Manchester United reportedly interested in Facundo Medina of Lens


Manchester United are reportedly interested in signing Argentina defender Facundo Medina.

The Lens defender has apparently caught the attention of Manchester United as the club are reportedly preparing an £11 million offer for the Argentine. Per a report by La Voix du Nord, United are serious about signing Medina, as he only joined the club from Talleres in the last transfer window. He signed with Lens on a four year deal with €2.4 million.

Per the report, should United sign Medina, he would stay on loan at Lens until the end of the season. Medina has already been called up to the Argentina national team.


  1. Rojo was not a success at ManU.
    Romero did have some good games, but never became nr 1 choice at ManU.
    Veron was a pale shadow of his Lazio form at ManU.
    DiMaria had the worst time of his club career at ManU.
    Tevez and Heinze were great at ManU.

    Tough call for Medina. Will he be another Rojo or Heinze?

  2. Please say no to epl. Sergio aguero always injured, lo celso, erik lamela, manuel lanzini etc. Epl is really worst choice for ours player

    • Eh not really. I would say no if I was an injury prone player for sure, but if an individual player has the ability and physicality to play in the premier league then they should go for it. It is the best league and it helps to have players that are exposed to this level of football. Physicality is the matter of an individual, in no way is it an Argentinian thing by blood to be injury prone.

    • Here we go again with the overrated American talent. Montiel was still linked to Bologna and West Ham so there is still some hope, although I believe he may be signing an extension with River

  3. If this is true I hope he stays in France for this season and the next atleast. Madina is quite talented but he’s still getting used to the LCB position in a back 3 and his game needs some ironing out, although when he played centrally he looked really good.
    He goes to ManU he will rot on the bench and he is very fortunate to be playing regularly at a decent league when he’s only 21yrs.

  4. FIFA and the continental federations (UEFA, CONMEBOL, Concacaf etc) have opposed the creation of a European Super League (which some top clubs want) by officially banning any player who takes part in said league from participating in the World Cup or any continental competitions like Copa America.

    Bold move. The top clubs might want the Super League but no serious player will agree to it now.

  5. Martinez and Musso…GKs should be fixed for some years now.
    CBs we have lot of young options.
    Attacking number of options.
    Midfield..a balanced and hard working guys…!

    SB\WB and DM..we need more options…! We are set to win a tournament.

  6. I think 4-4-2 will be better one for arg …….martinez (gk) montiel (rb) romero(cb) foyth (cb) acuna (lb) ocampos(right side mid) paredes(Central mid) depaul(central mid) gonzalez(left side mid) messi (cf) lautaro(cf)

  7. Foyth got good ratings 91% pass completion overall,94%pass completion in final third. He should be Argentina’s Right Back no doubt.
    Foyth is very good in tackling,in air, speed,passing and in dribbling. He just does not provide crosses but he provides well precise long balls and through balls in final third.

    • Ha, here we go back to square one Kavi!

      Just a day ago you were making progress when you said:

      “Foyth should be fourth CB after Otamendi, Pezella, C. Romero. Renzo Sarvia and Montiel can fight for Right Back”.

      • Yesterday was Foyth’s first match as RB since November 2019.

        Foyth has played as RB for a total of 370 minutes for clubs and 533 minutes for Argentina (total of 903 minutes or equivalent of 10 full matches) since April 2019.

        Kevin/Kavi, you can’t let your favoritism blind you so badly that you ignore logic. The starting RB of Argentina should be a 23-year-old with 10 matches of experience in RB position?????
        Besides that, Foyth has only played 1174 minutes (equivalent of 13 full matches) in total for clubs this season AND last season combined.

        I am not doubting Foyth’s qualities or potential, but rather his inexperience and minutes. If he would get plenty of RB minutes for Villarreal from now on, and consistently performs well and impresses, he should be in the squad for Copa as a RB option… But Montiel has much more RB experience and has been performing very well lately and remains our undeniable starter in RB position.

      • Even Sergio Ramos played as RB in Spain during 2010 world cup games. Even in Liverpool Central midfielder and Defensive midfielder are playing as CB. Foyth can play in both position as RB or CB. I say Foyth should play in Defence not in midfield.

        • Montiel is an undisputed right back at the moment, even if he doesn’t go to Europe. Foyth is not a right back and only covers that role. It is embarrassing that a team like Argentina has to convert him to put main right back when he not only rarely plays in that position for his clubs but has also played little for his clubs entirely to begin with. Sergio Ramos is not Foyth and to compare them is laughable. Foyth provides a good option to try to change things up from Paredes in DM and provides a BACK UP option for center back and right back. Until he gets more minutes and becomes better.

          • Undisputed after four average game what a criteria,he did nothing special in those four matches while Forth has played against Brazil, Uruguay,Chile etc and never disappointed. Foyth is far better than Montiel and even Acuna is being played outside of his position by Argentina coach.

        • Acuña is versatile and can play anywhere on the left. In modern football a winger who can defend is a good fullback material, that’s why Acuña is so useful. Unlike a central defender who trains differently and has other attributes.

          • Foyth is also versatile he plays in defensive midfield, right back, central defence and plus he gives more defensive stability unlike Acuna. No offence to Acuna but last time Acuna’s cross converted into goal was done by Alario almost 2 Years ago.

          • I think our difference is down to philosophy of football, to me a central defender playing as a fullback is rarely a good idea. Sometimes it works but more often than not it does not. You brought up Sergio Ramos before, but Ramos started his career as a right-back and later switched to central defence. Which is an easier transition in my opinion. Modern fullbacks have to constantly go up and down the flank, provide width and good crosses. Foyth can fill in that role in an emergency situation but he does not naturally stretch the play and as a more natural fullback or wingback or even a converted winger would.

  8. If he is bought by United it’s best that he remains on loan for this season and maybe the next. Although it is nice to see a big club interested in a player like him

    • No he won’t . If he does then he is not good enough to start , simple .

      Look at Bruno Fernandes , hasn’t been at united for a year and I don’t see him on the bench if you know what I mean lol

      • if he is not good enough for one team he will be for another ..our players need to be playing ..these so called big clubs just player collect.

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