Hernan Crespo wins Copa Sudamericana with Defensa y Justicia


Hernan Crespo has coached Defensa y Justicia to their first ever title as they beat Lanus 3-0 in the Copa Sudamericana final.

Crespo has his first piece of silverware as a coach and Defensa has their first international trophy. It was an all Argentine final between Defensa and Lanus but in the final itself, only one team truly showed up. A pass into the penalty area as Lanus struggled to clear the ball and it fell to Adonis Frias as the Argentine would score to give Defensa the 1-0 lead.

A defensive mistake would gift Defensa the second goal. A poor bass back in the penalty area as Braian Romero would get to the loose ball and chip it over the goalkeeper to double Defensa’s advantage.

Yet another defensive mistake and poor passing by Lanus would lead to Defensa’s third of the match. In injury time, it would be Washington Camacho scoring the third of the match to start the celebrations.


  1. Lautaro Martinez is goalless for last 5 matches after first ever hat-trick for Inter Milan. You can never be considered world class without scoring regularly. Higuain and Aguero at this age was scoring for fun.

    • His inconsistency in goalscoring has started to bother me… And I really like Lautaro…
      Now 5 matches goalless since the hat-trick. The match before the hat-trick he scored one goal, but before that he went 8 matches without a goal (although only from 484 minutes played or 5.4 full matches)… Not to mention his form last season after the COVID break – 3 goals in 13 games.

      He tends to show glimpses of his world class potential, but it’s just too inconsistent unfortunately. Although, I think he always puts on a good show in the Argentina shirt.
      I feel that he requires a move away from Inter to a system and manager that can bring out the best of him, where he can be used as the main center forward instead of playing in Lukaku’s shadow…

      What are your thoughts on the option of using Nico Gonzalez over Lautaro as CF with Ocampos on the left-wing?
      Gonzalez-Lautaro-Messi vs Ocampos-Gonzalez-Messi

  2. Congrats to Crespo. Good laurel to his coaching CV. What do you guys think? Did heat kill lanus or they choked in big stage. I saw them as favourites for the final

  3. Otamendi, Pezella, C. Romero and Medina should be CB pair.
    Fouth, Montiel/Sarvia should be RB pair.
    Acuna and Tagliafico should be LB pair.
    Quarta Martinez is too soft player for a CB.

    • Before you make judgement for certain players.
      Please do research i mean see what the fans of football clubs those players play for.
      As example you have said lmq is too soft i will say that is baseless I believe that you didn’t see much about lmq
      Go on violanation.com/ violanews
      This one of few examples from fiorentina fan
      Viola News

      from 69 ‘ MARTINEZ FOURTH 6 : he makes no mistake in marking and in defensive readings, he also allows himself some offensive sortie)
      This is from violanews rest it’s from other fans

      Today I try my report cards

      Dragon 6: always present, too bad the goal on his post

      Milenkovic 6: good overall, but for me he has partial faults on the Crotone goal, Caceres was alone against 3.

      Pezzella 6: no problem.

      Martinez Quarta: the best of the defensive package.

      Igor 6+: the same but more dynamic.

      Caceres 6: I think he could do very little about the goal.

      Dragowski; 6 not a fewnomeno tonight

      Milenkovic, 6

      Pezzella (K), 6 – some of his chapels

      Igor 6.5 will become important and a holder

      [69 Fourth] 6.5 will become big

      Caceres, 6-

      Finally I apologise some of you guys for making this comment so long because I had enough of guys like Kevin come here chatting nonsense.

        • I’m the contrary, his physicality has greatly improved since joining Fiorentina. Comparing him now to him in a River shirt he looks far more muscular and imposing than he did before

  4. A P$G fan :
    “Paredes, my god. Was playing like prime Pirlo today. Man had so much confidence and was swining 70 yard passes like he was playing golf! “

    • Leandro seems to have come alive since Poch took over, lets hope this continues. One thing I will say, Paredes’s defensive abilities have improved dramatically since he started getting starting roles in the CL last season, especially the way he defensively reads the game and I’m noticing it with Argentina as well. Who knows if he keeps it up he could end being a good no.5.

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