Cristian Romero scores, assists for Atalanta in 3-0 win vs. AC Milan


Cristian Romero scored and assisted for Atalanta in their 3-0 win vs. AC Milan.

Romero opened the scoring for Atalanta mid way into the first half. A corner kick played short as Gosens plays a cross into the penalty area and Romero acrobatically heads the ball into the net to give Atalanta the 1-0 lead. With Atalanta leading 2-0, Romero would play a pass in to Zapata as he would score Atalanta’s third goal.

Mateo Musacchio would be substituted in for Milan early in the second half. Ankle surgery had kept him out and this was his first match of the season.


  1. Hopefully in march qualifiers Emiliano martinez, Cristian Romero and Marcos senesi are selected and hopefully 4 gks are called up for march WC qualifiers and those GKs hopefully are Musso, Emi Martinez, Franco Armani( in order to satisfy Argentine local media and for team chemistry sake) and either of Lautaro Morales or exequiel unsain( beacuse of their performance in copa sudamericana) as the 4th goal keeper instead of Andrada( no disrespect to him though for his Boca juniros performance).

  2. So looks like Crespo getting his first continental title as coach. Lanus very pedestrian today. I dont know if it is the heat .. but they look without gas even in first half. De la vega was not visible in the match .

    • Defensa deserved to win it based on how they played. I was pretty surprised at how Lanús played. They didn’t turn up at all for the match and I think you are right about the heat, they looked drained and had little will to win. I expected a lot more out of them. De La Vega, arguably their best player also went out with an injury. Even when he was playing, as you noticed, he had no impact. Congratulations to Crespo as his team played well and I definitely expect him to move to a bigger side

      • True. Crespo has used the opportunity well. Looking forward to see him leverage this continental trophy success to move to a bigger role.

  3. And in March Scaloni will said :

    ” Romero is a good player he have to work well with his team and one day he will have his chance with the selection but for now i already have my defenders. there are Perez, Quarta, Foyth and Bardeli.”

    Perez, Quarta, Fotyh and Bardeli = all in the bench of their teams

    • continuing to ignore Romero & Emi Martinez as starting GK is foolish by Scaloni. Hoping he corrects this in March games . Senesi also deserves a place in 23 ahead of Perez & balerdi.

      • Balerdi today played as a midfielder. I’m not a fan of him playing ahead of Romero and Senesi. Regardless, he played in a new position, does anyone think he’s good for this role or has seen him play?

          • Current situation & form, perez & balerdi should be our olympics team CB starters. Clearly talent for the future post 22 doha. Parma’s Valenti can be U23 sub. For NT the competition should be between Romero, lmq, foyth, senesi, medina & lisandro. Ota or pezzella one of them joins as the senior. Basically 4 from these 8 shld finally make it for copa squad.

    • This won’t be the case in March trust me , he just can’t overlook Romero , emi Martinez , Ik he has and we feel like it will happen again due to previous coach crazy selections , but we believe that scaloni is different because he showed it from day 1 with the national team by calling “nobodies “ back then , and that was the right thing to do , no other coach would select paredes and de Paul as starters and introduce the players that he introduced . Sampaoli who is considered to be a world class coach took decisions my 10 year old brother wouldn’t lol .

      If he does not ignore them then scaloni will lose a big fan base of his and credibility to what he previously did with the national team and I don’t think he will do that , let’s see , especially since we are facing Brazil and Uruguay in March , so the absolute best need to be in the roster and especially the starting xi

      • Hoping so Majd. Scaloni definitely deserves credit for the rebuild. But somewhere not playing emi in last 4 qualifiers especially the paraguay & peru was perplexing. There will obviously be local pressure that uruguay, brazil WCQ are too crucial & strong opponents to make a GK change. Lets see how he handles this.

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