jogging and running. Also, brazil league ends in feb this year and usually runs may to december. So he would not only be fresh from injury but also probably won’t be game ready.

        • Even if he was fully fit I am not so sure about Saravia anymore. He was very promising initially but then kinda faded. Not sure what went wrong in Porto, normally our players do really well in Portuguese league.

  4. Finally, some interest from Arsenal for Buendia. At least a rumor. They are also interested in Isco, who is Spanish and probably more similar to Ozil. So eventually, I doubt this will happen at all. But at least a start. He has the same agent as Emi Martinez, so there is an Arsenal connection.

    • Norwich has put a €40m+ price tag on him… From their perspective and perhaps also Emi’s, it makes more sense to wait until summer for a transfer. If he can be integral in a promotion back to PL, he will be more valuable and more teams will be after him

      • Right, the load option is now out of question. So summer it is. Norwich is at the top of the table and Buendia with 7 assists and 6 goals (or vice versa). He is 24, need a strong agent this summer.

  5. There were multiple problems here. As you can see even now the interest are from small clubs. They do not have much money to start with. There were not too many options and the Russian club pays relatively better. So you take a chance. Agents, former clubs want to cash in and Russian league is better for that over Union Berlin.

    The clubs need to sell to survive due to the poor economy. The agents are pure bad. There has been no raw talent that top clubs will fight for. I still feel we have decent players and if the agents were good, they would set up a pipeline with Portuguese clubs. Better chance to succeed compared to Russian or English.

    Finally, we need to win something at national level. Earlier we used to basically own the U-20 WC. 5 out of 7. No wonder our kids were in demand. Not anymore. I sincerely hope we win something now, will improve the brand and overall situation.

  6. Either move would be good, or at least better than remaining in Moscow. As expected Russia move was a disaster and its hard to understand why he chose to go to Russia and how he didn’t understand that it was a bad footballing move. I hope he can pick his career back up.

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