Argentina World Cup winner Oscar Ruggeri: “Lionel Messi has to leave Barcelona”


Argentina World Cup winner Oscar Ruggeri: “Messi has to leave Barcelona”

Argentina World Cup winner Oscar Ruggeri has stated that he thinks Lionel Messi should leave Barcelona in the summer.

Oscar Ruggeri knows La Liga well as the former defender spent one year representing Real Madrid, winning the league title before reaching the 1990 World Cup final with Argentina. But speaking in an interview with ESPN, the two time Copa America winner had this to say:

“Messi has to leave the club. He is still the best, but all the teams have lost respect for Barcelona. It’s over, he has to go, they did a lot of things to him and we have come to this. They kicked out [Luis Suarez], and forgot he’s [his] friend, [part of] the family. Suarez is a scorer. You can’t kick him out. Not many players are at Suarez’s level nowadays.

“Now Messi wants to come to Argentina, before it was the other way around. Now he would shoot [someone] to come to the national team, before he escaped from it. He’s lost respect for Barcelona.”


  1. Interested in hearing your opinions on Messi’s future.
    Is he better off going to PSG or Manchester City?
    Pros and cons for each club/league?

    My take:

    Manchester City
    + Pep Guardiola – prior coach of Messi, knows how to utilize him well
    + Strong team – current PL leaders on a 17 games win streak, without Aguero
    +- Aguero – although his contract runs out in the summer, likely to leave the team
    – Tougher league – injuries could be bound to happen (see Aguero, Lo Celso, Lamela, Lanzini)
    – No other Argentines in squad
    – Life in Manchester

    + Pochettino – excellent Argentine coach, Newell’s in common with Messi
    ++ Several Argentines & friends in squad – Paredes, Di Maria, Neymar, Rafinha
    + Said to have Aguero as a transfer priority
    + Easier league – probably better suited for his age, expect less injuries and more goals than in PL
    – Icardi – stole his friend’s wife, understandable that he holds a grudge against him (same reason he has not and will not represent Argentina under Messi) – would likely be sold to accommodate Messi
    – Weaker depth in midfield and defense than City

    Imo he would be happier in Paris and he gets to play with friends and gel with national teammates. Better for Argentina.

    He has been saying for years that he will stay with Barcelona as long as the team can win titles, so I would say Barca is out of the question.

    • I always liked the idea of Messi playing at ManCity with Pep and Kun but don’t think its best suited for him for the obvious reasons.
      PSG, sure with an Argentine coach and teammates BUT I HATE the IDEA of him playing 2nd fiddle to Neymar and now Mr. HUGE headed Frenchy, WC winner at an absurd young age and he just trashed Barcelona…………if I only had a list of all GREAT players from different sports that deserved to win a title but won none while others won the lottery and didn’t know what the hell to do with the money…..such fucking bullshit luck.

      • Let me say something different.

        Whoever thinks Pep is fond of Messi and/or Argentine players, its a myth. Publicly he is always going to say that. He has never really promoted Argentine players. He even got Ibra, but its Messi’s push for the role and Ibra getting in trouble with Pep, that he allowed Messi to get in to the number 9 position.

        That aside, PSG is a better destination in every sense.

  2. Messi has enough money for the rest of the century. He should follow his heart and play with Suarez in Miami or better, move to Newells and win some silverware for the Rosario people.

    • Messi has enough money to last 100 generations of his family. Low risk return of 5% means he can probably earn $20-40 million a year just on interest alone and never touch principle. That‚Äôs crazy, he can have 25 children and each could earn $1m-$2m per year while still having hundreds of millions in the bank.

      (Disclaimer- numbers are completely made up I hope you get the point)

  3. Icardi should be in the team he has everything speed, goal scoring ability, good in air, good ball possession etc. But there are so many good forward players in Argentina team it is tough to decide whom to choose and whom to drop same is the case in midfield but little less
    Forwards : Messi, Aguero, Icardi,Alario,Dybla,Ocampus,N.Gonzalez,Angel Correa,J.Correa,Angel Di Maria,Lautaro Martinez
    Midfielders: Lo celso,Paredes,De Paul, A. Gomez, Erik Lamela,G.Rodriguez
    Defenders :Otamendi,Pezella,C.Romero,Sensei,Foyth,Tagliafico,Acuna,Medina,LMQ,Renzo Sarvia
    Argentina has best forwards, best midfielders and best goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Martinez needs better competitor than Armani and Musso. Defence is average but looks organised. Copa America final and world cup semi final spot is guaranteed if right players are choosen.

  4. Individually messi had proved himself wherever he goes….not only in europe but in the whole world….he is wasting his talent in barcelona….he is not motivated in barcelona….i don’t know if he will leave the club but what i know is he will give his 100 & 1% in upcoming copa america …. & if we win copa who knows worldcup is our tooo ??

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