Lionel Messi scores, Leandro Paredes stellar for PSG in 4-1 win vs. Barcelona


Lionel Messi scored as Leandro Paredes had a stellar performance for PSG in their 4-1 win vs. Barcelona.

Messi scored the first goal of the game to give Barcelona the 1-0 lead. A lovely cross over the midfield found Frenkie de Jong as the Dutchman was fouled inside the penalty area. Up stepped Messi and a great penalty from him as he equaled a Champions League record.

With his goal vs. PSG, Lionel Messi has now scored in 17 consecutive years (2005-2021) in the Champions League and has matched Raul’s record.

Leandro Paredes started the match for Mauricio Pochettino’s men and was stellar. The Argentine managed 93 touches of the ball, made 68 of his 74 passes, 1 key pass, 5 long balls, 6 duels won, 1 interception and 3 tackles.

Mauro Icardi also started the match for PSG while Angel Di Maria did not play due to injury.


  1. Paredes is simply in another dimension. Pochettino set him as the boss and let Verratti do the box to box. It’s really working well between those 2. As I and many fans said here, Paredes is a player made for a 3-men midfield, behind 2 box to box players(1 more defensive). I can see in the next world cup Lo Celso-Paredes-De Paul will be one of the best midfields.

    Quite sad about Messi’s performance, he lost his motivation for his club, now it’s too late for winter transfer. It’s definitely a bad deal for Barca to try to keep him, a true loss-loss for both. As I said to my friends before this PSG-Barca, Barca is becoming a D2 team since last year. It was saved by Messi’s individual performance but now no more. Anyway not here to talk about Barca’s problem. If Messi want to be at his top for the next world cup, he got to change club during this summer and give up his 100m annual salary. No club can pay that.

      • First of all,
        I wasn’t talking about how the idiot played, I was talking about him crying like he often does when he doesn’t get the call on a phantom PK.
        2nd, are you suggesting that Barcelona and Juve are in the same boat?
        3rd, Messi has been putting that sorry team on his back for the past forever, thinking the next year will be better, year after year after year……..Christina would have jumped ship MANY years ago.
        4th, are you defending her highness on this site??? free speech blah blah blah……take it somewhere else, I for one don’t wanna hear or see that shit.

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  3. i would like to see Messi play for Inter or Napoli. In worse Man city or Chelsea.

    and one question. i really wonder. if Messi go transfer to Psg then he will be a farmer ?
    ha ha ha ha !!! i live for the moment that somebody will call Messi a farmer !!!
    ha ha ha ha !!!

      • believe me my friend despite the fun i try to make before when i see people use the word farmer like it is something bad ,negative or something shame then i really get ungry so much. arrogance make me crazy in my life generally.

        • A reason I hate the idea of him joining man city is that he would also be tied to join New York City FC, which I hate because for one he’s made more than enough money so he doesn’t have to go to some foreign league, and two because I think for almost everyone it would be amazing to see him return to Argentinian football for retirement, particularly Newells.

  4. River Plate have made some positive signings. David Martinez back from Defensa. Jose Paradela from Gimnasia will replace Ignacio Fernández, has left for Brazil. One weakness in Paradela’s game is lack of goals.
    Agustin Pavelecino is an old fashioned no.10, wonder how Ghallardo will use him in his 4-3-3 system.
    They have Alex Vigo, RB from Colon in return they have sent Cristian Ferreira on loan in return. Again with Montiel still around, Vigo will be on the bench?
    They badly need a decent centre forward. I would have loved for River to have signed Badaloni from Godoy, but they did get Fontana from Banfield. Good signing, as Fontana just had his best season and will only get better.
    Lastly, River is close to signing youngster Miljevic from Argentinos. He was not used for the whole season by Argentinos in the recent tournament for whatever reason. He is a great talent, my only problem is that this kid has chosen to represent USA. Also, why would you sign another youngster when you can’t afford to give a chance to your own youngsters Enzo Fernández and Sosa.
    I hope Ghallardo gives chance to Santiago Simon.

    In other news, Real Madrid are negotiating for Signing Velez youngster Maxima Perrone, a defensive midfielder.
    Pochettino has his eyes on Ezequiel Zeballos, a player he would like to have as Mbappe understudy.

    • Vigo will most likely be on the bench with Montiel around, but it’s not to say he won’t start a couple games because the whole point of having depth is to have enough players to compete in all competitions. I’m glad Vivo is going to happen 6 months before Montiels imminent departure because he will have time to be an understudy to Montiel, get used to the squad and play style, and improve under Gallardo (who we saw got the best out of montiels attacking ability) before becoming a starter. This also frees up Montiel’s move to Europe. All of these signings are good but it’s a shame a Driussi loan move didn’t happen because Malcom got injured, it was actually very likely to happen because he was in contact with Gallardo consistently and wanted to return, even posting on an Instagram story to address that the move didn’t happen but that he still wanted to go. I too hope Simon gets more time because he has undoubted potential, a good showing of that being the last few seconds of the Estudiantes match.

  5. Stopped stop staying PSg is not a good team they went to the final last year and now they have a A marster class manager while city been playing champions league they nerver made to the final if Messi want to lift the champions league he must go to psg because city will nerver lift that trophies

    • PSG got lucky Draw last year, PSG can’t past team likes Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern Munich. Last season PSG struggled against Dortmund even losing against Atalanta in quater final then meet Leipzig without Werner in semis so reaching Final wasn’t big achievement.

  6. Happy everyone praising Icardi, the best Argentina forward by a distance currently but He has just off day in front of Goals otherwise Barcelona banged with 8 Goals again.

  7. if messi would play against barca defenders …. omg ! what a horror for this shit pique ! He is one of the overrated player on this planet – every year in the top eleven of any shows but barca has a realy bad defense !! its unbelivable the goal agains liverpool from the corner 4:0 for example.

  8. PSG looked very good Paredes is always a danger Paredes plays with same energy in Champion league as he plays with Argentina.
    Icardi is looking good too he should be in the team too. PSG played with so much energy and physicality these Aging Barça players needs to leave the club. Busquet, Alba, Lenglet were worst, this Barca team can play only in La liga.
    Feeling for Messi but PSG were far better.

  9. Happy barca lost. I just want messi fresh for copa. The way things are, barca looks out of champions league, copa del rey & la liga this season. Pochettino has really shored up parades & icardi. Wishing him all success in this years CL.

  10. Lets face it, its not like Barcelona was going anywhere this year………….I’m just glad Messi has a choice NOT to go down with the ship unless he gets stupid and decides to stay.
    I personally don’t want him to go to PSG, especially after today and Pep knows what makes him tick and will get the most out of his aging body.

    • yeah i think the same … how they can pay millions for griezmann,coutinho and many more but never buy 2 strong defenders ?!!! this club is going to die soon !

    • Tbh icardi looks Completely different player
      Under pochettino his work rate and link up player massively improved if he continue like this he should be in the nt as parades I said long time ago parades on his day he is good as any world class midfielder in the world
      I’m not overexaggerating look his ability to hold the ball under pressure his pass weather is short or long plus he so good passing between the lines and breaking the player. Add to that he always perform very good in the nt.Now he is another level under pochettino

    • With space, without space maybe TOP10 (always struggles) cause not elite technique or dribbling skills, playmaking or passing, but his speed and pace is mindblowing, and shooting is improving.

  11. Ouch, Messi was outclassed by Mbappe today. Hopefully just one time as PSG is currently a better team than Barca. Commentators stated Barca can no longer compete with the likes of Man City, PSG or Bayern. Given the huge debt it will be a few years before they can win the CL again.

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