Matias Palacios joins FC Basel on four and a half year deal


Matias Palacios has joined FC Basel from San Lorenzo on a four and a half year deal.

Palacios has joined FC Basel with the club announcing his signing through their social media page. As we reported last week, the 18 year old was rumored to be joining the Swiss based club and it has been made official but for an undisclosed fee.

The midfielder has represented Argentina at youth level.


  1. olive_majestic

    Armani last week renew his contract with River plate. so we like it or not he will stay with us.
    as about Martinez if i remember well he was called in the national team for all the wc 2022 qualifier games till today. sure he will called next month too. he didn t play in any game yet but he was in the team. so how can he play in one other national team ? is it possible?

    i don t believe he will play for England. i can t see how one Argentine like him can play for national team of England. in my eyes look like crazy and idiotic.
    just if 1 in the million he or any other Argentine choose England over Argentina then for me he will be one traitor. in the worst version of the word traitor meaning.

    • I don’t believe Martinez will play for England either, but I was mostly pointing out the fact that if he did he would start above Henderson and Pope. In terms of Martinez I don’t know if someone has to play minutes to not be able to be called up to another country or if they simply need to be called up. What you mention does point out something very characteristic about Argentinian football: the passion and pride. For instance, Martinez would never play for England because of the rivalry between both national teams, but also he or any other player wouldn’t want to play for any other national team. On the contrary, many countries in Europe benefit from immigration and players that only play for sporting reasons. France has a team mostly comprised of African descent and even some immigrants. Why don’t they play for their countries of origin? Because those countries don’t have football engrained in them anywhere near as much as Argentina. They don’t have much history, passion, footballing pride, large clubs, or historical figures. We do. Even if Martinez was told that England would win the next World Cup, I’m sure he would much rather play for Argentina to have a shot at Copa and represent his proud nation. As opposed to Martinez, some players in the England squad have little to no English blood, but they don’t have that country of origin that they passionately want to represent in football so opt for sporting reasons.

  2. In spain they report that gonzalo montiel has agreed to sign for a spanish club….Sevilla was the one looking for a TB along with villareal and valencia…I highly believe its us cause we have acuna, ocampos and papu

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