Marcos Rojo joins Boca Juniors on 3 year deal from Manchester United


Marcos Rojo has joined Boca Juniors, putting an end to his Manchester United career.

Rojo joined United after his memorable 2014 World Cup performance with Argentina. Joining for £16 million, Rojo played a total of 26 matches in his first season, 28 in his second and 41 matches in his third season at the club. Following his first three seasons, his number of matches would become less and less, playing a total of 27 matches in his final three seasons.

He joined former club Estudiantes on loan for the second half of last season and upon his return to England, it was clear that there was no place for him at United. During his time in Manchester, the Argentine won a Europa League, an FA Cup, an EFL Cup and a Community Shield.

The 30 year old joins Boca Juniors on a reported three year deal and has already been presented as a player.


  1. Cristian Romero included in WhoScored’s Serie A team of the month. With a rating of 7.7 he was joint second highest rated player in the league, just 0.1 behind player of the month Insigne.

  2. Messi played his heart out today, he threw everything and the kitchen sink at the goalkeeper but no avail BUT was an integral part ‘as usual’ in Barcelona’s success.

  3. Alexis Macallister sadly missed the match vs Liverpool due to injury. Facundo Medina with a goal, Di Maria always turns into a beast without Neymar, goal plus assist, Paredes assist, Messi played great vs Granada, two tipical Messiesque balls to save Barca in the end of normal time, only Messi is capable of this. Lanzini career is quasi over in WHU with Lingaard arriving. Napoli-Atalanta 0:0, Atalanta defense with Cristian Romero like earth and sky.

    • Csabalala I have to say, you’ve become a ray of sunshine and positivity in recent times, keep it up!
      Allister is ok, it’s not serious, he’ll be back next game i’d imagine and it’s no coincidence that Brighton’s fortunes started changing when he started playing regularly, the kid is legit.
      Paredes is another midfielder who seems to have turned a corner, especially since Poch joined the club and if you add Palacios and Ascacibar’s return from injuries and Nico Dominguez playing regularly one might imagine that the future is looking bright for Argentina’s midfield. The only concern is Celso and his non stop injuries, I really hope this is just a blip because I really don’t want to see him turn into another Gago, Lanzini, Lamela etc….
      Speaking of Lanzini his career with Westham was over the day he had that ACL injury with Argentina, it’s so sad to see such a talent wasted but atleast with the likes of Buendia and possibly Allister, Argentina might be sorted when it comes to talented no.10s.
      Lastly, C.Romero is a beast, which is why I’ve been singing his praises for almost 2 years now. I also think that Licha Martinez is at that level despite his lack of playing time. Senesi has potential but the jury is still out on him cos he needs to move to a better league to show his stuff.

  4. And now real Madrid are planning to sell vinicius Jr after his one season wonder at real Madrid. Things seems to have fallen and the most prodigious kid in the world has turned into a charred metal, and that too within one season.

    Lol….. I just wonder how this hyping of Brazilians still carries to this day. Next Neymar, next ronaldinho and what not. In a very different sight you see how argentinians are, quiet and very resolute to their objectives and that’s what takes them to their destination. I’m by no means trying to disregard the talents of Brazil, but there is something called humility and keeping your feet to the ground. For example, look at the developmental trajectory of ocampos, papu, emi and of recent, Mac allister. They didn’t have the best time after coming to Europe but they knew they had to perform irrespective of whatever happens and you see, that patience and humility payed off. It takes time but it also becomes eventual if only you’re willing to put you soul “into it”. That’s where the difference is between an Argentinian and a Brazilian.
    For us it takes time, patience, moment, humility and rigorous hard work but for our friends on the other side, it’s either flourish at first go or be a unfulfilled wonder.
    We all can see, and in fact we all know, how many Brazilian superhyped talents have gone down the drain.

    • There is no hype like the Brazil hype , don’t forget rodrygo and malcom for Barcelona and on and on . They take #1 for hype and flops .

    • I agree to your overall sentiment, however, just want to be clear on certain things

      1. It is not the choice of our players to follow that rough path. I want to make sure you understand that it is not a special secret strategy that our players go through this path. Its because we cannot sell well. Both as a country and also as individual agents. Its a failure not a success. We have to improve in showcasing our players.

      2. It does not matter where you start. To be successful you have to grind. You need hard work and discipline. Just because you go to Real Madrid or Brighton does not mean you have to do less to succeed. Actually you might have to do less if you go to Brighton. The bar of success is lower. I would still like our players to play at the highest level and take the hardest test. Just makes our NT stronger (at least theoretically speaking)

      Not disagreeing with you, just a different perspective. And I agree 100% on the hype of Brazilian players – Pato, Robinho, Denilson and many others. But I do wish we had 5 WCs and win something in recent past.

      • I agree with everything you said ddr123. But i also believe that we would have won something more if we had the favour Brazil had throughout all those years and obviously still has. And this is not just my opinion, many other people believe the same, regardless being an Argentina fan or not.

        As for our players, the case for some of them not playing at top clubs might be a blessing in disguise, helping them to be more humble and give their all.

  5. Happy for Rojo. While his NT days are far over , it will be great to see him do well for Boca. Always liked him for his attitude & if not injuries would have scaled much higher.

    • These types of moves are great for Argentinian local football and serve to make our teams more competitive, so regardless of the national team it still has a positive effect

      • Yes it is true for Boca.
        on the other side our assholes is still sleeping.
        you see their priority is other things.

        they are lucky that because covid fans we can t make some visits to the offices to…. speak and …. exchange opinions with mr D Onofrio and his dogs. ah sorry his hard working colleges i wanted to say !!!

        • I know right? We desperately need a center back and more depth. Little real activity and mostly just outrageous tabloid rumors of getting “Lanzini” and “falcao” and “driussi” and “funes mori” while we are struggling to find a payment plan for palavecino. Hope things get sorted out so we can compete in all competitions. Que se pongan las pilas.

  6. Alario and Palacios starting together 🤯 Palacios playing in his preferred position and alario playing at the same time as Schick so he’s not a sub? What world is this?

  7. Argentina should give priority in defence romero L m quarta L martinez M senesi. Ota pezzella should retire after copa

  8. Recently I saw Renzo Sarvia highlights of International and I think he has improved a lot Brazilian league has done a lot good to his play. Now he looks good in offensive phase too. His speed has increased and also his passing and crosses. Let’s see how he looks after his injury.When he is going to recover?

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